Grant was the surname of a wealthy Fobble family that lived in a mansion overlooking Palmyra, of which they owned a great deal. They lived fairly close to the mutated House of Allen.

Family historyEdit

The Grant family was a very old Duffle family. Their members were snobbish, arrogant, and unpopular, all hated by the townspeople in Palmyra, which is why nobody mourned their deaths, but were more interested in who murdered them and how. Tyler Grant Snr died in 2037 thanks to a visit from Tyler Grant Jnr, Tyler's son by mutant Meghan Allen, whom he had married while influenced by her powers and later abandoned. Tyler had threatened to kill his father for abandoning his mother, and Tyler killed himself thinking his son would return. Marvin Grant was blamed for the crimes, and he was sent to the mutant prison of Beta Prison, where he died.

Tyler Grant Jnr soon abandoned the name of his "filthy father", instead going by Telekinibabe as soon as he joined the S.M.S.B.

Family membersEdit

Person Birth/death Notes
Thomas Grant 1973-alive Martha Grant's husband and Tyler Grant Snr's father. Fobble.
Martha Grant 1976-alive The wife of Thomas Grant and the mother of Tyler Grant Snr. Fobble.
Tyler Grant Snr 1998-2019 The son of Thomas Grant and his wife, Martha Grant. He was married to a mutant, Meghan Allen, under the influence of mind control. Fobble. He had a son, who nearly killed him in 2037.
Meghan Allen 1999-31 December, 2019 The abandoned wife of Tyler Grant Snr, whom she married because Tyler was possessed. She had a son. Pure-blood. Died during childbirth on New Year's Eve in 2019.
Tyler Grant Junior 31 December, 2019-21st century The son of Tyler Grant Snr and Meghan Allen. He later became a successful S.M.S.B. member under the pseudonym of Telekinibabe. Half-blood. Died by unknown means in the 22nd century.

Family TreeEdit

Cadmus Peverell
(fl. 1304)
Salazar Slytherin
(fl. 993)
House of
Gormlaith Allen
(d. c. 1724)
Rionach Allen
(d. 1699)
William Saya
(d. 1699)
Corvinus Allen
(fl. 1700s)
Thomas Grant
Martha Grant
Tyler Grant
Meghan Allen
Tyler Grant Junior
(201922nd century)


The name "Grant" comes from a Scottish surname which was derived from Norman French grand meaning "great, large".