The skirmish in New York City, also known as the Skirmish in the Sky was a confrontation that took place on 18 July, 2019 between the NoHead Grandmaster Mr. Stupid NoHead and the infant prodigy Peter Hecks. The two mutants engaged in a ferocious sword duel, with each making liberal use of their superpowers. Ultimately, NoHead gained the upper hand but was forced to flee after being seen by several members of the Police Grand Army. Afterwards, NoHead returned to his headquarters, while Peter was dubbed a Super and renamed Baby Intelligence, a name he would not change for another six years.


Thanks to his amazing powers, the mutant baby Peter Hecks was abandoned by his parents when he was a week old. However, when he saved a group of astronauts by blowing up a UFO attacking their ship, the police chose to adopt him.

At the police station, he underwent vigorous training with Sheriff Bladepoint for a month before being turned on Sean Cornelly and eventually a robotic monster terrorizing the city. Although the robot took out several police with its laser cannon, Baby Intelligence managed to dispatch it with his sword. It fell to the ground and exploded. Mr. Stupid NoHead, the man who had unleashed it on the city, was angry and confronted him.

The duelEdit

The battle started when Mr. Stupid NoHead blasted Baby Intelligence with lightning, sending him flying across the chamber and slamming into a wall. Baby Intelligence retaliated with a powerful telekinetic shove that sent the Dark Lord flying over the table in a nearby apartment. Baby Intelligence declared that NoHeads’ reign of terror was over. Not wanting to take any risks, NoHead attempted to flee, but Baby Intelligence blocked his way, igniting his sword. Realizing he would have to fight the baby blade-to-blade, Mr. Stupid NoHead ignited his sword. With nothing else to be said, the duel began.

Their battle raged through the city, with neither opponent able to gain an advantage. As the fight moved to the elevator, the elevator rose to the roof. After a quick flurry of bladework, Baby Intelligence briefly broke off the fight to assess Mr. Stupid NoHead's strength before attacking anew. As the duel continued, NoHead found that his movements were being hampered by the small size of the elevator, while Baby Intelligence’s quick style and diminutive stature allowed him to easily jump around the Dark Lord. As the fight continued on the roof of a tall building, Baby Intelligence pushed NoHead backward, who fell off the roof. However, a smaller building broke his fall, and Baby Intelligence chased him across. Two buildings away, Intelligence threw objects from the nearby junkyard at NoHead, causing him to retreat backward after losing his sword. He called it back and jumped onto the building in front of Baby Intelligence. Baby Intelligence then began to throw waves of objects from the junkyard at NoHead, but the villain used his own powers to dodge from one pod to another, avoiding Baby Intelligence’s projectiles. As NoHead leapt about, he sought an opening to attack.

Mr. Stupid NoHead focused himself on an oncoming dumpster and sent it hurtling back at Baby Intelligence. As the dumpster flew back at Baby Intelligence he realized that he had spread his own powers too thinly to counter the spinning projectile. He was instead forced to leap from his perch to a lower building, giving up the tactical high ground. NoHead immediately saw his chance and leaped at the baby, landing on the edge of Baby Intelligence’s stand and unleashing a blast of lightning at Baby Intelligence, tearing the baby’s sword from his grasp. Baby Intelligence used a secret gadget to absorb NoHead’s lightning, but ultimately began to falter. NoHead advanced on the smaller baby, sending more lightning at him as he closed the distance between the two. However, as he was about to be overwhelmed, Baby Intelligence had a sudden realization. He sensed that all was not lost. He knew one thing for certain; if the world was to be free, he had to survive. With this newfound knowledge, he gained the strength necessary to start redirecting NoHead’s lightning back at him, coalescing the energy into a blue orb in front of him. However, as each combatant attempted to overpower the other, the orb of energy exploded, sending both of them flying. Baby Intelligence crashed into the building behind him and managed to grab one of its guardrails. The blast sent Mr. Stupid NoHead flying onto a red truck, parked by a nearby building. He rolled off the roof to the edge where he desperately attempted to climb back up. But, exhausted and holding onto a smooth edge, NoHead lost his grip and fell to the floor. A weary NoHead knew that re-engaging Intelligence would be fruitless. Just then Baby Intelligence moved in for the kill, but chose to spare NoHead on the promise he would leave the city and never return.

Aftermath Edit

Having lost the fight, Mr. Stupid NoHead fled to the Wasp, which was his secret base in the sky. To his surprise, Rotta Hecks was there and did not seem angry that he’d failed, foreshadowing her intentions. Meanwhile, Baby Intelligence was nominated a superhero for his victory. The police helped him build the towering MBH, where he would live for the rest of his life. Baby Intelligence continued his search for other superheroes and caught a few robbers before finding the first.