Matthew (2213-2490) succeeded Sebiscuits Cardarphen as the head of the S.M.S.B. Having found him as a young boy, Cardarphen taught him all that he knew, in hopes that the S.M.S.B. would go on. Matthew became the Grandmaster in the 2220s, after Sebiscuits passed away, after all the other members. With the instruction of Master Intelligence and Cardarphen's ghosts, he became the leader of the Second S.M.S.B. He would die in the 25th century.

He was an ancestor of Zacharias.


Early life Edit

Mother: "You're doing well, son. Come inside, and have something to eat."
Matthew: "I can't, mother. I have to finish the south field."
Mother: "You're a hard worker, Matthew. And it'll pay off. One day, this will all be yours."
— Matthew working on the farm[src]

Matthew was born to two farmers in 2213. In 2217, he found out about Master Intelligence, who (unbeknownst to Matthew) was deceased, and the S.M.S.B.. He spent the first few years of his childhood on a farm. In elementary school, Matthew was generally an outcast.

In 2218, he would discover his powers. A boy was making fun of him, which made Matthew furious. He screamed and cursed at the boy, saying he hoped the boy sat on a tack and got run over. When the boy went to sit down, he immediately came in contact with a thumbtack before a car lost control and plummeted into the boy, killing him. Matthew was surprised, and this only grew after the boy's father strangled him in anger and let go as soon as Matthew thought that would be nice. A moment later, police arrived in their cars. Fortunately, the recess guard had witnessed the event and claimed Matthew did not kill the boy himself. As a result, Matthew was let off with a warning.

At home, he began to ponder over his new powers. Then he remembered about the S.M.S.B. and went to the MBH, hoping Baby Intelligence would accept him. However, Matthew learned that Master Intelligence had died decades ago and he was instead tested by Lindsay Kellerman. Matthew failed the testing for unknown reasons. This depressed him for a long time, until he realized he could be his own superhero. Unfortunately, he did not know where to start, understanding that Master Intelligence became a superhero by sheer fate and a sudden alien attack.

Discovered by Sebiscuits CardarphenEdit

Matthew: "What have I done, to deserve the honor of your company?"
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "My days upon the Earth are growing short. Someone must lead the S.M.S.B. when I am gone."
Matthew: "You'll die? When?"
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "I don't know. Soon. Come. We have a lot to get done."
— Matthew and Sebiscuits[src]

In 2219, Sebiscuits Cardarphen remembered Matthew from his tests with Lindsay Kellerman and sought him out. In the meantime, Matthew worked on his farm for several hours. At noon, his mother came for him and offered him lunch indoors, only for Matthew to insist that his work was unfinished. This remark pleased his mother, who reminded him that the farm would be his someday. Matthew continued with the wagon he was using, but after it became stuck on a boulder, Cardarphen approached him.

Matthew was honored by Cardarphen's visit to his family's farm, and his shock only increased when Sebiscuits named him the new Grandmaster of the fledgling S.M.S.B., since he would die soon. He beckoned Matthew to follow him to the MBH. Matthew turned, remembering that the field was still overgrown with dead grass, but realized the world needed him more than the farm did.

For the next few years, Sebiscuits Cardarphen taught Matthew all that he knew, in hopes that the S.M.S.B. would go on. In one lesson, he taught Matthew that the Light flowed around him and influenced him. He "must strengthen the nation, find the lost sheep and bring them back". He also brought him to the former home of Mr. Quake NoHead, explaining that their troubles began with unstable factions of former Dark mutants. He told Matthew to have faith in his powers, and to find others who still longed to serve the greater good and make a difference. He also taught him the S.M.S.B. Code and gave him a valuable rubric of their code.

Matthew was on his post sometime between 2224 and 2230 after Cardarphen passed away, after all the other members. On his deathbed, Sebiscuits asked Matthew what he wanted. Matthew asked only for a way to prove who he was about to become, to the outer world. Sebiscuits told him to fetch a token nearby, which Master Intelligence always carried with him. When Matthew exclaimed that he had found it, Sebiscuits died without another word. Leaving the room, the child felt as if he could not go on alone, but Cardarphen, along with Master Intelligence, appeared as a ghost and told him they would always be with him, and told him how to begin. With their instruction, he became the leader of the second S.M.S.B.

Discovering Justin Keith Edit

The first Second S.M.S.B. member Matthew recruited was Justin Keith, who was rebellious and could read minds. Occasionally, these traits would get him in trouble with Matthew, but they always made up in the end. He trained Keith in telekinesis and telekinetic levitation that he could levitate himself and Connor Horn them both for almost a kilometer — but that it would be highly energy-consuming.

At one point, Justin's thoughts got him — and the city — into trouble, creating a giant building upon a construction site called the Fun Zone. Many people became addicted to the location, which was free to access. Shortly afterwards, Matthew used a GPS to find Keith, tracking him to the Fun Zone. Shocked, Matthew telekinetically disassembled the building. He dragged Keith home and lectured him to be more careful about his powers.

Adversaries of the Second S.M.S.B. Edit

Matthew dedicated the majority of his life to chasing down criminals, much like Master Intelligence before him. By unknown means, he also induced Red, Rolf Sate, and Jane into the Second S.M.S.B. Though she was skilled in Ataru, Matthew began teaching the former Soresu and Vaapad, two powerful forms he was greatly skilled in. There is evidence that Matthew and Red had a deep emotional bond. Though Matthew was overly careful, Red’s presence seemed to soften this precaution.

The Canadian Massacre Edit

In Laos, Vula Ise, with Mr. Pulverizing NoHead at his side, set up a laboratory where he experimented on native Laotian subjects. The NoHead planned to assassinate Gary Stam and soon afterwards release a new plague, one that would adapt to any living species. Upon learning of this, Matthew dispatched Justin Keith, Rolf Sate, Jane, and Red. While Red protected Stam, Keith and Sate found Mr. Pulverizing NoHead and Ise. While Sate dueled Pulverizing, Keith went after Ise. However, Keith then felt a horrible disturbance: Mr. Devastating NoHead had returned from the dead. Ise used the opportunity to leap into the pit with a virus that would destroy all of Laos, but Keith managed to kill him and recover the virus. Before returning to the Second S.M.S.B. Praxeum, Keith received a vision of the future: he was fighting a reborn Mr. Devastating NoHead, and there was nothing after it.

Matthew learned of this as soon as the quartet returned. He congratulated them, claiming they were precisely what God had intended.

Shortly afterwards, Jaden Korn joined the organization.

The Disciples of Quake Edit

In 2244, the Disciples of Quake, a cult splinter group from the remnants of the Empire Reborn, surfaced and attacked the Praxeum shuttle Smash Runner II while it was carrying new students to the academy of the Second S.M.S.B. It turned out that this was a diversionary assault, enabling one of their agents to slice into Matthew's datapad and obtain the locations of numerous Mutant nexus in the world. As the cult's plan to drain the Dark energy from these locations became evident, Matthew sent many S.M.S.B. members to those locations to oppose the cult and he personally traveled to New York City to safeguard that location. As the cult's plan to resurrect the spirit of ancient NoHead Mr. Quake NoHead using an ancient scepter was discovered, Matthew organized an S.M.S.B. strike team to travel to Gorravan and defeat the cult once and for all. At least 48 mutants assembled under Matthew, including the Second S.M.S.B. member Jaden Korn and his former master, Annabeth. The members successfully landed on Gorravan and in the ensuing battle most of the Disciples of Quake were killed, along with their leader Helena Austin, who was slain by Jaden Korn. Moreover, the Scepter of Quake was destroyed and the entrance to Quake's tomb was sealed, thus ending that menace forever.[2]


At some point after Austin's death, Blue joined the Second S.M.S.B.

Matthew would die in the 2490s, roughly three hundred eighty one years after Master Intelligence's birth and two hundred forty years after his death.

Personality and traitsEdit

As a child, Matthew was described as having "(a) weird and aggressive nature" that would pull him closer to his destiny. He was a hardworking and caring person, and rarely wished people harm. As an adult, Matthew was patient and seasoned, and was often seen as having wisdom beyond his years. However, he still retained his idealistic worldview of his youth. Some called Matthew naïve for this, although it was actually his kindness and ability to see the good in others that forced him to view others this way.

Matthew was known for being empathetic to his friends and would go to great lengths to help them, whenever he could. At some times, he could be almost passive, serene — a result of his mastery of the Light side that allowed him to remain calm and in control even in the heat of battle. His loyalty and devotion to his comrades was virtually unshakable.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"The Ataru form of combat is aggressive, but focused. You must never rely solely on skill with a weapon, but rather embrace the idea that your whole body is the weapon. Use your powers to spin, jump, to overpower your foe. [...] This style of fighting was taught to me by Sebiscuits. In most cases, you will not use it as a first resort, but you'll find it often works as a last resort."
Matthew had knowledge and skill in the use of Ataru, as did his wife. Matthew learned the Form from Sebiscuits and passed it on to his students, teaching them to embrace it not as a weapon of first use and to use both their weapon and their body in practicing Ataru. Matthew was known to possess some skill in Soresu, using it to deflect bullets.

He could think of things at a whim, causing the things he thought of to come true. This little-known power was very beneficial, but very dangerous. Matthew's skill with telekinesis was as remarkable as it was overwhelming. In the middle of a massive midday meal food fight at the Second S.M.S.B. Praxeum's mess hall, Matthew instantly froze every morsel, drop and item, solid and liquid in midair as if trapped in time, only falling after Matthew had consciously released everything within the room.


Justin Keith Edit

The first stage of their relationship was similar to that between a father and a son and Justin Keith was, along with Red, his most trusted members. Keith had great respect for his master and considered him a wise role model. However, Matthew’s patient and peaceful ways clashed with his apprentice’s arrogant and prideful attitude. They would often disagree about politics. Ultimately, the antagonism that they would show, sometimes rather violently, turned into playful bickering.

Red Edit

Matthew loved Red dearly, going as far to spare Mr. Devastating NoHead in 2215 with the sole intention of saving her. Matthew would also not give up on saving Red on several other occasions. After their first clash, he told her that he hadn’t doubted her, after she told him that she knew he would save her. Matthew’s desire to keep Red safe went beyond the battlefield into his teachings to her. Though she was skilled in Ataru, Matthew began teaching her Soresu and Vaapad, two powerful forms he was greatly skilled in. There is also much evidence to support that Matthew’s attachment of Red was as great as his attachment to Blue and his parents. Though Matthew was overly careful, Red’s presence seemed to soften this precaution.

Unidentified boy at schoolEdit

Out of all his enemies in school, Matthew had an especially hostile relationship with this boy. The latter loved to bully and degrade Matthew, like many others.


Notes and references Edit

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