Lewis Thicke originally joined the U.S. Government as a member of the Government Defense Army, where he became a hardened veteran, spending most of his life fighting Dark mutants. Eventually he rose to become Mayor in the 2030s. During the events leading up to the S.M.S.B.-Knights of Plague conflict, he became was appointed in 2037 to succeed Evans as President of the United States.


Early life Edit

Lewis Thicke was born somewhere in the United States of America, into the mutated Thicke family. He attended Superhero School, where he would finish his education earning at least five M.E.M.E.s, with top grades of either '5' or '4'.[5]

Sometime after his eighteenth birthday, Thicke joined the U.S. Government, and completed a stringent series of character and aptitude tests to join the Government Defense Army.[5] Eventually, after serving as a government defender for some time and having fought Dark mutants for most of his working life, Thicke rose to the post of Mayor of New York City, and by extension, eighteen cities that were not yet occupied. In this capacity, Thicke took an assistant.

President of the United StatesEdit

With Hell Burnbottom finally into the open and declaring open war on the communities, it forced the community to unite and call for Evans' resignation. In the fortnight following the Disciplinary hearing of Master Intelligence and the government's acknowledgement of Hell Burnbottom's return in August of 2031,[3] President Evans was "chased from his office."[2] Evans left office in disgrace and was replaced by the ostensibly more proactive Thicke.[1] Mark Gobard replaced Thicke as Head of the Government Defense Army.[4]

Soon after, Thicke made a speech to the the government and the Perpetual Seer about "dark times", and trying to better to protect America from dark mutants better then the previous year, as the government under Evans had denied any evidence of Burnbottom's return and branded Master Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman liars for saying the opposite.[3]

While Percy was guarding the Hall of Domination, he was attacked by the Gladiator's snake, Nagatha. Andromeda, who was able to view the events in her sleep, told Lewis Thicke about the vision. In response, Thicke sent his assistant to sound the alarm, and personally ensured that Percy would be admitted to the hospital.

Etymology Edit

The name Lewis is of late Middle English origin, probably deriving from Old French lous, plural of lou(p ) ‘wolf,’ the name of a kind of siege engine.

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