The Shade Union was a criminal organization founded by Suzie. After her disappearance, she quickly formed the organization. The cult served as a smuggling business in which she sold her wondrous inventions. Eventually, Hell Burnbottom and Mean King became second-in-command of the organization.[1]

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After her disappearance, Suzie founded the organization. While heading the group, Suzie made much money and became rich selling her weaponry to terrorist groups, foreign dictators, and organized crime families.[1]

Eventually, Hell Burnbottom and Mean King joined them. Initially, Suzie did not realize who they were, but she quickly came to realize that they made invaluable allies to her. As a result, she made them the second-in-command. In order to work with them, she would teleport to Burnbottom's time, and as she did it more often, she became much more comfortable with it.[1]

Eventually, they headed towards Niagara Falls to enlist the help of the Empress, Zira Miranda Grover, as they knew her power would be an asset to their cause. The tables turned when Zira refused, and they were forced to retreat from several bounty hunters. Cedric was killed by Mean King after revealing that the other guards were holed up in Zira's Palace in Arizona. After a brief skirmish at the palace, the Empress decided to assist the collective and provided several of Zira's enforcers. Following the skirmish, Suzie personally spoke with Kyle and promised that his criminal organization would be theirs and the two brothers would be dead, like Cedric.[1]

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