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Sexual orientation was a pattern of romantic and/or sexual attraction to other people.[1] The first of four main categories was heterosexuality (attraction to people of the opposite sex), which most individuals exhibited. However, there also existed a large minority of the population who sexually identified themselves in one of the other three categories. They were homosexuality (attraction to people of the same sex), bisexuality (attraction to people of both sexes) and asexuality (lack of sexual attraction or desire).

Some places were sexually liberal enough for such individuals to make public displays of affection, however most felt awkward, strange, and embarrassed on admitting such facts publicly. Others viewed sexual encounters as non-binding, participating in encounters "just for fun," Summer Petersen and Annabeth Black are good examples of this. Many in the world considered such lifestyles "awkward" and "strange," and looked down upon those that practiced it. Despite this, several such individuals existed within the annals of high society.

Mutant interactionEdit

While homosexuality often made people the target of discrimination, harassment and violence in the Fobble world, mutants tended to be tolerant of or indifferent toward gays and lesbians.[2] Superhero School was considered a "safe place" for LGBT individuals, according to Mr. Formidable NoHead.[3]

Known LGBT individualsEdit

Miranda PatrickEdit

Miranda Patrick was the girlfriend of Valiera Nelson (see below). However, it is unknown whether she is homosexual or bisexual as little is known about Patrick at all.[4]

Known Lesbian individualsEdit

Ramona MeyerEdit

In her youth, Ramona Meyer, who was homosexual, fell in love with her friend, Charity Hirz.[5] Her feelings initially blinded her to the instability of Hirz's views and caused her to "[lose] her moral compass completely."[2] After Charity died, Ramona mistrusted her own judgement in matters of the heart and "became quite asexual," leading a "celibate and bookish life."[2]

Known gay individualsEdit

Master IntelligenceEdit

By 2042, Master Intelligence was confirmed to be homosexual.[2]

Luke NorrisEdit

Luke Norris is homosexual and he had a crush on Charles for a long time. Norris' phone's screensaver is a photo of his temporary boyfriend.[4]

Known bisexual individualsEdit

Annabeth BlackEdit

While she is known to have conceived Thomas Meyer with her ally, Hell Burnbottom, there is evidence that she is physically attracted to Boy-Team veteran Summer Petersen as the two certainly had an Lesbian affair in 2016.

Summer PetersenEdit

Summer Petersen thoroughly enjoyed having Lesbian sex with Annabeth Black in 2016, so it can be safe to call her bisexual. However, she has never on any other occasion hinted to "liking" women, and she had a crush on Steven Thompson since she was in fifth grade, who eventually fell in love with her. They also conceived a chef named Tyson Jay Petersen.

Zira Miranda GroverEdit

While she conceived Eegan Grover with a "personalized servant" named Corey who apparently had little say in the matter, there is evidence that she is physically attracted to Boy-Team veteran Summer Petersen and possibly (though unlikely) Claire Julian.

Charles Edit

Charles is bisexual and he briefly fell in love with Luke Norris. He also had a crush on Valiera Nelson and eventually won her affections.[4]

Known trans individuals Edit

Valiera Nelson Edit

Valiera Nelson has specifically told Charles that she is bisexual, being the only known individual to say this out loud to another person, much less someone she disliked at the time. She later confirmed that she was actually trans. Nelson's phone's screensaver is a photo of her girlfriend, Miranda Patrick, and she is determined to win Helen McKeen's romantic affections. She is currently dating Charles and formerly dated another male, Blaise Parton.[4]

Behind the scenes Edit

No known character in The Super Babies is known to be transsexual. However, Princess Dorothy, the female protagonist of The Princess and the Lips, is confirmed to be transsexual by D. Isaac Thomas who was asked if she was.[6] He was also asked if Sebiscuits Cardarphen was gay, to which he responded that he was not, but was instead "more interested in crime fighting than women."

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