The Life and Legends: Annabeth is an anthology written by D. Isaac Thomas himself. It was released on 12 May, 2016.


Opening sceneEdit

"Nine months later, a baby girl was born. And her name was Annabeth."
The book opens in a similar way to The Super Babies: Prequel I: Zero to Hero. It opens when Annabeth's mother realizes she is pregnant, which she tells her husband in the opening of the book. Their child is born ad course, and they name her Annabeth. She seemed to mature at an unusual pace: as an infant, she quickly outgrew most of her toys, dissing them as simple, alarming her parents. She spent most of her time using her magna doodle, and harbored a desire to learn how to read words.

At the ZooEdit

Despite her heritage, she started displaying superpowers very early in life. In 2003, when she was six years old, she accidentally melted the cage holding a lion. Just as the lion was preparing to pounce on her, she flung her hand towards the top of a tree. To her shock, the lion vaulted there and found itself unable to get down. Shocked, Annabeth's mother took her home. On the way there, they stop for lunch at a popular restaurant called KFC. Annabeth tells her mother she wants to order fried chicken and potato cakes, and her mother tells her, "Good choice", before putting in the order. The two continue talking on the way home.

Friendship with AliceEdit

Despite this event, she never received an invitation to attend Superhero School, and as such, went to school on her own. During her education, Annabeth got decent, if not good grades at school. On one occasion, she accidentally turned her teacher's wig blue. As a result, she has to leave the classroom. The scene switches to another occasion, where she accidentally Apparated onto the school gym roof when escaping from a bully. She also became highly interested in pop music.

Annabeth: "This style looks a bit awkward. Well, on me. Why is it necessary?"
Alice: "I told you before, it's so you can have a full 360 degrees of sight. You can see all around you without your hair in the way."
— Alice teaching Annabeth[src]

During this time, she's best friends with a girl named Alice. Both of them saw a lot in each other; for instance, they are insecure and socially awkward. Sometimes they prefer to keep their distance from each other, especially when one or the other is feeling overwhelmed. Despite this, they occasionally play together when school is not in session. In one concurrent scene, Annabeth beats Alice in Monopoly. During the time the two spent together, Annabeth also taught Alice how to do her hair, so it would look fancy but allow her a full 360 degrees of movement. At one point, they also watched a movie together at Annabeth's house with popcorn Annabeth had popped herself and soda. Alice becomes quite annoyed after Annabeth eats most of the popcorn, until Annabeth lets her have the rest of her root beer.

Although the Gladiator himself never visited Annabeth, he does appear to the latter in two visions: One of her current state, and one when she was a child. This vision interacted with Annabeth under the name “Anna” and noted the coincidences about their similarities. This vision eventually vanishes while both mutants are fighting a dragon that Anna inadvertently lures to them when trying to use a sabotaged R2 robot to allow a flare to be released signalling where Anna and he were, although the Gladiator is certain that “Anna” was not a dream.

Becoming a NoHeadEdit

Annabeth is visited by Mr. Stupid NoHead, who offers her the chance to become a NoHead, which she cannot resist. Her parents insist that she cannot join the dark side, but NoHead kills them to silence the matter and proceeds to Disapparate away with her. They rematerialize in the NoHead Base. Here, NoHead shows her around and showed her a selection of combat uniforms for NoHeads. Annabeth ultimately chooses a leather crop-top and jeans, which will give her free movement on the battlefield.

Immediately afterwards, she also met Sean. Sean immediately stuttered upon meeting her, telling her she looked like a nerd. Annabeth became offended, until Sean said he meant that she looked beautiful. Annabeth told her to stop hitting on her. Sean apologizes and leaves.

The following day, Sean joins her at breakfast, where he keeps his silence. However, he finally slips that he "thinks well of [her] manners, pretty girl" and Annabeth punches him.

Annabeth would often skip out on training sessions, and as a result she was wimpy to some degree.

Annabeth's NightmareEdit

Sean: "Annabeth! Are you all right?"
Annabeth: "Fuck off!"
Sean: "Ooh, savage. Well, good night."
— Annabeth loses her temper towards Sean[src]

In March 2015, Annabeth becomes even further indulged in pop music. In said month, she had a dream. In it, Bruno Mars had a Grenade, and Taio Cruz had Dynamite, so they both threw them at Katy Perry who exploded like a Firework. The bang was so loud that the Black Eyed Peas forgot The Time while Rihanna had memory loss and ran around saying, "Whats My Name." Eminem looked around and said, "I'm Not Afraid," then Willow Smith began to Whip Her Hair, which scared The Far East Movement who began to fly like a G6, Then JLo fell on the floor. From there, Annabeth woke up and expressed her relief that it was only a dream. Sean, who was nearby, asks if she was all right, and Annabeth swears at him, who calls her sassy and goes back to sleep.

Rescue and DiscoveryEdit

Two months later, Annabeth goes downstairs to explore the unfinished structure of the Wasp. Unfortunately, she encounters a series of vines. Before she can leave, the vines come alive and grab and strangle her. Fortunately, Sean hears her screaming, and rushes downstairs, where he blows apart the vines with a Blasting Beam and thus saves her life. Annabeth thanked him for his help, and Sean apologizes for helping her. He also explains that his love for her was never of the carnal type, but something far more sophisticated: his parents had just died before he met her and no one else would talk to him. He then offers to carry her backpack if she wanted, and Annabeth thankfully approved. From there she was able to see who he really is. The two develop a close friendship from there, one of platonic, but not romantic, love.

Two years later, Annabeth is sent on duty as a spy. She learned of a fight between Abigail and a group of slavers, and reports to Mr. Stupid NoHead hastily. As such, a large military force was deployed to Bridgeton under the command of Mr. Stupid NoHead himself. Annabeth flees shortly before the fight was initiated, returning to the NoHead Base. Two months later,[1] Annabeth learns that Ken's son, Qamar, is now a NoHead Recruit and very much alive. Sean, who had made friends with Qamar, introduces the boy to Annabeth. Initially, Qamar detested her for her role in Ken's demise. Annabeth calmly pointed out that without her, he would not be a NoHead either. From there, Qamar forgives her and turns to leave with Sean.

The Robotic Monster Edit

Upon learning about Operation: Assault, Annabeth rushes to find Mr. Stupid NoHead. Upon finding him, she offers to help Mr. Stupid NoHead build the Robotic Monster that the plan necessitates. NoHead agrees, and leads her into a facility, where the two of them build the robot in a special facility in the basement of the Wasp. It is Annabeth's idea to give it the ability to fly. Six months later, the robot was completed. Annabeth shuts it down and it was kept in the facility for the next four months.

Annabeth personally went to activate the robotic monster, in preparation for the attack on New York City. However, she fails to do so. Mr. Stupid NoHead comes downstairs and asks what is taking so long, and when Annabeth is silent, he reactivates it himself. NoHead shoots Annabeth a fierce look, and she sheepishly heads upstairs. Shortly afterwards, NoHead returns, and she does not seem angry about his failure.

The Second NoHead War Edit

After Brute Gunray is sent to capture the Mayor, Annabeth went to Mr. Stupid NoHead and told him they need to talk. From there, she began discussing a plan with Mr. Stupid NoHead. Their conversation was cut short when Gunray returned empty-handed. When Gunray was then sent to kill Baby Intelligence, Annabeth wished him luck on his task.

She is then seen returning to the NoHead Base, where she tells Sean and Qamar that she had seen Baby Intelligence in person. (This event is not seen, however, Prequel II reveals it). She then joins in the celebrations with her peers upon Rotta capturing the Mayor. However, Black soon escaped Rotta's grip (with the help of Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence, who also exposed Rotta Hecks as a NoHead).

During the Second NoHead War, Annabeth ran into Darren Slade, who had become dillusioned with his current life. Annabeth exploited this, along with Darren's attraction to her, and Darren gave in to the dark side. Annabeth comforted him about his situation, and allowed him to vent to her for ten minutes, by which time he had nothing else to say. She personally dubbed him a NoHead and inscribed the NoHead Sign on his arm. Darren worked primarily for Annabeth and Hell Burnbottom.

Darren Slade's DefectionEdit

Annabeth: "He seems pretty shaken. I still don't think anything's been resolved."
Sean: "Remember how you told me about your mental link?"
Annabeth: "That isn't important right now. I want to know if Slade has defected. But who knows what he'd doing?"
Sean: "Your mental connection to your friends..."
— Sean suggests Annabeth telepathically monitor Slade[src]
However, less than a month later, Annabeth is visited by Darren in her room. He vents to her over his guilt for joining the NoHeads. Annabeth is appalled about his sudden guilt. Realizing Annabeth could not help him, he leaves the Base. Annabeth feels nothing is over, but Sean suggests she take advantage of her ability to see her friends when they are near. She is horrified to find him going to Baby Intelligence for help, and quickly realizes that Darren had defected from the NoHead cause, which makes her upset, as she had come to see him as one of her best friends. She chooses not to tell Mr. Stupid NoHead, fearing that Darren will be killed if she does.

Mission to PennsylvaniaEdit

Shortly afterwards, Annabeth is sent to patrol on Pennsylvania. Mr. Stupid NoHead had told her about Operation: Purge, which made her very excited as she mounted off with a contingent of robot soldiers. She remained in the air in a sky cruiser, discreetly keeping watch from there. Eventually, she traveled to her compound in Philadelphia, which was suffering a heavy onslaught of pressure from members of the Government Defense Army. While there, Rotta communicated with her through her comlink, telling the NoHead that she needed to return to the Emergency NoHead Base. Annabeth accepted, and told the General of the two traitorous relief workers, suspected of being police, that had been captured by her robot soldiers. Mere moments after Rotta left, Annabeth contacted fellow NoHead Sean through a comlink, telling him that she feared for her safety with police after her, and that she would prefer to travel to the Second NoHead Base with the other NoHeads in a convoy. Sean agreed with this, and promised he would come for her in Pennsylvania. After he left, Annabeth began to put her plan for Pennsylvania into place. Annabeth knew the police were on her tail, and that the city would soon fall from the NoHeads' grasp. She had a protocol put in place, which, if the city became under attack, would poison the water supply of Philadelphia, crippling the city as well as the USA (Philadelphia boasted the eighth-largest industry in said country). She then departed for the Emergency NoHead Base.

When the NoHead fleet emerged out of hyperspace at the Emergency NoHead Base, Annabeth landed her personal plane in the base and climbed out of it, where she was surprised to find several chambers where she could settle down, have a good meal, and clean up. After finishing in the shower (with Brute Gunray next in line), Annabeth learned that the protocol in Pennsylvania had been initiated. From there, she put on a robe over her crop-top and set off to find Sean. Sean was angry at their situation, as Mr. Stupid NoHead had offered them riches and the chance to rule the world, but now they were on the run, unable to return home for the time being. After Annabeth found him, Sean expressed this to her, who had more faith in NoHead than her friend did. Just then, NoHead called for them in the central chamber. With a grin, Annabeth told Sean he should reconsider, and then the two joined everyone else, who were regrouping in the chamber. NoHead appeared on a large hologram and told everyone it was safe to return to the NoHead Base. Sean told Annabeth she was right all along, before everyone headed off.

On the way back, she stops at the State Capitol to assist Sebiscuits and Rotta Hecks in their plan to assassinate Katie Black. However, as soon as she catches up with them, Sebiscuits turns and tells her to "run along." When Annabeth remains still, Sebiscuits hurls her into a closet, where she crashes into a trumpet.

The book ends with Mr. Stupid NoHead's death and Annabeth swearing nothing will stop the New Order, reflecting the ending of Pride of the Super Babies.


Apparently, no one knew about Annabeth's demise, or that she had even joined the NoHeads. On Halloween night 2027, Darren encountered the ghost of Mr. Stupid NoHead. NoHead tried to possess him once more, but Darren summoned enough willpower to stop him. Enraged, NoHead called out, invisible to all but Slade, that Darren had just killed Annabeth, and then created a huge explosion which killed twelve Muggles in the process. Slade was arrested by the Department of Law Enforcement and was sentenced without trial to Beta Prison by for the "murder" of Annabeth and the twelve Muggles, and for being in the service of the NoHeads.

Annabeth helps the Gladiator in creating the Knights of Plague, giving him advice as a ghost.

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The book, which was released in 2016, was very well received; a fan even expressed that "for someone as unutterably beautiful as Annabeth, this is truly a dream come true." Qamar was also looked at in depth (he originally made a cameo in the graphic novelizations) and his parents are identified.

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  1. Annabeth said, "It's been two months since I exposed Ken and Abigail."