Ed Daniel Veng was a medieval mutant, best known as the founder of Ed's Motel in Wyoming, the only all-mutant motel in the United States of America.


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Ed was born in the Middle Ages, no earlier than 982,[1] in Wyoming, America. In his youth, Veng attended Superhero School.[3]

Veng is traditionally credited with the founding of Ed's Motel after being driven from his home by Fobble persecutors. According to popular lore, Veng lived in the motel.[3]

Veng died at some point during the Middle Ages. Remembered for his founding of Ed's Motel, he was immortalised in a Holocard[3] There was also a bust of Veng on the Fourth Floor Corridor of the MBH.[4]

In 2020, Baby Intelligence welcomed Lisa Kirke to the Basement of the MBH with a short speech in which he mentioned Ed Veng as one of the many notable mutants who contributed to PROM.[3]


"Ed" is the short form of Edward, Edmund, and other names beginning with Ed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ed Veng's Holocard was one of the very first collected by Baby Intelligence.[5]


Notes and referencesEdit

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