The NoHead era takes place between 1950 and 2180.[1]. In other words, it encompasses everything between the birth of the NoHeads and the beginning of the Second S.M.S.B. era.

1950s Edit

  • 1953: When the NoHeads were just starting out, they build a base in secret, working with many robots and speeding up the construction with their powers.
  • 1955: Mr. Demonic NoHead goes to find someone who posed a great threat to him, and pressures Suzie into joining him and the accompanying group of NoHeads. On the way to the house, they encountered a trench. Mr. Demonic NoHead uses an Extendable Bridge, allowing the hunting party to cross. However, the wizard who made the trench blocked their path. The wizard cunningly gives Demonic the metal tube, and gives the Arts to the NoHeads.
    • After killing the wizard, Mr. Demonic NoHead, Suzie, and the other NoHeads finish their journey. Demonic immediately uses the metal tube to kill the enemy he had set off to destroy. The NoHeads leave Suzie behind, her uses exhausted, but she is later rescued by Mr. Dire NoHead.
    • Mr. Dire NoHead becomes the Guardian of the Gates.
  • 1959: Niman, the sixth form of sword combat, is invented.
  • Saul Cameron is born to Lieutenant Adeline Rey and Sergeant Keith Cameron.

1960s Edit

  • 1962: An unidentified individual becomes pregnant with a boy, and she informs Oliver via phone.
  • 1962: The boy is born at an unknown location.

1970s Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead
  • 1979: Mr. Crooked NoHead is ambushed by Mr. Blooded NoHead. Blooded engages Crooked in a sword duel and is defeated. Crooked examines the rogue’s available resources and discovers a list that reveals many things to him, including the pregnant state of his wife, amid others.
  • 1979: Mr. Stupid NoHead is born and taken to the nursery.

1980s Edit

  • 1981: Mr. Demonic NoHead finds the long lost datapad of Lord Smasa.
  • 1984: Bladepoint's path towards the police began when he left his home with a friend, who had discovered his potential, on an old airplane en route to New York City to seek employment. However, the plane is destroyed beyond repair and Bladepoint and his friend touch to ground safely. Doomed, but alive, they spend several days camping until their sensors pick up a nearby hotel. They go there on foot to get help. A male celebrity happened to be there, who reveals to them that he can help Bladepoint use his surprising potential to fight crime. He offers to train him, and a shocked Bladepoint agrees. The celebrity takes Bladepoint and his friend to his home where he trains Bladepoint to harness his talent and use it to its fullest, and also to learn self-control.
  • 1985: Not long after Bladepoint's training is complete, a police fighter picks up their distress signal and rescued the two friends. Departing the celebrity’s home, Bladepoint went to New York City where he would continue his training at the police station. Eventually, Bladepoint passes the trials and was equipped with a real gun.

1990s Edit

  • 1990: Mykew Hadeline begins her criminal career.
    • A battle is fought in the First NoHead Base between the forces of the NoHeads and the police. The battle is fought with the NoHeads' robotic fighters and police P-80 fighters. The goal of the police fighters is to disable and destroy the NoHead Base in order to prevent the base, which is charging up its superweapon, from destroying the police station and continuing a reign of terror.
  • 1994: Mr. Stupid NoHead realizes the decision of war was obvious and tells Mr. Crooked NoHead, his father, that he should go and massacre the police. Mr. Crooked NoHead authorizes this action.
    • Following this, Mr. Stupid NoHead goes to the police station, where he destroys all the police inside it. However, Bladepoint and Zett manage to survive the purge, along with a handful of others.
    • The First NoHead War comes to an apparent end.
  • 1996: Rachel becomes a member of the Fencing Club and is ranked number three on the Club's top-ten duellists list (behind Jamboga Pine and Roger Black).
  • 1997: Mr. Stupid NoHead is kidnapped by members of Sanct Security, which Mr. Crooked NoHead had made sure would occur by acknowledging his son as an acquaintance in public with Max as a witness.
    • Shortly thereafter, Ms. Bitter NoHead’s graduation takes place. During it, Mr. Crooked NoHead is nearly killed by assassins in a hit ordered by Max Tegan and Sanct Security.
    • As Crooked focuses his efforts to foil the kidnapping attempt and use it to locate Max, he is unaware that a second attack had been planned against him. Sage Preston is contacted by the assassins with the information, and immediately notifies Mr. Stupid NoHead. The two arrive at the Dark Lodge as Crooked, gravely injured and barely conscious, is lashing out against his attackers. All the others, including the employs at the front of the building, had been killed.
    • Mr. Stupid NoHead personally executes Max Tegan and many other members of the Gran Protectorate in the embassy.
    • The police are unable to find any culprits behind either incident, even though the Government Investigatory Committee forms a special task force to look into the matter in the wake of Senator Kim’s assassination.

2000s Edit

2010s Edit

  • 2010: Hell Burnbottom trains his brothers, Brute Gunray and Mean King in mind resistance. They become skilled enough to repel their parents' attempts at mind resistance.[2]
  • 2011: The Lunch Money Bandit dispatches bombers on a grocery store in Rochester.
  • Alice saves the store by shooting down the bombers from inside her skyfighter.
  • Alice climbs out and headed into the store to check on damage done in it. After briefly speaking with the manager, Alice feels something drawing her towards the lower levels of the store. She makes her way down the steps and finds a collection of ancient artifacts hidden there. One box calls to her, but when she tries to open it, she is confronted with a vision of events she does not understand. After the vision ends, she falls to the floor. The shaken Alice rushes out of the store crying.

2019 Edit

April Edit

  • The Lynch and Stewart families attend a family reunion.
  • The majority of the aforementioned families, amid others, are destroyed.
  • Baby Strength and Force Baby become orphaned.


July Edit

  • Mr. Stupid NoHead reveals himself to the public.
  • Baby Intelligence and Mr. Stupid NoHead duel for the first time.
  • The MBH is built.
  • Bomb Man is arrested.
  • Baby Intelligence learns that Rotta Hecks (his mother) is a NoHead.
  • Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence's mission to rescue Mayor Katie Black proved to be successful, as Sebiscuits barely managed to crash-land the Wasp in the streets.
  • Sebiscuits joins the S.M.S.B.
  • On Mr. Stupid NoHead's orders, Rotta Hecks begins the construction of a new NoHead base.
  • Baby Strength and Force Baby join the S.M.S.B. in July.

August - October Edit

  • Using the teleportation device, Elise Mentum conducted an experiment to travel back in time for more than a few hours. She was trapped, for a period of five days, in the year 1419. When she was finally retrieved to the present, her body had aged five centuries, and she died.
  • Elise's excursion to the past provoked a great disturbance to the life paths of all those she met, changing the present so dramatically that no fewer than twenty-five of their descendants vanished in the present, having been "un-born".
  • Time itself was disturbed. Tuesday following Elise's reappearance lasted two and a half full days, and August, September, and October shot by in the course of a single day, leading up to November.

November Edit

  • Paige and three police attempted to arrest Mr. Stupid NoHead after the S.M.S.B. attacked the NoHead Base, but failed and were killed by NoHead. Paige was defeated only with assistance from the manipulated Sebiscuits. Sebiscuits subsequently became NoHead's new apprentice.
  • The robot soldiers led by Sebiscuits raid the police station.
  • A robot squad collected an energy crystal towards the end of its battle to power the NoHead Base's superlaser.
  • A homing beacon in the police station was altered by Baby Intelligence to preserve the police.
  • Sebiscuits dueled Baby Intelligence, and was picked up by Mr. Stupid NoHead after being disarmed. He proceeded to remotely deactivate the NoHead Rocket Army, allowing for Rocket soldiers to take their place.
  • Sebiscuits meets Hell Burnbottom.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead murders Zach and Bridgett Kellerman, but his lightning rebounds off Lindsay Kellerman, his target. He leaves in anger after failing to find her in the house.

December Edit

  • The S.M.S.B. engages the Rocket army.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead murders Rotta Hecks, despite feeble resistance from Rotta.
  • Paige is killed at Sebiscuits' hand.
  • The Rocket army is temporarily deactivated.

Unknown monthEdit

The lead singer and lyricist of a punk band is captured by robot soldiers. He manages to escape, but is then murdered by Augustus Salt.

2060s Edit

  • March 2060: Rocken Role and Wesley Carrier release a 2-CD album with four newly re-recorded songs. They also release a hardcover biography and picture book, spanning Role's career from NYC Music to the present day.
  • 2063: Rocken Role’s parents die in an accident. Role is depressed, but Wesley Carrier is able to comfort him enough for him to continue his musical career, which had truly been long and abundant.
  • 30 September, 2064: Along with Wesley Carrier, Rocken Role releases the album Undisclosed.
  • 15 December, 2069: Centauri delved into his research on the Sword of Abomination and uncovered its location.

2070s Edit

  • 2070: The strong friendship between Centauri and Master Intelligence came to a sudden end. During a row, a three-way duel broke out between Master Intelligence, Centauri, and Baby Strength which ended in the accidental death of Force Baby.[3]
  • 2070: Centauri, now renamed the Dark Flame, broke into George Thames' workshop and stole the Sword of Abomination.
  • 2071: Wesley Carrier goes into retirement, while Rocken Role continues in his career.
  • 2071: The Asian Revolution begins.
  • 2073: Rocken Role executive produces, stars in, and contributes a song he was already working on for a movie called The Unborn Dopplehanger.
  • 2074:
    • April: Rocken Role fronts the remaining members of Nirvana for a performance of “People In The Spirit” for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He joins the band again later that night for its surprise concert at St Vitus.
    • Role becomes the first to win the Sun God Award.
    • 24 April: Alternative Press magazine holds its first-ever Alternative Press Music Awards, and Rocken Role receives the AP Icon Award.
  • 10 November, 2075: The album Supersonic Arachnids is released.
  • 2076: George joins the Knights of Meyer.

2080s Edit

2090s Edit

2100s Edit

  • 2103: Wesley Carrier is captured in the night by the forces serving Mella Montgomery.{{
  • 2104: Both the Knights of Meyer and the Team of Terror search for the Map of Light.
  • Jason, Sue, and Britney Grover go to Palmyra to stay with their uncle, Eegan.
  • Knights of Meyer under the command of the Dark Flame and Captain Photon attack Palmyra. Eegan attempts to flee in his skyfighter, but a pair of troopers disable the engines and capture him. The Dark Flame kills everyone in the city with a tornado, slays Eegan, and captures Jason, leaving Britney and Sue behind.
    • A man agrees to watch over Sue and Britney.
  • Master Intelligence and the S.M.S.B. are trapped in a landslide. When Master Intelligence emerges from it, he learns that everyone is okay, just before encountering Rocken Role. After a brief talk, Role reveals that Wesley Carrier was captured by Mella Montgomery, before leaving in his car.
    • KM-15 chooses to defect from the Knights of Meyer.
    • The Dark Flame fails to torture Jason for the Map of Light's whereabouts, and thus uses his mind probing power to learn that Sue and Britney have the Map.
    • KM-15 rescues Jason and brings him home. Along with Sue and Britney, the two sneak through the airport and stow aboard an airplane, minus KM-15, who departs.
    • KM-15 is killed for his disloyalty.
    • In China, the S.M.S.B. realizes that Mella Montegomery is the head of a vast criminal empire, so they let Imperial scouts capture them. Eventually, the others manage to escape capture thanks to George Thames, though George dies shortly after teleporting everyone away to the Role estate. Afterwards, Britney, Jason, and Sue show up and are able to recover the device, to ensure the Dark Flame will not have it.

2130s Edit

  • The Team of Terror takes shelter in a camp.
  • Anakin and Jay Organa are sent to help the Team of Terror evacuate said camp after the Knights of Meyer attack them. In the skirmish, Anakin escorts the others across a bridge. He and Jay are left dangling on the far end after the explosives placed on the bridge are detonated. Since the bridge cannot support both of them, Jay sacrifices himself, letting go to save Anakin.
  • Depressed, Anakin returns to T2 Holdout in tears. Teryn Weber notes that he will not speak to anyone for two days afterwards.


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