Baby Intelligence: "Last night I failed. And in that moment, I was immediately rushed into the spotlight and I was mortified. Very mortified indeed. I...I...there's so many people here. I thought it was the end. This could be...what am I really have to do this? I want to, I do not desire this, and yet my trembling legs, well, I guess they...they clearly imply..."
Bailey Dennings: "Trust me, a man's character is not determined by success, not by their number of fangirls, it can only happen when your back's against a wall! And for me, that time is now! Baby Intelligence here, he spent exactly three hundred twenty-six seconds feeling sorry for himself, but still, he moved forward. We started moving forward. We can all relate, because the worst thing about failure is believing you are not worth what you thought you'd come to acknowledge. Failure has molded us! Has molded us all! And that is my path to a successful business in the construction of buildings, and our path to a new era! There are many times, he, well, understandably, thought it was the end, but did Baby Intelligence give up? We may decide to throw down our arms, but the twist in the story is, we won't! He and Lindsay failed to save that poor girl, and for three hundred twenty-six seconds I thought it was the end. You want killing to end, you have to do a little more of it, and now! I ask you. I ask you all. Will you stay pinned under the Lord of the North's undeserving, zit-ridden arms, or will you make the NoHeads see the stars? We can submit or we can raise our horn, and right now, I'm living the horn life!! No pun intended. Shall we do it? SHALL WE CHALLENGE THEIR AUTHORITY?! ARE WE READY???!!!'"
— Bailey Dennings' iconic speech to the Police Grand Army[src]

The Super Mutant Smashing Babies, referred to as the First S.M.S.B., was a peacekeeping organization unified by its belief and observance of the Light. The S.M.S.B. were the guardians of peace and justice in the world, and became perhaps the most well known of the various mutant organizations. Led by the great Baby Intelligence, the Order grew over the years despite facing many trials. Their worst enemies were the NoHeads, who were the largest threat to their very existence. Two members broke away, but one returned to their side and the group remained a success. 2180 proved a pivotal time when Baby Intelligence was killed, but the group remained active until the 2220s.

History of the S.M.S.B. Edit

Early history Edit

In 2018, Rotta Hecks undertook a mission for her Master, Mr. Stupid NoHead. Her objective was to infiltrate the police station and assassinate Zett. However, she came home early with news for Greg Hecks: she was finally pregnant. Their son, Peter Hecks was born nine months later on 10 June, 2019 in NYC Hospital. The next morning, Peter managed to escape his crib and was doing a floor puzzle by the time Rotta awoke. This shocked her and Greg very much. Over the next few days, he pondered over finding a way to speak, and quickly found the way how. His parents were mean but cautious throughout his first week alive as he learned to stand and speak at an incredibly young age — he had also taught himself to stand when he was six days old and took his first steps. At one point, they also took him with them to a party, where he demonstrated his telekinetic powers for the first time by crushing the seatbelt to his booster and telekinetically hurling balloons at other guests. Terrified, Rotta dragged him home. Thanks to a visit from Colby Doge, Peter became “the latest news flash”, and everybody wanted to meet him. Unbeknownst to him, Rotta and Greg were both plotting a way to get rid of him.

Peter was finally abandoned after he was asked by NASA’s leading officials to attend a space mission. Rotta left the station with Greg before he could return to Earth, after declaring he was not welcome in their home. Despite his misery, Peter was able to spot a UFO coming their way. The astronauts immediately engaged, releasing seismic charges. The UFO dodged the projectiles and nearly blew up their ship with a giant beam. Peter insisted they let him pilot it and destroy the alien, and the astronaut at the wheel reviled the request. Peter telekinetically blasted them away. Getting to the wheel, Peter was now in pursuit and fired blasters until the UFO was hit. Peter then fired a homing missile, intending to finish it off. Finally, the missile hit its mark, and the UFO exploded. The astronauts were amazed. This also led the police to adopt and train him, also believing he might be the Chosen One (which he was, along with Lindsay). Peter began training with them for a month, until his first real mission.

Return of the NoHeads Edit

Peter Hecks' first mission came when a robotic monster invaded New York City, his hometown. Peter and Zett took off to the scene, where Peter found the robot killing several police officers, including Mia. As Peter rushed in, the robotic monster’s attempts to blast him proved futile. The robot prepared to fire a missile when Peter reached the machine, leaving him vulnerable to Peter’s decapitating stab.

Atop the rooftops, the trained baby came face to face with the NoHead Master. Mr. Stupid NoHead threatened him, but Peter was unshaken and mockingly addressed him. The battle started when NoHead blasted Peter with lightning, sending him flying across the balcony and slamming into a wall. Peter quickly recovered and retaliated with a powerful telekinetic blast that sent the Dark Lord flying over a table. NoHead attempted to flee but Peter blocked his way, igniting his sword. Realizing he would have to fight the baby blade-to-blade, NoHead ignited his own sword. With that, the duel began.

Their battle raged through the city, with neither opponent able to gain an advantage. As the fight moved to an elevator, the platform rose through the ceiling into the sky. As the duel continued, Peter had the upper hand, but barely. He finally managed to disarm Mr. Stupid NoHead and then began throwing mounds of junk at NoHead, but the antagonist used his own powers to dodge them. As NoHead leapt about, he attempted to re-engage Peter in sword combat, but the baby’s attack was too intense for NoHead to close the distance.

Shaking away his doubts, the villain focused himself on an oncoming projectile and threw it back at Peter. Peter was forced to leap from his perch to a lower building, giving up the tactical high ground. NoHead immediately saw his chance to re-engage Peter and leaped at the baby, landing on the edge of the building and unleashing a blast of lightning at Peter, tearing Peter’s sword from his grasp. Peter used a gadget to absorb NoHead’s lightning, but NoHead’s power was such that Peter began to falter. However, Peter regained his confidence, gaining the strength necessary to start redirecting NoHead’s lightning back at him, coalescing the energy into an orb in front of him. However, as each opponent attempted to overpower the other, the orb of energy exploded, sending both of them flying.

Peter was knocked into a lightning rod, stopping his fall. NoHead, however, was blasted clear of the building and fell onto a van. However, he lost his balance and fell to the street below. Peter went after NoHead and held him at bladepoint. Battered and weary, NoHead promised to cease his evil ways in exchange for his life. Peter agreed to spare him. Afterwards, he became a Super at last. The police helped Peter build the MBH. After that, Peter became Baby Intelligence, and the S.M.S.B. was born.

Second NoHead War Edit

The S.M.S.B.

The S.M.S.B. in 2019. From left to right: Paige, Force Baby, Baby Intelligence, Sebiscuits, Baby Strength.

A week after the confrontation, the NoHead army, led by Rotta Hecks and Mr. Stupid NoHead, launched a day-long siege against New York City. Hundreds of robotic fighters rained down on the capital, and NoHead landing craft unleashed hundreds of thousands of robotic soldiers and tanks on the capital’s streets, causing much damage to lives and property. In response, the police went up against the NoHead army. With the battle raging on, Rotta and her NC bodyguards kidnapped the Mayor, after defeating several police and guards. Rotta then transported Black to the NoHead base, the Wasp. Several police skyfighters attempted to intercept Rotta on her way to the base, but they failed. Meanwhile, Baby Intelligence was testing Sebiscuits to see if he could become his sidekick. He denied him a rank in the S.M.S.B., but was then notified of the past carnage. He told Sebiscuits to leave and joined in the attempt to rescue Black, who was being held aboard the Wasp. However, Sebiscuits followed him there defiantly. Intelligence was furious, but realized there was no turning back, and they fought side-by-side as a result. Although Mr. Stupid NoHead injured Baby Intelligence, Sebiscuits disarmed him, and at the Mayor’s command, the baby attempted to behead the villain, but he escaped. Sebiscuits was then able to release Black and recover Baby Intelligence.

Baby Intelligence also recruited Baby Strength, Paige Nelson, and Force Baby to the group. Soon after, Intelligence learned from Sebiscuits that the NoHeads were relocating in Palmyra, and that the baby feared NoHead was trying to turn him to the dark side. During an assault on the new NoHead base, Paige led a group of police which she armed with swords to kill NoHead. However, NoHead managed to kill the police and nearly kill Paige with the help of Sebiscuits, who fell to the dark side and became a NoHead. This event proceeded Operation: Purge, where most of the police were killed.

After learning of Sebiscuits’ conversion, Baby Intelligence led another attack roughly 11 days after the first. They engaged the NoHeads’ new Rocket army. During the carnage, Baby Intelligence witnessed Mr. Stupid NoHead’s betrayal of Rotta Hecks. He immediately murdered her, enraging Intelligence and giving him the strength he needed to kill NoHead. The S.M.S.B. thought they had won, but NoHead returned from the dead, and Paige was killed by Sebiscuits during the battle.

The S.M.S.B. did not attempt to stop Mr. Stupid NoHead immediately. However, when the Chosen One, Lindsay Kellerman, joined their group, and NoHead robbed a bank, they finally went. When NoHead saw their arrival, he angrily confronted the group and attempted to do away with Intelligence and Lindsay. He first tried throwing some logs at Baby Intelligence in order to knock him out of the window. When this failed, he tossed a wagon instead, knocking Intelligence out the window. The other members followed, and together they eliminated a hungry pack of wolves awaiting them.[1]

When Baby Intelligence returned home and destroyed Mr. Stupid NoHead’s ultimate weapon, NoHead became more determined than ever to destroy them. They all charged headlong, prompting NoHead to utilize a sword. He slashed at Baby Intelligence, driving him to the edge of the platform. NoHead confidently leaped to finish his rival, but Intelligence pushed him over the edge and into the Fire Room. NoHead fell into the fire below and immediately burned to death.[1]

Later, Hell Burnbottom attempted to possess a celebrity singer named Rocken Role. The S.M.S.B. knew then that the NoHeads were still active, and went to the base hoping to stop them for good. Baby Intelligence destroyed the source of power for Role’s predicament; meanwhile, Force Baby was shot in the shoulder, Baby Strength was injured in a duel with Hell Burnbottom, and Lindsay suffered the same outcome. Baby Intelligence returned from destroying Rocken Role’s voice box to meet Burnbottom. After a short duel with Burnbottom, Intelligence was forced to let the NoHead Master escape in order to save Lindsay and Baby Strength. They knew from there that the NoHeads remained in power.

Soon, Hell Burnbottom dispatched Rockets to invade the MBH. When the S.M.S.B. cut down all the troops, Burnbottom engaged them personally, but failed to kill any of them. The group then fled to the junkyard, where they refueled and also discovered a new S.M.S.B. member named Tyler. From there, they went to the NoHead base. There, with the help of Tyler (now renamed Telekinibabe) and the Police Grand Army, the Sheriff and the S.M.S.B. delivered a massive blow to the NoHead’s Rocket army for which it would never recover. In a climactic sword duel between Baby Intelligence, Lindsay, and Hell Burnbottom, Burnbottom was also killed. After the NoHead Master was destroyed, the S.M.S.B. knew that there was still two NoHeads left. After failing to arrest them, the S.M.S.B. led a separate mission. During this, Baby Strength killed Brute Gunray, and Baby Intelligence killed Mean King.

Between the wars Edit

This seemed to be the end of the NoHeads. However, Baby Intelligence was reminded of Sebiscuits Cardarphen’s existence, and he rallied the S.M.S.B. to help defeat the last NoHead. Intelligence chased Cardarphen and Annabeth Black to a construction tower in his fighter. Along with regenade Pythoman, Cardarphen and Black engaged them all at once, quickly dispatching all of them besides Intelligence himself. Drawing a second sword, Cardarphen engaged Baby Intelligence, fighting to a stalemate. The bout ended when the other S.M.S.B. members recovered and linked with Baby Intelligence. They were able to save him from falling into a shaft. Together, they boarded the Pinewood Derby and continued pursuit of their enemy. Baby Intelligence followed him to the City Volcano, where Cardarphen was defeated, losing much of his organic limbs after suffering grievous mutated injuries, necessitating the majority of Cardarphen's body being kept in a mobile life-support system to keep him alive. This, along with Black's demise and Pythoman's arrest, prompted him to join the S.M.S.B. again, thus silencing the threat of the NoHeads for good.

Afterwards, Baby Intelligence began construction of a motor home. A month later, it was completed, and he rallied the other members to join him on a quest to purge their country of evil. They went across America, defeating criminals, righting wrongs, and changing it forever. The mission lasted for two years, roughly as long as Baby Intelligence had been alive when the mission began.

At age six, Baby Intelligence took the name of Master Intelligence, respectively. He also fought against Darren Slade after sensing an increased number of threats to their city, though he realized that the latter was innocent and did not kill him.

Third NoHead War Edit


The NoHeads were also hatching a complex plot to return to power and defeat the S.M.S.B. Lindsay touched her plate, and was suddenly transported to a cemetery where Hell Burnbottom and Whammo Fireball were waiting. Under Burnbottom’s orders, Whammo had Lindsay tied up. After Whammo had placed Burnbottom’s head into a cauldron containing the near finished potion, he added the first two ingredients before he proceeded to obtain Lindsay’s hairs and added it to the Potion for his master’s rebirth. Once the final ingredient was added, the potion deemed the ritual complete. Hell Burnbottom regained his physical body and emerged from the cauldron. After robing himself, the reborn Dark Lord summoned Cygnus Evans. Once the Lunch Money Bandit appeared, Burnbottom welcomed him and declared that he and Whammo were now NoHeads. With that, Lindsay was able to free herself. She then engaged Hell Burnbottom in a duel where the Dark Lord had a greater advantage over her. After bruising and battering Lindsay, Burnbottom was ready to kill Lindsay once and for all. However, Lindsay fought back, beginning an intense sword duel.

At that moment, the ghost of Rotta Hecks emerged. She encouraged Lindsay, while distracting Hell Burnbottom. Lindsay pulled away and grabbed the plate to return to the MBH. She immediately told Master Intelligence what had happened to her, and the S.M.S.B. created a patrol for any suspicious activity. Burnbottom prepared to reawaken his army and overthrow the government. Since the only knowledge of his return was Lindsay’s word, Burnbottom was able to grow in power in secret.

Later on, Sebiscuits had a vision that only he could defeat Hell Burnbottom. Sebiscuits acted on it and went to Bast Castle. There, he located Hell Burnbottom and hid behind a wall. Burnbottom saw him and headed for the wall. With his sword in hand, Sebiscuits came out of his hiding place and fired a beam at Burnbottom, which he blocks. After firing a barrage of beams to no avail, Burnbottom Disapparates behind Sebiscuits, and Sebiscuits barely blocked a lightning beam with his own; the two beams locked together. Finally, Sebiscuits broke the connection and used his sword to kill Nagatha. Burnbottom furiously released a shock-wave of dark energy. Sebiscuits took the hit and fell off a ramp. After Burnbottom destroyed his sword, Sebiscuits began to run as Burnbottom pursued. Sebiscuits ran through the catwalks by the Tri-battlements and turned around, only to see Burnbottom firing lightning at him. Though he deflected it, it instead hit the bridge and Sebiscuits fell. As he attempted to run, a series of vines grabbed and strangled him. Burnbottom cast lightning, killing the latter.

Master Intelligence sensed Sebiscuits’ situation, and the S.M.S.B. was soon headed to Bast Castle in their fighters. They were engaged by nearly 3 dozen robotic fighters, but were able to overcome them. Hell Burnbottom himself joined and attempted to kill Master Intelligence and Red X. However, Red X backfired him, and he returned to base. The other members landed as well, and Burnbottom confronted them before revealing Sebiscuits’ corpse. On that note, Sebiscuits came back to life and drove Burnbottom out.

As the battle resumed its ferocity, Lindsay Kellerman fought Hell Burnbottom in a construction site. Kellerman disarmed Burnbottom and assaulted him with lightning, but lost her advantage after she noticed Master Intelligence nearby. He fought the Dark Lord in defense of Kellerman. Suddenly, Red X appeared and used the Verasect to vanquish the leader of the Elite NoHeads. In the meantime, Whammo Fireball and the Lunch Money Bandit were killed, completing the S.M.S.B.'s decade-long mission to destroy the NoHeads.

Battle of TransylvaniaEdit

File:S.M.S.B. 2042.jpg
Lindsay Kellerman: "Oh, he's done it. He's finally done it!"
Master Intelligence: "Who? Done what?"
Lindsay Kellerman: "The Gladiator. He knows. He's building a giant bomb, the Grand Bomb as he and Becca call it, and the U.S. will be destroyed! Tonight!"
Master Intelligence: "He's even crazier than I thought. Are you sure of this?"
Lindsay Kellerman: "Absolutely."
Master Intelligence: "Very well, then. Class is postponed, guys! To the Derby?"
Lindsay Kellerman: "We don't have much time."
— Lindsay Kellerman and Master Intelligence before heading off to Transylvania Quarters[src]

After the end of the Elite NoHeads, the S.M.S.B. continued to face several adversaries. A very notable enemy was the Gladiator, who led the Knights of Plague.

On 7 January, 2042 after receiving a vision of the Grand Bomb being created by the Gladiator in Transylvania Quarters, Lindsay Kellerman vowed to stop him. Master Intelligence agreed, and the eight S.M.S.B. members flew to Oklahoma in the enlarged Pinewood Derby, only to discover that the Gladiator had planted the vision in Lindsay's mind to get Master Intelligence to remove the Orb of Power from the Hall of Domination. During the subsequent battle, several of the S.M.S.B. members suffered injuries until the Gladiator unwillingly killed Red X and the members were revived by Force Baby. They managed to slaughter most of the Knights, and the Orb was destroyed, but Andromeda was murdered by her mother, Becca Smith. Meanwhile, Master Intelligence dueled the Gladiator in defense of his friends. After winning, Master Intelligence helped round up the surviving Knights and summoned the Government Defense Army, leaving the survivors at their mercy. All the S.M.S.B. members survived the battle, and returned victorious, at the cost of much killing on both sides.

Peace era Edit

Shortly after the end of the conflict, Master Intelligence recruited a boy named Centauri to the S.M.S.B. The Peace era followed, during which time very few adversaries were engaged by the organization, who settled for educating young mutants across the globe who either did not have access to Superhero School or simply found Master Intelligence's teaching preferable. In 2054, however, Ramona Meyer attempted to kill Master Intelligence. The S.M.S.B. penetrated the hologram pit chambers in pursuit of her. Ramona tried to manipulate Centauri into giving her access to the pit, but Centauri refused and killed Ramona.

Asian Revolution Edit

Several years later, Centauri fell to the Darkness and became the Dark Flame. Not knowing of Centauri's conversion, the S.M.S.B. began on the Asian Revolution.

Members of the S.M.S.B. Edit

Paige NelsonForce BabyBaby IntelligenceBaby IntelligenceBaby StrengthBaby StrengthBaby IntelligenceBaby StrengthWiki-background

Members of the Original S.M.S.B. pose for a photo in 2019 (click on specific people to be redirected to the respective article)

S.M.S.B. members

Organization Edit

Leadership Edit

Amid the ranks of the S.M.S.B., Baby Intelligence was ultimately the Grandmaster. He trained all the other members in it, saved their lives several times, and founded the group with help from his own teacher, Sheriff Bladepoint. Many people noted that he was an excellent leader and more than capable of holding this extent of power.

Ranks Edit

S.M.S.B. Code Edit

Main article: S.M.S.B. Code
"I thought that was against your Code?"
Ramona Meyer after Sebiscuits Cardarphen shows off his powers[src]

Members of the S.M.S.B. were encouraged to follow a set of guidelines, including self-discipline, responsibility, and public service. These principles were put simply yet effectively in the S.M.S.B. Code:[1]

"''Help damsels in distress.
Never unleash your full power against weaker opponents.
Protect the weak.
Use your sword only in self-defense or defense of others — never to enrich yourself.
An S.M.S.B. member can never lose his honor in a fair fight.''"
Baby Intelligence's S.M.S.B. Code[src]

Derived from the Code of the police Baby Intelligence transcribed a code that all members of the S.M.S.B. must abide by.[1]

The Code was not necessarily a strict set of rules, but a general set of guidelines that S.M.S.B. members were encouraged to keep in mind as they went about the business of the Order. Numerous teachings interpreted and expounded on the Code in subsequent decades. These rules, created and embraced by the S.M.S.B., were essential tools in a member's growth. In them, S.M.S.B. members were encouraged to overcome personal obstacles such as pride and materialism, to understand their small yet important place in the world, and to give every being and point of view equal consideration.[3]

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