An eleventh year is a student at Superhero School who is in their eleventh and final year of formal mutated education. Eleventh year students are usually seventeen to eighteen years of age.


The eleventh year contains the most important exams given at Superhero School — the M.E.M.E. exam pertaining to each of the subjects, concluding their M.E.M.E. level studies that they started their tenth year which they continued into the eleventh year.

A student in the eleventh year would have the same schedule he or she had in the tenth year, and would sit only those classes in which they received the C.A.T. grade needed and decided by the schoolteacher for that subject. However, not all students take M.E.M.E.s as many occupations will accept applicants who only received C.A.T.s. It's likely that specialized subjects only offered from the tenth year will be continued at M.E.M.E. level, as Fencing certainly was.


In his eleventh year, Roger Black became a member of the Fencing Club and was ranked number two on the Club's top-ten duelists list (behind Jamboga Pine and just ahead of Rachel).


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