Sebiscuits Cardarphen (3 April, 2019-2219) was a male mutant who served the government as an S.M.S.B. member and later the NoHeads before he returned to the Light. Born to Francis and Gentry Cardarphen in 2019, Sebiscuits quickly learned how to walk and speak in his first months alive, and he also came to idolize Baby Intelligence. Eventually, he attempted to join him, only to be rebuffed. Sebiscuits followed him into battle, and quickly proved what he was worth. After he defeated Mr. Stupid NoHead, rescued Katie Black, and landed the Wasp after the rescue party was trapped inside, Baby Intelligence chose to dub him after all. After this, Mr. Stupid NoHead, who had secretly allowed Sebiscuits to defeat him, preyed on Sebiscuits and his feelings of neglect and betrayal. Within weeks, NoHead manipulated Sebiscuits into becoming his apprentice with the promise of helping him find his destiny, and Sebiscuits became a NoHead. Together, they were able to eradicate the police that emerged from their destruction. After Mr. Stupid NoHead was killed, Cardarphen worked with Hell Burnbottom, Brute Gunray, and Mean King before he disbanded after the Battle of Yellowstone. Cardarphen eventually came into league with Annabeth Black and Pythoman and attempted to capture President Aaron Clinton, leading to his clash with Baby Intelligence in the City Volcano, and Sebiscuits was left limbless and ravaged by fire at the end of their battle. Encased in a suit of life-sustaining navy-blue armor and grateful for Baby Intelligence's help, Cardarphen rejoined the S.M.S.B. and became very successful.

In 2031, he welcomed Red X with open arms, and in 2033 he went on a quest to destroy the Elite NoHeads. The quest resulted in his death and rebirth, and Sebiscuits re-embraced his role as Master Intelligence's right hand man. In 2042, he fought in the Battle of Transylvania, and he befriended Centauri afterwards. He also joined the S.M.S.B. in the Asian Revolution. Years after the end of the revolution, the Dark Flame discovered the plans for the MBH, and he broke into the MBH. Cardarphen attempted to kill him, but he was overpowered, allowing the Dark Flame to kill Master Intelligence, leading to a furious clash between him, Cardarphen, and Lindsay Kellerman. The Dark Flame knocked out Lindsay, but Sebiscuits killed him, ending the Shadow Wars. Sebiscuits turned out to be the last S.M.S.B. member alive. Hoping to keep the S.M.S.B. alive after the imminent end of his life, he took up a six-year-old mutant named Matthew and spent the last few years of his life teaching him all he knew. When he died, Sebiscuits became a ghost and helped the boy proceed as a mutant.


Early life Edit

Sebiscuits Face

Sebiscuits Cardarphen was born to two fobbles, Gentry and Francis. However, he showed from birth that he had powers of his own. This is when Gentry suggested they should name him “something more relevant.” This is what earned him the name he had. He soon learned to harness his powers, which were lightning and telekinesis. He could also walk and speak when he was three months old. He had always idolized Baby Intelligence ever since he saw him blow up a UFO on his television set. He briefly met him in a closet soon afterwards. A month later, he saw on television that his new idol had become a superhero, and desperately wanted to join him.

Joining Baby Intelligence Edit


Sebiscuits, shortly before the Battle of the Wasp.

A failed test Edit

Sebiscuits’ parents finally let him go to the MBH for testing, knowing the alarmingly early discovery of his powers "was no accident". Baby Intelligence agreed to test him to see if he was the right material. Eventually, Baby Intelligence told Sebiscuits he had failed, and that he had to reject him due to the anger he sensed in him despite his amazing powers. Sebiscuits was surprised, and tried to argue, to no avail. At that point, Intelligence received a call alerting him to assist the Police Grand Army in their mission to rescue the captive Mayor, Katie Black. He ordered Sebiscuits to leave, as he was leaving himself. Cardarphen said he would, but then he hid behind a wall.

Battle of the Wasp Edit

Intending to show off his potential, Cardarphen boarded the emergency skyfighter, which was made in case Baby Intelligence’s fighter was destroyed or damaged. Hoping to secretly show off his potential, he flew it to the sky battle being waged outside Mr. Stupid NoHead’s new base, the Wasp. He quickly located Baby Intelligence, who was in the thick of the battle trying to stop the NoHead armada from fleeing New York City. As he was preparing to storm the enemy vessel, Sebiscuits Cardarphen emerged, revealing himself. Baby Intelligence was infuriated, but knew there was no turning back. The two babies landed on board the Wasp and fought their way through the ship until they reached the detention chamber atop the command tower, where Black was being held hostage. As the two babies attempted to free her, Mr. Stupid NoHead entered the room escorted by two robot soldiers to confront the two babies.

Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence fought together against him in a coordinated duel, until the NoHead telekinetically strangled Intelligence. He then simultaneously back-kicked Sebiscuits and telekinetically threw Intelligence across the room, rendering the baby unconscious. Cardarphen fought on, eventually losing control of his emotions as NoHead taunted him. He began to unleash all his fear, anger and hatred, beating away at NoHead’s Vaapad with his own Shien mastery. The short duel ended abruptly when Sebiscuits disarmed NoHead, rendering the villain helpless.

Pleased with the outcome, Black urged Sebiscuits to kill NoHead. After hesitating to give in to the Mayor’s wishes, Sebiscuits, who had two swords (his own and NoHead’s) crossed at the villain’s neck, attempted the death blow. However, NoHead blasted away with his hidden jetpack, thwarting this possibility. At this point, Sebiscuits did not know that the Dark Lord had let him win, nor that he had chosen him to be his apprentice, and was merely waiting until he could be turned. Nonetheless, Sebiscuits immediately regretted his merciless action, citing that the murder of a defenseless foe was wrong. Black attempted to ease Sebiscuits’ conscience, but eventually his words rang through to her.

Cardarphen then freed Black from her bonds and escaped the Quarters, Black carrying an unconscious Baby Intelligence on her back. Their escape was short lived, however, as they were soon captured and brought before a cloaked figure on the bridge of the vessel, where a now-conscious Intelligence discovered the cloaked figure was in fact his mother, Rotta Hecks. Rotta did not take Sebiscuits seriously in the least, initially calling him “[a] scrawny brat”, but the baby refused to be baited this time. Then, the babies summoned their swords, cut off their binders and attacked the general’s bodyguards and robots. Rotta eventually managed to escape the babies as her flagship began to plummet to the galactic capital below, drawn by the planet’s gravity. Sebiscuits managed to pilot what was left of the ship to a crash landing on an empty parking lot in New York City.

Afterwards, Baby Intelligence changed his mind. He brought Sebiscuits back to the MBH and dubbed the baby a superhero and his sidekick. Sebiscuits deeply anticipated the training that lied ahead.



Sebiscuits Cardarphen meeting Paige Nelson for the first time.

After the Battle of the Wasp, Cardarphen’s training immediately began. During his first night in the MBH, Baby Intelligence allowed him to pick out his dormitory, out of a line of ten bunkers with beds and dressers. He later put a nametag on the top of it.

For a time, Sebiscuits was required to study all seven Forms of sword combat. Because there was little Baby Intelligence could still teach him about sword combat, he was allowed to study his preferred form of Ataru after a week of studying the other Forms, instead of the usual time lapse of a month. He also learned to control his powers of telekinesis and lightning, and limit his use of shooting fire, a power he had used to employ essentially.

Later, Sebiscuits came across a chamber downstairs, and would have entered if not for incredible security measures in his way. When Sebiscuits asked Baby Intelligence what was in the chamber downstairs, Intelligence warned him not to go there, by any means. He also discouraged excessive television, but Sebiscuits was more than happy to comply with this, since the only movies he knew were ones he felt he had outgrown.

About a week after Sebiscuits joined the group, Baby Intelligence received a phone call from a teenager named Paige Nelson, who told him of her powers and requested she become an S.M.S.B. member. He invited her over and told her she would receive more information once she came. When Paige arrived, she was tested on her abilities and other traits. After Nelson exited the testing chamber, she waited for Intelligence to fill out the results. Afterwards, Baby Intelligence decided to train her, and then called Sebiscuits inside. When he arrived, Baby Intelligence introduced Nelson to Cardarphen and revealed that several NoHeads had once existed before Nelson’s victory, before either of them were born.

After this, Baby Intelligence dismissed Sebiscuits and, unbeknownst to Sebiscuits, he took her downstairs and introduced the laboratory that was forbidden for Sebiscuits. Baby Intelligence began training both of them together. He was a stern teacher, but only because he felt Sebiscuits and Paige were still feeling conflict and rebellion, per what was simply natural given their backgrounds. He still didn’t allow TV or video games, fearing they would get addicted to the sources. He did allow Internet access, locking any non-educational sites. (However, Paige hid an iPad with games and videos already on it, and shared it with Cardarphen in secret.) Baby Intelligence also kept them in shape.

Second NoHead War Edit

The Fencing Tournament Edit

In the week after Katie Black’s rescue, Sebiscuits Cardarphen planned a fencing tournament with the Mayor. Black told him it could be in the Town Hall, if she got the approval of the State Senator. Sebiscuits suggested they select the percise date first, and Black said it should be hosted in the following month. That following night, Black contacted the State Senator and asked for permission to use the Town Hall as the setting of the tournament. The Senator authorized this. Black traveled to the MBH personally to inform Sebiscuits of this. Baby Intelligence allowed her to speak with him in his private quarters. Black went there and informed Sebiscuits that she had the State Senator’s permission. They proceeded to discuss several aspects of the tournament and what to do to prepare for the event. They also made posters together, though Black had not drawn anything for several months.

Becoming a NoHead Edit

Seeds of Darkness Edit

Sebiscuits fought valiantly in the war, but as new members joined he began to feel left out. Further severing his trust in them, Baby Intelligence urged Sebiscuits to keep tabs on NoHead. NoHead declared he was not Sebiscuits’ enemy, and also said Intelligence was using Sebiscuits for his power. Believing him, Sebiscuits began to slowly lose his respect for the head of the S.M.S.B. As he continued to meet with NoHead, the Dark Lord slowly began to plant the seeds of the dark side in Sebiscuits.

Playing to his fear of isolation and lack of purpose, he told Sebiscuits he needed a variety in the power he possessed. Knowing this would interest Sebiscuits, NoHead continued to inform Sebiscuits of the secret dark power that S.M.S.B. members were not capable of teaching him. Eventually, Sebiscuits began to share with him his frustrations. Feeling like this was the correct time, NoHead offered Sebiscuits the chance to learn the ways of the dark side from him and use the power he had to find his destiny. Having his sword drawn, Sebiscuits realized NoHead was trying to turn him from the fold and contemplated killing NoHead on the spot, but decided against it after NoHead implied that killing him would result in Sebiscuits never reaching his life goals. Sebiscuits instead fled to Baby Intelligence and promptly reported to him NoHead’s whereabouts, though he regretted his choice as NoHead’s words tortured his mind. They went on a mission to the NoHead base. Paige and Sebiscuits both deserted the fight that ensued. After instructing Sebiscuits to join the fight downstairs Paige went with three police to destroy NoHead. NoHead fought with the squad, slaying three of them almost immediately and leaving only Paige. She and NoHead continued to fight until Paige gained the advantage. In the other room, Sebiscuits brooded over an overwhelming thought: with NoHead’s death, he would lose the chance to save himself and avenge Baby Intelligence. This torturing time was what allowed Sebiscuits to decide on going to the scene of the battle.

A fateful choice Edit

Grabbing an airspeeder, Cardarphen hurried to Mr. Stupid NoHead’s office. Uncertain of what was going to happen, Sebiscuits made his way to the laboratory. Coincidentally, Sebiscuits arrived just in time to see Paige standing over the disarmed NoHead, with her sword held at the villain’s throat.

NoHead, upon seeing Sebiscuits, claimed that the S.M.S.B. had betrayed them both, and Paige proceeded to throw NoHead into a torture machine. NoHead pleaded with Sebiscuits for help, trying to sway him to save his life. Feeling a painful surge in the dark side, Paige told him not to listen. NoHead went through a physical transformation. His face became hideously deformed and his hair thinned. Paige turned off the machine and claimed that it was time to kill NoHead and end the war ultimately. However, Sebiscuits confronted him, indirectly stating that NoHead was not evil. Paige stated that despite normal procedures, NoHead was far too dangerous to be left alive. With NoHead pleading one last time, Paige raised her sword, preparing to kill NoHead, but the panicked Sebiscuits drew his sword and severed Paige’s right hand, leaving her defenseless and in great pain. NoHead took this attack of opportunity to use his lightning and send the trainee through the shattered window, her electrified body falling into Baby Intelligence’s speeder. Neither of them knew this.

Upon realizing the full significance of what he had just done, Sebiscuits was stricken with guilt and remorse and questioned his actions, but was too emotionally drained to resist Mr. Stupid NoHead, who stated that he was fulfilling his destiny. Knowing that Sebiscuits was emotionally unstable, NoHead further encouraged Cardarphen to embrace the dark side and become his apprentice, allowing for NoHead to teach him all that he knew. Due to his role in killing Paige and his desire to fit in, there was no prospect of him returning to the S.M.S.B. Overcome by distress, Sebiscuits agreed to do anything NoHead desired; all he wanted was his friendship. While saying that the S.M.S.B. was undefeated, NoHead promised Sebiscuits that, together, they could find their weakness, tacitly admitting that he could not defeat them yet, but Sebiscuits was too blind to see it. Sebiscuits then bowed on one knee and pledged himself to the NoHeads, which queued NoHead to endow him with his new title.

Knightfall Edit

Cardarphen, clad in his new robes.

Mr. Stupid NoHead assured Sebiscuits Cardarphen that the S.M.S.B. was an enemy of the state, and it would be endless war unless they were destroyed. Cardarphen was ordered by the antagonist that if he wanted to prove himself worthy, he was to lead the robots into the police station and kill every police inside. Sebiscuits did this without question, slaughtering venerable police. The librarian even approached him, unaware that he was to be her destroyer. The attack resulted in smoke rising from the pillars of the station. After Sebiscuits finished his first mission of wiping out the police, he realized that the S.M.S.B. was in the State Capitol and moved to kill them.

After deflecting Force Baby's laserfire and wounding him, Sebiscuits engaged Baby Strength, and quickly proved to be the stronger individual. Within thirty seconds, Cardarphen wounded his shoulder, weakening him. Paige charged impulsively, allowing Sebiscuits to electrocute her and knock her unconscious. Baby Intelligence tried to reason with his former friend, but it became clear he had lost his friend to Mr. Stupid NoHead. As the two began dueling, however, Baby Intelligence proved that he was able to hold his own against Sebiscuits despite his command of the dark side. After a furious bout of bladework, Sebiscuits pushed Baby Intelligence to the ground. As the latter got to his feet, Sebiscuits answered by throwing a series of objects at him. After dodging the improvised projectiles, Baby Intelligence performed sun djem and disarmed Sebiscuits. However, when he went to finish him off, he leaped onto a pole and pulled both swords back to him. Baby Intelligence swiftly followed as the antagonist leapt through the station and to the doorway. They continued to fight there with their swords until Sebiscuits pushed him off and kept him at bay with another horde of flying objects.

This gave Sebiscuits time to escape; however, he accidentally left a clue that allowed Baby Intelligence to track him down and continue the fight. Inside their battle became even more violent as they made their way to the higher levels. Viciously utilizing his powers against Baby Intelligence, Sebiscuits hurled a beach ball, but Baby Intelligence deflected it, pushing Sebiscuits against an aluminum wall so hard that it shattered. The battle, which had degenerated into an all-out brawl, continued across the kitchen and onto the stairways of the station leading up to the roof. Once on the roof, the two engaged in one last bout of swordplay. Baby Intelligence was able to knock Sebiscuits’ sword out of his hand, but before he could capitalize on this opportunity for a killing blow, Mr. Stupid NoHead arrived in his personal fighter and rescued Sebiscuits up. Sebiscuits returned home afterwards.

Battle of the Fourth NoHead Base Edit

Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "It was foolish to come here, Paige. Soon I will leave, and you shall die"
Paige Nelson: "I don’t think so. The Darkness is an easy path, not a stronger one."
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "You are a fool, Paige."
— Sebiscuits Cardarphen and Paige Nelson right before their duel[src]

Shortly after that encounter, Baby Intelligence and the S.M.S.B. attacked the NoHead Base in their skyfighters. Near the base, a fierce sky battle ensued. Finally, Mr. Stupid NoHead went to intercept the fighters.[7] Cardarphen asked NoHead to let him join, and after thinking it over, NoHead declined.[citation needed] After Baby Intelligence held his own against NoHead, and the S.M.S.B. returned, NoHead returned (now with the Verasect in tow) and had Sebiscuits come to the balcony of the lobby with Hell Burnbottom and Rotta Hecks. Burnbottom began torturing the S.M.S.B. members until Baby Intelligence returned from the sky battle, leading to a fierce battle between Rockets and S.M.S.B. members that Sebiscuits viewed. As the fight progressed, Cardarphen commanded tanks to roll in and fire, but this only caused explosions inside the lobby.

Eventually Paige Nelson deserted the fight and rushed for her fighter outside the base. After climbing inside she flew to a volcano. Sebiscuits noticed her running away and followed her in his own fighter, unbeknownst to Paige. Sebiscuits found Paige inspecting the S.M.S.B.’s magma swords on the pinnacle of a volcano. He brandished his sword, stating that it was foolish for Paige to come there, and that she would die very soon. As Sebiscuits attacked, Paige drew her own weapon and leaped into action. Sebiscuits’ mastery of Form IV allowed him to hold off Paige’s relentless attacks, and seize the offensive. Ignoring Paige's vague warning that the dark side was only easier, and not stronger, Sebiscuits viciously struck her down. However, Paige became a spirit who would later provide guidance for Baby Intelligence.

Cardarphen felt he had finally killed the girl that had been the focus for most of his rage for most of his life, and for that, he began to cackle wildly. With that, Sebiscuits took his magma sword from its position as well as Paige’s. While Sebiscuits hunted Paige, Mr. Stupid NoHead killed Rotta Hecks out of pure anger. When Sebiscuits returned to the NoHead base, he checked in with Hell Burnbottom via comlink, after conducting a failed search for NoHead. From Burnbottom, he learned, much to his horror, that NoHead had been destroyed. This made him very angry - that is, until Brute Gunray told him about a potion that Burnbottom had told him of just before Sebiscuits returned. It could bring NoHead back to life. After receiving this information, and seeing Rotta's corpse as evidence she had died as well, Sebiscuits Apparated to the new NoHead Base in Yellowstone. It is very likely that Sebiscuits helped them create the potion.

Fall of the Dark Lord Edit

When Mr. Stupid NoHead died in 2019, Sebiscuits Cardarphen was relieved to learn that Hell Burnbottom knew of a potion that could bring him back. Burnbottom created it with help from Brute Gunray and Mean King. Now alive again, Mr. Stupid NoHead built a death machine to use in the final stages of his plan to destroy and reform the world.

However, before the machine could be used successfully, the S.M.S.B. arrived, who had just accepted Lindsay Kellerman into their group. Through a telepathic link, NoHead told Cardarphen to hide, as he did not want his allegiance to be rediscovered by Baby Intelligence. Cardarphen obeyed and hid discreetly in the basement. Cardarphen's unease was justified when NoHead died at the hands of Baby Intelligence and the other members escaped. This made Sebiscuits furious, and the villain's death made Sebiscuits feel conflicted about where to go next.

Battle of Yellowstone Edit

In April of 2020, Baby Intelligence returned to the NoHead base with the Police Grand Army, vowing to destroy NoHead’s sons or die trying. Sebiscuits saw signs of the assault and reported to Brute Gunray before Disapparating away to the base he had erected in New York City, much to Gunray's displeasure. Gunray reported his success to Hell Burnbottom, Sebiscuits' new Master.

Although Hell Burnbottom was killed during the battle, Brute Gunray and Mean King both survived, emerging unscathed from the event. After the battle, Sebiscuits was visited by both Mean King and Gunray. When Mean King interrogated Sebiscuits and voiced his distrust of him, Sebiscuits gave him calm, reasonable, and logical answers to his aggressive questioning, which rendered Mean King silent. Gunray then requested Sebiscuits to lend them a squadron of Rockets since very few Rocket soldiers survived the Battle of Yellowstone. After thinking it over, Sebiscuits agreed to make it so as long if they could defeat him in a sword battle. Mean King and Brute Gunray both came on Sebiscuits roughly, but Sebiscuits calmly met their strides with his own calm moves, utilizing both of his swords to deadly effect. The two brothers won out in the end, and Sebiscuits kept his end of the deal, promising that the brothers "can have half of whatever I have, and will create." Satisfied, both of them Apparated back to Wyoming. Sebiscuits then dispatched dozens of Rockets to Yellowstone.

The Lake of Tears Edit

After the battle, Sebiscuits abandoned the NoHeads. Doubting there was any going back to the S.M.S.B., Sebiscuits became a rogue instead. Eventually Brute Gunray and Mean King were both defeated. Taking control of the Rocket army, Cardarphen fled to the Lake of Tears and was able to penetrate its defenses, and, in the center, took up residence inside an old and vacant building he used as both a resort and secret base of operations. The remaining Rockets served him without question.

Return to the New Police Station Edit

While RC-5 and his revolutionaries guarded Sebiscuits' base, Cardarphen and Caberra, whom he had met recently, journeyed to the fallen police station a day after he bypassed the Lake. After a brief skirmish with several automated training robots, the two reached the High Tower where Sebiscuits activated a recording of him and Mr. Stupid NoHead, to prove he had once been associated with the criminal. Throughout his campaign, Sebiscuits had apprehended a number of mutated war criminals that mysteriously disappeared once transferred to the S.M.S.B.'s authority. He demanded to know their location, only to be reprimanded for his behavior by Mean King, who also dismissed the baby's warning that NoHead was using him as well. The recordings also revealed a penitentiary facility in the MBH's basement, connected to Baby Intelligence's lab. Cardarphen lost control of his anger upon discovering that the S.M.S.B. had the facility — a secret that they did not entrust to him. Enraged and bitter toward the holographic representation of his former comrades, the Dark mutant telekinetically hurled several seats out of the tower's window.

Redemption Edit

Baby Intelligence vs. Sebiscuits

Sebiscuits duels his former Master in the City Volcano.

In May of 2020, Annabeth Black teleported across the Lake of Tears by using a special card to find Cardarphen. Cardarphen let her in and they banded together, intending to capture the President, Aaron Clinton. Together, they stormed the Whitehouse and successfully captured the leading governor. They prepared to dump him in the City Volcano, but they were unexpectedly and to their delight apprehended by Baby Intelligence. Cardarphen deployed lightning to blast them onto a construction tower, and they fought. Cardarphen and Black worked together to take out the S.M.S.B. members, but were ultimately forced to make an escape.

A few days later, Cardarphen found an unlikely ally in Pythoman, who was obsessed with Black. The new trio learned that the S.M.S.B. had somehow navigated the treacherous lake and was hunting them. They escaped together, but Baby Intelligence followed them to the pinnacle of a volcano. Baby Intelligence tried to reason with his former pupil, but Sebiscuits refused to listen, too consumed by hate. After Intelligence resolved he had no choice but to fight, Sebiscuits told him he had a slight chance, and leaped to attack his former Master.[3] Meanwhile, Black and Pythoman fought the other S.M.S.B. members.[8]

Cardarphen and Baby Intelligence fought an intense duel throughout the artificial complex and down the river of lava outside. The battle ended on the banks of a lava river, where Intelligence leaped to safety in order to claim the high ground and warned Sebiscuits it was over. Goaded on by his seething rage, Sebiscuits ignored his fatal tactical disadvantage and attempted to make the same jump, blade angled for the kill, only to be severely maimed by Baby Intelligence’s blade, which severed both of his legs and his left arm.

Physically crippled, Sebiscuits tried to claw his way up the hill using only his remaining limb, but succeeded only in sliding closer to the lava river. As he did this, Sebiscuits screamed his undying hatred for Baby Intelligence, while Intelligence, close to tears, expressed his regret and disappointment that Sebiscuits, the baby he had loved like a brother, had so spectacularly failed in his destiny. Shortly after, the heat of the lava ignited Sebiscuits’ clothing, burning his body severely. He was nearly immolated as he slid down to the edge of the burning lava riverbank. As the flames began to subside, Sebiscuits kept himself alive with his unbreakable will and sheer hatred; clawing his way back up the bank with his still-intact arm, struggling against his extreme injuries.

However, Baby Intelligence finally returned and took Sebiscuits to the MBH, and repaired the damage to his body through intensive cybernetic enhancements at the MBH’s medical center. His new robotic extremities were updated versions of a previously-made design by Baby Intelligence. Upon his revival as a cyborg, Sebiscuits apologized and rejoined the S.M.S.B. This in part was due to him regaining some perspective at that point, and realizing what he otherwise would do with his life.

Between the warsEdit

After Baby Intelligence constructed a motor home, Sebiscuits and the other S.M.S.B. members began a new mission to purge any criminals in the U.S.A. and wipe all evil off their country. During the mission, which became known as American Purge, they virtually lived in the motor home. One of the most difficult criminals they faced was Spicy Mead. Another notably difficult criminal was a voodoo demon named Saron Facilor. In 2023, they returned successful, and Master Intelligence allowed the others five days of free time where they could relax and play. When this period was over, he continued to train the other members.

Master Intelligence conversed with the ghosts of Rotta Hecks and Paige often, which he usually did in private. However, he did introduce Sebiscuits to them once, in 2029. Sebiscuits instantly apologized for murdering Paige.

Third NoHead War Edit

Although he had healed for the most part, Sebiscuits still had his life suit as a teenager. However, with the return of Hell Burnbottom in May of 2031, there were serious challenges ahead for Sebiscuits and his friends. When Lindsay told of the return, he was second to believe her, only after Master Intelligence himself.

Rebirth of Hell Burnbottom Edit

Following the return of the NoHeads, the government refused to accept Lindsay and Master Intelligence's claims that Hell Burnbottom had returned, and the Perpetual Seer labelled them either liars or nutters. However, Sebiscuits and Red X believed Lindsay and defended her against the criticism of doubtful companions. Though occasionally Master Intelligence vented his frustration at them, the majority of the S.M.S.B. stuck by him.

File:Lindsay Sebiscuits Disciplinary Hearing.jpg

Sebiscuits attended Master Intelligence's trial at the government. Before this, however, he cleverly used the NoHead Sign to summon Hell Burnbottom, and while he waited for the Dark Lord he proceeded into the Atrium. He presented Jay Organa for Lindsay's defense. He also commented the unusual behavior of the court holding a full criminal hearing for a simple case of an eleven-year-old punching their peer in the face. Sebiscuits disappeared into the other room, seemingly leaving, but in fact confronting Hell Burnbottom. The two engaged in a sword duel, Cardarphen luring Burnbottom into the Atrium. Realizing he had been tricked, Burnbottom fled with RC-5, but not before he was seen by the entire assembled court, including Evans. With Master Intelligence's credibility realized once more, Evans' was permanently lost. After the government ruled in Lindsay's favor, Sebiscuits left while winking to Lindsay. He also Master Intelligence promising himself (under his breath) that Sebiscuits would be rewarded for his cunning.

Battle of Bast Castle Edit

After playing dodgeball with the other S.M.S.B. members, Sebiscuits dozed off and received a vision of Hell Burnbottom torturing his friends and ordering him to finish him, as only he had the power to. Sebiscuits was prepared to go to Bast Castle immediately, but Master Intelligence and Lindsay stopped him and they asked him what he was doing. After explaining his plan, Sebiscuits ventured out to defeat them.

Upon arriving and being spotted, Sebiscuits fired a beam at Hell Burnbottom, which he blocked. After firing a barrage of beams and to no avail, Burnbottom fired lightning at the same time as Sebiscuits; the two bolts met and clashed. Sebiscuits threw the lightning aside and killed Burnbottom’s snake, Nagatha. Burnbottom released a shock-wave of dark energy, knocking Sebiscuits off the staircase. Burnbottom destroyed Sebiscuits’ sword with a bolt of lightning, prompting Sebiscuits to run. Burnbottom followed and knocked him off a bridge.

As he attempted to run, a series of vines grabbed and strangled the latter. As it continued to wrap Sebiscuits, Burnbottom fired lightning, decapitating Sebiscuits. However, the “death” he met was not permanent. Sebiscuits’ soul entered a state of limbo, where he met the spirit of Rotta Hecks. Rotta explained several things to Sebiscuits. After reconciling with Rotta, Sebiscuits requested a return to the physical world rather than go on to the paradise awaiting him in heaven. Knowing he merely wanted to return to help other people, God agreed.

Meanwhile, the S.M.S.B. boarded their skyfighters and went to rescue him. Upon their arrival, Burnbottom triumphantly disgraced Sebiscuits’ dead body and demanded surrender. At first, the heroes were heartbroken, especially Master Intelligence, Red X, and Lindsay. They all remained defiant. Sebiscuits slipped away in the ensuing mêlée, and Burnbottom regarded his return with shock. Hell Burnbottom’s henchmen started to fold under sheer weight of numbers as the S.M.S.B. engaged them.

With the battle restarted, Cardarphen dueled the Lunch Money Bandit. Just as the newly confirmed NoHead trapped Sebiscuits, Red X took up the fight and killed the bandit. Cardarphen was later freed by Red X after her final defeat of Hell Burnbottom. Afterwards he continued to help the S.M.S.B.

Second Cold War and aftermathEdit

During the Battle of Transylvania, Sebiscuits participated in the battle that ensued. He protected Andromeda, who was being tailed by Becca Smith. Sebiscuits also attacked a Knight of Plague who had seized Force Baby's ankle with a Blasting Beam, which destroyed a model of the planet Pluto. The model blew up in the Knight's face; however, the impact broke Force Baby's ankle. Sebiscuits guided both the injured Force Baby and the inexperienced Andromeda until they met up with Master Intelligence and Lindsay. Sebiscuits was one of the last S.M.S.B. members to fall, eventually being stunned by a Knight of Plague and thrown across the room. He regained focus just before the end of the battle and fought Becca one-on-one. Becca tried to run, but Sebiscuits pursued and killed her with a Death beam. In the end, Sebiscuits survived relatively unscathed.

The battle also saw the deaths of Red X and Andromeda, Sebiscuits left to the MBH with the others. Meanwhile, Master Intelligence went to stay with an old friend named Myra Gordon, where he met a man named Thomas Meyer and befriended him. Finally, Intelligence returned with Thomas, who he had appointed an S.M.S.B. member and given him the alias of Centauri.

Fall of Centauri Edit

Centauri and Sebiscuits quickly became friends; Sebiscuits even defended him when Lindsay and Centauri got into a fight.

The S.M.S.B. headed to the t and i Factory, and after they entered into the seven Defense Chambers, it was Sebiscuits who freed his friends from a patch of Dark vines they had dropped into by blasting it aside with lightning. Sebiscuits was eventually picked off, but his actions allowed Master Intelligence and Centauri to move on. Ultimately, the two of them succeeded in defeating the Dark Woman and protecting the hologram pit.

However, the plans Master Intelligence and Centauri had became more far-fetched. Finally, Centauri began to question the S.M.S.B.’s reality, and expressed this to Master Intelligence. Cardarphen, who was looking for Centauri, found him in the Fun Room, already arguing with Master Intelligence and Baby Strength. Centauri quickly became enraged and the three began to duel as Cardarphen found Kellerman wondering exactly what he was wondering, whether they should interfere. Cardarphen prevented Kellerman from doing anything and the two secretly watched, unwilling to take someone's side. Force Baby was killed in the process. This caused the end of Master Intelligence and Centauri’s friendship, and forced Centauri to flee, much to Cardarphen’s shock and dismay.

Death and post-mortem Edit

Cardarphen died at some point prior to 2230. Leaving the room following his passing, his latest apprentice, Matthew, felt as if he could not go on alone, but Sebiscuits, along with Master Intelligence, appeared as a ghost and told him they would always be with him, and told him how to begin.

Alternate timeline Edit

Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "Yes, it's called Operation: Raphael."
Pythoman: "Sweet! I've always wanted to meet him. Is he coming to us?"
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "I'm afraid not, Pythoman. Raphael is dead."
Pythoman: "What a tragedy. Where's his funeral gonna be at?"
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "He has been dead for a long time."
Pythoman: "Oh, no! I swear to it, I shall ensure his legacy is not wasted. I will do this if it's the last thing I do!"
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "Who has a higher IQ, you or a common rock?"
— Sebiscuits Cardarphen and Pythoman[src]

Death of Baby Intelligence Edit

During the Skirmish in the City Volcano, Sebiscuits Cardarphen clashed with Baby Intelligence and drove him out onto a steam pipe; retreating along it with Baby Intelligence in close pursuit. Attempting to gain the offensive, Baby Intelligence attacked first, only to be driven back by Cardarphen’s relentless assault. Leaping off the pipe onto one of the collection arms below them, Baby Intelligence again attacked, though Cardarphen easily fended off his blows before knocking him aside with a heavy backhand. The two immediately began wrestling, and they collapsed to the ground, where Cardarphen, yelling, hurled Baby Intelligence over the edge, where he fell into the lava below to his death.

Several changes occurred after the skirmish, which signified that no one was safe from the NoHeads. Annabeth Black insisted that Pythoman should continue working closely alongside them. Cardarphen protested against it, but he evidently had little to say about it. He would frequently offer Pythoman petty insults and physically punish him when Black wasn't looking. The latter also launched Black Industries, which Cardarphen helped her with.

By this point, Cardarphen had concocted a plan called Operation: Raphael. Excited, Pythoman cited that he had always wanted to meet Raphael, and asked if he would come to them. Cardarphen told him that Raphael was dead. Pythoman stupidly asked where his funeral was, to which Cardarphen impatiently explained that he had been dead for a long time. Pythoman swore he would uphold his legacy, to which Cardarphen insulted his intelligence, comparing it to that of a rock, before slapping him.

Cardarphen asked Pythoman what he had in mind. Pythoman suggested they keep Black out of it while he sold promotional ads for a farm of Deaformas Cardarphen raised. In response to this insult to Black, Cardarphen threatened to hurt him.

Endgame Edit

Eventually, Black captured Kellerman at their holdout and sardonically had many people, mostly consisting of mutants, invited to "come see a public spectacle". Flying to join them, Cardarphen faced an angry crowd held back by robot soldiers as his guards chained Kellerman on a dais. Black blasted Kellerman repeatedly with lightning, and Cardarphen did likewise by casting fire upon the superhero as the crowd shouted in protest.

After Pythoman arrived, Cardarphen prepared to finish Kellerman off, but then Telekinibabe and Optica emerged and killed Black's guards and saved Kellerman. While Black withdrew inside, the crowd began to rebel and attempted to fight the NoHeads, only for Cardarphen to coolly order the death of each and every individual in the crowd.

Physical description Edit

As a baby, Sebiscuits Cardarphen had a blue, flashy supersuit made for him by his master, Baby Intelligence, which came with a short scarlet cape. Cardarphen had a relatively basic hairstyle common for babies in film. When Sebiscuits joined the Darkness, like most NoHeads (except for Annabeth Black, Rotta Hecks, and a few others) it took a toll on his appearance. His nose became crooked and his eyebrows became straighter; his startlingly green eyes turned yellow and ominous. He was usually seen in a cloak, for which lied a tight, dark suit with long sleeves underneath.

In his life suit he was described as looking quite weird at first, with a vocabulator covering his mouth for breathing and most of his hair roasted off. His face was gaunt and pale, but he managed to retain some vestige of his handsome interior. He has always been tall for his age.

Personality and traits Edit

As a newborn, Sebiscuits was thoughtful and intelligent. He was friendly and easily got along with others despite his age. At the coming of the S.M.S.B., he was both helpful and generous; doing all that he could to help them, even if it involved risking his life. Though lovable, he also was one to carry grudges and was vengeful, but he usually held these two traits in check. He also hated being treated unjustly or being wrongly accused. He was fiercely loyal, doing anything to keep those he was close to from harm, at any cost. His only price for this dedication was loyalty in return.

Because of his fear of losing even more friends in such a manner, he kept to himself whenever possible. During this, however, he grew especially close to Baby Intelligence, considering him a big brother and a role model. Due to his sudden escalation from commoner to possibly the strongest S.M.S.B. member, pride and arrogance set in. He grew sensitive, self-appreciating, and slightly arrogant. He also hated being reprimanded or lectured.

He was naturally honest and despised lying and deception, and especially hated evil. Baby Intelligence’s divided attention and self-consciousness when it came to Sebiscuits hurt the baby, who at times wasn’t sure whether Intelligence liked him, something his heart craved. Therefore, he turned to a more complimenting, comforting source: Mr. Stupid NoHead.

His yearning to be loved, as well as appreciated, came out in his secretive devotion to NoHead and Paige, the only two people he truly thought appreciated or cared for him. As his fame grew, he knew that he was one of the best members of the S.M.S.B., believing that he could easily best any of the other trainees blindfolded with his sword tied behind his back. This coupled with his frustration at his perceived injustice at being kept at equal ranks with everyone else made him more and more bitter and distrustful of Baby Intelligence. His belief in them was shattered more and more as NoHead swayed him from trusting them. Slowly, his bond with everyone except NoHead was completely shaken and broken. Born out of this conflict was the NoHead within.

After becoming a NoHead, Sebiscuits’ personality changed completely. He was now a rattled infant, shaken by the perceived betrayal of his comrades. Sebiscuits initially remained uncertain, but regained his self-confidence following his killing of Paige in the city’s only volcano. He also gained a firm belief that love was a weakness and was utterly meaningless. This belief was especially prevalent after NoHead’s death in early 2020. Sebiscuits had an extremely low tolerance of failure, and did not get on well at all with Mean King or the Rockets. He was even known to destroy a few Rockets himself when they frustrated him. For their part, many locals despised and feared the Dark Lord. He also retained his former self’s distaste for dishonesty and deception. However, he did develop a tendency to craft some falsehoods, or at the very least half-truths. Despite his rather rocky relationship with Rockets and the Mean King, Sebiscuits got along quite well with Annabeth Black and the more intelligent RC-5. He eventually warmed up to the other Rockets as well. One reason Sebiscuits was popular with the troops was his willingness to fight in the front line, and not expect of anyone anything he was not willing to do himself. In addition, he occasionally praised surviving units for their efforts. He also held some disgust towards the times the other NoHeads betrayed their friends for power, even when it was to their benefit.

Despite his actions, Sebiscuits apparently believed he was doing what was good for the world. He also appeared to have had a high sense of self-loathing as a result of his actions. He expressed the belief that NoHead control was the only way the world could attain peace, justifying his actions as necessary to accomplish this. In addition, he also made it clear to Rotta at one point that, while he did kill when he felt it needed to be done, like Burnbottom he did not take amusement at it like his Master. In addition, he came to believe that he was irredeemable, which he relayed to Baby Intelligence during their third encounter, in response to the hero’s attempts to get Sebiscuits to free himself from the grip of the dark side. Shortly after his reconstruction, he admitted that Baby Intelligence was indeed right about his still having good in him.

In the end of his evil career, Sebiscuits broke away from the Darkness, becoming whole once again. Redeemed by his master’s love, Sebiscuits became a good leader and a powerful being.

Powers and abilities Edit

S.M.S.B. member Edit

Sword combat Edit

Sebiscuits Cardarphen was trained by who was possibly the solar system’s most promising teacher, Baby Intelligence. Through him, Cardarphen would inherit a rich tradition of sword training. Sebiscuits’ style featured elements of many masters, making him outstandingly talented, even at a very young age. As a result, he was an extremely skilled and vastly experienced sword duelist. Before his betrayal, Sebiscuits was known as one of the most skilled duelists in the S.M.S.B. Next to Baby Intelligence, he was the MBH’s most agile swordmaster. Cardarphen was the only person besides Mr. Stupid NoHead and Hell Burnbottom who was known to have kept up a duel with Intelligence for more than a few seconds, though only Burnbottom and NoHead could say they could best him at it. Though styles like Stil I, Stil III, and Stil V were more practical in the age of guns, Sebiscuits’ competitive spirit drove him toward the fourth form of sword combat, Ataru. He exclusively utilized Ataru in combat, believing that duelists who devoted themselves to the study of multiple combat forms would never attain the same level of mastery as ones who devoted themselves to a single style.

Both Stil IV and V variants became the favored fighting styles of Sebiscuits, as their aggressive and strength-oriented fighting methods fit well with his competent, confrontational personality type. Due to his natural talent for sword combat, he advanced quickly, an achievement which fed his ego, and he came to consider himself a match for Baby Intelligence (albiet that he was proved right in two cases). His specialty in the Shien form stood him in good stead during heated engagements with blaster-wielding foes, such as the First Battle of Palmyra. Sebiscuits also studied Form VI to develop his skills with dual-blades, though he commented that he was working on this mostly as an exercise in control.

As the Second NoHead War progressed, Cardarphen spent the following months of the conflict developing his skills in its many pitched battles. He began using brute strength to overwhelm his opponents as well, and was also known to attack his opponents by lunging at them. Evidence of his prowess included confrontation with Mr. Stupid NoHead or Rotta’s NC bodyguards, as well as numerous sparring matches with Baby Intelligence. Relying on both strength and agility, Sebiscuits proved able to adequately fend off or evade enemy attacks while immediately offering counters. He occasionally applied Ataru-styled acrobatics during combat, but he preferred to rely on pure Shien during the few sword duels he fought before his fall from grace. The aggressive Form V encouraged practitioners to actively attempt to dominate their foes, and as the war progressed, Sebiscuits drew on his anger and rage with mounting frequency, sliding ever closer to the dark side. When confronting NoHead for the first time, Sebiscuits relied heavily on these emotions to fuel his offense, demonstrating both overwhelming strength and bewildering speed as he bashed through NoHead’s precision defense and disarmed him (though it can be noted NoHead didn’t mean to kill, and as such had let him win). After the fight, Mayor Katie Black acknowledged Sebiscuits as the finest swordsman stylist that she had ever seen.

It also proved to Mr. Stupid NoHead that Cardarphen was worthy of being his apprentice.

Powers Edit

Although extremely young and having less than perfect training, Sebiscuits Cardarphen was one of the most powerful living beings in the solar system. However, Cardarphen’s focus was given more towards improving his sword skills than his powers. As such, while Sebiscuits’ raw power was immense, his knowledge of them was limited to fairly straightforward techniques at the time. Sebiscuits was one of the most powerful members of S.M.S.B.; however, it also made Sebiscuits arrogant. When he came to the MBH at five months, he began to develop at a faster and accelerated pace than even Baby Intelligence himself, further feeding his pride and self-importance.

Cardarphen was skilled in the use of telekinesis able to lift heavy objects with minimal effort. He often used his mastery of telekinesis to augment his dueling prowess, and was quite skilled at attacking other mutants with telekinetic strikes. He could also leap several stories every bit as effortlessly. Sebiscuits was also capable of a powerful telekinetic shove, which was notably equally strong as Baby Intelligence’s, and neither could overcome the other once locked together in the City Volcano. Sebiscuits was also very skilled with shooting lightning and fire, as it was his primary superpower. Sebiscuits also could enhance his speed when necessary, and was able to use it to increase the efficiency of his sword skills. Sebiscuits was also attuned with visions, though this proved to be a weakness when it led to his temporary death in 2033. He also possessed a keen sense, such as when he sensed the assassination attempt on Baby Intelligence. During his clashes with Hell Burnbottom and Cygnus Evans, Sebiscuits also proved he could block beams with his hands using a variant of telekinesis. Sebiscuits could also use his powers to tame and ride unfriendly creatures.

Because his body had been severely burned in the City Volcano, Cardarphen was thought to have lost much of his potential, although he nonetheless retained an incredibly high control of both light side and dark side powers. After he was retrained, Sebiscuits was believed to have had roughly 80 percent of the power of Baby Intelligence. Nevertheless Sebiscuits wielded tremendous power and skill, enough to use his powers to overpower almost any opponent he could not defeat with his sword. Had the duel with Intelligence not taken place, Sebiscuits would have been far more powerful than Baby Intelligence, but also would never have joined the light side. As it was, the villain Spicy Mead acknowledged that he had never encountered a mutant as powerful as Sebiscuits, and that it would be foolish for Baby Intelligence not to fear him. Intelligence, understanding love and having gone out of his way to keep Sebiscuits alive, took an alternative viewpoint. Though it was true to say that he had not expected Sebiscuits to return a cyborg, Intelligence believed that most of the limitations on Sebiscuits’ potential power were not physical but psychological, as was often the case with emotionally disturbed mutants like Mrs. Twisted NoHead or Brute Gunray. He believed that, were Sebiscuits to fully confront his choices and completely shake himself out of his guilt, he would have been able to reawaken the incredible power within him. Once Sebiscuits got used to his armor and re-tooled his fighting style, he regained some of his confidence and became one of the most powerful protagonists in world history. However, he would always be haunted to varying degrees by the choices he had made, even to the point of what amounted to temporary insanity during the second month of the American Purge. Thus, while Sebiscuits made progress in that regard, he was never fully able to accept who and what he had become, and therefore never fulfilled his full potential.

In combat, Cardarphen was extremely adept at utilizing telekinetic attacks, and often made liberal use of his telekinetic abilities during duels. He was capable of performing incredibly powerful telekinetic shoves and grips, and was capable of breaking through the telekinetic defenses of Spicy Mead and the Dark Flame, even in old age. He was also very proficient in summoning objects, and was able to generate enough power with his attacks to easily kill Muggle assailants. One of Sebiscuits Cardarphen’s favorite tactics during duels was his use of lightning, an ability some criminals forgot he still possessed. Thirteen years after his duel with Baby Intelligence, it still sufficed against Hell Burnbottom’s use of the ability. This served as both an effective attack and a way of demoralizing his opponents. Despite this, he still used it rarely. On one occasion, he also demonstrated the ability to shoot flames. During a brief rematch with Hell Burnbottom, he was able to drive him out with this method alone. Sebiscuits also demonstrated the ability to both block and redirect beams and lightning telekinetically. He could also use his sword to ground extremely high-intensity blasts of lightning with little effort. Cardarphen also favored the use of telekinetically hurled objects. He first utilized this technique as a NoHead, during his duel in the City Volcano with Baby Intelligence, slicing shards of metal from the walls and shooting them at his opponent. However, Intelligence’s mastery of Ataru allowed him to deflect the shards. After gaining his armor, Sebiscuits used this tactic to bring down Ronald Goyle, ripping apart the platforms in their battleground and flinging waves of debris at the evildoer from all sides. Additionally, when applying this technique against Goyle, Sebiscuits did not even need to extend his hand.

Besides the life support it provided his ravaged body, Cardarphen’s armor also offered limited protection against the blades of swords. In combat, a quick blow from a sword appeared to cut the armor only shallowly, although this was enough to draw a surprised cry. However, most of the armor was purposely made out of non-sword resistant material, as Sebiscuits worried that he might grow sloppy if he relied too much on his armor to protect him in duels.[9]

NoHead Edit

Sword combat Edit

When Sebiscuits Cardarphen at long last embraced the Darkness, he maintained his Stil IV mastery, but utilized it in an even more brutal fashion, becoming a frightening opponent. He remained an extremely skilled duelist, however, his aggression became his fatal flaw, as he would become so controlled by it that it would give way to his rage. Though young, strong, athletic, and a master swordsman gifted with more raw power than any other mutant, he lacked the experience, calm, and focus that his former master possessed. Though Sebiscuits could, and would call on the dark side to overpower his opponents, his mounting emotions distracted him, clouding his judgment and preventing him from executing his form as well as Baby Intelligence executed his. Whereas Sebiscuits’ strength lay in his offensive barrage, Intelligence’s strength resided in his staunch defense.

Baby Intelligence was regarded as the greatest masters of sword combat ever, and his absolute dedication to it would prove vital to his victory. Sebiscuits, frustrated by his inability to break through this defense, began making mistakes and leaving openings that he otherwise would have avoided had he remained focused and patient. Baby Intelligence, similar to his final duel with Mean King, would utilize his “wait them out” method, relying entirely on the defensive and energy-conservative moves until the opponent became frustrated or fatigued, causing them to leave sloppy openings in their offense that Intelligence could then exploit. Sebiscuits’ frustration and arrogance eventually caused him to make a tactically fatal decision, and resulted in his defeat and severe mutilation.

Sebiscuits was one of the NoHead’s most agile swordmasters. During the time of the NoHead War, it was said that aside from Baby Intelligence, only Mr. Stupid NoHead would have been his equal on neutral ground. Though styles like Form I, Form III, and Form V remained practical, Sebiscuits continued use of Form IV, which he utilized exclusively in combat. He maintained his belief that duelists who devoted themselves to the study of multiple combat forms would never attain the same level of mastery as ones who devoted themselves to a single style. Despite his specialization, he still possessed a working knowledge of all the other forms, and was competent enough with them to assist Rotta Hecks in their use. Sebiscuits was a strong proponent of both single-bladed and dual-bladed combat, a skill he shared with Rotta.

In combat, he used his bladework to redirect and deflect, rather than attempting to meet his opponent head on. He fended off enemies with a minimal expenditure of energy before unleashing rapid and devastating counters, and was known to attack with a fencing-style thrust. As per Ataru training regimens, Sebiscuits relied heavily on his footwork to outmaneuver his enemy, basing himself on balance, back-and-forth assaults, and sudden retreats. This is particularly shown in his myriad of battles with Baby Intelligence and Baby Strength, with whom he easily remained the superior warrior. His skill in Form II was such that he could hold his own against up to four opponents with little difficulty, despite the fact that Ataru Makashi was not suited for combat in confined spaces. He was also extremely competent at deflecting bullets, despite Ataru’s weakness against projectile weapons. The only one to best his mastery of Ataru was Baby Intelligence himself. However, like virtually all Ataru practitioners, Sebiscuits had a great deal of difficulty producing any caution in his attacks. This flaw would eventually prove to be his undoing.

Upon joining the NoHeads, there was little NoHead could teach Sebiscuits about dueling, instead spending just as much time learning how to use taunts to disrupt an opponent’s concentration by the use of psychological warfare. As a NoHead, he sometimes combined telekinesis with the use of lightning or strangulation. Despite his mastery of telekinesis, he strongly disliked the saber throw technique, believing that one’s sword should always remain in one’s hand. This was also a preference he shared with Hell Burnbottom.

Powers Edit

Sebiscuits Cardarphen also had limited healing rays, and once used them to heal himself of a deadly plague. In addition, he could still subdue and control animals. He also learned how to forcibly rip information out of the minds of his enemies. Sebiscuits also knew how to cloak his presence. Though this concealment was hard to break, it was still possible.

After his conversion to the Darkness, Sebiscuits mastered many of its more infamous powers. He was highly skilled with the ability of strangulation. He also had a particular liking for his pyrokinesis, respecting it as his primary ability. He used it to incapacitate Paige at the police station and attempted to do the same to both Baby Intelligence and Baby Strength, though the latter two were able to block it. Sebiscuits would display his mastery of this power on numerous other occasions. Sebiscuits could also use his powers to enhance his own physical capabilities - this enabled him to become incredibly athletic and acrobatic in combat, and simultaneously maintain phenomenally precise and effective footwork and even acrobatic feats to gain leverage on his opponents.

Sebiscuits also made extensive use of telekinetic crushes, as he demonstrated numerous times throughout his life. On a similar note, he was also capable of telekinetically destroying a target’s internal organs. He was also capable of redirecting bullets, sometimes even at whomever fired them. In addition, he utilized telekinetic deflections several times during his evil career, making simple barriers which were evidently capable of dissipating bullets and even beams.

The Dark mutant could also use telepathy. He showcased on multiple occasions that he was much stronger than most babies. Sebiscuits also demonstrated remarkable physical durability and resistance to pain throughout his time as a NoHead. On at least two occasions, he was slammed into the ground, and hardly reacted in either case. Additionally, he could use his powers to survive explosions and freezing temperatures.

Other abilities Edit

Sebiscuits was fluent in English and later, French, German, Spanish, and to a certain degree, Italian. He was also fluent in NoHead code and ancient language. He was a man of many talents. He was well known for his exceptional piloting skills, skills that helped earn him a rank in the S.M.S.B.; having such a piloting reputation that some would go so far as to argue he was the best pilot in the world. During the NoHead War, Sebiscuits was one of the country’s best and most famous pilots. He perfected an assortment of strategies; most notable was his skill at opening fire just before passing through enemy formations, leaving little time for evasion. He also displayed relentless tenacity in chasing down his targets as well as shaking off target locks. The latter ability would later be displayed by his singular apprentice in 2224. His abilities garnered the attention of both Mayor Katie Black and his peers. At the Battle of the Wasp, Sebiscuits was able to safely land the huge cruiser that was the Wasp, despite the fact that he was only flying half a ship, and it was not even built to be able to land, as well as implying the possibility that he might not know how to fly the ship to begin with.

Sebiscuits was also known to be an exceptional mechanic. He could fix anything from a damaged robot to a malfunctioning speeder. Sebiscuits quickly understood how things worked, and his strong knowledge of mechanical systems coupled with his powers allowed him to pilot most vehicles and skyfighters. During the NoHead War, Sebiscuits extensively modified the emergency skyfighter he was allowed to keep into a fully customized skyfighter; modifications that would pave the way for the fighter. Sebiscuits also often tinkered with his skyfighter. He continued to use this fighter as a NoHead, and he continued to design his own specifications, having narrowed larger angular wings, a considerably longer engine, and thicker support struts than the standard S.M.S.B. fighter. TIE. In addition, Sebiscuits could use his powers to hone both his skyfighter and his sword, rendering both more effective.

Sebiscuits was a brilliant strategist and, even with his life suit he was still one of the greatest pilots in the world. His armor did not dull the precognition ability he possessed since childhood and he was able to predict the movements of his targets during dogfights with pinpoint precision. He still possessed his former persona’s amazing engineering skills, having personally overseen the design of both his second skyfighter and the S.M.S.B. Motor Home’s construction. In addition, he also possessed his former persona’s exceptional piloting skills—During a pilot training exercise, Sebiscuits, after joining the simulator exercise, managed to shoot down everyone despite his targeting computers being disabled prior to launch; saving Lindsay Kellerman, widely considered to be the best pilot in the group, for last. He then proceeded to toy with Lindsay; did various maneuvers and random blasts; matched his every move; before shooting him down despite Lindsay’s best efforts.

Sebiscuits was also proficient in hand-to-hand combat; in brawls, he was able to bruise full-grown Fobble men with ease.

Possessions Edit

Sebiscuits Cardarphen carried a number of different swords throughout his life; during training sessions, he utilized a training sword, but in an underground chamber in the MBH, he constructed his own sword in a trance state. During the trance, Sebiscuits fought a vision of Hell Burnbottom, who tossed him the sword that Sebiscuits was unknowingly building. Sebiscuits refused to use the weapon in battle and used his training sword, but when it broke, Sebiscuits banished the vision and awoke to find the completed blade in his lap. For the weapon, Cardarphen used six energizers, an unusually small amount. Sebiscuits used that weapon up until the Skirmish at the State Capitol, where it was destroyed by Baby Intelligence. He later took his magma sword where it was in progress in the volcano, as well as the fallen Nelson’s. This allowed for dual-bladed combat, as was Sebiscuits’ specialty. Sebiscuits used these weapons up until his duel with Baby Intelligence, where his first weapon broke and Intelligence took the second weapon after the NoHead’s defeat; Baby Intelligence eventually gave the weapon back to him after his redemption.

Later, Cardarphen constructed a new weapon, one that was energy on metal, instead of lava on stone, and he used this weapon up until his death. Sebiscuits also kept a collection of swords that he had claimed from police killed during Operation: Purge.

Relationships Edit

Etymology Edit

The name “Sebiscuits” is short for “See The Biscuits Burn.” This matches his pyrokinetic powers perfectly. “Biscuits” in classic slang also means “rear end,” unmistakably referring Sebiscuits to this definition. Seabiscuit (a very similar name) was also a famous horse from the 1930s. D. Isaac Thomas seemed unaware of the coincidence.

Behind the scenes Edit

Sebiscuits was originally invented for The Super Babies: Book V: The Final Chapter as the ultimate villain — an evil Super Baby. Eventually his career expanded to the prequels, where he was a major character. Although it hung in the balance whether or not he was once a noble hero, or if he was always evil, the author, D. Isaac Thomas, had always planned it as such. Because Thomas’ mother thought the idea of electrocution was getting old, and Thomas agreed with that, he made Sebiscuits pyrokinetic instead, meaning he could shoot flames, beams, and rays as well.

Seabiscuit (a very similar name) was also a famous horse from the 1930s. D. Isaac Thomas seemed unaware of the coincidence.

Appearances Edit

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Notes and references Edit

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