"The First NoHead War was fought by the Grand Army. Hell Burnbottom...imagine that there were dozens of him. You don't know who supported the NoHeads, you don't know who's working for them and who isn't; you know they can control people so that they do terrible things without being able to stop themselves. You're scared for yourself, and your family, and your friends. Every week, news comes of more deaths, more disappearances, more torturing… the government was in disarray, they don't know what to do, they're trying to keep everything hidden, but innocents are dying too. Terror everywhere… panic…confusion… that's how it used to be."
Master Intelligence explains the First NoHead War to Red X[src]

The First NoHead War was a major conflict with foundations as early as the 1940s, but officially beginning in 1955 and ending abruptly in 2013. It marked the original "reign" of the NoHeads and their master, Mr. Demonic NoHead, who would later be replaced.

The NoHeads' rebellion occurred with the help of his Dark mutants who served them and brought terror to many innocents. They were opposed by the U.S. Government and the Police Grand Army, an organization founded by Sheriff Bladepoint that would play a crucial role in both of the NoHead purges.

The First NoHead War ended on 6 August, 2013, which resulted in the complete purging of the NoHeads and the defeat of the survivors at the hands of the Grand Army, Baby Intelligence, and Sebiscuits Cardarphen.

Origins Edit

Birth of Mr. Demonic NoHead Edit

The infamous Dark mutant known as Mr. Demonic NoHead was born as Darren in 1819 to a father named Harry who hated him, and a mother who died moments after giving birth. Therefore, Darren, who learned anger and hatred at a young age, despised Harry, who frequently insulted and beat him. In 1837, Demonic challenged him, only to have Harry nearly kill him in response. Two days later, an irate Demonic killed his father through unconscious use of his powers. He took to the Darkness with ease, at first, but the man lost his faith after realizing that he had brought about was responsible for his father’s death.

Afraid of the Darkness, Darren pulled away, only to regain his confidence with the assistance of the mutants who aspired to bring mutantry back, known as the Legions of Metta. He worked with these Knights and was rechristened as Lord Kreckal, serving for several decades and learning much from them. He also learned how to conquer his fears, until the loss of power was the only idea he feared. He was mounted onto a stallion in 1842 and pitted against three Beast Riders. Even in his youth, Kreckal displayed mounted sword combat by successfully using his sword to repel bullets from every single one of his opponents in the sky. In 1846, when he was no longer underage, he traveled with his comrades to a mine in California, where he speedily developed his skills in unarmed combat.

Meanwhile, several mutants went into hiding, causing rumors of their disappearances. In the end, Kreckal relented to his determination and “retired” in 1933, when he was one hundred fourteen years of age. Now on his own, he began to search for the mutants living in hiding.

Creation of the OrderEdit

In the 1940s, scholars, scientists, warriors, and religious figures met in New York City to discuss an anomalous age of mutants and Supers. In these discussions, several individuals advocated the use of the Darkness. The few that rejected this idea were outnumbered and defeated by the followers of the darkness. Following the conflict, the victors established the Order of the NoHeads, much better known simply as the NoHeads. They made Mr. Demonic NoHead their leader. Together, they located and trained many students.

The Darkness would not resume its iron grip until 1955, when the students reached the peak of their power. They discovered that primary NoHead powers could twist life to serve their purposes and create new life. Using soldiers and beasts, the NoHeads took over many states of America. It was during this siege that they recruited aliens. These practices were looked upon with apprehension by the police, as members of the first NoHeads were still involved and still had not been apprehended. Feeling their power was threatened, the NoHeads sought supporters within the police, but were turned away. Arguments for their cause turned to conflicts, and the police who had turned them down were framed and fired. Taking their teachings with them, and having a change of heart, they became known as NoHead minions. Together, they launched a war against the police.

Mr. Demonic NoHead devised a symbol called the NoHead Sign which he branded onto the chests of his followers, enabling him to summon them to his side. They began establishing relations with various kinds of dark creatures, including Giants and Werewolves. Though the NoHeads were generally even less tolerant of them than society in general, these creatures were receptive of their violent and destructive goals. Dark activity throughout the globe rose.

Imperial RegimeEdit

Main article: First Cold War
Mr. Demonic NoHead, who was still the NoHead Master, began remaking the NoHead Empire into a new Imperial regime lead by the NoHeads. In 1965, he succeeded in his objective. Deceased NoHeads were entombed in Death Valley, and most of the Masters were buried in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Their tombs were filled with the treasures they had plundered during their life, as well as strong Dark energies.

Immersion into evil Edit

In the wider world, the early actions of the NoHeads were almost totally unknown, and the 1960s were a time when the tide of social progress clashed with the entrenched social order. In 1963, the government enacted a ban on the experimental breeding of dark or dangerous creatures written by famed zoologist Micheal Palo. In 1969, President Lyndon Johnson was persecuted by his own people for promising to institute a controversial Korion breeding programme for Beta Prison. He was replaced by Richard Nixon and Malaki Cowdery, the latter of whom became the first Autistic politician ever to hold the President position, leading senior members of the Mutamon to resign in protest.

Months after his appointment, however, he was assassinated by Mr. Demonic NoHead via Telekinetic strangulation, though a conspiracy theory was formed around Nixon himself, who had thought poorly of mentally disabled individuals holding positions of power. While Nixon remained in office in spite of his falsely percieved involvement in Cowdery's demise, Cowdery was replaced as Mutant President by Mandy Jinks, who, like her predecessor, was sympathetic to issues of social justice. Fobble-borns began marching for their rights, which spurred pure-blood supremacists to riot. Throughout the decade, with various minority groups demanding to be treated as equals, many of the old, elite pure-blood houses, to which most of the NoHeads belonged, increasingly felt that their very way of life was being threatened. Many pure-blood supremacists who did not join the ranks of the NoHeads nonetheless gave their wholehearted support to Mr. Demonic NoHead's cause.

History Edit


NoHead Rebellion Edit

It was in the year 1970, amid the charged climate, that the evil Mr. Demonic NoHead had formed the NoHead organization and proclaimed himself the new Dark Lord. With this army and the powers granted to him by the Arts, he planned a revolution against the government intending to topple it and reign supreme.

The NoHeads originally attacked mostly Fobbles, intending to sow chaos and fear. Cleaning up these attacks, healing survivors, seeking the perpetrators, and attempting to prevent future attacks occupied more and more of the government's time and attention. As their confidence grew, they began targeting Fobble-born and Power traitor mutants as well, torturing and sometimes killing their victims, to the shock of society. Other "inferior" creatures also suffered under their reign of terror. With many of them occupying strategic positions in the government, the NoHeads used blackmail and mind control to gain secret servants in high places, intending to destabilize the government, which desperately tried to keep order.

In response to the growing threat of the Order, the adolescent Bladepoint, under the supervision of Sheriff Missile, formed the Police Grand Army to take the fight directly to the NoHeads. Though the government officially viewed the Grand Army as a renegade outfit, some of the government bodyguards also joined the Grand Army to participate in more secretive, sudden assaults to crush the Dark Rebellion.

Height of the WarEdit

Mark: "The last time Mr. Demonic NoHead had power he almost destroyed everything we hold most dear."
Roxy Whitman: "Fourteen years ago he had huge numbers at his command — not just mutants but all manner of animals."
— Roxy and Mark regarding the height of the war in 2064[src]
The nascent Grand Army initially had very little success, and terror and chaos gripped the populace of the earth. When the government showed it would not fall easily to insurrection, the NoHeads stepped up their efforts. They began using the NoHead Sign to showcase their acts of murder. The prominent Fiennes family was nearly obliterated. Fauna and Gideon Prowse (both police supporters) were slaughtered by a group of NoHeads led by Mr. Dire NoHead I, though they fought bravely. Police officer Dorcas McLaughlin was murdered by Mr. Demonic NoHead himself. The Kendels family was massacred by NoHeads, including Mrs. Wretched NoHead. Officer Tyrone disappeared. Another police named Benjamin van Drake was mutilated by Mr. Demonic NoHead’s supporters and Demonic murdered an entire religious family of twelve.

Terror and chaos gripped the world at the increased brutality of the NoHeads, whose identities were still largely unknown. This made people suspicious of one another, even within the police ranks: Zett, for instance, came to distrust his old friend Mark, suspecting that he might be a spy.

Mr. Demonic NoHead also made use of his alliance with the Giants and arbocs. Government soldiers fought hard to maintain resistance during the Attack on Maryland, which was fronted by NoHead-supporting Giants. Many lost their lives and entire tribes of Giants were wiped out until, finally, the beasts retreated and went into hiding.

Battle of PalmyraEdit

Eventually, the NoHeads were defeated at the Battle of Palmyra as a result of infighting and enemy bombing. As punishment for their actions, the surviving NoHeads were gathered by police forces and loaded aboard unarmed transport ships. Now robbed of their weapons, the exiles were to be sent into prison to contemplate the error of their ways. The NoHeads were all locked up there. However, day after their arrest Mr. Horrid NoHead telekinetically summoned the keys and freed himself. He then proceeded to free the others. The jail guards caught them, but the NoHeads, who were now rearmed, were able to murder, injure, or subdue them all. They then escaped back to the NoHead base.


Escape from Yeracade PrisonEdit

In 1979, Mr. Demonic NoHead reformed the Order to best suit the war. However, in 1981, Demonic began to grow concerned that his right-hand man, Mr. Ghastly NoHead, was waiting until his already dying body weakened even further before he attacked him to take over the mantle of Dark Lord. As such, he embarked on a mission to acquire a datapad, which was rumored to hold the secret to eternal life, so that he could live long enough to train a more suitable apprentice. He successfully obtained the datapad and acquired from it the knowledge of essence transfer.[1]

Despite Mr. Demonic NoHead’s concerns, Mr. Ghastly NoHead had finally begun to contemplate his move to overthrow his Master. On a mission, he learned of a mutant, Martin, and tracked him down, enlisting him as his apprentice in preparation for his challenge of Mr. Demonic NoHead. Meanwhile, Sarah Hill discovered that her father had been killed by a NoHead ten years previously. Believing the NoHead to be Mr. Demonic NoHead - who, during the war, had threatened to kill Sarah if her father did not help him - she hired an assassin called the Huntress, to capture NoHead and bring him to her. The Huntress, along with about 20 mercenaries, ambushed Demonic in his mansion. They captured him and took him to Beta Prison, where Sarah interrogated him.[1]

When Mr. Ghastly NoHead returned with Martin, they tracked Demonic to Beta Prison, so that he could free and challenge him. However, RC-1 had already freed the NoHead. Demonic began hunting down Sarah in the prison, but he was found and confronted by Ghastly. He attacked Demonic, who was unarmed, as the Huntress had taken his sword. Sarah witnessed their fight and decided to set the prison to self-destruct and flee. Using his powers, Mr. Demonic NoHead held Mr. Ghastly NoHead off long enough to hit one of the bombs in the wall, causing the passage to collapse between them and end the duel. Mr. Ghastly NoHead found that Martin had fled during the figh. Meanwhile, Demonic escaped the prison with the Huntress, who returned his sword to him, which he quickly used to impale her. Aboard their shuttle, Demonic and Ghastly tracked Sarah to Edgewater, where Demonic allowed Ghastly to kill the girl.[1]

Duel in Newark Edit

Moments later, Demonic chose to finish what they had begun at Beta Prison. He immediately attacked Mr. Ghastly NoHead, who began to gather his magic. However, Demonic came in on his left, and Ghastly, his focus down, tripped upon Sarah’s grave. Mr. Demonic NoHead immediately set upon him with a series of attacks, cracking one of his ribs. Mr. Ghastly NoHead rolled with the impact and threw himself into a series of back handsprings before finishing the jumps with a thrust to impale Demonic. Demonic, however, had stopped, letting him tire himself out with his flips. Mr. Ghastly NoHead quickly attempted to overwhelm him with his sorcery, but Demonic summoned enough willpower to defeat the spells with a powerful blast of energy that hit Ghastly. As Demonic charged at him once more, Ghastly transfigured his cloak into tendrils of pure Dark energy, which he threw at Demonic. Although Demonic dodged most of them, one tendril clipped him and severed his arm, though he had already managed to disarm Mr. Ghastly NoHead. Demonic collapsed to the ground in pain, and, realizing he had no other choice left, he grabbed Mr. Ghastly NoHead’s ankle and began the ritual of essence transfer. The two NoHeads matched wills, each trying to push the other into the great void from which there was no return. Mr. Demonic NoHead fell in, and although he survived, he was gravely injured. After a struggle of wills, it was over. Mr. Ghastly NoHead had triumphed, and the NoHeads had a new master. Demonic continued as a NoHead when he finally revealed himself, but he was no longer the master.[1]


Battle of the First NoHead BaseEdit

During their search for The Mystic, the NoHeads finished building their superweapon in their headquarters that had the capability of destroying whole countries. Mr. Ghastly NoHead tested the weapon, and he used the weapon to destroy four cities in New York, showing the capabilities of the superweapon. A NoHead spy in Edgewater, New York, alerted the NoHeads to the presence of the Mystic, so Mr. Stupid NoHead dispatched several robotic soldiers and fighters to the city. They destroyed much of the castle and killed several people. Bladepoint, Sheriff Missile, Joseph, and Jean fought against the robots until P-80 fighters of the police arrived and destroyed many skyfighters. Bladepoint was captured by the NoHeads, however, and the NoHeads took him back with them to he NoHead base. Saul was able to reunite with Jean, embracing each other as friends. Mr. Stupid NoHead decided the battle was unimportant, as Bladepoint had seen the Mystic; he abandoned the search for the prophet and decided to interrogate him. However, he resisted his torture, and read into his head instead. Meanwhile, Missile, Joseph, Jean, and Saul all headed to the police station to prepare a counterattack against the NoHead base to prevent other cities from being destroyed.[2]

Jean made a special request to Sheriff Missile, asking him to rescue Bladepoint. He agreed to do this himself, and allowed Joseph to help embark on this mission, which would also include destroying the shields so that the P-80 police skyfighters could destroy the base. The three of them were inserted into the base, and they captured RC-1 and forced him to shut down the shields. This allowed for the P-80 fighters to begin their attack, and the trio set out to find Bladepoint. They met up with him after he escaped, having telekinetically redirected the guard’s weapon to his bonds and then the robot himself before taking the weapon. Together, they planted explosives in the base, but as they were about to leave, Sheriff Missile encountered Mr. Ghastly NoHead; Missile attempted to convince Ghastly to rejoin him, but Mr. Ghastly NoHead impaled him with his sword, and Sheriff Missile fell into the abyss below. Joseph wounded Ghastly with a gunshot, and he detonated his explosives after killing many robot soldiers. Ghastly was killed in the explosion.

Joseph, Bladepoint, and Jean made it out of the base, and Mr. Stupid NoHead, who had attempted to save Ghastly, went after Jean and Bladepoint. They engaged in a duel, with Bladepoint being injured and Jean fighting NoHead with Mr. Ghastly NoHead’s old sword; however, Jean was slashed on the back, forcing Bladepoint to fight NoHead. At the same time, the P-80 fighters went in and destroyed the weak center of the base, leading to the base using its own abilities against itself as it crumpled. Mr. Demonic NoHead was ordered by Mr. Crooked NoHead’s hologram to get Mr. Stupid NoHead and flee the base; NoHead dueled Bladepoint and failed to convince him to join the dark side. However, a massive rupture separated them before the duel could end. Joseph arrived in the Pummeller and rescued the injured Jean and Bladepoint, and they left with the P-80 squadron as the base exploded. This led to the death of Mr. Demonic NoHead, leaving Mr. Crooked NoHead in charge.[2]

Decline of WarEdit

Now in power, Mr. Crooked NoHead also made use of his alliance with the Giants and werewolves. Government soldiers fought hard to maintain resistance during the Invasion of Manhattan, which was fronted by NoHead-supporting Giants. Many lost their lives and entire tribes of Giants were wiped out until, finally, the beasts retreated and went into hiding.

After the Giants’ defeat, the tide of the war began to turn. NoHeads Mr. Horrendous NoHead and his wife, Mrs. Disturbing NoHead, met their ends at the hands of police officers, now given permission by the government per an edict from the office of Katie Black to employ murder against bystanders if the situation called for it. Many townspeople also met their ends while bravely trying to face NoHeads, such as the father of Roxanne.

Around this time, Mr. Stupid NoHead began surreptitiously killing poor and homeless Fobbles (whose absences would not be noticed) with his fellow followers so that he could reanimate their corpses until he had an army of zombies.

First Police Purge Edit

Later on, Mr. Stupid NoHead realized the decision of war was obvious and told Mr. Crooked NoHead he should go and massacre the police. Crooked authorized this, and NoHead proceeded to destroy all the police. However, Bladepoint and Zett managed to survive the purge, along with a handful of others.

Fall of the GovernmentEdit

On 1 August, 1995, the Federal Government fell under the control of Mr. Stupid NoHead. The coup was described as "swift and quiet,"[3] but as President Bill Clinton was murdered, this is disputable. Before Clinton died, he was interrogated under use of lightning about Sheriff Bladepoint's whereabouts; despite his knowledge, Clinton's last act was to protect Bladepoint from Mr. Stupid NoHead.[3] Many of the government's top officials were under the influence of possession when this battle took place, including Head of the Department of Law Enforcement Aurora Black,[3] who became NoHead's puppet Minister after the take-over. Whether NoHeads actually entered the Whitehouse and fought in person is not known. Regardless, some NoHeads, such as Mr. Dire NoHead II,[3] Nolan Giles,[4] and Mr. Crooked NoHead[3] became employees in the new regime.

The survivors of the First Police Purge were informed of the coup by Aurora Black's Holocard.[3]

Ten-year armisticeEdit

They went into hiding, and the war did not continue for ten years, between 1999 and 2009. However, the police spent that time training, and quickly returned to strength and efficient numbers. They remained hidden in the police station, waiting until the time was right to plot their next move.[5]

Battle of Tennessee Edit

Despite the NoHead Empire coming into full effect, the fledging police made a few attempts on Dark side followers, and possibly the NoHeads. In 1999,[6] the Battle of Tennessee was fought[7] between the police and an anti-police force[7] on the American state Tennessee. Police officer Ronald Noace was one of the combatants present, and his second apprentice died during the fighting. As a result of his apprentice's death, Noace changed and became disillusioned.[7]

2000s Edit

Battle of the Second NoHead Base Edit

Assault on the Imperial Palace Edit

In December of 2006, a mission was undertaken by the Police Grand Army to make an example of the fledgling NoHead Empire. To buy time for the fleet, one of the pilots attacked the Palace, eliminating its surface cannons and clearing the way for a squadron of Grand Army bombers to attack despite counterattacks from the Palace's defenses and its N-54 squadrons. The structure was successfully destroyed, crippling the NoHeads while the Grand Army jumped into hyperspace.

Battle of Superhero University Edit

With Giles defeated, Mr. Stupid NoHead ordered a mass attack on Superhero University. Superhero University fortified itself for the attack. Mr. Stupid NoHead demanded that the college hand over Sheriff Bladepoint but, despite his threats, they remained in support of Bladepoint and refused. After Roxanne successfully distracted NoHead, she rebounded his attack, blasting the Dark Lord into comatose.

Around this time, Mr. Odious NoHead, a young NoHead, became disenchanted with the NoHeads’ cause and attempted to destroy the Verasect, resulting in the NoHeads attempting to kill him over their hard-won prize and him Teleporting to Suzie’s Island in Oceania.

2010s Edit

The end of the war Edit

Attack on Del Wedellvar Edit
NoHead Cataclysm Edit

In August of 2013, a young child named Paige Nelson woke up in the night and chose to go on a walk. During this, she saw a group of NoHeads led by Mr. Crooked NoHead rendezvousing at the entrance of their base. Listening in, Paige figured enough to learn that the master was planning to blow up the police station with detonators in a crucial step to retake the world. Paige thought she must report this to the police at once, but then Mr. Crooked NoHead caught her eavesdropping. Crooked welcomed her into the room and, after a brief confrontation, tried to kill her. Paige countered the subsequent death beam with a force field, before fleeing the base, and rallied the message to the police. Paige rallied the police and convinced them to help her destroy the NoHeads once and for all. To do this, she also brought up an invasion on the Town Hall that had been narrowly backfired.[8]

Paige and the police were transported to the NoHead base in several police cruisers that stayed over the city. Marching to the gates of the base with the police, Paige killed the Gate Guard and entered the base, where she demanded that one NoHead draw a sword and be killed, claiming that the NoHeads had lost the war. Paige killed the NoHead, took his sword, and stalked through the halls. She eliminated any NoHeads she encountered while destroying any robot soldiers that were guarding the NoHead base. As the police dispersed throughout the base’s halls at Sheriff Bladepoint’s direction, Paige took a small group of policemen to capture the communication center. There, Hell Burnbottom fled deep into the base, utilizing passageways to escape. The police charged into the foyer to meet with heavy resistance from NoHead personnel, eventually clearing the foyer of resistance. They were then ordered to pacify an underground chamber and defend computer files from NoHeads that were trying to destroy them until a content download could be performed.[8]

After cutting down a squad of robots, Paige broke into a study hall, where her party eliminated several NoHead students. When robotic fighters were launched to cut down the police, Paige boarded a one-man fighter and shot them down. Then she flew the fighter to the communication center, where she altered and broadcast a beacon ordering all NoHeads to return to the NoHead base because the base was in danger, leading any who heeded the call to their death at the hands of the police. Meanwhile, Mr. Crooked NoHead penetrated upper-level defenses, and Paige chose to deal with him, ordering nearby police to guard the beacon. Before tracking down Mr. Crooked NoHead, Paige made her way to a series of briefing rooms, where she took down Mrs. Gruesome NoHead. As the remaining NoHeads realized that the base was lost, they began to escape through the Base Precinct. Paige made her way to the base of the fortress, where she found Mr. Crooked NoHead and entered a duel with the NoHead Master. After some time dueling, Paige killed the NoHead by using a missile. Meanwhile, the police secured the Central Meeting Room and fought the NoHead Security Force. Paige then returned and the police focused the brunt of their attack on the hall, where three NoHeads came out in a sudden charge against the police, only to be killed.[8]

After hiding for some time, Mr. Stupid NoHead made for the control bunker to learn the password before finding the police nearby. Meanwhile, the police finally finished their mission. They located Paige and prepared to leave, but NoHead telekinetically closed the doors of the bunker, trapping the police within, and disarmed Paige. When he revealed himself, Sheriff Bladepoint fired on him, but NoHead deflected the blasts and injured Bladepoint. Engaging in a rampant killing spree, NoHead destroyed the police whilst also utilizing his many superpowers to achieve this. Finally, and with Paige and Sheriff Bladepoint to flank them, the police retreated, left with no other options.[8]

End of warfareEdit

In the aftermath of Mr. Stupid NoHead's disappearance without a trace, many were skeptical that he was really dead. Members of the Police Grand Army searched at home and abroad for any sign of him. Although they eventually came to the conclusion that Mr. Stupid NoHead had truly been defeated, and the war had ended with Paige Nelson's massacre, many NoHeads were still at large. As these evildoers were still free to cause trouble, as they refused to give up the cause, the government, spearheaded by Katie Black, launched a massive crackdown on the NoHeads and their acts of terrorism against the community. Survivors of the NoHead Cataclysm were captured and imprisoned, while Bladepoint gave testimony exonerating Annabeth Black, who he falsely believed had become disenchanted with the Order.

The NoHeads were destroyed, and the few survivors were sent into disarray. They had escaped through the Base Precinct, and four more had realized the beacon was a trap. There was celebration all across the country at the end of the NoHeads’ reign of terror.


Unidentified officer: "Now the universe knows you live!"
Mr. Stupid NoHead: "Then I have accomplished what I intended to."
— Unidentified policeman speaking to Mr. Stupid NoHead, right after the beginning of the Second NoHead War[src]

Paige Nelson went to the NoHead base months after the massacre to retrieve some information on rumored data pads hidden in the library’s vaults. Upon reflection, Paige felt guilty for all the killings, but still she believed that her actions were justified and more righteous than anything else she had done.

Main article: NoHead Movement

Around that time, Mr. Stupid NoHead, who was determined to repair the damage and return the NoHeads to dominance, recovered the corpse of his father, Mr. Crooked NoHead, and realized he was the new master of the NoHeads. Thanks to NoHead, a new organization of robot soldiers surfaced on New York City in 2014, a resistance against the government. These robots attacked the government in the State Capitol. Some of the people present even joined the robot organization. Nevertheless, the police took down the resistance with Sheriff Bladepoint’s help. Because NoHead had “disappeared”, everyone believed the robots were acting without orders, despite Bladepoint’s protests.

With dark forces having terrorized the communities of Earth for over a decade, claimed numerous victims, and scarred, bereaved, and traumatized countless others, the survivors of the war began to rebuild. The spectre of Mr. Stupid NoHead, who had supplanted Lord Gorn as the most dangerous Dark Mutant of all time, still held a terrible influence. The horrifying idea that he had not truly been defeated lingered, though it was largely eclipsed by the vehement insistence that he was dead and would never come back, a belief maintained by many women and men, including Katie Black, Percy, and Meghan Allen who deluded themselves into believing that the NoHeads had perished for good and selfishly preferred to keep such a delusion as a form of comfort and peace for themselves. However, Sheriff Bladepoint and his supporters from the now disbanded Police Grand Army knew that Mr. Stupid NoHead would return to the grounds. His prediction came true when Mr. Stupid NoHead liberated several survivors of the NoHead Cataclysm and Baby Intelligence, who was destined to destroy the NoHeads once and for all, was born.

Known casualtiesEdit

Person Allegiance Killed by Cause of death Circumstances Time of death
Merlin's first apprentice Unknown Mr. Demonic NoHead Gives Demonic the Verasect and Demonic wheels around and kills him Creation of the Verasect 1955
Sheriff Missile Police Mr. Ghastly NoHead Stabbed in the heart and smashed into the abyss Battle of the First NoHead Base July 2019
Mr. Horrendous NoHead NoHeads Unnamed police officers Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ms. Disturbing NoHead NoHeads Joseph Abernathy Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mr. Crooked NoHead NoHeads Paige Nelson Destroyed by a missile NoHead Cataclysm July 2019

Civilian perceptionEdit


Unlike the people of the police, those mutants that seceded from the government were often less driven by allegiance to the NoHeads than simply by their yearning to achieve their own ends. There were numerous reasons people seceded. Some were simply unhappy with the way the government was being administrated. Others were worlds suffering from the aftermath of wars, famines, or other disasters that had been neglected by the government. Still others were people under tensions or open wars between sects that continued to flare. Led by Mr. Demonic NoHead, the NoHeads took advantage of these small conflicts, offering assistance to a sect’s minor war if that faction would contribute in turn to the larger conflict. Demonic, who was a highly adept speaker, made simple, powerful appeals to people’s spiritual wants and desires for freedom, which won him a reputation as something of a savior.

The people who had defected regarded the NoHeads as saviors - they had agreed to intervene and decide century-long sectional disputes, conflicts the government had long refused to take sides in. For the mutants and Fobbles involved, loyalty to each other translated into patriotism for the NoHeads. The defining attribute of nearly all loyal NoHead citizens was hatred of the police, government, or both. As the leaders of the government armies and its deadliest soldiers, the police represented the greatest threat to the prosperity the NoHeads sought. Many of them poured into the image of the police their hatred over the decayed government and fear over the atmosphere of uncertainty surrounding the war. After the First NoHead War, only four NoHeads would survive the war - Mr. Stupid NoHead, Annabeth Black, Hell Burnbottom, Mean King, and Brute Gunray.


Notes and references Edit

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