"Police officer Emily Vane was murdered by an unknown assailant."
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Emily Fiennes (2001-Summer 2032) was a member of the government's defense army. She fought in several battles of both NoHead wars. Fiennes was murdered by unknown members of the Elite NoHeads in mid-2032. She was considered a talented woman and her loss was a heavy blow to the Order.


Emily Fiennes was born in 2001. She served as a member of the Government Defense Army and fought in the First NoHead War. Unlike many others, Emily ultimately survived the war and lived well past the first fall of the NoHeads. After said event wiped out almost all of the NoHeads, Mr. Stupid NoHead, who had survived with his sons, became determined to repair the damage and return the NoHeads to dominance. Thanks to him, a new organization of robot soldiers resurfaced on New York City in 2014, attacking the government in the State Capitol. Emily Fiennes happened to be on guard duty at the time, and she repelled them alongside Sheriff Bladepoint, fellow members of the Government Defense Army, and several townspeople. Together, they took down the resistance, though Emily believed the robots were acting without orders.

When Hell Burnbottom returned to power in 2031, Emily Fiennes became a member of the reconstituted government troopers. Her service to the government ended, however, when she was attacked and murdered by unknown members of the Elite NoHeads near to the residence of the state Senator. Her loss was considered a heavy blow for the government and her murder was publicized in newspapers. Cygnus Evans claimed to have given information to Hell Burnbottom that led to Emily's death.

Physical description Edit

Emily Fiennes had dark skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair is a bright shade of red, though it is likely that she wore hair dye in 2014, leaving her real hair color a mystery. Her use of hair products, however, are unconfirmed.


Government Defense ArmyEdit

Emily Fiennes had a good relationship with most members of the government's defense army, many of whom were saddened by her death. It is possible that Emily Fiennes and Russell Stewart had a good relationship.

Behind the scenesEdit

Emily Fiennes only appeared in the graphic novelization of The X-Children: The Return of the Verasect, where she was mentioned on page forty-seven. However, D. Isaac Thomas insisted that she is still canon. This was later supported by the confirmation that she was part of the NoHead Movement.


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