The Shadow Wars was a major conflict fought in the solar system, and primarily North America. It was started by the Dark mutant the Dark Flame and his followers, the Knights of Meyer, with the intentions of toppling the government, replacing them with their own empire that would control the entire population of the solar system and enslave the Fobbles.

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"You cannot imagine how his ideas caught me, Lindsay, inflamed me. We had so much in common. Centauri and I, the glorious leaders of the revolution and saviors of the planet."
―Master Intelligence to Lindsay Kellerman[src]

In New York City during the winter of 2042, Master Intelligence, who was grieving the loss of Red X, met Thomas Meyer, the great nephew of his neighbor Myra Gordon. The two boys took to each other at once, as they were both incredibly talented young men. When the young Thomas began telling Master Intelligence about his ideas, he found that Intelligence was in agreement - whether this was due to true belief on Intelligence’s part or out of something else is unclear. Thomas became Centauri when he joined the S.M.S.B.

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Tragically, Meyer was forced to leave the MBH after he had a duel with Master Intelligence and his students, Baby Strength and Force Baby, in which Force Baby died. Some time after leaving the S.M.S.B. the Dark Flame stole the Sword of Abomination from George Thames II, a famous blacksmith.

In the mix, the entity Nebelon awoke and intercepted both the chaos and the Dark Flame's interest in her existence.

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Over the coming years, the Dark Flame began his dark ce. He was replaced by t revolution, and his power grew throughout the solar system. At this point in time, the Dark Flame took Negagard, a prison constructed by the Knights of Plague to hold their defeated opponents, to serve as his own fortress.[1]

Due to his obsession with the Arts, the Dark Flame adopted the symbol of the Hallows as his Mark, as he built up his organization - an army collectively known as the Knights of Meyer, following him and his quest. The Knights' attacks spread fear worldwide, and they became widely feared, even in places where they weren't active. The threat that the Knights of Meyer caused brought the attention of international authorities, such as the International Syndicate of Mutants. A worldwide manhunt began for the Dark Flame.[1]

After the Dark Flame’s rise to power across North America, the global community desperately sought aid. The state Senator for New York City, Benjamin Fawley, was ousted from his office in 2104, for not taking adequate measures to stop the Dark Flame’s influence. He was replaced by the more proactive Spencer Vowell who proved himself a sound governor in the context of international turmoil, but even so, the Dark Flame’s power was too large to handle by that point.[2]

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Because The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit has not been released yet, little is known about the war. In good time, that will change. It was during a 2015 interview that D. Isaac Thomas confirmed the Shadow Wars’ name. He also confirmed the deaths of Master Intelligence and Red X the same year. He stated that it amused him to make allusions of what could truly happen in the future if history was forgotten, only without the superpowers.

Thomas Meyer: Labyrinth of Evil Edit

During his search for an obskiat in London, the Dark Flame adopted the identity of Olivia Alexandra Mary, a public official of the British Government. While she was able to identify Maggie Credence as the obskiat, he was unable to harness the destructive power of his obskiat and was captured through the combined efforts of the British officers, Anakin and Jay Organa, and Hayden Weber. Minister Isabel Hickory imprisoned the Dark Flame, but he later escaped.

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