This site( is the official website of D. Isaac Thomas.

Launched on 5 June, 2011, the site originally contained a large amount of information on The Super Babies universe, as well as news and rumors, and an in-depth biography of Thomas himself.

The siteEdit

The website contains four sections, along with a home page -

  • About - a biography about Thomas
  • Writing - a collection showing every book Thomas has written
  • News - any news from Thomas, such as the latest events Thomas has attended and anything related to his work including his books and humanitarian efforts
  • Opinion - Thomas' personal thoughts about a variety of subjects, such as politics[1]
  • The new trilogy - Thomas posted updates about the Boys vs. Girls trilogy.


Thomas has foreshadowed the possibility of using his website to answer a selection of in-universe questions about his work. Whether or not this will happen remains unknown.

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