The Second NoHead War (2019-20) was the name given to the major conflict fought between the S.M.S.B. and the Police Grand Army against the NoHeads. The war was named after the NoHeads who had started the conflict. These armies, the Grand Army that supported the S.M.S.B. and the NoHead Robot Army, were both surprising in size, and the fighting between them rapidly spread to countless inhabited civilizations.

Beginning with the Attack on New York City, both sides scored minor victories over the other, and at different times during the war either seemed likely to triumph. The first months of the war saw both sides skirmish with and raid each other, while fighting a handful of significant battles and trying to gain allies while they built up their respective war industries. In an effort to reverse the course of the war, Brute Gunray and Rotta Hecks launched a massive strike on New York City, though she was ultimately backfired and discovered. The fighting was significantly reduced with the virtual purge of both police and human NoHeads. Much of the Rocket army was lost and their Head of State Hell Burnbottom was killed in the Yellowstone Base. Mean King was subsequently killed at the Bench Store. This, coupled with the death of Brute Gunray, the deactivation of the Rocket army, Sebiscuits Cardarphen’s redemption, and the death of Annabeth Black, brought an end to the fighting. At the time, it was the largest world conflict to date.

Unbeknownst to most of those involved, the conflict was started, maintained, and eventually ended by Mr. Stupid NoHead, whose ultimate goal was the transformation of the government into the NoHead Empire with him as Emperor as well as the eradication of the police through Operation: Purge. The conflict ultimately led to the destruction of the NoHeads.


First NoHead WarEdit

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The First NoHead War was fought for approximately five decades, from 1965 to 2013. It included Mr. Demonic NoHead’s rise to power, the induction of the NoHeads, and the mass chaos that resulted in their reign of terror. It was fought between the NoHeads and the police. Several great police and other Muggles were murdered during the war. Others were left permanently both physically and/or mentally injured, to the extent that they could no longer think properly.

In 1987, a crucial sky battle was fought on the NoHead base between the NoHead and police forces. The police fighters hoped to disable and destroy the NoHead base in order to prevent the base’s superweapon from destroying the police station and continuing NoHead rule. Sheriff Missile, Jean, Bladepoint, and Joseph snuck into the base and managed to disable the shields. Afterwards, they created an opening with bombs to help the police. However, Mr. Ghastly NoHead murdered Sheriff Missile. When they left, the bombs detonated, providing the opening, as well as Ghastly’s death. The two squadrons led by Saul executed a bombing run on the NoHead base’s thermal oscillator, but then a squad of robotic fighters attacked and destroyed half of the police fleet. Jean’s bombs, however, created a new hole to the oscillator. The pilots entered it, with Saul firing volleys of torpedoes into the oscillator, destroying it. This caused a chain reaction that destroyed the base. As Jean, Bladepoint, and Joseph left, Mr. Demonic NoHead died in the explosion. The remainder of the police fleet escaped the NoHead base.

Eventually, Paige rallied the police together to destroy the NoHeads. The police were transported to the NoHead base in several cruisers that stayed over the city throughout the operation. Marching silently to the gates of the base with the police, Paige commenced the destruction of the NoHead base and all within it, Masters, Marauders, and children alike. As the Operation was nearing its conclusion, Mr. Stupid NoHead successfully drove everyone out with his powers. The few surviving NoHeads were arrested by the government; others claimed they had been possessed and enslaved. The First NoHead War ended and peace was temporarily restored to the world.

Birth of Baby IntelligenceEdit

In late 2018, Rotta Hecks became pregnant. Accompanied by her husband, Greg, Rotta gave birth to a baby boy she named Peter in June of the next year. The next morning, Rotta came downstairs when she heard some strange noises nearby. She saw he had escaped his crib and was doing a puzzle, shocking her. Peter made it a priority to learn how to speak, and quickly did. When he was six days old, Peter woke up and decided to try something new. He put one knee to his chest, rose on his arms and legs, and stood up for the first time. Greg fainted, confusing Peter.

Eventually, Peter was put on TV. The news reporter, Colby Doge, even said he was the latest news flash. Word soon spread about the latter; everybody wanted to meet him.

One fateful day, Rotta got a call from NASA asking Peter if he wanted to go on a space mission with them. Quickly thinking up a plan, Rotta gave Peter permission to accept the offer. After training hard over the weekend, Peter donned an spacesuit and blasted off with the other astronauts into outer space as Rotta and Greg watched on planet Earth. During this, Rotta indirectly revealed her plan to Greg. Peter tied a cord to his belt and floated into space, beginning a spacewalk. Thousands of people held their breath as they saw him on TV. When asked how he felt, Peter screamed that he wanted to see Rotta again. Rotta communicated with him telepathically, telling him she and Greg “did not allow freaks in their home,” and then abandoned him openly.

Moments later, Peter noticed a UFO coming their way and telekinetically summoned a laser gun from inside the ship. He fired an enormous beam at the alien, but the alien threw it back at the ship. Peter used his powers to throw the beam over the ship, but could not stop it from hitting entirely. The alien immediately attacked. After seizing the controls, Peter fought back, deploying seismic charges. The alien flew through holes in an asteroid, but Peter destroyed it. Getting the drop on the alien, Peter was now in pursuit and fired blasters until the UFO was hit. Peter then fired a homing missile, successfully finishing it off. After the battle, Peter successfully landed the rocket on his own. When he burst through the door, he saw his parents were already leaving and watched them drive away. Peter, under the advice of the renowned police officer Zett, went to the police station and became an apprentice to Sheriff Bladepoint. Before this, he had met a fellow mutant baby named Sebiscuits Cardarphen.

At the police station, he learned how to control his powers, and to be agile and adept at his favorite weapon—a sword with Peter’s own design of an energy shell that burned opponents and blocked bullets. Zett and Sheriff Bladepoint led the training, and they loved him like a son. This training period lasted for a month.

Attack on New York CityEdit


Knowing an infant would have the power to stop him, Mr. Stupid NoHead orchestrated a plan to bring his target, Peter Hecks, to him. In the streets, the infant prodigy came face to face with the NoHead Grandmaster after destroying his robotic monster. The battle started when NoHead blasted Peter with lightning, sending him flying across the chamber and slamming into a wall. Peter quickly recovered, and retaliated with a powerful telekinetic blast. He then drew his sword, cutting NoHead off from his escape vessel. Seeing his only choice, NoHead drew his sword and the battle began.

Their battle raged through the streets, with neither opponent able to gain an advantage. As the fight moved to an elevator, NoHead found that his movements were being hampered by the narrow space, as well as Peter’s style. Soon, Peter took the high ground by jumping to a tall building above him. He then began throw waves of junk at NoHead, but the NoHead master used his own powers to sidestep Peter’s projectiles. Finally, he sent an oncoming dumpster hurtling back at Peter. The baby was forced to leap from his perch to a lower building, forfeiting the high ground. NoHead immediately saw his chance and leaped at the baby, unleashing a blast of lightning that tore Peter’s sword from his grasp. Peter used a gadget to absorb NoHead’s lightning and began to redirect it back at him, coalescing the energy into an orb. However, as each combatant attempted to overpower the other, the orb of energy exploded, sending both of them flying. Peter smashed into a lightning rod, while NoHead was sent tumbling to the edge of the building, where he fell off and careened into the street roughly. Battered and weary, NoHead knew that re-engaging Peter would be fruitless, and knew that he needed to escape. NoHead instead chose to retreat.

Peter was thanked for his service. A day later, Peter stood before Sheriff Bladepoint’s desk, the latter of which declared his training to be complete. Bladepoint also said he had proven himself a true superhero. The police helped Peter build an elaborate home, big enough to hold the Supers who Peter would later train. Peter allowed Zett to name it. He called it the MBH - the Mutant Baby Home. Peter knew there were other young mutants out there, and he was determined to find them. Now he had a new name - Baby Intelligence -and a new destiny.



Duel with Bomb ManEdit

Two days after the construction of the MBH, Baby Intelligence installed an alarm to alert him of any danger. Soon after, the alarms alerted Baby Intelligence to a bus robbery caused by Bomb Man. Intelligence tracked him down and located him hiding in an alley, under the pretense of apprehending the villain. Baby Intelligence immediately confronted him, leading to a fierce fight between Baby Intelligence and Bomb Man. Baby Intelligence finally disarmed him and took him to prison in a cage attached to the Pinewood Derby. The jail guard thanked him for bringing in Bomb Man, but also told him he couldn’t just bring people to prison and hope for their arrest. Digesting this, Intelligence left, victorious.

Battle of the Great Basin Edit

Duel at Central Park Edit

Battle of the WaspEdit

At New York City, the NoHead fleet under Mr. Stupid NoHead and Rotta Hecks launched a day-long siege of the state capital. N-9929 landing craft were unleashed on the capital along with swarms of robotic fighters. Hundreds of thousands of robot soldiers ravaged the streets of New York City, causing much damage to lives and property. In response, the police deployed its forces against the NoHead forces. As the battle raged in the sky and on the ground, Rotta broke into the Mayor’s headquarters and kidnapped Mayor Katie Black, slaying several troops in the process. Upon learning of the situation, Baby Intelligence made his way to the battle with a police fleet to join in the attempt to rescue Black, followed by a defiant mutant named Sebiscuits. Boarding the NoHead base called the Wasp, they made their way through the ship to where the Mayor was being held.

However, before they could escape they were met by Mr. Stupid NoHead, who faced off against the babies. Although NoHead originally had the upper hand, the babies changed sword styles during the middle of the battle in order to put the NoHead on the back foot. NoHead quickly swung the battle back in his favor by throwing Baby Intelligence against the wall via telekinesis and knocking him unconscious. NoHead and Sebiscuits fought on, with both NoHead and Black urging Sebiscuits to give in to the dark side. Finally, Sebiscuits gained the upper hand and disarmed his opponent. On Black’s instructions, Sebiscuits attempted to decapitate NoHead, but the villain escaped. Sebiscuits, Baby Intelligence, and Black were later recaptured by Rotta Hecks, during which time Intelligence learned Rotta’s true identity, but they gained control of the ship and landed what remained of it down in the city. However, Rotta escaped and together with the remains of the NoHead fleet fled to their emergency base.

Battle of IthicaEdit

Attack on the NoHead BaseEdit

During the events of the Second NoHead War, Mr. Stupid NoHead became a father figure to Sebiscuits. The baby felt comfortable discussing events with the antagonist that he hid from even Paige or Baby Intelligence. NoHead used Sebiscuits’ growing mistrust of the S.M.S.B. to his advantage, playing against his insecurities by saying that he could offer him much more than the S.M.S.B. ever could. He also revealed his ambitions to train Sebiscuits, knowing that he would go to Baby Intelligence and report this. Sebiscuits did report this information to Baby Intelligence, who led a strike team to attack the new NoHead base and destroy it for good. As the fight began, Baby Intelligence disabled an NBV vehicle and decided to ride it to the base, along with another one that Paige rode. They arrived at the front gate, where the five robot soldiers guarding the gates spotted them and alerted the entire army to their presence. The S.M.S.B. retaliated and engaged the army. After clearing the squad, Baby Intelligence led the others through two barriers and into the base itself. As the battle raged on indoors, Paige left upstairs, and Sebiscuits followed. Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength, and Force Baby fought on, and they made their way for the control room where they knew they could deactivate the robots and ultimately the base.

Paige left and soon arrived at Mr. Stupid NoHead’s Office with fellow police Britney Smith, Jason Williams, and Caleb Hawkins, intent on bringing an end to the villain’s reign. Within moments, however, Paige was the only one alive facing off against the powerful mutant. Sebiscuits, against Paige’s orders, arrived at the laboratory and witnessed NoHead disarmed and tortured by Paige. Taking advantage of the scene, NoHead succeeded in seducing Sebiscuits. As Paige was about to deliver the killing blow, Sebiscuits severed her sword hand, allowing NoHead to hurl Paige out the window to her assumed death using lightning. Having committed an act of betrayal against a fellow S.M.S.B. member, Sebiscuits knew that his options were limited. Pledging himself to NoHead, he became a NoHead apprentice.

Eventually, Baby Intelligence sensed Paige was in danger. As a result, he took off in a speeder and arrived upon the scene as his friend was in freefall. Catching Paige in his airspeeder, Baby Intelligence went to rejoin the battle and met up with Baby Strength and Force Baby. While the battle raged, Mr. Stupid NoHead ordered his replicas to execute Operation: Purge from upstairs. Baby Intelligence sensed this. Worst of all, he felt Sebiscuits’ ascension into NoHead’s new apprentice. Despite his grief, he was still able to defend himself and continue the fight. However, they ultimately decided to go to the police station to intercept any survivors, an action Baby Strength and Force Baby agreed with. The battle had ended in a draw.

Operation: PurgeEdit

Sebiscuits’ first task was to lead the robot army to the police station and eliminate every single police inside. He was then ordered to go to the MBH to destroy Baby Intelligence. Operation: Purge had begun.

Robot soldiers were transported to the police station in several Venator cruisers that stayed over the city throughout the operation. Marching silently to the gates of the station with the robots, Sebiscuits commenced Operation: Purge, the destruction of the police station and all within it. As the attack was nearing its conclusion, Sheriff Bladepoint, who had just survived an attack from Human Replica 113, arrived to investigate and witnessed the execution of officer Zett. The robots who executed Zett prepared to fire on Bladepoint, but NR-1119 ordered them to stand down, feeling that enough had been killed that night. NR-1119 politely told Bladepoint to leave. Bladepoint did, but warned any surviving police of what happened.

As Sebiscuits eliminated the police in their station, Mr. Stupid NoHead sent a message to the Human Replicas stationed across town, telling them to destroy the police. With this transmission, the NoHead robots immediately turned on the police. Near the NoHead base, Human Replica 113 opened fire on Sheriff Bladepoint. He assumed Bladepoint was dead, though he survived and fled to the police station. At a light post, Dexter sensed a grave threat nearing him. This was Operation: Purge, which was being carried out throughout the city. Human Replica 112 received a call on a frequency-locked channel. The image of Mr. Stupid NoHead instructed him to carry out the order to kill the police officer, Dexter. As the robot soldier prepared to execute him, Dexter drew his sword and in one fell swoop decapitated his would-be assassins. Dexter then proceeded to escape into the old police station.

Police that were killed during Operation: Purge included such well known officers as Alice at an old NoHead base, Frank at an outpost, Chimaera on post, and Cecelia Martinez's son, along with hundreds of other police of all ranks. Police that managed to survive the attack included Sheriff Bladepoint, Dexter, Joseph, Roxanne Waterston, and Lewis, among a handful of others.

Mission to PhiladelphiaEdit

Following the Battle of the Wasp, Alice and her troops were sent to Philadelphia to help police officer Barbara Olive uncover a plot to poison the city's water supply. After freeing Barbara and her new apprentice Damon, Alice was able to discover that a NoHead named Annabeth had arranged the poisoning of Philadelphia's water supply.

While Barbara took a squad to Schenectady, Alice returned to New York City. While preparing to engage an oncoming onslaught of robots, Alice glanced to the skies as a bird flew overhead. She did not realize that Human Replicas 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 were all sneaking up on her, having been ordered by Mr. Stupid NoHead ordering them to carry out Operation: Purge. Distracted by the bird, the officer could not even reach for her weapon before she was struck by gunfire from behind; as she crumpled to the ground beneath a large streetlight, the replicas continued to fire at her body repeatedly. Soon after, the AT-DM that was closest to her fired at Barbara Olive, making her the next victim of the Second Police Purge.

The Mission to the MBHEdit

After his mission to cleanse the police station of its inhabitants, Sebiscuits took his S.M.S.B. skyfighter to the MBH. However, he was surprised to learn that the group had gone to the police station to put an end to the trouble. Sebiscuits quickly returned and found Baby Intelligence there. Force Baby shot first, but Sebiscuits deflected the blasts and wounded the baby. Baby Strength leaped forward and engaged Sebiscuits, but Sebiscuits incapitated him within moments. Paige charged impulsively, allowing Sebiscuits to electrocute her. As the duel between Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits began, however, Intelligence proved that he was able to hold his own against Sebiscuits. Finally, Intelligence performed sun djem and managed to knock both swords that Sebiscuits had drawn out of his hands. However, Sebiscuits leaped onto a pole and pulled both swords back. Intelligence followed as the antagonist leapt through the station and to the doorway. They continued to fight there until Sebiscuits pushed him off and kept him at bay with another horde of objects.

This gave Sebiscuits time to escape; however, he accidentally left a clue that allowed Baby Intelligence to find him and continue the fight. Inside they made their way to the higher levels. Viciously using his powers, Sebiscuits hurled a beach ball, but Intelligence deflected it, pushing him against an aluminum wall so hard that it shattered. The battle continued across the kitchen and onto the stairways leading up to the roof. Once there, Baby Intelligence was able to destroy Sebiscuits’ swords, but before he could provide the death blow, Mr. Stupid NoHead arrived in his personal fighter and picked Sebiscuits up. Intelligence returned to find the other members.

Mr. Stupid NoHead then ordered Sebiscuits to send a deactivation signal. The signal was activated and the vast majority of the NoHeads’ military (which was largely made up of robots) simply shut down, forcing over 99% of the NoHead forts to surrender, and bringing the robot army to a quick end. The NoHeads had done this so they could begin using Rocket soldiers.

Death of the KellermansEdit

During the worst days of the war, a prophecy was made about the person who would have the ability to defeat Mr. Stupid NoHead and purge the NoHeads. There were two possible candidates, both child mutants born on the tenth of a month: Baby Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman. Mykew Hadeline overheard part of the prophecy and reported it to Mr. Stupid NoHead, who believed it meant the Kellermans’ daughter, and had his share of trouble with Baby Intelligence, and resolved to kill the infant. This caused Hadeline, who was best friends with the girl’s mother, to defect from the NoHeads without any of the NoHeads finding out.

Baby Intelligence bade the Kellermans go into hiding with the protection of his Taboo. However, they were turned in by rogue Amarone Chalsey, who told Mr. Stupid NoHead that the Kellermans were still at their house in town.

On 6 December, 2019, Mr. Stupid NoHead traveled there himself. He murdered Zach when the latter opposed NoHead with his gun, but offered Bridgett a chance to save herself if she stepped away from the crib containing her infant daughter — Chalsey had requested that she be spared. Bridgett refused to do this, or give NoHead any information, and NoHead murdered her before using high-voltage lightning against Lindsay Kellerman. However, Lindsay disappeared and refused to rematerialize, prompting NoHead to leave angrily.

Battle of the Fourth NoHead Base Edit

For the next two weeks the S.M.S.B. members remained in the MBH where they could relax and train. Then Baby Intelligence decided they had to strike back and called them together. After meeting in Intelligence’s office, the S.M.S.B. members boarded their fighters and flew to the base. Upon arriving, dozens of fighters emerged. Baby Intelligence led the S.M.S.B. members in a fierce sky battle near the base. The ships were engaged by large numbers of robotic skyfighters. After having the pilots disengage, Intelligence destroyed large numbers of the enemy fighters via torpedoes. The other members took down several fighters as well. Pursued by yet more fighters, he ordered his friends to fire their missiles across the left of the base. As the missiles arrived, Intelligence flew past the fence; the missiles hit the swarm of fighters pursuing him, destroying them. Trailed by missiles, Intelligence directed them into the fence. Although only a few NoHead fighters remained, Mr. Stupid NoHead arrived in his personal fighter and engaged the S.M.S.B. forces. Seeing this, Baby Intelligence ordered the S.M.S.B. members to land at the base and engaged the fighter, pursuing it into the base’s lobby. Eventually NoHead made his ship disappear with him. When the ship didn’t return, Baby Intelligence flew ahead to help the others.

After gaining access, the S.M.S.B. was separated. Baby Intelligence rounded a corner to find the other members struggling to stop Hell Burnbottom, NoHead’s son, from torturing them. Burnbottom released Paige, and NoHead launched a signal. The babies were shocked when their future army of Rockets burst in from a gate and opened fire. Still, they managed to put up a defense and fight back. Soon, the heroes were forced to split up to hold them off. Force Baby seized control of a speeder bike from the pilot and wielded its weaponry against the Rockets, also bringing Baby Strength on board. As the fight progressed, tanks rolled in and fired, though they failed to hit anyone. Later, Force Baby and Baby Strength climbed out of the speeder and regrouped. The new variant of V.2 Bratpros attacked, and although Baby Strength struggled, Force Baby destroyed them with missiles.

Eventually Paige deserted the fight and rushed for her fighter outside the base. After climbing inside she flew to a volcano. Sebiscuits noticed her running away and followed her in his own fighter, unbeknownst to Paige. He found her inspecting the S.M.S.B.’s magma swords on the volcano’s pinnacle. He brandished his sword and attacked, but Paige fought back, unleashing her full sword mastery against Sebiscuits. However, Sebiscuits’ own mastery allowed him to hold off Paige’s relentless attacks, and seize the offensive. Knowing she was doomed but having lost the will to live, she resolved to end the duel by dropping her defenses. This action was so unexpected that Sebiscuits stood for a moment in bafflement. Nevertheless, Sebiscuits quickly cut her down, killing her. With that, he took his magma sword as well as Paige’s. Paige’s corpse was later recovered and buried in the same graveyard as the infamous Mr. Crooked NoHead.

While Sebiscuits hunted Paige, Mr. Stupid NoHead confronted Rotta Hecks angrily. He accused her of being responsible for the creation of the S.M.S.B., as she could have raised Baby Intelligence to their cause. NoHead attacked her with a stream of lightning, which Rotta countered with her own. Rotta fought hard, but her bolts were eventually failing. Mr. Stupid NoHead finally launched white beams that plowed through Rotta’s body, draining her life and slamming her off the balcony, where she died. Baby Intelligence saw this and deserted the surrounding fight. He cried and hugged Rotta’s corpse in anguish. NoHead saw this and goaded him, prompting Baby Intelligence to climb to the balcony NoHead was on and lash out at his mother’s killer. NoHead tortured Intelligence, but Intelligence pushed him away and attacked, furiously assaulting his nemesis. Taken completely off guard, NoHead was quickly driven back. Baby Intelligence continued to viciously hammer NoHead until NoHead lost his footing and was disarmed. Baby Intelligence was about to kill NoHead when the villain knocked him off the balcony with the legendary metal tube. Intelligence landed, and NoHead followed. Baby Intelligence snatched the metal tube, which helped him counter NoHead’s electric attacks. As Force Baby alerted Baby Strength to the battle, NoHead quickly conjured a huge, fiery cord. The cord quickly attacked Baby Intelligence. Intelligence gathered the flames for himself, whirling them and sent them hurtling towards NoHead. NoHead took the hit, and his body exploded in a release of energy. This deactivated all the Rockets involved.

Rotta Hecks’ corpse was recovered by Baby Intelligence and burned in a private cremation, surrounded by what remained of the S.M.S.B. The same night, Rotta’s ghost visited Intelligence and apologized for abandoning him. She also revealed several things to him. Six days later, Hell Burnbottom, along with his brothers’ help, brought NoHead back to life in the base’s lab. NoHead would look slightly different, but have the same personality traits.

Ambush in AustraliaEdit


Ambush at the McCallin House Edit

On 2 January, Baby Intelligence expressed a desire to visit Lucy McCallin in order to question her about the mystery of the Chosen One.

At the McCallin House, Lucy told them the entire prophecy of the Chosen One. They began to grow suspicious, however, when they saw a copy of the Perpetual Seer that was no longer supportive of the S.M.S.B.,[2] and when they deduced that Annie McCallin had not been home for a long time. Lucy admitted that NoHeads had taken her hostage against her (Lucy's) good behavior, and that she had alerted them to Baby Intelligence's presence in his home.[2] She tried to hold them there, but ended up causing the triceratops horn in his living room to explode. The trio hid as Hell Burnbottom, Brute Gunray, Mean King, and Nolan Giles arrived and started to beat and torture Lucy,[2] thinking she had been lying to them. Force Baby then engineered their escape so that the NoHeads caught a glimpse of the trio, so the NoHeads would not punish Lucy or Annie.[2]

Battle of the Fifth NoHead BaseEdit

Baby Intelligence, now with only Baby Strength and Force Baby left, kept a lookout on the MBH while training his two remaining friends. When he detected danger, he rallied the other two to see what was the matter. At that moment, the Lunch Money Bandit attempted to mug two children. However, the S.M.S.B. arrived and they teamed up against him. When the bandit released a rocket, Lindsay, an orphan baby nearby, decapitated the projectile with her powers of Disappiration. Intelligence thought this must be the baby he had foreseen would join. After the fight, he brought Lindsay to the MBH.[2]

The following morning, Baby Intelligence gave her the offer to join the S.M.S.B. Lindsay nodded and prepared to confirm it. Before she could, however, an alarm rang, alerting him to an emergency mission. The babies headed for the bank in their Pinewood Derby, hoping to prevent a bank robbery. Although they failed to reach the bank in time, Baby Intelligence hinted Mr. Stupid NoHead was the culprit. Lindsay seemed just as apprehensive. Intelligence summoned the other members back outside and they all headed for his base.[2]

Mr. Stupid NoHead saw them assemble outside and ambushed the babies. He immediately strangled Baby Intelligence, but Kellerman hurled a log at his face that caused him to let go of his prey. As NoHead turned to Lindsay, his disgust turned to delight. He reached for a vase and tried to throw it at her, but she ducked out of the way and it shattered. Seeing this, NoHead tore after Lindsay, deliberately moving with threatening strides. Lindsay nervously scrambled up a pile of logs, soon to be met by the antagonist. NoHead utilized a classic technique to throw in a quick barrage of punches; however, Lindsay ducked the blows using her full body’s exertion. She proceeded to punch him, then dodge a few more blows. She managed to knock off NoHead’s face mask, but this left her prone to an angry punch from NoHead. Seeing her predicament, Intelligence lunged forward and pushed her away from the fire, however, this caused him to tumble past Lindsay and fall near a windowsill. NoHead saw his chance and hurled logs that were near the fireplace at his opponent. Intelligence dodged several logs, and they fell out the window. Finally, he used his own log to knock one of the projectiles back at the NoHead. His hat fell from his head, revealing his bald spot (and garnering amusement from Lindsay). Gritting his teeth, Mr. Stupid NoHead retaliated and seized a wagon, hurling the larger object at the baby. Baby Intelligence fell out a window and onto a conveyor belt. On Lindsay’s urging, the last two S.M.S.B. members leaped after their master, with Lindsay close behind. NoHead turned and fired lightning at them, but was unable to stop them from leaving.

Clinging to the wagon, Baby Intelligence fell through a vat of tomato juice, with the other members close behind. Soon, the entirety of the would-be sevlow army made their presence known. Looking around him, Baby Intelligence realized he was outnumbered. Upon arriving, the other members helped Intelligence fight off the sevlows, all utilizing their powers to their fullest. However, one of the sevlows, in an attempt to seize and devour Intelligence, directed the wagon toward a waterfall leading into a fire pit. Lindsay wheeled around and calmly made Baby Intelligence disappear from his predicament. Then she caused all four babies to disappear back into Mr. Stupid NoHead’s house.

Death of Mr. Stupid NoHead Edit

"Now you die, as all police must."
―Mr. Stupid NoHead[src]
Upon arriving, the babies located a machine Mr. Stupid NoHead had created. Baby Intelligence told it to self destruct in German, and it blew up moments later. The explosion woke Mr. Stupid NoHead, and he left his private quarters to learn the S.M.S.B. had returned from the abyss. As this occurred, Fobbles began to gather in the fortress, now that the defenses had been lowered. The crowd retreated and watched then as the two great enemies, Mr. Stupid NoHead and Baby Intelligence, bantered and circled each other. Finally, the two began to duel with Mr. Stupid NoHead getting the better of Baby Intelligence. When Merlin's second apprentice arrived, Mr. Stupid NoHead fought him, but was forced to retreat after being briefly caged.

Mr. Stupid NoHead emerged as his silhouette erupted in the form of a black eye. He bore down on his enemies and summoned illusions of nine RC units. Baby Strength and Force Baby are alarmed at the sight of Mr. Stupid NoHead, while Merlin's apprentice raised his sword. The Dark Lord declared their time was up and sent the robots forth to finish them off. Using his last ounce of strength, Baby Intelligence rose and entered into the Voice of Sir Edgar, a spiritual and ethereal form. Lindsay did likewise and an electric bond locks their bodies together. Baby Intelligence extends his hand, which instantly blazed with light and the robots dissipated immediately. Bound to Baby Intelligence, Kellerman was forced to do likewise, assisting in destroying the mutations.

Baby Intelligence and Kellerman engaged in a heated battle with Mr. Stupid NoHead, trying to dominate each others' mind. Mr. Stupid NoHead tried to sway them, but they both defied him with scornful words. NoHead's body began to fluctuate, constantly revolving and reshaping as the babies assault him and attempt to drive him into the Fire Room. The outcome was that the two babies were able to penetrate NoHead's mind and Kellerman issued a single command "Return to the underworld where you belong!" Unable to resist them any longer, Mr. Stupid NoHead fell back into the Fire Room and burned to death immediately. But Baby Intelligence and Kellerman were both rendered weak and fell back; the Prime Minister rushed in to support Kellerman while Merlin's apprentice did likewise for Baby Intelligence.

A moment later, Mr. Stupid NoHead's mangled corpse exploded in a mass of Dark energy, sending deadly waves at the platform. Merlin's apprentice sacrificed himself, sprinting forwards and hurtling all his magic at the waves. The employment of magic was far too much for the old man, who died as the Dark energies disappeared.

The second armistice Edit

"I believe we have a keeper!"
―Baby Intelligence[src]
Five days later, Baby Intelligence woke up in a Roman hospital to find the Prime Minister standing before him. He explained that Kellerman was already awake before Baby Strength and Force Baby entered the room together. Baby Intelligence's friends told him the reason Mr. Stupid NoHead had been destroyed.

After the battle was over, peace returned to New York. Lindsay Kellerman’s membership became official and she joined the S.M.S.B. A week after the fight, a celebration took place in New York City. During this, Lindsay got her supersuit in public. However, moments after this Mr. Stupid NoHead’s son, Hell Burnbottom, dispatched a building-eating monster. Leaving the party briefly, the S.M.S.B. went to deal with it. After a failed punch, Baby Strength hurled Baby Intelligence at the monster, who had his new sword at the ready. The sword plowed into the scaly beast. Then the celebration continued for another two hours. Baby Intelligence continued to train the other members afterwards.

Skirmish In YellowstoneEdit

Over the next week, Baby Intelligence taught Lindsay Kellerman how to speak, and let her join the training sessions with Baby Strength and Force Baby. A week after the Second Battle of Yellowstone, Baby Intelligence took the babies to a concert to acknowledge their hard work. When the show began, the host, Rocken Role, suddenly started singing in Blabberish, making for a bad performance. Baby Intelligence thought he knew the reason. When the performance ended, he rallied the others and they all followed Role, and Baby Intelligence restrained him and used a gadget to discover he had an artificial voice box marked “BLABBERISH” installed in his throat. Baby Intelligence said he thought the NoHeads were responsible. The babies rushed for their car, leaving Rocken Role behind. The Pinewood Derby parked in front of the NoHead base, where Baby Intelligence was shocked to see no sense of activity inside. He went inside solo, found a GPS, and returned to the car. He held it in front of Lindsay, and hit a button on it. It revealed a NoHead base in Yellowstone National Park. Following these events, the S.M.S.B. traveled to the Yellowstone base. Once there, they all began a search for the entrance. Finally, Lindsay found a handle leading into a portal; all the members headed into the opening and down a chute. They landed and began to search for clues. They were confronted by a squad of Rockets, but were able to overcome them. They next reached a set of doors, and when Baby Intelligence spoke in German, they opened, leading them into the Chamber.


Lindsay and Hell Burnbottom face off!

Reaching the end of the Chamber, they encountered NoHead’s sons, and challenged them for the first time. Force Baby fired at Hell Burnbottom, but Mean King threw the blasts back at him. Baby Strength drew his sword and charged. However, Burnbottom quickly deflected Baby Strength’s initial attack. After a quick flurry of bladework, Burnbottom easily drove Baby Strength back. Baby Strength attacked again, attempting to gain the offensive, but was forced into retreat; Burnbottom quickly seized the offensive. Eventually Baby Strength, straining to keep up, was pulled into a bladelock. Burnbottom suddenly jabbed at Baby Strength’s arm, cutting it before slashing him and bringing him down. As Hell Burnbottom raised his sword, Lindsay charged at Burnbottom, and reached the two in time to block the NoHead’s death blow.

As Burnbottom turned to Lindsay, Baby Strength retrieved his fallen sword and tossed it to Lindsay. Taking up the second blade, Lindsay began to unleash of flurry of attacks, but she was forced to revert to her standard practices when Burnbottom disarmed her, destroying her second blade. With that, the two engaged in a flurry of swordplay, seemingly evenly matched. Despite her efforts, Lindsay was finally brought down when Burnbottom twirled and wounded her. As Lindsay cried out in pain, Burnbottom blasted the hero aside with a telekinetic shove.

During the clash, Baby Intelligence left briefly to complete the bulk of the mission. He ventured downstairs and to the control room. When he arrived, he saw the blabberish voice box and destroyed it. Intelligence then headed off to assist his comrades. As Hell Burnbottom caught his breath, he noticed Baby Intelligence, who had arrived to challenge him. Burnbottom and Intelligence attempted to kill each other with their powers, including telekinesis and lightning, but they were too evenly matched. Finally, they turned to their swords. Burnbottom leaped into action, unleashing his full sword mastery against Intelligence. However, Baby Intelligence’s own mastery of Form IV allowed him to hold off Burnbottom’s attacks and seize the offensive. Realizing that he could not defeat Intelligence, Burnbottom distracted Intelligence by using telekinesis to topple one of the hangar’s power columns onto Baby Strength and Lindsay. As Intelligence broke off the duel to move the heroes out of the way, Burnbottom quickly boarded his ship and escaped.

Hell Burnbottom traveled to the control station, to meet with his brothers, who had arrived shortly before. He apologized for telling them to retreat, and promised them another opportunity. With that, Burnbottom ordered Mean King to retreat to New York City in hopes of finding a time to invade the MBH with Rockets. Meanwhile, the Rocket army was sorted for being battle-ready. In the meantime, Baby Intelligence took the others back to the MBH to heal from their injuries. After healing, Lindsay joined Baby Intelligence, who was thinking about the rising threat and was disturbed that he had no clue where Sebiscuits was. Finally, he turned to Lindsay and revealed that he had destroyed the blabberish voice box while they were at the base. He also announced that their quest was far from over, and that they had a new enemy. Lindsay promised to stay by his side, no matter what.

Attack on the MBHEdit

At Hell Burnbottom’s behest, the NoHeads launched an attack on the MBH. Hell Burnbottom and Mean King hijacked a system that activated toxic gas in the training chamber, before dispatching the squad of Rocket soldiers to ensure the destruction of the babies. The Rockets fired on Baby Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman, but the babies were ready, clearing a path of destruction. Fighting their way to the hallway upstairs, Intelligence sensed Hell Burnbottom and Mean King were behind the door leading to it, and he and Lindsay made for them. However, the two were able to escape after two Bratpros intervened. Afterwards, Hell Burnbottom returned, unaided, and fought Baby Intelligence himself. However, the other S.M.S.B. members attempted a rescue, flying low towards the fight with the boarding ramp lowered to pick up Baby Intelligence. They succeeded and proceeded to the Yellowstone base, and Burnbottom was left fuming in the garage.

Battle of the east ridge Edit

Battle of the Golden GatesEdit

The Battle of YellowstoneEdit

The Battle of Yellowstone saw one of the most legendary duels in the war after Lindsay decapitated Hell Burnbottom during the attack on the Yellowstone Base, destabilizing the NoHead leadership into the military faction led by Mean King and the civilian faction led by Brute Gunray. Additionally, events during the prelude of the battle saw the discovery of Telekinibabe in town, who became the fourth-to-strongest S.M.S.B. member. With Hell Burnbottom’s death, the NoHeads were leaderless.

After the battle, Brute Gunray and Mean King were captured afterwards by the police. Later, they escaped the court and returned to base unnoticed. Although Hell Burnbottom was dead and the control station was gone, the two brothers had survived. They outfitted thirty Rockets with independent thought processors and kept the base in Yellowstone. After the battle, both of them visited Sebiscuits. Gunray then requested Sebiscuits to lend them a squadron of Rockets since very few Rocket soldiers survived the battle. Sebiscuits agreed to make it so if they could defeat him in a sword battle. The two brothers won out in the end, and Sebiscuits kept his end of the deal, promising that the brothers could have half of whatever he had. Satisfied, both of them Apparated back to Wyoming. Sebiscuits then dispatched dozens of Rockets to Yellowstone. Thanks to his help, Gunray and Mean King kept the base in Yellowstone. The S.M.S.B. did not know that Brute Gunray and Mean King had escaped the trial, and Baby Intelligence began teaching the others subtraction and the basics of Makashi.

Egrevond Edit

Battle of the Western Field Edit

NoHead Recruit Cassidy was a part of the Ninth Guard along with her friend Bartholomew Gales. When the Ninth Guard arrived, they were intercepted by the Rattvisa Gang, who were accompanied by Baby Intelligence. She spotted Rattvisa G, slashed her throat and repeatedly stabbed her to death with her own needler. She watched Gales kill Rattvisa B before approaching Rattvisa K and dueled her. She interrupted a battle between Rattvisa E and NR-57 by incapacitating the former with her stave. Rattvisa K grasped on her stave, but Cassidy kicked her in the face. She noticed Baby Intelligence on the ground, so she chased him and would have struck him in the heart if he did not counter with a telekinetic repulse.

Cassidy continued her alliance with Gales after the battle. Baby Intelligence and fellow S.M.S.B. member Lindsay Kellerman attempted to pour ice into the Eastern Field, but Cassidy trapped them on their way there. However, Indiana Shaffer intervened and cut the two S.M.S.B. members free.

An ended generation cassidy s death by beethoven4ever-d5eyfdy

Angered, Cassidy threw her stave and Baby Intelligence dodged, but it hit Indiana Shaffer in her abdomen. Kellerman skewered her in the heart with her sword, causing her to die. While Cassidy's breathing stopped, Baby Intelligence realized that Shaffer had already lost a significant amount of blood.


Battle of the Eastern Field Edit

Final actionsEdit

Sword Duel

Baby Strength battles Brute Gunray.

Very soon after, Telekinibabe had a nightmarish vision indicating the survival of Brute Gunray and Mean King. Nearly 2,000 miles away from Yellowstone, he awoke with a start. Telekinibabe looked up to see his best friend from the S.M.S.B., Lindsay. He got up and joined the others for a slightly late breakfast. As they ate, Telekinibabe told Baby Intelligence what he’d seen in the vision. Intelligence said an attack had to be prepared. Soon, Baby Intelligence started the Pinewood Derby. He sent Baby Strength, Telekinibabe, and Lindsay to the NoHead base in portable escape pods. He had heard of thievery at the bench store and went with Force Baby, thinking Mean King was the thief.

Inside the basement of the Bench Store, Baby Intelligence and Force Baby came face to face with Mean King after cutting down his unsuspecting bodyguards. After a brief duel, Mean King knocked out Force Baby and proceeded to take on Baby Intelligence, opening with a blast of lightning that knocked him into a wall. Intelligence quickly recovered, and drew his sword. Realizing he would have to fight the baby blade-to-blade, Mean King pulled out his hold-out sword. Their battle raged through the basement. As the fight moved to a podium, the platform rose through the retractable ceiling into the Bench Store itself. As the duel continued, Mean King found that his movements were being hampered by the desk’s small size, while Intelligence was using this to an advantage. Pressed, Mean King took the high ground by jumping to a bench above him. He then began to telekinetically throw waves of these seats at Baby Intelligence, but the baby used his own powers to dodge and avoid Mean King’s projectiles. As Baby Intelligence leaped about, he attempted to re-engage Mean King.

He gained the upper hand when he hurled a bench back at Mean King, who fell. Baby Intelligence immediately saw his chance to reengage Mean King and leaped at the villain, landing on the edge of his bench and drawing his sword. However, Mean King disarmed him telekinetically and unleashed lightning at Intelligence. Intelligence deflected his lightning and attempted to make it rebound. Mean King advanced on the infant, sending more lightning at him. However, as he was about to be overwhelmed, Intelligence turned the tables and redirected Mean King’s lightning, smashing him off the bench. However, the charge knocked Baby Intelligence all the way back to the podium. Intelligence struck the desk too hard to control his landing, and he rolled off to the ground. Mean King followed, only to be impaled.

Meanwhile, Baby Strength, Telekinibabe, and Lindsay approached the NoHead base via long-range escape pods, unaware that they had already been spotted. They landed and proceeded into the base. As the three began to search for Brute Gunray, they encountered a group of Rockets. Hoping not to reveal themselves, the trio quietly stalked the group for a short time until they left. As they prepared to continue through the base, RC-5 suddenly appeared and opened fire on the trio, who dodged. RC-5 then disengaged from his targets; none of which attempted to pursue. Shortly thereafter, they encountered the same group they had stalked. The Rockets attacked them, who fought back before forcing them to retreat. Baby Strength attempted to follow them with Lindsay and Telekinibabe close behind. Just as he passed through the door, it slammed shut behind him, cutting him off from Lindsay and Tyler.

Making his way through catwalks and elevators, he eventually reached the darkened Core Chamber. Suddenly, the chamber revealed Brute Gunray, standing atop the walkway above. The two reached for their swords, and the battle began. Baby Strength attempted to use an overhand power attack, but the NoHead blocked. Baby Strength’s attack resulted in a blade-lock which Gunray broke. Baby Strength quickly attacked and managed to drive Gunray back. However, Gunray soon counter-attacked, forcing Baby Strength back to the head of the stairs. Finally, Gunray deprived him of his sword with a quick flourish and slashed at Baby Strength. Baby Strength dove out of the way, then recovered his sword and continued the duel. Despite Gunray’s attempts, Baby Strength managed to fend him off, unleashing his own offense and driving Gunray back before kicking the NoHead off the side of the platform. Baby Strength jumped down and followed in search of Gunray. He advanced into the facility’s processing vane, where Gunray reemerged.

As Baby Strength and Brute Gunray faced off, Gunray telekinetically ripped a column of pipes off of a wall and hurled it at him. As Baby Strength cut the fixture apart, Gunray deliberately slashed through the observation port behind him, which caused winds from outside to fill the chamber. Gunray hugged a nearby wall, while Baby Strength was sucked out into the air shaft. Fortunately, the latter managed to cling onto a catwalk along the exterior of the vane below. Baby Strength managed to climb up onto the catwalk, and again began looking for Gunray. Eventually, he entered a small corridor where he was suddenly ambushed by the Dark Lord. Gunray began hacking at Baby Strength with a series of heavy overhand power blows, forcing Baby Strength onto the defensive and driving him back along the corridor and then the main maintenance catwalk. Gunray continued his relentless offense, and as their bout continued, Baby Strength managed to slightly wound Gunray. Enraged, the NoHead pressed his assault, driving Baby Strength onto a small extension at the end of the catwalk. Baby Strength ended the duel by pushing Gunray off the catwalk into the air shaft below. Gunray fell into a gas port, and then a bottomless pit.


Baby Intelligence vs. Sebiscuits

Sebiscuits duels his former Master in the City Volcano.

After the war, there were still several threats to be dealt with. Cygnus Evans had escaped from prison, and Sebiscuits was still at large. In time, the remaining forces were defeated by the S.M.S.B.

The Lunch Money Bandit faked death after a fight, and Sebiscuits rejoined the group after an incredible battle in the construction tower and the City Volcano. In the following events, Baby Intelligence built a motor home and the S.M.S.B. went on a two-year mission to destroy any evil off the country. This event, which was successful, would soon be known as the American Purge.

The Second NoHead War, as the largest world conflict ever during its day, still had consequences that lasted through the ages. It also resulted in a distrust of robots by many, in the devastation of cities.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Person Allegiance Killed by Cause of death Circumstances Time of death
Alien from Planet 12 Unknown Baby Intelligence Attempts to invade Earth and is blown up in its UFO Dogfight between the UFO and Peter Hecks June 2019
Bryan Police Robot soldier Shot down by the enemy Skirmish In The Sky July 2019
Robotic Monster NoHeads Baby Intelligence Impaled with a sword after going rampant Skirmish In The Sky July 2019
NC-1 NoHeads Sebiscuits Cut down by a sword Battle of the Wasp July 2019
NC-2 NoHeads Baby Intelligence Cut down by a sword Battle of the Wasp July 2019
Frank Police Human Replica 3 Ambushed by Human Replica 3 at a post Operation: Purge November 2019
Alice Police Human Replicas 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 Ambushed by Human Replicas regrouping Operation: Purge November 2019
Chimaera Police Human replicas Fighter gunned down from behind Operation: Purge November 2019
Cecelia Martinez Police Sebiscuits Impaled with a sword Operation: Purge November 2019
Human Replicas 112 and 113 The NoHeads Dexter Cut down by a sword Operation: Purge November 2019
Zett Police Robot soldiers Assaults robots attacking the police station and menacing Sheriff Bladepoint Operation: Purge November 2019
Mayor Katie Black Government Sebiscuits Struck with lightning whilst attempting to order everyone out Operation: Purge November 2019
Greg Hecks Toymaker Mr. Stupid NoHead Struck down for challenging NoHead Operation: Purge November 2019
Rotta Hecks NoHeads Mr. Stupid NoHead Her use to NoHead exhausts and she is hit by a death beam First Battle of the NoHead Base December 21, 2019
Paige The S.M.S.B. Sebiscuits Killed with a sword as part of Sebiscuits’ revenge First Battle of the NoHead Base December 21, 2019
Mr. Stupid NoHead NoHeads Baby Intelligence Fell into the Fire Room in an attempt to kill Baby Intelligence Second Battle of the NoHead Base January 6, 2020
Hell Burnbottom NoHeads Lindsay Kellerman Struck down and falls into a pit after killing Baby Intelligence Battle of the Yellowstone Base March 2020
Brute Gunray NoHeads Baby Strength Falls into a bottomless pit Third Duel In The NoHead Base April 1, 2020
Mean King NoHeads Baby Intelligence Impaled with a sword Skirmish at the Bench Store April 1, 2020

Civilian perceptionEdit

The S.M.S.B.Edit

Many civilians in the government followed the Second NoHead War closely, mainly through the internet and relevant propaganda. Throughout the entire conflict, the Muggles were overwhelmingly loyal, and dissent was nearly unheard of. This was due in part to simple patriotism but more a product of the pressure to show support. In the tense attitude of the war, those who second-guessed the S.M.S.B. were often looked on with suspicion. Senators, in particular, had to very carefully watch their language, and many fought back accusations of NoHead sympathies when they openly attempted to challenge the questionable ‘reforms’ of the state Senator. Public sentiment held that the current President, in fact, was indispensable as a leader: the President conducted himself calmly and projected a sense of steadfast determination in the face of the conflict. He was reluctant to adopt emergency powers, and this and the sense of sorrow he projected at the ongoing conflict led many citizens to trust him implicitly. Therefore, any attempts to rebuke his actions were harshly frowned upon by the majority, as there was a significant fear that without the President leading the Republic, it would have no chance against the NoHeads.

Although relatively new to the scene, the S.M.S.B. quickly established themselves as the essential backbone of the government, personifying the nobility of the government cause and defending the city. The S.M.S.B. were larger-than-life heroes whose impossible feats garnered awe from many of those involved. It was almost immediately apparent, even to Baby Intelligence, that the limited number of members and no amount of civilian soldiers could provide the kind of military support that the police officers could. Many throughout the nation believed the S.M.S.B. was too young to protect them and they were responsible for starting the war. But as the incredibly young mutants continued to risk their lives for the citizens they had sworn to protect and the government leaders they followed with faith, public sentiment for the babies grew, and many liberal reforms were introduced so that their defenders could be treated like men and not average infants. At the height of the war, they proved that while they were an army of few, it was “the right few for the job”. The people loyal to the government saw them as a symbol of hope, the President and Mayor both cared for them and saw them as comrades-in-arms. At the forefront of the public eye were the dynamic duo Baby Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman, who often worked together to direct campaigns. These two became the poster boys of the government war effort. Throughout the war, sensationalist television reports lauded and exaggerated their achievements. Wherever the pair went, the government inevitably won the battle, or so the news claimed. These two were especially popular with children, who followed the exploits of their peers as if they were following the records of athletes.

On the other hand, Mr. Stupid NoHead was the symbol of the enemy. Along with the adventures of Baby Intelligence, news reports related the atrocities committed at the hands of the NoHead Grandmaster. Conversely to the famous S.M.S.B. pair, wherever NoHead went, the ally forces were sure to be defeated, sowing fear across the nation and making more citizens put their faith in the President. They believed the criminal to be unstoppable. Indeed, he nearly was. Although optimism was high at the beginning of the war, as it dragged on, morale began to fall sharply. Even the propaganda-laced internet news reports didn’t manage to stem the growing tide of uneasiness over the odds of an S.M.S.B. victory. The mutants’ efforts to hold off Mr. Stupid NoHead were failing, especially after Operation: Purge. Family after family fell to the onslaught of the robot armies, and many reliable mutants continued to defect to the NoHeads. Not only that, but the people’s faith in the S.M.S.B. began to wane over the course of the war, when more and more setbacks were caused and Operation: Purge was enacted. It became clear that the warriors who had once seemed invincible were mere mortals as well.

It would only be years later that the people would realize the consequences of their shortsightedness.


Unlike the people of the S.M.S.B., those mutants that seceded from the government were often less driven by allegiance to the NoHeads than simply by their yearning to achieve their own ends. There were numerous reasons people seceded. Some were simply unhappy with the way the government was being administrated. Others were worlds suffering from the aftermath of wars, famines, or other disasters that had been neglected by the government. Still others were people under tensions or open wars between sects that continued to flare. Led by Mr. Stupid NoHead, the NoHeads took advantage of these small conflicts, offering assistance to a sect’s minor war if that faction would contribute in turn to the larger conflict. NoHead, who was a highly adept speaker, made simple, powerful appeals to people’s spiritual wants and desires for freedom, which won him a reputation as something of a savior.

Rotta Hecks and Whammo Fireball were two examples of this NoHead revolution. The people who had defected regarded the NoHeads as saviors- they had agreed to intervene and decide century-long sectional disputes, conflicts the government had long refused to take sides in. For the mutants and Muggles involved, loyalty to each other translated into patriotism for the NoHeads.

The defining attribute of nearly all loyal NoHead citizens was hatred of the S.M.S.B. As the leaders of the government armies and its deadliest soldiers, the S.M.S.B. represented the greatest threat to the prosperity the NoHeads sought. Many of them poured into the image of the S.M.S.B. their hatred over the decayed government and fear over the atmosphere of uncertainty surrounding the war. After the Second NoHead War, only two NoHeads would survive the war - Whammo Fireball and the Lunch Money Bandit.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Although the deaths of Poe Ledsa can all be directly attributed to the NoHeads, they all died before the Second NoHead War officially began with the first confrontation between Mr. Stupid NoHead and Baby Intelligence.

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