"You destroyed everything I loved. You destroyed me that day, Dexter. Yet I was reborn. Stronger, wiser. I have surpassed you."
―Sean Cornelly[src]

Sean Cornelly was a male Human police officer serving the the U.S. Government until he was fired. Turning away from all he had ever known, Cornelly eventually turned away from the Order to became a pirate in the state of Maine.

Biography Edit

Born in Maine in 1986, Sean Cornelly was taken to the Police Grand Army at a young age. While he was disinterested in the First NoHead War, he still wanted to become an officer to enforce the laws of the U.S. Government. During his training, he became quick friends with the younger initiate Dexter.

In the library, Cornelly and Dexter discovered a book titled Secrets of the Darkest Mutantry. Fascinated by the device, Cornelly attempted to convince Dexter to help in gain access to the device. Citing the regulations of the book's explicit content, Dexter refused his friend and chastised him for broaching the subject. Undeterred, Cornelly slipped into the library and stole the book in secret, accessing its hidden knowledge within his own bedroom. Feeling sickened by what he was reading, Cornelly came to Dexter for help. As Dexter scolded his friend for stealing the book, officer Devyn Francis showed up and confiscated the book. Cornelly accused Dexter for stealing the book and Dexter, who was shocked by the accusation, hotly denied this.

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