The Super Babies: Book IV: An Ended Generation is a 2012 The Super Babies book written and illustrated by D. Isaac Thomas. It was the fourth official book to be published.

Synopsis Edit

Chapter 1: San Francisco Edit

An Ended Generation picks up the story from the end of Revenge of Hell Burnbottom. The book begins with the flooded and ruined San Francisco.

Chapter 2: Another RevelationEdit

Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength, Lindsay Kellerman, and Telekinibabe meet up with Carol and Gobbles in the Grand Army's camp on the outskirts of Los Angeles, both of whom are busy eating hot dogs and playing the flute.

Chapter 3: IncursionEdit

On entering the city, they are informed by Earrus that they are needed in Yellowstone, where the Grand Army is assembling and Hell Burnbottom, Annabeth Black, Brute Gunray, and Mean King are waiting.

There, they confront the three remaining members of the NoHead family. Gunray murders Lisa Kirke with a Death beam.

Chapter 4: The Derby Flies AgainEdit

Chapter 5: The Battle of YellowstoneEdit

Baby Intelligence informs Bladepoint of his battle strategy: with the Police Army acting as a distraction to the bulk of the main NoHead forces, the resistance led by Bladepoint, Lindsay, and Baby Intelligence will infiltrate the base via a secret entrance. Brute Gunray, taking the bait regarding the police, informs Hell Burnbottom about the Grand Army, the latter then promptly ordering them to proceed. Dexter orders the Police Army to start up their shield, to protect them from ranged attack. RC-4 has his tanks fire first, but seeing them fail to penetrate the powerful shield, orders them to cease fire. The Rockets activate and destroy the shield. After much fighting against the NoHeads’ Rocket Army, defeat for the alliance seems imminent.

However, victory comes when Telekinibabe accidentally takes control of a fighter and goes on to destroy the control station from the inside, rendering the Rocket army useless. Meanwhile, Bladepoint and his force fight their way back into the NoHead base and capture Mean King and Brute Gunray.

Chapter 6: The Unterwelt Void Edit

At the same time, in a hangar bay, Hell Burnbottom engages in combat with the two babies. The battle moves from the hangar, across a series of catwalks, to the Central Generator Complex. During the fight, Lindsay is separated from her master when she is kicked off of a catwalk and falls. She grabs the edge of another catwalk below and returns to where Baby Intelligence and Burnbottom continue to fight. By this time, Baby Intelligence and Burnbottom have become separated by a force field in the entrance to the Generator Room. Lindsay catches up to them, but is divided from her master by four force fields. When the force fields deactivate, Baby Intelligence and Burnbottom continue their battle while Lindsay remains divided from the battle by one force field when they all reactivate.

After a lengthy duel, Baby Intelligence drops his guard, and Hell Burnbottom slashes at Baby Intelligence’s chest. The baby fakes death. Devastated, Lindsay redoubles her assault upon Burnbottom and chops the NoHead’s sword in half, but Burnbottom eventually overpowers and nearly kills Lindsay when he pushes her over the edge of a seemingly endless reactor shaft. Lindsay saves herself from falling when she manages to grab onto a pipe protruding from the wall of the shaft. Burnbottom then kicks the baby’s sword into the pit and prepares to finish her off. After Lindsay calms herself, she Teleports out of the shaft and summons Baby Intelligence’s sword to her hand. Baby Intelligence leaps to his feet, but Burnbottom senses him and telekinetically holds them both above the pit after he once again offers them the chance to join him, but the two babies refuse and Kellerman breaks his sword. Kellerman points a gun at him. Burnbottom confesses that he regrets the fact that his only skill in life is his ability to kill and realizes he's become of the Dark Order; nevertheless, he will not give up in honor of the NoHeads. Kellerman fires at Burnbottom's head and he releases her who then Teleports Baby Intelligence away as Burnbottom’s body falls into the shaft.

Baby Intelligence surprises Lindsay by revealing that he faked his death, but then they hear Annabeth Black running to Burnbottom's corpse, so they leave the generator together, and head back upstairs as planned. There, they find Sheriff Bladepoint clashing with Brute Gunray. Baby Intelligence remarks, “It’s not over yet.”

Chapter 7: Acquisition Edit

Chapter 8: In Aviation Edit

Chapter 9 Edit

A mysterious figure clad in metal steps forward from the group and stabs Baby Intelligence's neck.

Chapter 10: The Mouth of the Government Edit

Meanwhile, in Maryland, the S.M.S.B. meets with the President, asking him what he would have them do now that the NoHeads are gone. In response, Clinton asks them where Brute Gunray and Mean King are, and Baby Intelligence says they are in jail.

Chapter 11: The Sorcerers of Egrevond Edit

At some point during the night, Baby Intelligence overhears a conversation on the phone that Maurice is having. From what he hears, he learns that a Dark Wizard named Karkamel has escaped from a void called Egrevond along with a legion of Dark wizards known as the Sorcerers of Egrevond. He tells Maurice what he has learned, who is annoyed, as he did not want him to know of the wizards yet, as he "already had enough on his plate" and "the last thing [he needs is] an umpteenth helping". Reluctantly, he tells Baby Intelligence that the U.S. Government fears that Karkamel's motive is to use Baby Intelligence to return to full strength, as the walls of a prison in Egrevond read several vulgar sentences in graffiti degrading the Grandmaster of the S.M.S.B. While initially shaken, Baby Intelligence is assured by Telekinibabe that the MBH is too well-protected to be breached, even by sorcerery. Still, he cannot shake off the logic that if Egrevond cannot hold Karkamel, the MBH cannot repel him indefinitely.

The next day, Maurice moves Baby Intelligence aside to tell him not to go looking for Karkamel, but Baby Intelligence claims that the sorcerer will come to him in the end.

The rental of Flame Edit

Baby Intelligence rents a Dark Horse named Flame from Owen, the shopkeeper. He promises he would return to pay him in full once America was free of both NoHeads and Dark sorcerers.

Baby Intelligence realizes that Owen is dead. As a result, he takes Flame as his own.

Baby Intelligence also has an argument with Lewis, who permits him four days to get his sword back from Sheriff Bladepoint and learn what he needs to know from him.

The following night, Telekinibabe embarks on an adventure. He ventures solo into the NoHead base, crossing several obstacles before encountering Mean King. The following battle ends in a draw when Mean King electrocutes him. It turns out to be a dream Telekinibabe is experiencing, interrupted by Lindsay. He is unhappy about the nagging feeling that it is a vision, and not a nightmare.

During breakfast, Telekinibabe tells Baby Intelligence what he had seen. Baby Intelligence accepts the news and tells the S.M.S.B. it was time to fight back against Brute Gunray and Mean King. That afternoon, he dispatches the Pinewood Derby, which pinpoints Mean King’s stronghold hidden in the Bench Store. He sends Baby Strength, Lindsay, and Telekinibabe to the NoHead base, and tells them Lindsay’s in charge until the fight is over. He makes his way to the Bench Store, accompanied by Force Baby.

However, Karkamel disappears.

Chapter 16: The Evil Super Baby Edit

"Do you really think that the Dark Lord has not questioned me first? And do you really think that I would be somewhere else if I failed to answer him?"
―Sebiscuits Cardarphen, to Mean King[src]

Having escaped government custody, Brute Gunray and his brother Mean King visit Sebiscuits Cardarphen at his hideout. Gunray wants military assistance from Cardarphen in the war against the S.M.S.B. Mean King advises against this, distrusting Sebiscuits for not taking part in the Battle of Yellowstone. Sebiscuits also tells Gunray that he knows about their situation and it is revealed how they broke out of jail. Gunray asks him to lend a portion of his armies. Cardarphen agrees on the condition that they can defeat him in a sword duel. The two brothers emerge victorious, and Cardarphen promises that they "can have half of whatever [he has]." Mean King agrees to these terms and the deal is made.

Chapter 17: Flight of the Worm Edit

Chapter 18 Edit

Baby Intelligence finally agreed to accompany the gang. A flashback prior to the Battle of the Western Field reveals that Peter came upon Black cooking in the kitchens of the Police Station. She says she is making a sweet-tasting cheese cube dipping sauce. She shares some of it with him. They proceed to the Western Field, where they were ambushed by the Ninth Guard. Upon slashing out a single robot soldier five times, Baby Intelligence noticed Cassidy stabbing Rattvisa G to death with a needler, but then a skytrooper throws him to the ground. Noticing this, Cassidy chased him and would have struck him in the heart. Fortunately, Baby Intelligence countered with a telekinetic repulse. Getting to his feet, he called off the surviving gang members, finding to his dismay that several of them were dead.

Chapter 19: Graphite, Sulfur, and Blood Edit

Shaffer is then killed by Cassidy, and Kellerman kills her in return.

Chapter 20 Edit

Chapter 21: Another Clarke Edit

Chapter 23: The Bench Store Edit

Landing their pods, the assigned trio makes their way to the NoHead base safely. They quietly walk down the facility’s corridors. Lindsay spots RC-5. She and the others attempt to follow but are thwarted when the robot notices and opens fire. They narrowly escape and run down farther into the corridor. They engage the next Rocket group and prevail. Baby Strength splits off from the others, and Lindsay follows him. He then wanders into the central chamber. There, he meets with Brute Gunray and the two fight in an epic sword duel, where Baby Strength’s skills prove fertile against Gunray’s experience.

Meanwhile, Baby Intelligence and Force Baby reach the Bench Store. When Baby Intelligence and Force Baby work together to discover a secret passageway and enter it, they immediately find a series of boxes and Force Baby unwraps them. Appalled, Baby Intelligence tells Force Baby they have identified technical theft, confusing Force Baby. Venturing further into the basement, they find Mean King in a lighted room. After a frenzied duel, Mean King is able to dodge Force Baby’s attacks (despite being assaulted by Baby Intelligence as well) and decapitate him. After taking a moment to analyze Force Baby’s damage, Baby Intelligence confronts Mean King. They engage in combat using their swords and powers.

Baby Strength and Brute Gunray continue their sword battle in the bowels of the NoHead base. Gunray uses his powers against Baby Strength by using whatever equipment is at hand, eventually thrusting Baby Strength through a window, who lands on one of the emergency platforms. Finally, Baby Strength is able to drive Brute Gunray back, causing him to retreat along the extension gauntlet. Baby Strength is then able to throw him off the maintenance catwalk into the air shaft below. As he fell, Gunray was sucked into a gas port, and shortly thereafter found himself clinging to a weather vane on the underside of the NoHead base. Soon he lost balance and fell off and into the abyss, meeting his death.

The duel between Baby Intelligence and Mean King brings them to the Central Stack, the heart of the store. Mean King, pressed by the odds, hurls benches at Baby Intelligence, but Baby Intelligence avoids them. Mean King then hurls lightning at Baby Intelligence but with the last of his strength the baby repels it, and Mean King is thrown over the bench’s edge, but not before pushing Baby Intelligence off in descent. Mean King is able to hold on to a lower bench, while Baby Intelligence falls to the store’s floor. Mean King leaps after him, only to be stabbed subsequently when Force Baby directs the blade at him from downstairs.

Return to the MBH Edit

After disposing of Mean King, Baby Intelligence rides the desk back upstairs, where he finds Force Baby had recovered and is waiting for him. He tells him that Mean King is dead, and they have won. Just then, the comlink beeps. Baby Intelligence takes it out and answers. Baby Strength’s voice comes on and announces Brute Gunray’s death. Baby Intelligence tells him that Mean King is gone too, meaning that the NoHeads are extinct now.

The S.M.S.B. members meet together at the NoHead base. Baby Intelligence picks up Baby Strength, Telekinibabe, and Lindsay and takes them home in their Pinewood Derby.

Chapter 27: The Eastern Field Edit

Baby Intelligence finds Sheriff Bladepoint and asks him for orders, but he yells at him to get out of the way. He obediently sprints about fifty meters away, just as a wave of Dark explosions go off, sending Baby Intelligence hurtling through the air and killing Sheriff Bladepoint.

Chapter 28 Edit

Baby Intelligence is transferred elsewhere, but he is severely burned. Sheriff Bladepoint's body is cremated in front of hundreds of people, including a number of minor characters in the series. He then departs with the other S.M.S.B. members.

Chapter 29: A Teacher's Legacy Edit

Upon returning home, Baby Intelligence learns of the Lunch Money Bandit’s escape from prison, and tells the others to stop him in the morning. However, as he falls asleep, he finds himself in a sort of dream and meets the deceased Sheriff Bladepoint in what appears to be a deserted Old Police Station. He appears to be in a Limbo state in which he can speak to Bladepoint. He encourages Baby Intelligence to hold on to what he loves, because that is what makes life worth living. He then Deteleports, leaving Baby Intelligence hell-bent on ensuring the survival of the S.M.S.B.

List of deaths Edit

Character Killed By Cause Of Death Circumstances
Hell Burnbottom Lindsay Kellerman Gun Shot in the head and falls into the Unterwelt Void
Indiana Shaffer Cassidy Stave Impaled after Cassidy ambushes Baby Intelligence
Cassidy Lindsay Kellerman Sword Impaled as retaliation for murdering Indiana Shaffer
Brute Gunray Baby Strength Falls into a toxic pit Gunray cut off Lindsay and Telekinibabe to engage Baby Strength in a duel.
Mean King Baby Intelligence and Force Baby Sword Impaled after Force Baby forces Baby Intelligence's blade upward
Sheriff Bladepoint Dark mutants Blasts of Dark energy Assaulted by beams of energy

Extensions Edit

Graphic novelization Edit

A graphic novelization of the novel was written by D. Isaac Thomas and was published on 12 April, 2015.

New characters Edit

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