The Death Chamber is a room in Transylvania Quarters devoted to the study of death. It is located on the ninth level of the Manor in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


The Death Chamber is a large, rectangular, dimly lit room. In the center is a large dish containing a semi-transparent veil of what appears to be some kind of smoke. Stone benches run all around the room and descend in steep steps toward a raised stone dais in the center of the pit. The air in the room is still and cold. The dish is believed to separate the worlds of the living and the dead, somewhat of a portal, linking the two worlds. It is believed that someone who steps through the Veil is forever trapped in the world of death. Some people, like Master Intelligence and Andromeda, could hear voices from under the Dish; the ability to hear these voices, and the degree to which they can be heard, is related to the individual's belief in an afterlife. These voices are said to be the whisperings of the dead, talking to their loved ones from the other side.



In 2042, part of a battle of the S.M.S.B. - Knights of Plague Conflict was fought in the Death Chamber after Master Intelligence, Lindsay Kellerman, Andromeda, Baby Strength, Force Baby, Red X, and Sebiscuits arrived in Transylvania Quarters in search of the Grand Bomb. The seven S.M.S.B. members passed through the chamber upon their arrival; Master Intelligence and Andromeda felt drawn to the Dish of Smoke, but the others urged them away. The students were ambushed by Knights of Plague in the Hall of Domination, and ended up fleeing through multiple chambers in the Manor. They were eventually cornered in the Death Chamber, but Baby Strength managed to turn the tables, and everyone began fighting the Knights.

Behind the ScenesEdit

D. Isaac Thomas stated that the Dish of Smoke has been in the Manor as long as the Black family themselves have been there. This could mean that the Manor was either built around the Dish, originally constructed to study it, or that it was somehow relocated or constructed during the formation of the Manor.


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