"You just need to trust me. I know what I'm doing. So does Tyler."
―Baby Strength, after Lindsay Kellerman bosses him[src]

Baby Strength (b. March 2019) was born as Daniel Stewart to Irene and Benjamin Stewart. However, during a family reunion in April, their house was struck by lightning, and Force Baby helped him escape. Now on their own, Daniel and Robin continued to go by their alias as they set out on the run in order to find their destiny. Eventually, Baby Strength and Force Baby met the S.M.S.B., and leaped at the chance to help them. Both were major players in the following battle. Afterwards, Baby Intelligence invited them to join the S.M.S.B. Both of them applied, and eagerly participated in several battles, including both attacks on the NoHead base and the fights for Sebiscuits Cardarphen and Rocken Role. He helped the others out of several sticky situations.

After attending Superhero School for several years, Baby Strength continued to train under the S.M.S.B. for many years. He joined the S.M.S.B. in battling the Elite NoHeads, fighting valiantly in the Battle of Bast Castle. Baby Strength also defended Master Intelligence from Centauri, leading to the tragic death of his cousin. Master Intelligence and Baby Strength both felt terrible for their friend’s death, which Baby Strength charged to his Master.[2] At some point after the third attack on the MBH, Baby Strength died of old age.


Early life Edit

Baby Strength was born as Daniel Stewart in March 2019 to Irene and Benjamin Stewart. However, during a family reunion in April, their house was struck by lightning, and Force Baby helped him escape. Now on their own, Daniel and Robin continued to go by their alias as they set out to find their destiny. They were always on the run, stealing groceries and sleeping in public buildings just to survive.

Joining the S.M.S.B. Edit

Eventually, Baby Strength and Force Baby met the S.M.S.B., and leaped at the chance to help them. Both were major players in the following battle, providing cover during the confrontation between the S.M.S.B. and the invading robot forces alongside Baby Intelligence and Paige. It was the orphans who saved the other two from a tank and followed the charge against the enemy. Afterwards, Baby Intelligence invited them to join the S.M.S.B. Although Force Baby seemed eager to apply, Baby Strength initially hesitated. However, Baby Intelligence finally persuaded him to apply.[3]

Second NoHead War Edit

Baby Strength practiced all seven forms of sword combat for a month and a half before settling on Soresu. He eagerly participated in several battles, including both attacks on the NoHead base and the fights for Sebiscuits and Rocken Role. He also helped the others out of several sticky situations, even once flanking Sheriff Bladepoint.

Operation: Purge Edit

Baby Strength participated in the Attack on the NoHead Base. When Baby Intelligence sensed Operation: Purge was being carried out, Baby Strength urged them to hurry and deal with the threat.

Battle of the Fourth NoHead Base Edit

Force Baby: "Baby Strength! Get in!"
Baby Strength: "Kay!"
— Force Baby to Baby Strength[src]
For the next two weeks after Operation: Purge, the S.M.S.B. members remained in the MBH where they could relax and train. Then Baby Intelligence decided they had to strike back against the growing threat of the NoHeads and called them for a meeting. After meeting in Baby Intelligence’s office, the S.M.S.B. members boarded their fighters and flew to the base. For a period of time Paige wanted to go for revenge, but Baby Intelligence’s protests finally got to her.

Upon entering the base, dozens of fighters emerged to protect their base. The ships were engaged by large numbers of robotic skyfighters, and began the fight together. Baby Intelligence ordered the pilots to disengage, and eventually ordered his friends to fire all their concussion missiles across the left of the base. He flew past the fence as the missiles started arriving; the missiles hit the swarm of fighters pursuing him, destroying a large number of them. Trailed by missiles, Intelligence flew across the edge of the fence and directed them into the fence, destroying it. Only a few NoHead fighters remained, but a mysterious ship appeared, piloted by Mr. Stupid NoHead himself. As Baby Intelligence engaged the fighter, Baby Strength landed at the now unshielded base with Paige Nelson and Force Baby. When they headed inside, they were immediately separated and Hell Burnbottom began to torture them.

When Burnbottom saw Baby Intelligence, he let go of Paige. With that, Mr. Stupid NoHead launched a signal. Baby Strength was shocked when their future army of Rockets burst in from a gate and opened fire. However, he managed to shake off his surprise and summon the Rear Guard, and put up a defense. Force Baby seized control of a speeder bike from the Rocket pilot and wielded its weaponry against the Rockets. He called to Baby Strength to climb aboard, and together they took out several Rockets. Later, Force Baby and Baby Strength climbed out of the speeder and were quick to regroup. The newest Bratpro type emerged to face them, and although Baby Strength failed to hold them off with his sword, Force Baby triggered missiles that annihilated them. After Mr. Stupid NoHead murdered Rotta Hecks, he himself was killed by an infuriated Baby Intelligence. Baby Intelligence seized a microphone and announced this, eliciting celebration from Baby Strength and Force Baby.

Rotta’s corpse was recovered by Baby Intelligence and burned in a private cremation, for which Baby Strength and Force Baby attended. The same night as the battle Rotta’s ghost visited Baby Intelligence, though she left just as Baby Strength walked in.

Mission to Planet 10 Edit

Shortly after this, Hell Burnbottom, along with his brothers’ help, brought Mr. Stupid NoHead back to life in the base’s lab.

Search for the Chosen One Edit

Baby Intelligence was now after three entities that would allow him to unearth the prophecy of the Chosen One and destroy Mr. Stupid NoHead once and for all. Baby Strength and Force Baby accompanied him during his search, and they traveled to Arizona.
The search begins Edit

In Arizona, the trio was attacked by Falgamas, but a mysterious man obliterated the birds. The blast left Baby Strength lying on the floor slightly dazed. When their savior revealed himself, Baby Strength assured Baby Intelligence that the stranger could be considered trustworthy. After bunking at Hotel Valley, where Baby Strength sparred with his master, they flew to Sydney, a city in Australia. Once they had all gotten settled, however, Baby Strength became disturbed by a vision of Hell Burnbottom and Annabeth Black.

Ambush in Australia Edit
Main article: Ambush in Australia
While in Sydney, Baby Strength and company rescued an old man from a net that was holding him bound, and he revealed himself to be the second apprentice of Merlin himself. In return, he gave Baby Intelligence a Platinum pencil which would require the wizard grant two wishes to the baby. Baby Strength began pacing while the wizard told Baby Intelligence about a recent sighting in Tsala.

On their way back to the motel, Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength, and Force Baby were led by a stuffed bunny into a pool. Once they dived inside, the trio was attacked by Annabeth Black and NoHead Recruit Walters, whom Baby Strength punched at, only for the agile girl to dodge him. Baby Strength pulled Baby Intelligence to shore, but then Black grabbed Baby Strength in a headlock, effectively cutting off his ability to breathe and forcing Baby Intelligence to linger long enough to fall unconscious. Enraged, Force Baby broke free and he and Baby Strength fled, carting off their master to safety and thwarting the two NoHead women.

The cave Edit

Baby Strength and his cousin accompanied Baby Intelligence to a cave, which they entered through a hole presumably created by a mine. The trio walked uphill, before taking a turn down a slope. Suddenly, Force Baby realized that they were heading straight for a flood. In response, Baby Intelligence shouted at everyone to turn back and flee. But then Force Baby shouted to Baby Intelligence that he had found a cave-in.[4]

At that very moment, Baby Strength noticed an oncoming gigantic torrent of water and pulled Force Baby into a small alcove to protect him. Baby Intelligence, on the other hand, was engulfed by the water, but Baby Strength caught him. He found two bullets and deduced that they dated back to the mid-fifteenth century, a reasonable estimate that Baby Strength questioned. Baby Intelligence threw him off by joking cryptically.[4]

Peering deeper in, they found another canister wedged under the remains of a statue. Baby Intelligence realized that it was the first scroll. In response to a faint, ominous whisper daring them to touch the canister, Baby Strength said he hoped it would not be difficult. The small creature who had been guarding it chose to surrender it to Baby Strength and tossed him the canister holding the scroll. and rolled against his foot. Despite being puzzled as to how this happened, he later deduced that a creature had felt his mutated vibes and surrendered it on his behalf. Another gust of water enveloped the scene and Baby Strength fled into an opening, where he eventually met up with the others, at which point Baby Strength attempted to break open the canister. Baby Strength impatiently offered to break it apart in his stead. They decided to sleep in the cave, but Baby Intelligence realized at this point that there were three scrolls to find, not one.[4]

Looking for answersEdit

After that venture, Baby Intelligence took the Pinewood Derby to be repaired at a shop. While inside, Force Baby realized that a storm was brewing. They stepped outside, where the storm ravaged the trio and threatened to reach a life-threatening peak. Fortunately, they found a girl beckoning them from inside a tent. Baby Intelligence hesitated entering until Baby Strength pointed out that it was either trust a stranger or die in a storm, of which his master chose the former. Baby Strength was introduced to the woman who had offered them shelter, Carol Wilcox, and her dog, Gobbles, of whom he took an immediate disliking to, considering his licking disgusting. Baby Strength joined the conversation between Wilcox and Baby Intelligence concerning what their archenemy, the NoHead Grandmaster Mr. Stupid NoHead, had been up to according to the news.[5]

It revealed that Baby Intelligence and the others had been invited to a party. Thinking they could use some cheer, Baby Strength and the others went, where he amused himself by arm-wrestling several partygoers and winning every time. Meanwhile, Baby Intelligence learned from a guest that the second scroll was probably in the fabled Dancing Dorm. When the party was over, they headed outside. While they waited, Baby Strength proposed making cushioned seating out of the leather, which Baby Intelligence agreed to do.[1]

The Dancing DormEdit

The S.M.S.B. arrived at the Dancing Dorm, but the guards, one of whom was Patrick, refused to admit them. However, Wilcox, who had just earned a formidable reputation within the dorms, arrived in the nick of time and, much to Baby Strength's bewilderment, brought them in with her as friends. Once inside, Baby Strength reluctantly allowed the Varlarien to probe his mind, as was customary for newcomers to the chambers. The three proceeded to dance fluently, earning them a boulder that contained the second scroll inside. They also earned a room for the night, where they met Bash and his family. Leaving the Dorm, Baby Strength was immensely disturbed to learn that Mr. Stupid NoHead had discovered their presence when Baby Intelligence was probed. Unfortunately, they were assaulted by a monster. Baby Intelligence climbed on top of a rock to gain high ground, but then Baby Strength shouted at it, prompting it to go away, stunning Baby Intelligence. They arranged to make camp, but before anything could be set up, they learned that the Burans had placed wards on the great rock to prevent the scroll from being accessed, especially by any "meddling superhero trout". When the Burans realized they were being overheard, they confronted Baby Intelligence and escaped, but not before throwing a dagger squarely into Force Baby's ankle.

On the road again, Baby Strength and Baby Intelligence got into a physical fight whilst debating what to do with the boulder with Baby Intelligence wanting to hurry and Baby Strength insisting that with his cousin's leg wound they could not go anywhere. Their brawl ended, thankfully, with Force Baby breaking it up by pinning them under tree branches before it could get fatal, who proceeded to force them to apologize. When Annabeth Black arrived with the NoHead Recruits, Baby Strength helped Baby Intelligence, who knew they could not fight all nine Recruits, dig a hole to hide in until Black left. The two ultimately decided to make camp for the night, during which time they continued contemplating how to get the second scroll out of the boulder.

Baby Intelligence suddenly received a call from Force Baby, who reported that Bash had been beheaded. He returned forlornly to his master, but with the second scroll in his hands. The trio pored over it together, but could make no sense of it.

In the mix, Baby Strength also met Carol Wilcox a third time, who told him about her life and generally what it was like to be a Fobble. He told her about his powers. In the mix, Baby Intelligence also gleaned from her that the trio needed to climb Mount Everest in Nepal to obtain the last scroll.

Ambush at the McCallin HouseEdit

Their next stop confirmed, the three superheroes traveled to Lucy McCallin's home to question Lucy about the prophecy. Lucy remembered the prophecy bequeathed to her by Sir Edgar Caravan, and asked for the three scrolls. When Baby Intelligence pulled them out, McCallin explained that the subject’s involvement was already imminent, for a prophecy stated that a mysterious and highly gifted child was destined to defeat the Dark Lord. Baby Intelligence immediately expressed that he was born on the tenth of June, and that ironically, it may be him. Baby Strength was skeptical about this. Lucy stepped into the kitchen and Baby Strength then spotted the newest issue of the Perpetual Seer, which had a picture of Mr. Stupid NoHead on the cover with the title “Unspeakable Number One” and a reward amount for his capture, which President Aaron Clinton put up the reward from $15,000 to $1,500,000 because all finding of him was coming up a fail as he always escaped. Lucy revealed that it was punishable by death to harbor Baby Intelligence and that she planned to betray them to save herself from the law.

The four NoHeads that arrived blasted apart pieces of the house hunting for Baby Strength's master, giving him time to hide downstairs. However, Hell Burnbottom, the eldest son of Mr. Stupid NoHead, found him there. Baby Intelligence saved him by throwing a bomb downstairs, allowing Baby Strength to distract Burnbottom long enough to board the Pinewood Derby. After locating Force Baby, Baby Strength pulled the triggers inside the Derby and it fired at Mean King, blasting him against the ceiling as Force Baby spectacularly leapt onto the overturned couch and onto the hood of the car, climbing inside just as the Derby flew off, bound for New Hampshire.

Imprisonment Edit

Baby Strength, Baby Intelligence, and Force Baby briefly took refuge at a homeless shelter. Finally, they climbed onto a rooftop and began conversing there when Annabeth Black and Kenzie Walters Teleported onto the roof and advanced on Baby Strength, who backed away and reached for his sword. One of the girls disarmed him and casually threw his weapon off the building and they restrained him before Deteleporting back to Tsala with their captive in tow.[6] Baby Strength was subsequently imprisoned in the Fifth NoHead Base[7] and forced to watch as Hell Burnbottom and Black mobilized hundreds of war robots into formation, completely war ready.[8][9]

During the Battle of the Fifth NoHead Base that ensued hours after Baby Strength's capture, Baby Intelligence, Force Baby, and numerous soldiers from Rome, Italy attempted to rescue Baby Strength, but every one of their attempts failed.[7][10] However, their two-week search for the Chosen One, which turned out to be Lindsay Kellerman, came to fruit without him when Baby Intelligence and Kellerman killed Mr. Stupid NoHead[11], leading to Burnbottom becoming the new NoHead Grandmaster.[12]

Transfer to the Yuckious Clan and escape Edit

As Burnbottom was not interested in the S.M.S.B. challenging him until he was ready for them, he had Baby Strength transferred to the holdout of the Yuckious Clan, whom he forced to hold the S.M.S.B. member.

Eventually, a rescue mission was staged by the S.M.S.B., who fought off the Yuckious Clan and fled with him. Baby Strength was taken back to the MBH receive medical attention for both the physical and mental wounds that were inflicted on him. Baby Intelligence noted that he looked ill, bruised, and covered in scabs.

Mission to Yellowstone Edit

Second Battle of Yellowstone Edit

Baby Strength joined the S.M.S.B. in their trip to the NoHead base. On the way, they stopped at the police station. There Baby Strength discovered that the station had been evacuated due to a major battle. He knew of a smaller station from 1990, however, and took the group there. Upon meeting Bladepoint, Baby Intelligence attempted to convince the police to unify in a bid to oust the NoHeads. Bladepoint agreed, and the two uneasy groups put an end to their dispute to concentrate on the common foe. Bladepoint presented his formulated plan to the group, which would consist of him leading a strike team into the NoHead base and defeat the NoHeads, flanked by Baby Strength. At the same time the police army would lead a ground assault to distract the Rocket army. Upon arriving, Baby Strength wished Force Baby luck, then they were ambushed by a NoHead tank. Fortunately, Baby Strength made short work of the tank, disabling forty-two Rockets in the process.

Using the secret entrance, Baby Strength and the others engaged the few Rockets guarding the doors. It was Baby Strength’s idea to commence the diversion by firing on an armored tank carrying 83 Rockets. As Baby Strength, Lindsay, Baby Intelligence, and the police set out to find the NoHeads, they were met by Hell Burnbottom, who had been tracking their progress. Bladepoint’s group was forced to go the long way around while the babies stalled the villain. Baby Strength chose to join the police.

The divided team faced heavy resistance as they battled through the following room. Eventually, Baby Strength found the passkeys to unlock blocked portions of the base. Progress was frustratingly slow battling through the halls, but Lewis, one of the police squad, came up with an idea. The group clambered out onto a window sill, and used their ascension guns to bypass a level of the base. The group made their way through the following corridor. Unfortunately, they were swiftly captured by Bratpros and escorted to the other two NoHeads.

However, Bladepoint grabbed a sword and tossed weapons to the others. As he engaged Brute Gunray, Baby Strength helped the others eliminate the Rockets in the room. Mean King was forced to retreat. Though the plan eventually worked, it did not come about without loss, with 143 police being killed. His actions throughout the fight earned him a medal.

Defeating Brute Gunray Edit

Along with Telekinibabe and Lindsay, Baby Strength arrived at the Yellowstone base and, with his sword drawn, followed Lindsay as they searched for the NoHeads. They were confronted by Rockets several times, but managed to decapitate them. In time, Baby Strength’s path was diverted to the chamber where Brute Gunray awaited him. Lindsay and Telekinibabe were shut off by a sword-resistant door.

Baby Strength engaged the Dark Lord in a fierce duel. Brute Gunray proved his superiority in his customized Form V swordplay, however, Baby Strength kept up with his mastery of Form III. Their duel carried them onto a gauntlet, where Baby Strength was able to drive Gunray off. After killing the NoHead, Baby Strength reported to Baby Intelligence, who congratulated him.

Battle of the Eastern Field Edit

During the funeral of Sheriff Bladepoint, Baby Strength sat next to Force Baby and spent a long time comforting him.

The fight for Sebiscuits CardarphenEdit

Eventually, Baby Strength would join the S.M.S.B. in fighting Sebiscuits Cardarphen, but did not last long against the stronger infant. However, he survived and helped them continue the chase.

Along with the others, Baby Strength traveled three hours into the past, watching themselves go through the week's previous events. As they rushed into the City Volcano, they completed their journey.

Superhero School years Edit

After the American Purge, Baby Strength continued to train under the S.M.S.B. When he was six years old, Baby Strength told Baby Intelligence, who was now called Master Intelligence, that "[he] would like to go to Superhero School". Taken aback, but proud, Master Intelligence ensured he was registered to attend.

Third NoHead War Edit

During his fourth year, Baby Strength was pulled out of school in 2031, after Master Intelligence was ambushed by Whammo Fireball and the Lunch Money Bandit. He quickly found himself to be somewhat disdainful of Red X, but eventually accepted her for what she was. He also joined the S.M.S.B. in battling the newly restored NoHeads, and helped Master Intelligence keep a patrol for NoHead-related threats. He also did not take well to Lindsay’s news of Hell Burnbottom’s return. The same year, he made it to the Second Fencing Tournament, and during the event he was defeated by Red X. Recognizing her as the less predictable duelist, he found he respected her after all.

He later fought in the Battle of Bast Castle. During the sky battle, he was able to keep the skyfighters dispatched by the Elite NoHeads at bay. He fired a missile at a fighter, which blew up its wing and made it spiral to a fiery end. However, he remembered the mission and broke for Bast Castle. However, he was delayed and could not regroup with Master Intelligence for a time. When Red X began to tire, she flew onto the top of his fighter and clung to it as Hell Burnbottom pursued them both. He was forced to break off the chase, allowing Baby Strength to land in the entrance of the castle.

Battle of Transylvania Edit

In 2042, Baby Strength took part in the Battle of Transylvania. Once in the Hall of Domination, Telekinibabe was drawn to the Orb of Power. Upon his touching it, the group was confronted by Knights of Plague. In the subsequent battle, Baby Strength teamed up with Force Baby. Inside the Death Chamber, Andromeda saw Becca Smith, pursuing her and attempting to talk. However, Baby Strength called to Andromeda and told her to regroup with the others. While the members regrouped, the Knights of Plague swooped down and attacked, capturing everyone and rounding them up before tying them. In his attempts to escape, Baby Strength was blasted with stun beams.

After recovering, Baby Strength quickly used his Super strength to free himself, stealing the keys of his captor, horrified at what the Grand Bomb would do. Seeing this, Red X asked Baby Strength to free her. Baby Strength nodded and did this. Seeing this, the Gladiator immediately launched the bomb, but Red X sacrificed herself, leaping in front of the bomb, destroying it as well as herself. As Lindsay rushed to Red X's side, Baby Strength freed the others and they all reclaimed their weapons. As the battle resumed, Baby Strength realized that his body could withstand being shot, and also dent the bullet in the process.

When Thomas Meyer came to New York, he joined the S.M.S.B. and became Centauri. He and Master Intelligence wanted to find the Arts and use their powers to protect Muggles and strengthen the government.

Peace era Edit

A new friend of the S.M.S.B., Ramona Meyer, invited Baby Strength and Force Baby to Transylvania Quarters, which she claimed was her new home. so she could meet them individually, and she served them carrot sticks over the course of their conversation. Baby Strength quickly realized that he had a crush on Ramona, which Force Baby mocked him for, even tripping him once Ramona passed by.[2]

In 2054, the S.M.S.B. learned that the hologram pit was being hidden in the t and i Factory and sought to protect it from being stolen by George, who had been working for the Gladiator and the Knights of Plague. It turned out that Ramona Meyer was actually behind the crime. After the S.M.S.B. entered the t and i factory, they proceeded upstairs in a passage leading directly into the procession lines. After walking the halls for some time, the group chose to ride a boxcar to the hologram pit. However, Baby Strength agreed to catch up, since the boxcar could only fit five people. After the boxcar began down the tracks, Baby Strength somehow got down the tracks and into the Underground Chambers, where he passed a series of Dark vines, which Sebiscuits had just fragmented. Baby Strength's primary superpower, Super strength, became a life-saving asset when the S.M.S.B. came to the third section of the Underground Chambers.

Most of them found themselves unable to bypass the Nundu guarding the chambers by any means. It required the use of incredible strength, prompting Baby Strength to step up. Left with no choice, he viciously brawled with the creature, using his Super strength to a pivotal advantage. Although he defeated the Nundu into a death-like trance, he collapsed from exhaustion and his wounds. The unconscious Baby Strength was picked off from the group, but his actions allowed all the members but Sebiscuits to move on. Ultimately, the S.M.S.B. succeeded in defeating Ramona and protecting the hologram pit.

While Master Intelligence and Centauri were getting ready for their quest, his counterpart Lindsay Kellerman said that he couldn’t leave the other S.M.S.B. members.

Tragedy in the MBHEdit

Later, Centauri began to question the truth about the S.M.S.B., and confronted Master Intelligence about his conflicted thoughts. As they spoke, Master Intelligence guided him to the Fun Room, where Baby Strength was playing with Force Baby. When they arrived, Centauri said he would not change the plan for the other S.M.S.B. members. Intelligence pointed out they were like his family before heading inside. Intelligence declared he no longer desired the Sword, and as this led to an argument, Baby Strength said he was disturbed by what Centauri was saying, though he was reprimanded. As Centauri declared his ambition to rule over the world, Baby Strength guided Force Baby away. After doing this, he intervened in Centauri’s and Intelligence’s argument, pointing out that Centauri did not want to help the townspeople, but rule them, and that he knew nothing of love. Intelligence told him to stop, but Centauri insisted Baby Strength was right and he knew nothing of love. Intelligence denied this, but he did understand Centauri was turning to the dark side, refusing to help him any longer. Baby Strength whispered his suggestion to kill Centauri on the spot, and Intelligence told him off. With that, Centauri lost control and drew his sword and electrocuted Baby Strength. Intelligence, though hesitant to fight at first, telekinetically hurled him away, breaking the contact. Master Intelligence told Baby Strength to grab Force Baby and leave, but Baby Strength insisted on staying with him.[13]

Centauri speed-glitched back to his opponents and telekinetically assaulted them. After a brief fight, Master Intelligence hurled a series of ropes at Centauri, binding him before announcing his plans to arrest him, but Baby Strength hurled his sword at him to break the ropes. He then declared Centauri had to die. This intervention turned into a three-way duel between Master Intelligence, Baby Strength, and Centauri. Centauri fired a beam, which Baby Strength blocked. The three of them began dueling with their swords. Centauri parried their attacks and brought Master Intelligence into a lightning lock. Centauri quickly broke the connection and incapacitated Baby Strength with a stun beam. Soon, Baby Strength recovered and attacked with his sword, and the duel resumed. When Centauri wounded Baby Strength across the back, Master Intelligence was left to contend with the former’s might alone. As Baby Strength began to recover, Force Baby stepped out and tried to help his cousin, but a blast of lightning hit Force Baby, killing him. Seeing this, Baby Strength got to his feet and ran over to Force Baby’s corpse and cried in grief.[2]

Baby Strength blamed Master Intelligence for Force Baby's death, going as far as to physically assault his Master at their friend's funeral and actually breaking Master Intelligence's nose. Meanwhile, Centauri fled New York City, and continued the search for the Sword of Abomination alone. Now on the side of darkness, Centauri took the alias of the Dark Flame for everyday use.[2]

Asian Revolution Edit

Baby Strength participated in the Asian Revolution. Long after Force Baby's death, Baby Strength kept a photo of him in his pocket.

Death Edit

When the S.M.S.B. returned to America to stop the Dark Flame (who was once Centauri) Baby Strength hid in a wrecked car with the others. Halting the advance of his legions of troops, the Dark Flame took on the entire S.M.S.B. alone, displaying dazzling ability with his sword. Telekinibabe and Retrowoman were killed. When Baby Strength charged the Dark Flame and engaged him single-handedly, he managed to briefly disarm the Dark Flame, having recognized his style from 2070, but left himself open and was quickly struck down by a slash across the waist and a fatal overhand strike.[14]


Baby Strength's corpse was left behind by the rescue team that recovered Master Intelligence, Cardarphen, Lindsay Kellerman, Optica, and Squeazy. The Dark Flame silently claimed his sword.

Alternate timeline Edit

During the skirmish in the City Volcano, Baby Intelligence was pushed into a vat of lava by Sebiscuits Cardarphen. He did not survive.

Victorious, Cardarphen, along with Black and Pythoman, established a totalitarian regime under the control of the NoHeads that spanned entire planets. Devastated by the loss of their Master, Baby Strength, Kellerman, Telekinibabe, and Force Baby were forced on the run and branded as criminals. When they recovered a Time Machine, they arranged to fix it so they could alter the timeline and bring about a brighter future that the NoHeads had no control or influence over.

They eventually took refuge with Jena Kamen for a short period of time. Baby Strength awkwardly asked if Kamen wanted to retreat into her bedroom to change clothes, but Kamen was going to wear a wildly designed bikini anyway, defeating the purpose.

Together, they reluctantly proceeded into the tower with Quintan driving the Time Machine, as she thought her driving the machine will be their best bet not to call attention to it, as they all knew Cardarphen would try and destroy it as soon as he got the chance.

A mysterious avatar named Dark Baby Intelligence emerged and killed Baby Strength after a brief duel, much to everyone's horror or delight. As Baby Strength looked towards the heavens and fell still, fighting broke out. Amid the din, Force Baby dragged Baby Strength's corpse into the Time Machine and called to the others to rush inside, an action which ultimately reversed the timeline.

Physical description Edit

Baby Strength was very muscular and shockingly tall for an infant (he was nearly four feet tall, as of 2020). He had gerber-like hair, very similar to that of Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits Cardarphen. His supersuit was plain but colorful, and had a huge scarlet 's' on it. As a teen, he had grown the least as far as height was concerned.

Personality and traits Edit

In his youth, Baby Strength was often found by many to be somewhat reckless. At the time of the Second NoHead War, his teamwork and resourceful nature helped stop the NoHead forces from building a new base. Known for his great strength, bravery and loyalty, Baby Strength always stuck with the S.M.S.B. However, he was also known for his stubbornness and occasional dislike of adventure.

In addition to the great amount of strength Baby Strength possessed, he was exceptionally skilled with crafting, piloting, and thinking. He was also a master of Monopoly. Ever the mechanic, many of the sublight and hyperdrive systems of the Pinewood Derby were of Baby Strength’s own design, as was the leather seating[15]. He also had a great understanding of leadership, and usually kept his anger in check.

Baby Strength is also a very logical thinker, yet not as much so as Baby Intelligence, who he has a deep respect for. While his cousin looks up to Baby Intelligence as a father figure, Baby Strength revers him as well, but he addresses him far more casually as they have much more in common and arguably are both around equally mature. However, this is not always beneficial, as Baby Strength has the most trouble following orders out of any S.M.S.B. member, the possible exception being Sebiscuits Cardarphen. This is because he finds it difficult to blur the line between a traveling companion and the concept of having a master. He defied Baby Intelligence's wishes to force Force Baby to run as best he could in his condition, even going so far as to physically assault him in a blind fury. The two often butt heads because Baby Intelligence has "trust issues" and Baby Strength always approaches strangers with an impressively logical approach. For instance, Baby Strength pointed out to his Master that it was better to trust a stranger and try to overpower her if needs be, than face certain death in a storm. He also had the sense to allow himself to be probed by the Varlarien and to give Baby Intelligence the benefit of the doubt when he seemingly turned his back on the S.M.S.B.

Baby Strength is clearly a "cat person", as he treats Gobbles spitefully and is affectionate towards Achilles.

Baby Strength was quite responsible, though not so much as Lindsay Kellerman. His refusal to break under torture at the hands of those such as the Yuckious Clan also shows his strength of willpower[9].

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Fencing Edit

Baby Strength was one of the greatest sword duelists of his time. A natural swordsman, Baby Strength’s ability had always been evident even as an orphan. During his training under Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength chose to specialize in Ataru, his relatively advanced skills reinforced by his youth and stamina, which helped compensate for his relative inexperience. While he relied on the acrobatics to flank his opponents, and to facilitate his strong penchant for physical attacks, Baby Strength largely eschewed the more impractical elements of Ataru, such as the open flourishes, favoring more simplistic and direct moves.

In addition to Ataru, Baby Strength also studied Shien, as evidenced by his accurate bullet-deflections and his occasional use for the reversed grip, and Soresu, to compensate for Ataru’s limits. He was also very fond of chaining hand-to-hand combat strikes into his dueling sequences. His degree of skill with this martial art was such that he was able to break the knee of the hulking Gladiator with a well placed kick. However, Baby Strength soon adopted Form III as his primary style instead of Form IV. Nevertheless, Baby Strength had already mastered it. Since the Battle of Palmyra, Baby Strength began studying the defensive Soresu, intending to create a hybrid between it and Ataru. When he fought Sebiscuits Cardarphen the next day, he proved to be one of the only members able to hold him off for more than fifteen seconds. Though Soresu eventually became his primary fighting form, he implemented elements of Ataru into his swordplay from time to time.

Much study into Form III resulted in Baby Strength developing an extraordinary amount of proficiency in the form. His tight defense and energy-efficient moves stood him in good stead against masterful gunslingers such as RC-4, or during the chaotic firefights of the First Battle of the NoHead Base. However, Baby Strength’s Soresu proved unable to effectively counter Hell Burnbottom’s skills during their confrontation in 2020. On that occasion, Burnbottom’s elegant combination of Makashi and Brosartt, his elegant strokes and jabs worked away at Baby Strength’s defense; many of Baby Strength’s cutting parries missed Burnbottom’s blade entirely, while Burnbottom’s feints confused the baby and forced him to retreat, ultimately bringing him down. Over the course of the Second NoHead War, Baby Strength continued to develop his technique. His bullet-deflection skills were further honed to the point where Baby Strength could literally walk unscathed through what were described as hornet-swarms of gunfire, single-handedly deflecting blasts from all directions simultaneously. Thousands of hours of sparring and practice sessions considerably advanced his skills as a duelist as well.

Even unarmed, Baby Strength was a terrifying opponent, evading enemy attacks and working his way inside their defense to physically assault them with his Super strength, which built up with his age. In addition to Soresu, Baby Strength would also master and incorporate elements of Grund and Niman into his fighting style. He also seemed to have been well versed in the art of dual-blade combat, which served him well on several occasions. His mastery of dual-blade combat allowed him to hold his own against the Dark Flame for a time, but ultimately was not enough to stop him from entering the MBH and killing Master Intelligence three hours later. Earlier on, he momentarily used dual combat against Brute Gunray and the Gladiator.

By the end of the war, Baby Strength’s study into Soresu had resulted in absolute mastery of the style. His skill was such that he was considered by Lindsay Kellerman not to simply be a master of Soresu, but to be the master of Soresu.

Powers Edit

"Behind him, Baby Strength balled his right hand and punched the man directly underneath his rib cage in his stomach. The blow lifted the man off his feet and smashed him into the ceiling. Baby Intelligence nodded at his apprentice as Hunk dropped to the floor, lifeless."
―Baby Strength easily taking out Hunk, a member of the Yuckious Clan[src]
Baby Strength’s primary superpower is his vast superhuman strength. According to Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength’s exact lifting limit is well in excess of sixty-six tons. Even in old age, he is also seen bench-pressing locomotives and throwing boulders at tremendous speeds. He even stopped a helicopter piloted by an enemy from lifting off by pulling on its landing gear.

His superhumanly strong muscles allow him to move and perform feats of great agility a Fobble could never do without hurting himself or damaging his ligaments, something he told Carol Wilcox. Combined with his jumping ability, Baby Strength is able to perform some astonishing maneuvers not even the finest of athletes could do. After Baby Strength pulled down the seaplane that his enemy was flying in, he superhumanly dodged the extremely fast seaplane blades that were coming towards him.

Baby Strength is able to withstand tremendous amounts of physical trauma and blunt forces, including multistory falls, the direct impact of a skyfighter, and breaking through brick walls. He can be cut, though, with very hard metals and a suitable amount of force. Despite the fact that Baby Strength has a near-superhuman degree of resistance to impacts and pain, things that produce a tremendous blunt force can still hurt him or even pierce his skin. During the skirmish with the Gladiator in 2042, his body could withstand being shot, and also dent the bullet in the process, something he did not know until then.

Other abilities Edit

While Baby Intelligence did the majority of leading among the S.M.S.B., it was usually Baby Strength who kept him on track when he and the others had a task to do, and he sometimes did the same with other members, demonstrating good leadership skills.

Relationships Edit


Force BabyEdit

Force Baby was Baby Strength's cousin, and the two held each other in high regard. Not only were they constantly there for each other, but until the Battle of Palmyra, they were all the other had. At this point, the two were inseparable, constantly on the run stealing groceries and hiding in restricted buildings until they found their place in the S.M.S.B. Force Baby had a tendency to tease Baby Strength. He had no problem telling him (or anyone else) off when he believed his behavior was unreasonable, and he had no issues with embarrassing him in public, as when he openly mocked him for his crush on Ramona and even tripped him in front of her.

Still, Baby Strength was the only one who could calm him down when he flew into a rage, something even their master could not always accomplish. The two often fed horses together in their free time.

Eventually, Master Intelligence induced Centauri into the S.M.S.B., and Baby Strength stepped in when they began making plans for a worldwide revolution, pointing out that Force Baby was in no state to be dragged along with them. This resulted in a three-way duel between Force Baby's friends and Centauri. Force Baby tried to interfere, and was inadvertently killed by one of them, which devastated Baby Strength and caused an unending rift between him and Master Intelligence. It is unknown who actually fired the attack which led to his death. At Force Baby's funeral, Baby Strength broke his Master's nose and shouted at him that Force Baby's death was all his fault.

Long after Force Baby's death, Baby Strength kept a photo of him in his pocket.

Baby Intelligence Edit


Baby Intelligence, his master.

Baby Strength found out about Baby Intelligence after he became a revered superhero, and even in poverty and starvation deemed him his “hero.” He first met the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster when he and Force Baby were hiding in an office building and they together won the Battle of Palmyra. Baby Strength was initially reluctant to swear any oaths to the superhero, but Baby Intelligence promised he would be treated as a member of his family, provoking several memories from Baby Strength that helped him come to trust Baby Intelligence enough to join him. Despite being somewhat annoyed with his master's self-righteous nature on occasion, Baby Strength quickly came to respect Baby Intelligence’s immense power and seemingly infinite wisdom. The two get along well on a day-to-day basis. Although Baby Intelligence was not as close with him as he was with Lindsay Kellerman, he showed great insight into his character very early on. Like Kellerman, Baby Intelligence and Baby Strength are quite similar in their dour, brooding tendencies in times of trouble, and often need Force Baby's humor and levity to counterbalance their intense personalities.

Baby Strength stood steadfastly by his master and comforted him after they lost Paige Nelson to the NoHeads. Consequentially, the two heavily bonded during the Search for the Chosen One. They also had a falling out during this time, when Baby Strength began to question whether Baby Intelligence had a real plan to get the scrolls for Sir Edgar Caravan's prophecy, ultimately culminating in an intense physical fight driven by blind rage after they argued whether they should get a boulder abroad or stay and heal Force Baby. The two of them made up shortly afterwards, Baby Intelligence was sorely devastated beyond measure when he was kidnapped by Mr. Stupid NoHead's followers. By the time he had been rescued, however, he realized he had misjudged his master horribly. More so than Force Baby, Baby Intelligence understands Baby Strength's emotional feelings and is compassionate towards him. Baby Intelligence often comforts Baby Strength and shows him kindness and care when he is upset.

The two remained close into adulthood, working effectively together for several years. Even though Baby Intelligence had become very fond of Sebiscuits Cardarphen at this point, he still did his best to treat Baby Strength equally. While Master Intelligence likely alienated him, along with Force Baby and Telekinibabe, during his obsession with Thomas Meyer (Centauri), when Centauri attacked Baby Strength, Master Intelligence immediately came to his student's aid and fought against his best friend, clearly displaying that even at the height of his worst years, Master Intelligence cared for his students' well-being more than Centauri's and his own pride. After Force Baby's death, Baby Strength and Master Intelligence's relationship became very estranged, as Baby Strength blamed Master Intelligence for the death of their utmost oldest friend. Fortunately, they eventually established a cordial relationship with each other, though they were never as close as they had once been as babies.

Carol Wilcox Edit

Carol - the blabberish singer

Carol Wilcox, a good friend.

Baby Strength was good friends with Carol Wilcox. The two met in Carol's tent during the search for the Chosen One. Carol admired him and sheltered him twice during the hunt, albeit also on the behalf of Baby Intelligence, and he was very grateful for her support. He was the first of the trio to notice that Carol had some emotional issues and severely underestimated herself, and encouraged her to be more confident, and encouraged his cousin Force Baby to do likewise. Both of them became allies of the Police Grand Army, and fought together in the Battle of the Golden Gates and the Battle of the Eastern Field. They remained in touch after the war.

Bash Edit

"Yeah. A disappointing loss."
―Baby Strength's reaction to Bash's death[src]
Baby Strength met Bash when he came to the Dancing Dorm with his master. He was cordial towards the superhero, and while he never admired him as much as Force Baby, he still felt comfortable around him. He disapproved of Baby Strength's recklessness, but he also acknowledged that the last thing he would label him as is insane. Bash was far more blunt than Baby Strength, which could be one reason they weren't as close as the other two members of the trio. After he died, Baby Strength said it was "a disappointing loss".

Thomas Meyer Edit


Thomas Meyer

"You cannot succeed to that end, because you know nothing of what it takes to rule. You lack the power only love can provide. You're weak."
―Baby Strength to Centauri[src]

Baby Strength disliked Centauri immensely, as he was Master Intelligence’s best friend after Red X. While Baby Strength was spending more time alone, Intelligence and Centauri were planning a quest to locate the Sword of Abomination. As the two boys were planning to travel around the world, they also planned to take the S.M.S.B. with them. However, Centauri began to fall to the Darkness. When Baby Strength opposed him, Centauri became very angry, condescendingly calling him "little one" several times, and assaulted Baby Strength with lightning; Master Intelligence then defended his student and the three boys had a duel, in which Force Baby was killed unintentionally. Centauri escaped and left the city. Baby Strength retained bitter memories towards Centauri for many years after their fateful encounter, and it did not help at all when Centauri, now the Dark Flame, murdered Master Intelligence.

Mr. Stupid NoHead Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead-0

Mr. Stupid NoHead, his enemy

Baby Strength first learned about Mr. Stupid NoHead, the most dangerous Dark mutant of all time, after reading about him sometime before he became a member of the S.M.S.B. When he joined, he — more or less knowingly — prevented the construction of the Fourth NoHead Base, leaving NoHead in his emergency living quarters.

Later on, he also helped attack said Base, though he failed to deactivate the NoHead Robot Army when Operation: Purge was initiated. This event led Baby Strength to resent NoHead to the extent of an unhealthy bloodlust for the criminal. In 2019, he attempted to strike down NoHead upon seeing him in person, only to be telekinetically hurled away. He later witnessed Baby Intelligence's defeat of Mr. Stupid NoHead in the Second Battle of the NoHead Base.

However, Baby Strength made very little direct contact with Mr. Stupid NoHead, truly seeing him for the first time during the Battle of the Fourth NoHead Base. Despite this, Mr. Stupid NoHead still viewed Baby Strength as a threat.

Gobbles Edit



Gobbles was Carol Wilcox's large dog. Baby Strength strongly disliked him, largely due to his perceived antagonistic behavior towards his cousin Force Baby. However, when Carol explained that Gobbles and Force Baby "were only messing with each other", Baby Strength relented and had a rather amusing experience trying to get Gobbles to sniff his hand, only to be licked in the face, which Baby Strength disliked. Still, this event put them on much better terms, though it is probable to say that they will never truly be friends.

Etymology Edit

The name "Daniel" comes from the Hebrew name דָּנִיֵּאל (Daniyyel) meaning "God is my judge."

Behind the scenes Edit

According to D. Isaac Thomas, Baby Strength is not related to Russell Stewart, though they share the same surname.


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