"Sebiscuits, did I ever tell you that there used to be many NoHeads? Paige led the police to ambush and massacre them. At age nine! [...] Only one survived. And I'm sure you know who that was."
―Baby Intelligence explains the Purge to Sebiscuits Cardarphen[src]

The NoHead Cataclysm, which took place in 2013 immediately before the end of the First NoHead War and was also known as the Great Cataclysm or simply as the Cataclysm, was the last conflict of the war. After wandering around the front of the NoHead base and nearly being killed for it, a child named Paige Nelson rallied the Police Grand Army to help her destroy them. Together, Nelson and the police stormed the NoHead base. This massacre marked the end of the NoHeads. Every single NoHead was killed except for Mr. Stupid NoHead and his sons. He managed to drive the police out, and within thirty-five minutes of the Purge’s inception, most of the NoHeads were wiped out.

During the fighting, Nelson altered a beacon that alerted any NoHeads who were not home to return to the base to assist the besieged NoHeads of a Grand Army ambush, where a garrison of officers lay in wait to finish them off. All of the NoHeads complied and were killed by squads of police. With the operation’s completion, the bodies of the slain NoHeads were publicly burned in a massive pyre.


In August, in the summer of 2013, Paige Nelson, now nearing her ninth birthday, woke up in the middle of the night and chose to go on a walk. During this, she saw a group of NoHeads led by grandmaster Mr. Crooked NoHead rendezvousing at the entrance of their base. Listening in, Nelson figured enough to learn that the master was planning to blow up the New Police Station with detonators in a crucial step to retake the solar system. Nelson thought she must report this to the Police Grand Army at once, but before she could successfully flee Mr. Crooked NoHead caught her eavesdropping. Mr. Crooked NoHead welcomed her into the room and, after a brief confrontation, attempted to kill her. Nelson countered the subsequent death beam with a force field, causing them to rebound. Paige Nelson managed to flee the base, and rallied the message to the police.

Paige rallied the Police Grand Army and convinced them to help her destroy the NoHead menace once and for all. To do this, she also brought up an invasion on the Town Hall that had been narrowly backfired, as well as the burning of Superhero University.

Before the Cataclysm commenced, Sheriff Bladepoint informed the leader of the Council of Outcasts, Lady Valora, of the upcoming massacre and asked her if she found it wise to do. Valora agreed, though she pointed out that it would be unwise to risk the entire army in a single battle. Bladepoint pointed out that because they would use their whole army, there was no risk. Valora agreed, though she still felt that Bladepoint underestimated the strength of Mr. Stupid NoHead. Nevertheless, she brought along the other members of the Council.

The attackEdit

Marching in formation to the gates of the NoHead Base, the Police Grand Army, led by Paige Nelson and Sheriff Bladepoint, entered the fortress, where they attacked its residents. The NoHeads refused to die without a fight in defense of their home and fought back, killing many officers.
The Object: "Nomasma, gool."
Mr. Stupid NoHead: "Your council has interfered for the last time, insectoid dross."
— The Object confronts Mr. Stupid NoHead[src]

The Object personally led the Diagonal Guard, which directly encountered Mr. Stupid NoHead. The Object confronted him, who asserted that the Council had interfered for the last time and telekinetically manipulated a fire to work as a weapon against his enemies, sending balls and bursts of black fire towards his enemies, annihilating the squad. The Object escaped the inferno, but barely.

Mr. Stupid NoHead, still hidden in the shadows, engaged in a rampant killing spree, until the police finally retreated, left with no other options.



Baby Intelligence explaining the NoHead Cataclysm to Sebiscuits Cardarphen.

Paige Nelson went to the Third NoHead Base months after the massacre to retrieve some information on rumored data pads that had possibly been hidden somewhere in the library’s vaults. Upon reflection, Paige felt guilty for all the killings, but still she believed that her actions were like any duty she had performed before: she had completed it to the best of her ability and felt no remorse for any of those she killed. In fact, she felt that her mission was more righteous than anything she had done for her friends. In reality, Paige had gone to the NoHead base to accept the killings committed there, so she could move past it, becoming stronger, and so that she would become docile in her current life.

Around that time, Mr. Stupid NoHead, who was determined to repair the damage and return the NoHeads to dominance, recovered the corpse of his father, Mr. Crooked NoHead, and realized he was the new master of the NoHeads. Thanks to NoHead, a new organization of robot soldiers surfaced on New York City in 2014, a resistance against the government. These robots attacked the government in the State Capitol. Some of the people present even joined the robot organization. Nevertheless, the police took down the resistance with Sheriff Bladepoint’s help. Because NoHead had “disappeared”, everyone believed the robots were acting without orders, despite Bladepoint’s protests.

Following the battle, every official recording of the battle was erased and the Base remained virtually untouched as a monument to the government’s power as well as a warning to their enemies, with the primary exception of the NoHead library. The room’s contents were stripped bare, looted, or vandalized beyond any chance of retrieval as time passed after the Operation. The only official records of the battle came from printed sources, more specifically an article on the police by Commander Max Tennar, included in a Handbook. No battle damage or vandalism was ever repaired. The only addition was a landing platform, made to replace the destroyed hangar, which jutted out of the side of the structure. The building was used to store swords taken from many slain NoHeads, among them Mrs. Wretched NoHead’s - that is, until NoHead recovered them and used them as emergency blades. Eventually, NoHead charged Mean King with finding duplicate examples of documents recovered from the ruined Archives to authenticate the findings.

Significance Edit

  • Virtual destruction of the NoHeads

Behind the scenes Edit

While the event was introduced in The Super Babies: Prequel III: The S.M.S.B., its name went unknown until 21 November, 2016. There, D. Isaac Thomas explained that Paige was tough, but not in a way that was particularly terrifying and continued with "...the NoHead Cataclysm showed that she's willing to commit genocide if pressured into it. [...] A purge like that needs a official name among in-universe history, right?"

The Super Babies: Daughter of the NoHeads Edit

"You can't remake your life. You'll always be an orphan. That never leaves you."
―Baby Intelligence's words to Daphine about her father[src]
The NoHead Cataclysm plays a major role during the climax of The Super Babies: Daughter of the NoHeads.

Daphine's mission Edit

In 2020, Daphine transports Baby Strength and Force Baby to 5 August 2013 — the day before the NoHead Cataclysm. The babies realize that Daphine intends to stop Mr. Stupid NoHead from trying to kill Paige, and thus triggering the destruction of his army when Paige rebounded and massacred the NoHeads.

Meanwhile, the boys' master is looking for them. Sebiscuits Cardarphen tells Baby Intelligence he had seen Baby Strength with a baby girl the night before. Baby Intelligence thought he must mean Daphine Kirke, Caleb’s niece. They go to see Caleb, who tells them that he never had a niece.

The adults race to the Fourth NoHead Base and find there writings revealing Daphine to be Mr. Stupid NoHead's daughter and that she believed she could restore him to power following the words of a prophecy.

Skirmish in the church Edit

Baby Strength and Force Baby are able to send a message to their Master by leaving a message under the latter's old baby blanket, shortly before this final trip back through time. Now aware of where their friends were, Baby Intelligence, Telekinibabe, Sebiscuits, and Lindsay head back to the Third NoHead Base in 2013 using another Time Machine in order to help the babies. They find Baby Strength and Force Baby, and all of them hid in a church, from which they can look out for Daphine without being seen.

Baby Intelligence volunteers to disguise himself into the cloak of Mr. Stupid NoHead, assisted by Baby Strength, and lead Daphine into a trap. The others plan to wait in the church behind the large wooden doors until Baby Intelligence is able to lure her inside.

Daphine finally appears and Baby Intelligence (disguised as Mr. Stupid NoHead) pretends not to know who she is. She explains that she is the child of Mr. Stupid NoHead and Rotta Hecks.

He tells her that together they could become an unstoppable force, but then Baby Strength removed the hood briefly. She saw that she was actually speaking to Baby Intelligence, claiming she had studied him and knew him better than her father did. She locks the doors to prevent the others jumping out to help. Without a sword, Baby Intelligence is forced to hide beneath a church pew while she attacks him. When Daphine is about to kill him, Baby Strength pops up through a hatch in the floor, throwing a sword to his master. Together, they're able to overpower Daphine.

Daphine begs them for mercy, claiming that she had only wanted to meet her father and be with him. Baby Strength wants to kill her to avenge Stanley, but Baby Intelligence stops him. In a moment of empathy for her, Baby Intelligence tells her that she must learn to live with the fact that she will always be an orphan, as he has.

Aftermath Edit

Daphine is then imprisoned in Beta Prison for her crimes. Daphine does not attend Superhero School as a result.

Author's comments Edit

"It is my belief that the NoHead Cataclysm showed that she's willing to commit genocide if pressured into it. [...] A purge like that needs a official name among in-universe history, right?"