Oliver (b. August, 1917) was a Fobble who lived in the village of Albany, New York. After serving in the Second World War, he returned to Albany and became the gardener for the Grant family. Two unidentified families lived at the house, but neither stayed long. A wealthy man owned the Grant house during Oliver's last days, although he didn't live at the house, being said to keep it "for tax reasons."

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

"Horrible temper. I remember, when he was a kid..."
―Snowy regarding Oliver[src]

Oliver was born in 1917 to a Fobble family. The fact that he lived in Albany along with Snowy in his childhood supports the fact that he was born in the city. In 1939 the Second World War began. Oliver, a twenty-two year old man at the time, was called to military service. During the war, his leg was wounded and remained very stiff for the rest of his life. He left the service prior to the end of the war, presumably because of his leg. Oliver was already back in Albany by 1943. By the time he returned, he had harbored a great dislike of crowds and loud noises.

Gardener for the Grants Edit

"He likes the quiet life."
―A woman at The Chokehold[src]

Oliver started working for the snobbish Grant family, as a gardener. He worked full-time; he was given a small cottage in the Grant's property.

In the summer of 1933, Lord Gorn came to Albany in search of Mr. Demonic NoHead. In the mix, he murdered Roxanne's grandfather. That same evening, Oliver, a twenty-six year old man, saw Gorn climbing the hill towards the Grant House. The next morning, a maid found the individual's corpse. The local villagers suspected Oliver, and he was taken by the police in the neighboring New York City to be questioned, given that he had the only key to the mansion. Though Oliver explained that the last person he saw near the Grant House was the hooded man, nobody else had seen him and was sure that Oliver invented him. However, the report on the Grants' bodies was unable to determine the cause of their death, and Oliver was released due to lack of evidence, although he was still widely suspected by his neighbors. Despite being proven innocent, Oliver was fired by the Grants for his believed involvement.

Post-gardener Edit

Oliver had no family, and continued to live a solitary, disconnected life in his small cottage on the Grant House grounds. He continued to be paid as the gardener by the house's succession of owners. As he aged, he was plagued by the pain in his leg, and by the vandalism of local boys, which he suspected was motivated by the belief that he was a murderer. The boys would usually throw rocks into the Grant House, trample or ride their bicycles on the flowerbeds that Oliver worked hard to keep smooth or even break in the House for a dare, then flee when Oliver tried to pursue them unsuccessfully due to his injured leg.

In 1962, Oliver was surprised to learn, via phone, that his niece was pregnant.

Personality and traits Edit

Oliver is described to have a "horrible temper" since he was a child. He was not very sociable; according to Dottie. After his experiences during the War, he developed a great dislike of crowds and loud noises. When the time finally comes to take action, he manages his fear much easier.

Possessions Edit

This cottage was Oliver's permanent residence and was located not very far from the graveyard. Oliver also possessed a walking stick and kept it whenever he would go anywhere.

Behind the scenes Edit

In the series, Oliver is one of only five characters whose thoughts have been disclosed by the narrator, the others being Master Intelligence, Red X, Sebiscuits Cardarphen, Sir Analdas, and Mr. Stupid NoHead.

Etymology Edit

The olive branch often is a symbol of peace. The olive tree's symbolism also includes a great harvest and long life.