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"You aren't quite old enough to realize how special you are. [...] You are protected, Peter, by your ability to love! The only protection that can possibly make true allies and battle the lure of power like Mr. Stupid NoHead's! In spite of all the suffering you have endured, you remain pure of heart. The fact that you could hold your own against such evil proves you are ready to live your dream, battle the evil Order, and train other children like yourself."
Sheriff Bladepoint praising Baby Intelligence[src]

Baby Intelligence, O.M. (First Class),[12] (10 June, 2019[3] - April 2180[4]), whose given name is Peter Hecks, was the most renowned Super in world history, comparable to Superman. He was known for his legendary wisdom, incredible power, and skills in sword combat. After his parents abandoned him, he was adopted by the Police Grand Army and trained to harness his incredible power.[1] Finally, he became a superhero and led what would become the S.M.S.B. He founded, led, and taught the group before and during three devastating wars - the Second and Third NoHead Wars,[12] and the Shadow Wars.[4] As a baby, his archenemy was Mr. Stupid NoHead, and as an adult it was the Dark Flame, both of whom were eventually killed. He also became the youngest Crodela Brightener of all time.[13] Although he loved all the members of the group equally, he trusted Sebiscuits Cardarphen, Lindsay Kellerman, and Centauri the most. At the age of six, he took the name of Master Intelligence, respectively. As a baby, he stood at 66 centimeters tall, but as a teenager he stood 170 centimeters. He had exceptional skills in sword combat, most commonly employing whirling and acrobatic Form IV techniques. Baby Intelligence was a master of all ten stils, though he disliked using Stil VIII immensely. He was idolized by thousands of people and some of them considered him a swordmaster. Despite this, he believed most firmly in peace and knowledge. Master Intelligence continued leading the organization until his dying day.[14]


Family lineage

The Hecks' were an old and wealthy pure-blood family, descended from their founding patriarch Wilfred of Wales, a locally well-beloved and eccentric man, whose nickname, ‘the Hell Hoarder’, became corrupted in time to ‘Hecks’. Wilfred was a vague and absent-minded fellow whose Fobble neighbors often called upon his medicinal services. None of them realized that Wilfred’s wonderful cures for pox and ague were mutated; they all thought him a harmless and lovable old chap, pottering about in his garden with all his funny plants. His reputation as a well-meaning eccentric served Wilfred well, for behind closed doors he was able to continue the series of experiments that orchestrated the genocide of the kingdom. Historians credit Wilfred as the originator of a number of remedies that evolved into potions still used to this day. His sales of such cures to fellow mutants enabled him to leave a significant pile of gold to each of his seven children upon his death.

Wilfred’s eldest son, Derwin, married a beautiful young mutant by the name of Ariel Foulle, who came from the village of Albany. Because she was the great-niece of Valarie Lethletera, the Hecks' were related to the NoHeads as well (and by extension Mr. Stupid NoHead).

At some point before 1693 members of the family immigrated to England. Samuel Hecks was one of the original twelve Knights trained and appointed in England. It can be assumed that he was educated at Commonwealth School of Mutantry. Sam's distant relation to Baby Intelligence would not be uncovered until centuries later.

Two members of the family also held positions on the Mutamon. They were Ralphie Hecks and Tom Hecks, grandfather to Rotta Hecks.


Centuries before his birth, Baby Intelligence appeared to the Knight Drimsé Ur in a vision. The vision also included the instructor Steven Grande, Baby Intelligence's apprentice Lindsay Kellerman, and his friend turned enemy Thomas Meyer; all four of them would be destroyed by the NoHeads. This vision proved untrue, as the NoHeads never ended the lives of any of these four individuals, though it could be referring to their destinies being changed forever by the Dark Order.[15] Similarly, at an unknown period of time, Baby Intelligence was also foretold by Caesar Revanen to put an end to the world's darkest faction imaginable, and to set down the first few bricks for a world made free.[16]


Early life (10 June-18 July, 2019)



A newborn Peter Hecks

Peter Hecks was born on 10 June, 2019[3] to Rotta and Greg Hecks in NYC Hospital. A few months after his birth, he would be able to recall flashbacks of squelching guts around him and an earsplitting cry, but nothing else, leaving him to wonder if his memory would leave him the way it did to the majority of infants. Immediately following his birth, he was taken home and laid in his new crib by his mother.

Discovering his mutantry

The morning, Peter managed to escape his bed and was doing a floor puzzle by the time Rotta awoke. This shocked her and Greg very much. Over the next few days, he pondered over finding a way to speak, and quickly found the way how. As his parents were having a conversation, Peter used a magnifying glass and studied their lips. He tried to follow, and quickly succeeded. His parents were unkind yet cautious throughout his first week alive as he learned to stand and speak at an incredibly young age - he had also taught himself to stand when he was four days old and took his first steps, despite falling over three times and not crying once.[1]

At one point, they also took him with them to a party, where he demonstrated his telekinetic powers for the first time by crushing the seatbelt to his booster and telekinetically hurling balloons at other guests, mostly children. Terrified, Rotta dragged him home.[1]


Peter Hecks meeting Colby Doge Senior

The next day, they were visited by Colby Doge, who featured Peter on television upon meeting him and ensured he was featured on the front page of the Perpetual Seer. Doge even went so far as to say he was “the latest news flash.” Word soon spread about the latter; everybody wanted to meet him. Unbeknownst to him, Rotta and Greg were both plotting a way to get rid of him.[1]

Dogfight over Earth

"As Peter headed off for breakfast, he realized just how much he liked Annabeth Black. She never asked him for anything, he'd learned things from her, she could laugh at herself, and he'd never heard her complain before."

Peter Hecks was asked by NASA’s leading officials to attend a space mission. Rotta left the station with Greg before he could return to Earth, after declaring he was not welcome in their home. Just then, a UFO showed up. Attempting to intervene, Peter fought back and attacked the UFO with a barrage of laser blasts. He was then able to blow up the UFO by deploying a missile. Astronauts and police by saving their ship from the UFO in a heated battle. He was then able to land the wrecked ship in the parking lot at NASA.[1]

When he came inside, he collapsed from exhaustion and misery. At that moment, a police officer named Zett arrived, who told him the police were going to adopt him, since his parents were still stubborn about their decision. He followed Zett, and was then beckoned by someone else to follow him inside a closet. Curious, Peter went inside to find a mutant baby who looked very much like himself. The baby, whose name was Sebiscuits Cardarphen, wished him luck, but before anything else could be said, Zett beckoned him out of the closet. Peter followed him to the police car, and they went to the police station.[1]

Apprenticeship to Sheriff Bladepoint

Peter underwent vigorous training[6] for the next month.[17]

On his first day at the station, Peter met Annabeth Black, an insurgent who intended to get on his good side for her own ends, upon tripping on her arm. He hastily apologized, but rather than being angry, she introduced herself to him and began to charm him, something she was skilled at in any case. She showed him how to get to the cafeteria.

On the second day, he was disturbed to see a vision regarding the Dark Lord Mr. Stupid NoHead, who had marked his name since before his birth. He also met and made a rival of Lori during breakfast. He and Black got into a fight with her, something the latter broke up by pinning her to the chair with her sword. As Peter and Annabeth left the room, Lori warned Peter he'd "better keep that [cocky attitude] under control". He then meets his master, Sheriff Bladepoint, who begins his training in earnest.

A flashback prior to the Battle of the Western Field reveals that Peter came upon Black cooking in the kitchens of the Police Station. She shared some of her food, which was very unconventional, with him.[18]

A friendly police officer named Dexter, who was in his twenties, joined Peter Hecks and assisted largely in his training.

Skirmish in Maine

Peter Hecks

Peter faces Sean Cornelly.

It seemed that Peter's training had proven difficult, as his adventurous past had shaped his mind toward action and emotional instinct. Nevertheless, on 2 July, when he was three weeks old, Bladepoint told him that they were not doing the usual — he was assigning him and Dexter to protect a politician from pirates who were kidnapping powerful figures for ransom. Pirates attacked the vessel, exploiting weaknesses in the design, and the politician was kidnapped despite the actions of the two Grand Army members. Although Dexter had met his former friend, Sean Cornelly, who had come to forgive him, he did not tell his friend that he knew the former police. Like Dexter, Peter came to suspect that the security weaknesses and malfunctions on the senator’s craft during the battle has been deliberate sabotage, since the craft had recently undergone a security retrofit. He traced the sabotage of the senator’s ship back to the responsible factory in the snowy state of Maine.

With help from Hecks, Dexter discovered that the factory was owned by Caravan, a corporation that used secretive slavery on its assembly lines. While they were investigating further, Sean Cornelly arrived. Telling the two police that he’d found a worker willing to talk to them, he lured the pair into an ambush. There, local battle robots suddenly appeared and threatened the two police. Cornelly had betrayed Dexter for good, as he formerly worked at the factory. Dexter and Peter were forced to surrender in order to avoid collateral damage to the factory’s numerous slaves. They were injected with toxins that paralyzed them and rendered them unconscious. The incapacitated officers were subsequently transported to Sean Cornelly’s headquarters.

The two police woke up in an unfamiliar room some time later, restrained by stun cuffs. They had been captured by Cornelly, who spoke to them and said he planned to hold them until the state Senator was ransomed. Unfortunately for Sean, the senator died from a sudden heart attack. This panicked Sean’s assistant, who rushed into the room where the officers were held and began to argue with the pirate leader. During their quarrel, Peter broke free from his restraints and telekinetically summoned his sword through the door the assistant had opened. Peter then dueled with Cornelly, intending to kill him. Only Dexter’s objection stopped him from slaying his overmatched foe. Instead, Peter arrested the two pirates and returned to New York with his friend.

The failure of their mission was coupled with Peter only being allowed to watch while attempting to survive any stray blasts. As such, he felt this was not truly his first battle he fought in.

The NoHeads beacon

Five days later, Peter was turned loose on the NoHeads of his own free will. He quickly found their robot, who was already dueling four police at once. A heated battle followed between Peter and the robot. Peter used both his sword and telekinesis exclusively to defeat the foe. Soon after, he was confronted by its maker, Mr. Stupid NoHead himself.[1]

After dispatching the robot, Peter was confronted by Mr. Stupid NoHead. NoHead opened with use of lightning. His disgust soon turned to delight as he realized his wish to fight Rotta’s son had come true. Peter quickly fought back with a telekinetic push that sent the NoHead across the balcony. As Mr. Stupid NoHead tried to flee, Peter jumped in front of him and pulled out his sword. NoHead fired a torrent of lightning at Peter. The attack tore Peter’s sword from his hand, and the shorter baby was then tortured by Mr. Stupid NoHead’s lightning. Peter tried to resist Mr. Stupid NoHead’s might, and attempted to redirect his lightning back at him, but the attack was far too great. As Sheriff Bladepoint unexpectedly charged at Mr. Stupid NoHead from behind, the energy between the three suddenly exploded. The blast hurled them apart, ending the battle and knocking the wind out of Peter. He heard Bladepoint threatening the Dark Lord, sparing him for the promise to leave and never return. As the world came back into focus, he found himself being congratulated, and Sheriff Bladepoint deemed him a true Super. They began building the Mutant Baby Home, known to all as the MBH, and Peter took the alias of Baby Intelligence.[1]

Second NoHead War (19 July, 2019-10 January, 2020)

"This burden you carry, I'm impressed at how well it's done. But I'm warning you now, Baby Intelligence, you make one reckless choice, one forced move, and all is lost to the Dark Lord."
―Carol Wilcox[src]

As the Inferno

Baby Intelligence continued his quest to purge the NoHeads. While Baby Intelligence is stressed by everything that is happening, he was comforted by Black's presence. He gets used to the life outside the Police Station and began to like it. After watching a news report regarding three Krosse attacks in one day, he ran off to a supply closet and hid there alone until Black entered. The two talked about the situation, and that is when he decided that he would be the "Inferno", a symbol of the war against the NoHeads. In exchange, he demanded for ample opportunity to kill Mr. Stupid NoHead. He also asked for them to help him build a laboratory in the MBH.[8]

Returning to the MBH, Baby Intelligence fell asleep in the middle of the living room. However, Lizzy Karl woke him via comlink and told him several members of the Grand Army were ready to help build the lab. Baby Intelligence greeted the team and told them he wanted his workspace underground. He telekinetically lifted the would-be mansion while they fired several Blasting Beams into the ground under it. Baby Intelligence lowered the structure, and once inside, they dug a hole to use as a trapdoor.[8]

Encountering Bomb Man and Macey

Baby Intelligence sent a Greg a letter, asking for help in getting rid of the dragon. Greg agreed to help, much to Baby Intelligence's shock, and arranged for some of his friends to pick up Macey and deliver her to the dragon sanctuary in Norway where he worked part-time.[8]

Two days after the MBH was finished, Baby Intelligence installed an alarm to alert him of any dangers that may lurk nearby. Roughly an hour later, the alarms alerted Baby Intelligence to a criminal who had robbed a bus. Intelligence tracked him down and located him hiding in an alley, under the pretense of apprehending the villain. Baby Intelligence immediately confronted him, leading to a fierce fight between Baby Intelligence and Bomb Man. Baby Intelligence finally disarmed him and took him to jail in a cage attached to the Pinewood Derby. The jail guard thanked him, but also told him he couldn't just bring people to prison and hope for their arrest. Intelligence digested this and left, victorious.[8]

Hotel bloodbath

Baby Intelligence headed down to the Police Station, where he ran into Lori, who asked him why he joined the Grand Army, and if he didn't know, he should find out. He proceeded upstairs, looking for no one in particular, when he found and met Natalie Hone. She invited him to go to Wellington Hotel with their fellow members of the Grand Army, as they intended to use it as a base while they attempted to recruit Manhattan to the Grand Army cause.[8]

During his visit, the hotel was attacked by the NoHeads. The Grand Army forces fought back and ultimately defeated them, but the hotel was destroyed. During the skirmish, Baby Intelligence threw his sword at NC-442, killing him, though he had to leap for his sword as he failed to telekinetically summon it. After the attack, the group decided to send Baby Intelligence back into combat as soon he felt up to it. [8]

Baby Intelligence ate dinner with Spark and Fizz in the docking bay. The Kebloians comforted him.[8]

Brandon's warning

Baby Intelligence returned to the MBH, where he was surprised to find Annabeth Black at the front porch. He and Black hugged as they were both in pain. He returned to the Police Station with her, and they hung out in the kitchen.

Suddenly, officer Brandon warned them of an attack, only to be killed. Shocked, Baby Intelligence backed up Percival's theory that it is a warning of an attack, and the inhabitants of the station retreated underground while others dealt with the threat. Baby Intelligence wanted to intervene, but Black forced him not to. When the attack ended, Baby Intelligence left to the office of Sheriff Bladepoint, only to learn he was abroad.[8]

That night, he received a phone call from Francis Cardarphen, who claimed that his son Sebiscuits desperately wanted to form an alliance.[8]

Duel in Central Park

"If you want to kill me, I'm yours. Go on, make the Dark Lord happy. We're all New Yorkians who want him dead, right? Our only fight is the one he provided us with."
―Baby Intelligence[src]

In their final battle, Baby Intelligence desperately attempted to save Minister Maggot. He successfully saved his life. He was subsequently arrested for his crimes.[8]

Discovering Sebiscuits Cardarphen


Soon after his promotion, young Sebiscuits Cardarphen came to the MBH, requesting to train with him. Intelligence tested him, but these tests were unsuccessful for Sebiscuits. Baby Intelligence believed that the baby was clearly affected by his temper and that he still clung too tightly to his passion to be trained safely.[8]

Hours before this event, Mayor Katie Black was kidnapped by Mr. Stupid NoHead and taken onto his base, the Wasp. As he was wrapping up his meeting with Cardarphen, Baby Intelligence was quickly called in from the police to rescue the captive leader of New York City. Baby Intelligence ordered Sebiscuits to leave, then rushed in to rescue the Mayor. However, Sebiscuits pursued, something Intelligence learned when Sebiscuits attempted to rescue his ship from pieces of burning metal that would have otherwise ruptured Baby Intelligence's wing. Sebiscuits succeeded, and they landed onboard the Wasp, where Intelligence deduced that it was too late to escort Sebiscuits home. They ran into Annabeth Black, who Baby Intelligence realized, much to his horror, was false. After Black killed the officer Ray, Baby Intelligence found himself unwilling to kill her and the babies fled. As a team, the two fought their way to where the Mayor was being held captive by Mr. Stupid NoHead himself.[8]

Baby Intelligence warned Mr. Stupid NoHead that he would never trust him again, since he had promised to leave society. Together, he and Cardarphen engaged the NoHead in battle. Initially, the two babies used lesser styles to lull Mr. Stupid NoHead into a false sense of confidence, before suddenly switching to their more advanced styles. NoHead was caught off-guard and pushed Baby Intelligence off to the side to deal with Sebiscuits exclusively. While Sebiscuits clashed with NoHead, Intelligence dealt with the F-8 robot soldiers that NoHead had brought to distract the two. However, once he did so, NoHead immediately kicked Sebiscuits aside and strangled Baby Intelligence before hurling him to the side of the room and slamming him into a balcony, rendering Intelligence unconscious and injured. Consequently, he did not witness NoHead’s escape.[8]

When Baby Intelligence recovered, he found himself upside-down, in an elevator shaft, staring at Black hanging on the shaft with Cardarphen. Quickly righting himself, he asked where Mr. Stupid NoHead was, and Sebiscuits replied that he had escaped. After exiting the elevator, Intelligence suggested they make their way to the hangar to hopefully find another escape vessel. However, he and his allies were confronted by more robots. Sebiscuits was separated from Intelligence and the Mayor by a ray wall, but they rendezvoused a little while later. Intelligence’s comlink then received a distress call from another police who’s cruiser was being brutally attacked. Sebiscuits and Intelligence then mounted two of the Wasp’s cannons to attack the NoHead ship that was attacking the cruiser. They shot the vital sections of the ship, and destroyed the battleship. When they got back into the hallways, however, they got caught in a ray shield.[8]

Brought to the bridge, they were gloated at by another NoHead, but Baby Intelligence telekinetically threw back her hood and was shocked to find his mother was alleged with the NoHeads. Despite this, Intelligence remained confident and retrieved his sword from Rotta and cut his and Sebiscuits’ bonds. Engaging and defeating Rotta’s bodyguards, they moved to corner the NoHead. However, Rotta climbed aboard her escape vessel and deserted the fight. Having no other escape, Intelligence asked if Sebiscuits could pilot this cruiser. Sebiscuits managed to crash-land the remains of the ship, and they walked away relatively unscathed. After the fight, Sebiscuits was dubbed a superhero by Baby Intelligence, who had long had a change of heart. Still, he was overwhelmed knowing that his best friend and his mother were both evil, reducing his confidence that he knew who could be trusted.[8]

Shortly afterwards, Katie Black made an amend for the Grand Army to come directly under Baby Intelligence’s control. However, Baby Intelligence would not have it.

Sebiscuits Cardarphen's training

Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "There’s a chamber downstairs."
Baby Intelligence: "Yes. It’s top secret."
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "What’s in there? Something dangerous, presumably?"
Baby Intelligence: "You must never go there, Sebiscuits."
— Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence discuss Baby Intelligence’s secret laboratory[src]

Sebiscuits’ training immediately began after the Battle of the Wasp. Baby Intelligence also allowed him to pick out his dormitory, out of a line of ten bunkers with beds and dressers. He later put a nametag on the top of it. Sebiscuits was required to study all seven Forms for a time. Because there was little Baby Intelligence could still teach him about sword combat, he was allowed to study his preferred form of Ataru after a week of studying the other Forms (most members had to wait an entire month before doing the same). He also learned to control his powers of telekinesis and lightning, and limit his use of shooting fire.

Later, Cardarphen came across a chamber downstairs, but security measures prevented his entry inside. When Sebiscuits asked Baby Intelligence what was in the chamber downstairs, Intelligence warned him not to go there. He also discouraged excessive television, but Sebiscuits was more than happy to comply as the only movies he knew were ones he had deemed “babyish.”

Discovery of Paige Nelson

About a week after Cardarphen joined the group, Baby Intelligence received a phone call from a teenager named Paige, who told him of her powers, reminded him of her victory at the Third NoHead Base in 2013, and requested she become an S.M.S.B. member. He invited her over and told her she would receive more information once she came.[9] Prior to Paige’s arrival, he had acquired a sample of her DNA by unknown means.[19]

When Paige arrived, she was tested on her abilities. Baby Intelligence took note of her strong connection, as well as her politeness and accomplishments. After Paige exited the testing chamber, she patiently waited for Intelligence to fill out the results. Afterwards, Baby Intelligence decided to train her, adding that her passing the tests wasn’t a rough decision. Following this, Baby Intelligence introduced Paige to Sebiscuits and revealed that several NoHeads had once existed, before either of them were born.[9]

After this, Baby Intelligence dismissed Sebiscuits and then took Paige downstairs and showed her his laboratory. He also revealed that he was working on a car, more skyfighters, and a robot army to counter that of the NoHeads. He had also acquired a three-dimensional printer, and told this to Paige. She said he was a genius in her eyes.[9][19]

With that, the training began. Baby Intelligence was a stern teacher, but only because he felt Sebiscuits and Paige were still rebellious and conflicted, to an extent. He still did not allow television or video games, fearing they would get addicted to them. Because he knew the Internet was important, he blocked all the non-educational websites. (However, Nelson hid an iPad with games and videos, and secretly shared it with Sebiscuits when Intelligence was not around.) Baby Intelligence also kept them in perfect shape.[9]

Discovering Baby Strength and Force Baby

When Baby Intelligence discovered the NoHeads were building a new base in nearby town Palmyra, he took off with the others to stop them. On the way, they landed in the office, and there they found two orphan babies. They introduced themselves by their well-worn alliances, Baby Strength and Force Baby. Baby Intelligence asked them if they wanted to come, after Sebiscuits explained where they were going. The babies obliged, and they all took off together.[9]

The battle initiated when Paige, aboard her ship, encountered the NoHead construction site. Baby Intelligence thanked her and they landed. Intelligence climbed out, and everyone on his front engaged the enemy. They faced enormous opposition from tanks, DSD robots and Heavy Missile Platforms. They did their best to hold the line, and eventually moved to the edge of the lake to lead an attack on approaching NoHead forces.[9]

As the S.M.S.B. members were being beaten back on several fronts, Baby Strength and Force Baby intervened, and attempted to cut a path through the fleet. Destroying the central tank with a bomb, the two leaped off and joined the others. Finally, Baby Strength leaped off and sabotaged the inside of another crucial ship, destroying the command bridge, doorway, and engines. Amazed, Baby Intelligence turned to a squad of robots and eliminated the group. The battle seemed to go back and forth until, despite the best efforts of the combined S.M.S.B. defense, the NoHeads were overrun. Intelligence’s pupils had been beaten back by NoHead forces.[9]

Attempting to rally, Baby Intelligence leaped headlong into the main lines, followed by Paige and Force Baby. With that, the tide of the battle turned in favor of the S.M.S.B. With the foiling of this crucial mission, the NoHeads began to retreat from their half-built base. Force Baby let Baby Intelligence borrow one of his bombs, which he used to blow up the half-finished base. Afterwards, Baby Intelligence offered them ranks in the S.M.S.B. Although Baby Strength was initially hesitant, Force Baby could not resist the opportunity.[9]

Shortly after the battle, Baby Intelligence was approached by Darren Slade, who came to him for help. Less than a month after he joined the NoHeads, Slade had felt terrible for his actions, but he realized Annabeth could not help him, which the superhero found himself able to relate to. In response, Baby Intelligence told him that if he betrayed them, he would probably die. He instead advised Darren become an insurgent under the government, which he did.[20]

Sensing the Darkness

Fearing he was being neglected, Sebiscuits Cardarphen began distrusting Baby Intelligence. Upon realizing this, Baby Intelligence urged Sebiscuits to spy on Mr. Stupid NoHead. Believing he was trying to keep him away from the MBH, Sebiscuits began to slowly lose his respect for the Grandmaster.[9]

At some point, Baby Intelligence was lured to the NoHead Base via a magical incantation to cast a dark illusion to ensnare him. The ploy worked and Baby Intelligence raced to the NoHead Base with Paige. Inside, they pursued the NoHeads with Paige and a squad of robots. As the battle unfolded, Baby Intelligence refused to sacrifice Nelson to pursue NoHead, and instead demonstrated he was willing to sacrifice himself to save the young woman.[19]

At the MBH, Baby Intelligence prepared for a search for the new NoHead base. However, a distraught Cardarphen arrived and confirmed it was in neighboring town Palmyra. Baby Intelligence thanked him and summoned the others; then they boarded their Pinewood Derby along with Sebiscuits. Paige Nelson flew in her personal fighter. They departed to destroy the new base.[9]

As the fight began, Baby Intelligence disabled an NBV vehicle and decided to ride it to the base, along with another one Paige ended up riding.[19] They arrived at the front gate, but the five robots guarding the gates spotted them there and alerted the entire army. The S.M.S.B. retaliated, fearlessly engaging the army. After clearing the squad, Baby Intelligence led the others in the base itself. As the battle raged in the hangar, Sebiscuits and Paige left. Baby Intelligence fought on, and they made their way for the control room.[9]

Eventually, Baby Intelligence sensed Paige was in danger. Worse yet, he sensed Cardarphen's descent into Mr. Stupid NoHead's Dark apprentice. Distraught by the turn of events, he took off in a speeder and arrived upon the scene as his friend was in free-fall. Catching Paige in his open-top airspeeder, Baby Intelligence went to rejoin the battle.[9]

While the battle raged, Mr. Stupid NoHead ordered his replicas to execute Operation: Purge, which meant the extermination of all police. Baby Intelligence sensed his police brethren being killed all around and, coming to the only logical conclusion for so many concurrent deaths of his fellow police, he suddenly realized, in an instant, that the NoHeads were responsible. Worst of all, before the attack began, he felt Sebiscuits’ ascension into NoHead’s new apprentice. Despite being filled with grief, he was still able to defend himself.[9]

Operation: Purge

They then went to the conquered police station so they could rescue any survivors. As they clashed with a legion of robot soldiers, Paige rejoined them via speeder bike, her mechnohand now installed. Together, they infiltrated the base, and saw the station littered with the bodies of fallen police, who had been slaughtered with a sword. They fought their way through to the control room and came across recordings on a security camera that showed his former apprentice cutting down several police, and bowing before NoHead and being proclaimed his new apprentice. Although Baby Intelligence was heartbroken, Paige managed to rouse him to action.[9]

Just then, Cardarphen entered the room and challenged the entire group. Baby Intelligence could only watch as he blasted Force Baby, electrocuted Paige, and cut Baby Strength across the shoulder. Intelligence came face to face with the traitor and attempted to reason with him, to no avail. Left with no choice, he drew his sword and dueled with him. As they fought, the battle progressed throughout the State Capitol building.[9]

In the end, Baby Intelligence managed to defeat Sebiscuits by telekinetically shattering both of his weapons. Before he could act on this, however, Mr. Stupid NoHead intervened and blasted him away from Sebiscuits, before picking him up. Intelligence threw a homing beacon on the ship. Despite this, the beacon failed to deliver, and Greg Hecks was killed soon before.[9]

Protecting the Kellermans

Later, Baby Intelligence learned of a prophecy foretelling the death of the NoHeads. He was surprised to learn that Mr. Stupid NoHead had concluded that the prophecy was about Lindsay Kellerman, the daughter of Zach and Bridgett Kellerman. Along with Sheriff Bladepoint, Baby Intelligence made arrangements to ensure the safety of the three; he advised them to stay hidden in their house, which was protected by a Taboo. However, a woman named Amarone Chalsey betrayed them, resulting in Zach and Bridgett’s deaths at NoHead’s hands. However, as NoHead attempted to murder Lindsay, she turned invisible and his lightning backfired. Mr. Stupid NoHead left in a rage, and Lindsay’s fate was sealed.[7][21]

Baby Intelligence learned of his failure the day after it happened. Along with Paige and Fizz, Baby Intelligence returned to the Kellerman House around the same time that Chalsey did. After heated discussion and the arrival of Amos, Chalsey was attempted to redirect the blame to Mr. Stupid NoHead, but when Baby Intelligence pointed out they already knew what both individuals had been found guilty of, she appealed for mercy to each person in the house. Each of them was disgusted by her disregard for human life, and the fact that she would dare ask them for mercy after trying to slash Fizz in the face infuriated them even more.

Fizz and Nelson planned to kill Chalsey, but Baby Intelligence intervened, claiming that slaughter was too bad for the likes of Chalsey, as she was defenseless and had killed no one. After a brief argument, Nelson and Fizz drew their swords and killed her. This grieved Baby Intelligence and started a conflict between him and Fizz.

Swamp implosion

During the swamp implosion, Baby Intelligence did all he could to save the people during the chaos, managing to save a boy named Dante Christensen, who stunned him by opening a portal that a war robot fell into. He rushed off to continue the battle, leaving Christensen completely awestruck.

In the aftermath of the battle, Baby Intelligence approached Christensen's parents, who agreed to let their son speak with him. Believing that Christensen could be of great benefit for what was to come, Baby Intelligence sat next to the boy and decided to officially recruit him into his own team. However, Christensen refused, claiming he had work to do, but he promised to consider it, which Baby Intelligence did not consider comforting.

Battle of the Fourth NoHead Base

Baby Intelligence later called a meeting, and said they needed to strike back. An hour later, he led the S.M.S.B. against the NoHead fleet in orbit near the NoHead base, beginning a vicious sky battle. His piloting talents and leadership skills led to a victory.[7]

A mysterious vessel caught his eye, and he was drawn from the battle after determining that the pilot was Mr. Stupid NoHead. As the others descended to the base, Baby Intelligence and NoHead engaged in a dogfight. NoHead finally headed back to base, and Intelligence followed the enigmatic skyfighter through an intense chase through the halls of the base.[7]

Finally, Baby Intelligence deserted the fight. Meanwhile, the others revealed themselves to the NoHeads. At the same time, NoHead had left to a balcony with his comrades. Intelligence met up with the others, only to deal with an army of Rockets. With that, a heated but short battle followed, during which Sebiscuits decapitated Paige.[7]

Mr. Stupid NoHead, who was personally overseeing the battle, turned his rage on Rotta, believing the entire war was her fault. After electrocuting her and smashing her into a balcony, NoHead prepared to murder her. Yet as NoHead cast lightning, Rotta simultaneously cast her own lightning, and their streams locked together. NoHead won the battle of wills and tortured Rotta before knocking her off the balcony. Baby Intelligence witnessed this and was horror-struck. He began to cry as he hugged Rotta’s corpse. NoHead goaded him from the balcony.[7]

With that, Baby Intelligence’s rage exploded. Climbing to NoHead’s position, Intelligence tapped into the dark side and used his hate and anger to boost his physical prowess. He then attacked NoHead with such intensity that their swords’ energy shells began to short out. NoHead, taken completely off guard by Intelligence’s sudden increase in power and aggression, was forced onto his back foot and quickly driven into the balcony’s adjoining hall. Intelligence continued to hammer NoHead with vicious power attacks until NoHead lost his footing and collapsed against a railing on the side of the bridge. After a few more blows, Intelligence drove NoHead’s sword aside with an undercut, causing him to collapse onto the floor. As Baby Intelligence held his defenseless enemy at bladepoint, NoHead fired lightning, blasting him aside. Baby Intelligence righted himself and knocked NoHead off the balcony. There, he snatched the Verasect.[7]


Baby Intelligence unleashing the Verasect against Mr. Stupid NoHead

Mr. Stupid NoHead attacked Baby Intelligence with a jet of lightning, which Baby Intelligence countered with a cord of red light. As both attacks collided producing a heating effect, the two bolts connected. After an intense battle of wills, the Dark Lord broke the connection and quickly breathed fire and conjured a huge, fiery cord (possibly Igniferno or a little-known variant). The fire, which was not corporeal, realized the presence of Baby Intelligence, but he countered with the Verasect and gathered the flames for himself, whirling them into a fiery ring-like mass, and sent them hurtling towards NoHead. The Dark Lord took the hit and essentially died with sparks pouring from his screaming form. This action deactivated the robot army and caused Burnbottom to flee to Wyoming with his brothers.[7]

Return to the MBH

Baby Intelligence and the others returned home, though neither Baby Strength nor Force Baby seemed to know where Paige Nelson was. At home, Baby Intelligence refused to talk to either of them while he spent the next day obsessing and brooding over his mother's death where he hardly left his room and skipped all three of his meals. At the end of the night, however, he heard his mother's disembodied voice asking to speak with him. Baby Intelligence went into a panic, believing himself to be hallucinating. While he had a full medical checkup, his doctor, Donald Howell, assured him nothing was wrong with his mind, he was just suffering from depression.[7]

When he returned home that night, his mood had not improved at all, but then he heard the same voice again. He bade the source of it enter his office, and the ghost of Rotta Hecks immediately filled the chamber. She apologized for what she put him through and explained why it was done so he could become the hero he was destined to become. They agreed to have a consistent training session, since Sheriff Bladepoint's lack of involvement during the battle two days prior proved their relationship had indeed become strained. She also said that Mr. Stupid NoHead was being brought back to life. Before anything else could be said, Baby Strength entered the room with Force Baby tailing him. He told them of Mr. Stupid NoHead's plight and expressed his newfound confidence they were getting closer to the Chosen One as they now knew of the scroll containing the information. However, they also had no idea where to find it.[7]

Mission to Planet Ten

Annabeth Black: "If Baby Intelligence is indeed the great warrior you believe him to be, allow him to prove it. Allow me to send my best troops to capture him. If he escapes, join the government. But should my soldiers defeat Baby Intelligence, consider an alliance with the NoHeads."
Xener: "I did not request Baby Intelligence's presence here to test him in battle."
Baby Intelligence: "I accept her challenge, Your Majesty. I will come in the night."
— Baby Intelligence accepts the terms of the competition[src]
File:Baby Intelligence Anthology.jpg

Shortly after Mr. Stupid NoHead died, Baby Intelligence heard the ghost of his deceased mother speak to him, making him think he was hallucinating. He had a full medical checkup at NYC Hospital, the place of his birth, only to learn he was fine. The following day, Baby Intelligence was selected to lead diplomatic relations with the Planet Ten King Xener, as the government wished to build a base in his system to further combat the Order. However, the Order somehow intercepted communications between the king and the government and, hoping to derail the negotiations, Annabeth Black went to the neutral city of Iseville where the negotiations were scheduled to take place. When Baby Intelligence's warship arrived at Iseville, it was immediately set upon by several NoHead cruisers; however, Baby Intelligence refused to be deterred, and escaped the frenzy via escape pod along with FOX and his remaining pupils, Force Baby and Baby Strength and landed safely on the planet's surface.[22]

Once landing on the moon, the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster contacted Xener, and after becoming aware of Black's presence, agreed to a wager; should Baby Intelligence defeat Black's best troops, Planet 10 would join the government, however, should Black's forces overwhelm Baby Intelligence, then the king would ally his system with the NoHeads. Xener insisted that the Dark mutant ensure Baby Intelligence be given a fair fight, to which she agreed. After returning to her base, Black contacted Hell Burnbottom and stated that her forces were being deployed. She did not intend for Baby Intelligence to get his fair fight[22] and dispatched the recently promoted RC-4[22] with the task of leading the robot forces, and the war robots prepared to ambush the government's diplomatic squad. Led by RC-3 in his tank, the main column of NoHead forces advanced into the tundra. Baby Intelligence and his men made their way to the rendezvous position on a different path, as the superhero was certain that their enemies were already heading toward them. The robots began to go through the branches of the tundra, but the dense foliage prevented the tanks from advancing.[22]

File:The supreme Baby Intelligence.jpg

Baby Intelligence split up with his friends, meaning to use their surroundings to their advantage. Baby Strength and Force Baby engaged a squad of F7 war robots from the north and managed to defeat them, but F8 war robots then came to attack the babies, and the two were forced to flee. Baby Intelligence, meanwhile, was able to defeat an entire squad of robots on his own without even using his sword. FOX was hit by a whip projected by a Bratpro and was wounded in the leg. Baby Intelligence appeared and aided his allies, telekinetically turning around a robot and destroy the rest of the squad. More Bratpros appeared, however, and the government forces fled. Baby Intelligence, clinging onto Baby Strength's back, deflected the lasers at a nearby tall formation of land branches, causing the robots to be squashed and the four escaped to a cave to rest. Baby Strength realized FOX was low on ammunition, and Force Baby was tiring considerably, but the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster comforted the quartet to further inspire their efforts.[22]

Victory in Iseville

With the NoHead threat over, Baby Intelligence was able to enter into negotiations with Xener. The king stated that discussions were unnecessary, however, as the superhero had already proven his worth.[22] Xener presented his ceremonial nail to Baby Intelligence and entrusted him with his planet's protection while pledging Planet 10's support to the government, declaring that it would be an honor to fight on their side.[22]

Search for the Chosen One

Upon returning to the MBH, Baby Intelligence confirmed that they needed to seek out the scroll, and the trio bade FOX goodbye and prepared for the journey that lay before them.


Somehow, their search led them to Arizona, where the trio was attacked by savage birds called Falgamas. However, a giant blast unexpectedly killed the animals, and when Baby Intelligence awoke, he climbed out of a small crater and confirmed that Baby Strength and Force Baby had survived the blast and was then introduced to a mysterious mutant wearing a violet cloak.[23]

The trio went to Hotel Valley to spend the night, where Baby Intelligence stayed up all night researching information about their quest. The information he found implemented the idea that Sydney, a city in Australia, would be their next stop.[24][25] They arrived in Sydney and slept at a motel for the night. Before they all went to sleep, however, he saw a vision of Annabeth Black arguing with a strangely familiar, gothic-looking man (later identified as Hell Burnbottom), confirming that the enemy was on their tail yet remained ignorant of their mission.[26]

Ambush in Australia
Main article: Ambush in Australia

While in Sydney, Baby Intelligence and company rescued an old man from a net that was holding him bound, and he revealed himself to be the second apprentice of Merlin himself. In return, he gave the baby a Platinum pencil which would require the wizard grant two wishes to the baby. Baby Intelligence immediately asked for his first wish, but wisely opted to save the second for later. On the baby's request, the wizard told him everything he knew of the NoHeads. He told of the threat Mr. Stupid NoHead is posing from within his fortress, explained that he had been there, and presented a fragment of the hull of RC-3 as evidence. When Baby Intelligence asked him about his magic, he referenced the Fobble fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, noting the difference between this fairy tale and mutant children's stories: that instead of being in the origin of the heroine's troubles, in said mutant books magic is seen as a tool that must be used properly not to cause as many problems as it fixes.[27]

On their way back to the motel, Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength, and Force Baby were led by a stuffed bunny into a pool. Once they dived inside, the trio was attacked by Annabeth Black and NoHead Recruit Walters, smashing Baby Intelligence into a coral reef and smashing his oxygen tank. Baby Strength pulled Baby Intelligence to shore while Force Baby repelled Walters, but then Black hit Baby Intelligence in the head, knocking him out. When he woke, he learned that the trio had managed to escape.[28]

Obtaining the first scroll

Baby Intelligence led his followers to a cave, which they entered through a hole Baby Intelligence assumed was created by a mine. The trio walked uphill, before taking a turn down a slope. Suddenly, Force Baby realized that they were heading straight for a flood. In response, Baby Intelligence shouted at everyone to turn back and flee. But then Force Baby shouted to Baby Intelligence that he had found a cave-in.[29]

At that very moment, Baby Intelligence was engulfed by a gigantic torrent of water engulfed him and he found himself hurtling into a dark hole. He called for help, but then he fell into Baby Strength's arms. He revealed that he and his cousin had just fled into an alcove to escape. He found two bullets, making him realize a vicious gunfight had transpired in there. He deduced that they dated back to the mid-fifteenth century, a reasonable estimate for when Sir Edgar would have hidden his scrolls. Baby Strength questioned Baby Intelligence's estimate, but he threw him off by joking cryptically.[29]

Peering deeper in, they found another canister wedged under the remains of a statue. Baby Intelligence realized that it was the first scroll. In response to a faint, ominous whisper daring them to touch the canister, Baby Intelligence raised Might, but then he wondered how he could get the scroll without destroying the statue. Before he could decide, however, it fell out and rolled against his foot. Despite being puzzled as to how this happened, he later deduced that a creature had felt Baby Strength's mutated vibes and surrendered it on his behalf. Baby Intelligence picked it up, victorious, absently lamenting that it was Mr. Stupid NoHead's job to destroy works of art just because they were there.[29]

At that moment, a gust of water brushed the canister away and against a wall. Baby Intelligence rushed for it and grabbed it, but then another gust of water enveloped the scene. Baby Intelligence began flailing wildly, clutching the canister dearly, telling everyone to flee, but then another gust of water pushed him against a wall. Looking around, coughing, he suddenly noticed Force Baby, who was frantically pointing to an opening. Deciding it was their only bet, Baby Intelligence grabbed Force Baby by the wrist and they both plunged into the hole. He began searching desperately for Baby Strength, and upon finding him, attempted to break open the canister. Baby Strength impatiently offered to break it apart in his stead.[29]

This caused words to appear, along with a line of mysterious runes, making Baby Intelligence realize, much to his horror, that there was more than one scroll. They decided to sleep in the cave, as it only erupted in the daytime.

However, Baby Intelligence realized at this point, much to his dread, that there were three scrolls to find, not one.

Looking for answers

After that venture, Baby Intelligence took the Pinewood Derby to be repaired at a shop. While inside, Force Baby realized that a storm was brewing. They stepped outside, where the storm ravaged the trio and threatened to reach a life-threatening peak. Just as Baby Intelligence was wondering where to go, he found a girl beckoning him from inside a tent. Initially reluctant to enter until Baby Strength persuaded him to, Baby Intelligence was introduced to the woman who had offered them shelter, Carol Wilcox, and her dog, Gobbles. Wilcox made them supper while telling Baby Intelligence what his archenemy, the NoHead Grandmaster Mr. Stupid NoHead, had been up to according to the news, while Baby Strength joined in the conversation. Baby Intelligence deduced that the Dark Lord was "as elusive as a hawk, as he clearly isn't ready to keep fighting the government until his army extends itself". He also learned that she had been looking for him since she had learned he was in Germany from New York.[30]

Before they left, Wilcox gave Baby Intelligence her phone number and told him that if he didn't know why he felt the lives consumed in the war were worth it, he should find out for himself. Baby Intelligence asked how he could repay her, and she said that finishing his quest would be payment enough.[30]

It revealed that Baby Intelligence and the others had been invited to a party. Baby Intelligence was initially reluctant to go, but he agreed with Force Baby that they could use come cheer. During the event, Baby Intelligence learned from a guest that the second scroll was probably in the fabled Dancing Dorm. When the party was over, they headed outside. While they waited, Baby Strength proposed making cushioned seating out of the leather, which Baby Intelligence agreed to do.[31][32]

The Dancing Dorm

The guards, one of whom was Patrick, refused to admit them. However, Wilcox, who had just earned a formidable reputation within the dorms, arrived in the nick of time and, much to Baby Intelligence's bewilderment, brought them in with her as friends. Baby Intelligence was probed by the Varlarien, this, however, caused Mr. Stupid NoHead to find out about their mission. The two proceeded to dance fluently, earning them a boulder that contained the second scroll inside. They also earned a room for the night, where they met Bash and his family.[33] Leaving the Dorm, they were assaulted by a monster. Baby Intelligence climbed on top of a rock to gain high ground, but then Baby Strength shouted at it, prompting it to go away, stunning Baby Intelligence.[34] They arranged to make camp, but before anything could be set up, they learned that the Burans had placed wards on the great rock to prevent the scroll from being accessed, especially by any "meddling superhero trout". When the Burans realized they were being overheard, they confronted Baby Intelligence and escaped, but not before throwing a dagger squarely into Force Baby's ankle.[35]

On the road again, Baby Intelligence and Baby Strength got into a physical fight whilst debating what to do with the boulder with Baby Intelligence wanting to hurry and Baby Strength insisting that with his cousin's leg wound they could not go anywhere. Their brawl ended, thankfully, with Force Baby breaking it up by pinning them under tree branches before it could get fatal, who proceeded to force them to apologize. When Annabeth Black arrived with the NoHead Recruits, Baby Strength helped Baby Intelligence, who knew they could not fight all nine Recruits for longer than a few seconds, dig a hole to hide in until Black left, continuing her search elsewhere and in vain. The two ultimately decided to make camp for the night, during which time they continued contemplating how to get the second scroll out of the boulder.[36][37]

Baby Intelligence suddenly received a call from Force Baby, who reported that Bash had been beheaded. He returned forlornly to his master, but with the second scroll in his hands. The trio pored over it together, but could make no sense of it.[38]

In the mix, Baby Intelligence also met Carol Wilcox a third time, who told him about her life and generally what it was like to be a Fobble. She proceeded to tell him a story about seven sisters. He also gleaned from her that he needed to climb Mount Everest in Nepal to obtain the last scroll.

Baby Intelligence awoke in the care of Riley Bell and Abram van Dukas, and opened the last scroll and lined up the runes to read "Descendant of McCallin".

Ambush at the McCallin House
Lucy McCallin: "Now, how might I be of service, young man?"
Baby Intelligence: "Well, it's about the Chosen One who's supposed to stop Dark mutantry from dominating the universe."
Lucy McCallin: "Can I see your scrolls? Oho! Listen, the robots' massing, the Sagesse returning, the implosions in Louisiana, it's all happening because of you!"
Baby Intelligence: "So we're to blame?"
Lucy McCallin: "Not remotely! You in fact have my gratitude. Why do you think the Chosen One is hanging around now?"
— Baby Intelligence and Lucy McCallin converse[src]

Their next stop confirmed, the three superheroes traveled to Lucy McCallin's home to question Lucy about the prophecy. Lucy remembered the prophecy bequeathed to her by Sir Edgar Caravan, and asked for the three scrolls. When Baby Intelligence pulled them out, McCallin explained that the subject’s involvement was already imminent, for a prophecy stated that a mysterious and highly gifted child was destined to defeat the Dark Lord. Baby Intelligence immediately expressed that he was born on the tenth of June, and that ironically, it may be him. Unfortunately, they then learned that Lucy had summoned NoHeads because she feared she would be punished for harboring the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster.

Immediately afterwards, the room they were in exploded, rent apart by Dark mutantry. Baby Intelligence was blown against what was left of the rooftop as NoHeads Nolan Giles and Hell Burnbottom entered the ruined house a floor below. Thinking quickly, he whistled into his comlink for the Pinewood Derby, which had been left in Nepal. At that moment, Lucy fired a taser at him, but Force Baby tripped her. Baby Intelligence chose to sacrifice the precious bomb on his utility belt, throwing it downstairs and causing a huge explosion that allowed Baby Strength to jump into the Derby. It flew into the house to pick up Force Baby, and once they blasted Mean King out of the way, they flew away to safety.

"That's who he's looking for. That's why he hasn't found us yet. He's multitasking."
―Baby Intelligence reflecting[src]

Baby Intelligence saw a vision of Lucy being taken into custody, which was the complete opposite of what she intended to accomplish by initiating the ambush, and he asked Force Baby to wake him. The trio then discussed the Chosen One. Baby Intelligence also realized that Mr. Stupid NoHead was seeking the second apprentice of Merlin. Having heard from their late the S.M.S.B. fled for New Hampshire, where they heard from their now deceased friend Bash that there was an unusual concentration of mutantry in New Hampshire, they flew there.

Fighting the Lunch Money Bandit

At New Hampshire, the S.M.S.B. briefly took refuge at a homeless shelter. Finally, they climbed onto a rooftop and began conversing there when Annabeth Black and Kenzie Walters Teleported onto the roof and kidnapped Baby Strength before vanishing again.[39] Utterly disheartened, Baby Intelligence told off Force Baby for wanting to continue the chase, calling him delusional and, in his irritation that quickly turned to fury, going so far as to say Force Baby betrayed him. Furious, Force Baby left, but then Baby Intelligence noticed a robbery going on below. They cornered the Lunch Money Bandit, who had just barely stolen lunch money from Percy and Stephanie, two Fobble children. They pounced on the mugger and managed to shake the stolen money off of him, which lands before Percy and Stephanie’s feet. The bandit reacts by launching a grenade. However, Lindsay Kellerman, who was an orphan in the same alleyway, made the grenade disappear. Baby Strength grabbed the crook and, with Force Baby’s help, threw him into Officer Walltalker’s patrol car.[40]

Discovering Lindsay Kellerman

Believing he has found the baby he had foreseen would join them, Baby Intelligence brought Kellerman with them and he finally decided they would return to the MBH. Kellerman arrived at Baby Intelligence’s office, where Baby Intelligence introduced himself and told her he has identified her power of mass teleportation. He asked her if she will join, and Kellerman extended her hand to shake on it. However, this was interrupted by a recently-installed alarm. Together, they made for the Pinewood Derby to stop a bank robbery. On the way, Baby Intelligence introduces her to Force Baby, reduced from Cardarphen and Nelson.[41]

They arrived at the bank, but they were too late to prevent the robbery. However, Baby Intelligence did realize that Mr. Stupid NoHead was most likely the culprit, as Annabeth Black had sent them a letter. Kellerman babbled in fear. Baby Intelligence thought she was asking who Mr. Stupid NoHead was, and he told her. They then mounted to their car and headed off to face the Dark Lord.[42]

Battle of the Fifth NoHead Base

They arrived at the NoHead base, where Baby Intelligence rescued Aegii with help from Kellerman and Force Baby, who flatly refused to wait outside. Aegii hid and they began searching for Baby Strength. Thanks to a NoHead Recruit named Sean, their arrival was detected immediately.[42]

Mr. Stupid NoHead arrived and captured them, but then the Romans, whom Force Baby had contacted, converged on the scene and beat back hordes of NoHead forces. Baby Intelligence prepared to join the fight, but when he realized his sword was missing, much to his bewilderment, he ducked into a corner, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, he heard Mr. Stupid NoHead telling Annabeth Black to leave with him, around the time he found Kellerman. Along with Force Baby, he pursued the Dark Lord and cornered him inside an antechamber. Angered, Mr. Stupid NoHead confronted the group. Baby Intelligence seized a log for defense. During the fight, NoHead nearly knocked Kellerman into the fireplace; however, Baby Intelligence leaped forward and pushed her away. However, he accidentally tumbled to the edge of a window. Seeing his chance, NoHead tried throwing some logs at the baby in order to knock him out the window, only to have the hero knock one back at him with his own log. However, when Mr. Stupid NoHead tossed a wagon at his opponent, Baby Intelligence was successfully knocked out the window.[43]

Baby Intelligence rolled away into a trap beginning with a savage waterfall made entirely of tomato juice. He was then knocked into a vast chamber, where a pack of hungry wolves await. Intelligence did not revert to telekinesis, believing there were too many. At that moment, the other members arrived, and together they engaged the sevlows and came out ahead. Thanks to a vision he glimpsed, Baby Intelligence nearly fell into a vat of fire, but Kellerman Teleported everyone back into the NoHead base, leaving herself for last.[43]

When the S.M.S.B. returned, Baby Intelligence noticed a death machine and spoke German to make it self-destruct. The explosion woke Mr. Stupid NoHead, and he entered the room to discover the wreckage. Baby Intelligence argued with the villain, lecturing him for what he had done and asking him to see the bigger picture, but all his attempts were rebuked and the angry Dark mutant attacked. Baby Intelligence fought back against the Dark Lord, but it quickly became clear that his skills were no match for Mr. Stupid NoHead. Thinking he had Baby Intelligence cornered, Mr. Stupid NoHead prepared to fatally zap him, but trapped within a field of ice Baby Intelligence used his second wish on the platinum pencil to implore Merlin's second apprentice for aid, and was subsequently saved by the wizard's sudden arrival.[44]

Mr. Stupid NoHead bore down on them both, along with the President and Force Baby, but a mysterious binding energy connected Baby Intelligence with Lindsay Kellerman. They easily cast away the Bratpro illusions as they engaged Mr. Stupid NoHead in a duel of wills with the latter trying to assert his power. Baby Intelligence, however, proved himself unyielding and declared Mr. Stupid NoHead as "Worthless, Loveless, Devoid of all Goodness" and Kellerman demanded that he returns to the underworld "where [he] belongs". Ultimately the two babies overpowered Mr. Stupid NoHead, who was flung into the Fire Room headfirst. The encounter sapped their energy, however, and they fell unconscious.[44]


Baby Intelligence had been severely weakened by the sheer power of the Voice of Sir Edgar Caravan, and before long, he was near death. The ghost of Sir Edgar Caravan worked rigorously to keep him and Kellerman, who was experiencing the exact same ordeal, alive. In a strange meditative trance he experienced during this time period, he struggled to fight appeared to Kellerman, who was struggling to fight off flashes of red light and tormenting memories that came with the after-effects of the Voice. It is unknown what words were exchanged, but Sir Edgar finally left her subconscious and proceeded to Sir Edgar appeared and comforted Baby Intelligence, thanking him profoundly for the effort he put into finding the three scrolls. He forbade Baby Intelligence from using the Voice against anyone else and asked him not to speak of their mental encounter[10].

With Sir Edgar gone, Baby Intelligence woke on a bed in the Rome American Hospital, where Baby Strength and Force Baby assured him that Mr. Stupid NoHead had been destroyed and Kellerman, like himself, had almost made a full recovery. Thankig the Prime Minister, Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength, Force Baby, and Kellerman all returned to the Pinewood Derby, which was still parked outside the base. On the way home, Baby Intelligence declared that they had found a keeper, clearly referring to Kellerman. Everyone cheered[10].

Being that Hell Burnbottom still existed, Baby Intelligence believed that a NoHead must still remain.[citation needed]

Trying to live a quiet life (11 January-March 2020)

The ceremony

The day after being discharged from Rome, Baby Intelligence returned to the Fifth NoHead Base and, with Kellerman's aid, took the surviving sevlows to a rescue organization that took the sevlows.[45]

Throughout the next week, Baby Intelligence taught Lindsay Kellerman the basics of sword combat, and also designed and sewed her supersuit. As a result of Mr. Stupid NoHead's demise, the S.M.S.B. received medals of honor from Mayor Ai Chiou on the eighteenth. Baby Intelligence chose this point and time to give Kellerman her supersuit.[46]

Training his pupils

Baby Intelligence continued refining his technique with his practice swords while he began building a new one. To his surprise, he learned from Ammon Dorber that he had made the team, something Kellerman congratulated him for.[47]

Baby Intelligence began practicing to play the sport on tackling dummies in the backyard, often watched by Kellerman or Achilles. In the mix, Baby Intelligence also met Wesley the Worm, who became excited and offered to help him become a celebrity. Baby Intelligence turned him down.

Baby Intelligence composed a poem titled A Hard-Won Peace to present at a celebration of his victory.


As the Crodela season began Baby Intelligence became increasingly nervous. The first match of the season was against the Galloping Grenades of Canada. Baby Intelligence was under increasing pressure to show that he had made the team through more than his superhero status.

The first Crodela match began the very next evening. Baby Intelligence's job as the Brightener was to flash opposing Brighteners and score them out. Baby Intelligence tried to stay out of sight, but then he was flashed by Grenade player Brianna Taylor, who was then pushed out of the way by Indiana Shaffer, whom he had met just before the match. As if out of nowhere, an obstacle called a Golgoball knocked him unconscious mid-match. When he recovered eight minutes later, he met Carol Wilcox's best friend, Bailey Dennings.

Wesley was in love with fame and kept bothering Baby Intelligence. But he was not the only one who paid him special attention: Shaffer had developed a crush on the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster.

Hunted by the Order (March-June 2020)

Baby Intelligence continued his quest to conquer the NoHeads. Meanwhile, he took several mutants under his wing. Though he loved all his members equally, Lindsay Kellerman was easily his most trusted ally. Eventually all the NoHeads except Sebiscuits Cardarphen were killed by the S.M.S.B.’s collected efforts.

Performance of Rocken Role

Merchant Alley

Baby Intelligence also agreed to buy all his pupils a treat from Sugara. Baby Intelligence was then confronted by Hell Burnbottom. Wishing to shut him up and take him into custody, Baby Intelligence furiously slashed at Hell Burnbottom, only to notice that he had parried his power attack without effort. Burnbottom then responded by angrily smashing Baby Intelligence into a wall. They had a brief fight where Burnbottom showed off his prodigious telekinetic capabilities by knocking Baby Intelligence to the ground before Baby Intelligence was able to snap his throat with his own telekinesis.

Holdout in Wales

Skirmish in the Yellowstone Base

Now more determined than ever to rescue Role, locate the new base, and destroy the NoHeads, Baby Intelligence, accompanied by Lindsay, Baby Strength, and Force Baby, was able to locate and open the Chamber using his fluency in German. Once they got down into the Chamber, it was not long before they encountered Hell Burnbottom, Brute Gunray, and Mean King.Mean King quickly took down Force Baby. While Burnbottom engaged Baby Strength and Lindsay, Baby Intelligence slipped away, but not before seeing Baby Strength go down.

During the battle, Baby Intelligence ventured down into the control room and quickly located the blabberish voice box. He used his sword to destroy the box inside the Chamber, then escaped a burst of flames thereafter.[48]

Baby Intelligence returned to confront Hell Burnbottom, after he had grievously wounded Lindsay. After deflecting Burnbottom’s powers, among which was lightning, Baby Intelligence resorted to sword combat. A sword duel began between the two and Intelligence almost managed to defeat Burnbottom, however the NoHead telekinetically dropped a pillar over Lindsay and Baby Strength. Intelligence had to turn and push them away. As the pillar crashed, Burnbottom made his escape.[48]

Yellowstone Offensive

After that skirmish, the NoHeads reportedly made three attempts to breach the MBH, but the defenses around it were too strong.

Dispatching intruders

Baby Intelligence realized that someone was in the MBH when a system that activated toxic gas in the training chamber, a measure made to prevent any intruders from entering and damaging it, was nearly hijacked. The S.M.S.B. Grandmaster was about to go deal with it when Lindsay Kellerman cleared her throat dramatically and insisted that he did not need to fight off the intrusion alone. She suggested splitting everyone into pairs, but Baby Intelligence pointed out that they had an odd number of members. Baby Strength suggested that Kellerman accompany him while he, Force Baby, and Dante Christensen split into their own searching party.[11]

Baby Intelligence agreed and took off with Kellerman. Emerging from a tunnel, they were confronted by a squad of Rockets led by R-7102 that had been dispatched to raid the MBH. Baby Intelligence and Kellerman quickly destroyed the patrol and made for the top floor, as R-7102 had let slip that the NoHeads were waiting there.[11]

Fighting their way to the hallway upstairs, Baby Intelligence sensed Hell Burnbottom and Mean King were behind the door leading to it, and he and Kellerman made for them. Kellerman realized the door was locked and the keys were downstairs. Left with no choice, Baby Intelligence began to reluctantly cut through the doors to the bridge with Might, while Kellerman defended him from oncoming Rockets. He noticed the NoHeads on the other side and stepped through, but then Bratpros rolled in, which were more formidable than Rockets, and Baby Intelligence joined Kellerman in fighting them. Together, they closed the distance before using a special technique to pierce their shields, leaving them vulnerable to the babies’ decapitating strikes. Surprised and angered, Hell Burnbottom ordered Mean King away, and the latter complied. Baby Intelligence lamented that they were cowards.[11]

Baby Intelligence and Kellerman found the others, who had failed to find anything thanks to Christensen getting his leg stuck in a crevice, and they all agreed that it was getting way too easy for the NoHeads to get to them. They decided they need to contact President Aaron Clinton in Maryland, but had no way of reaching him as their phone had been hijacked during the infiltration. Kellerman asked Christensen how he got stuck, but she accidentally offended him leading to a row Baby Intelligence chose to desert by leaving and going on a walk.[11]

Meeting Lisa
"No, I stay with ya. You save me life. Now I is yo servaunt."
―Lisa to Baby Intelligence[src]

During the walk, Baby Intelligence was shocked to find a small creature named Lisa in a net and cut her free. She explained that she had been out foraging for food when she stumbled across a hunk of meat tied to a stick and unwittingly sprung a trap for herself. Baby Intelligence headed off, but as a result of this life-saving act, Lisa adhered to the Decarine principle of a life debt and insisted on following Baby Intelligence, much to the infant's annoyance. Both Intelligence and his apprentices, Lindsay Kellerman, Baby Strength, and Force Baby, needed to contact President Aaron Clinton in Maryland, but had no way of reaching him. Lisa suggested that they go to her camp, where she had left her cell phone behind.[11]

The group raced to Lisa's campsite, only to find that the cell phone was somehow broken. The two S.M.S.B. members escorted Lisa past twenty robot soldiers and a half-built robot camp. Lisa panicked and ran off, leaving the S.M.S.B. members to leap up mushrooms to reach the top of the tree and the nearby plateaus, which they traversed, eventually moving into a cave, where they faced a snake. After defeating the snake, they then rejoined Lisa, where Kellerman seemed livid about Lisa's actions.[11]

Lisa tried to defend herself, claiming that her memory was not what it used to be. Kellerman, however, tried to attack her, until Baby Intelligence threw up a Shield with his powers. Lindsay stormed into the tent. After fetching her, Baby Intelligence loaded everyone aboard the Pinewood Derby and they returned to the MBH. Lisa was allowed to sleep on the couch.[11]

Leaving for Yellowstone

Baby Intelligence was very disturbed by the assault, yet he chose to take it up in the morning instead of discuss it immediately. Late at night, he was chatting merrily with the other members when he encountered a NoHead probe watching them. Intelligence sensed the intrusion and struck the robot down, yet the damage was already done. He immediately called a meeting with the others. They decided to go to the Yellowstone Base to silence the NoHeads and initiate a rematch, thus preventing an oncoming invasion.[11]

The NoHead Hell Burnbottom had been trailing the S.M.S.B. and recovered his destroyed probe during the night. The next morning, everyone boarded the Pinewood Derby, Baby Intelligence and Kellerman taking up the rear. As they approached, they were intercepted by Burnbottom who nearly knocked down Lindsay with his speeder. Baby Intelligence fought the Dark mutant in a vicious duel as the ship took off behind him. As they dueled, Burnbottom sensed that Baby Intelligence was growing tired and decided to press the attack. Jumping high, the baby managed to land on the boarding ramp as the ship soared away, leaving Burnbottom behind in their garage. However, the Pinewood Derby was nearly out of fuel. Baby Intelligence landed in the back of a junkyard.[11]

Discovering Telekinibabe

Hoping to find some fuel, Baby Intelligence entered the shop, where he encountered the junk dealer Albert Herrington and his slave, a mutant baby named Tyler. The boy possessed incredible power. Baby Intelligence agreed to help Tyler, who was building a skyracer. In the junkyard, he acquired necessary machine parts—a mass coupler and a servo control system for the racing vehicle.[11]

Albert agreed to hold a skyrace, and promised that if Tyler won, he would get to join them. Shortly before the race, Baby Intelligence then headed down to the starting line, and met with Tyler. When he arrived there, someone had stolen the ignition key from Tyler’s racer. Intelligence tracked down the thief around the bottom of the arena and removed a loose block in the wall, which took him to another room where he encountered the scavenger, who refused to return the key and attacked Intelligence. Mechanized blasters appeared and fired at Intelligence during the clash. Intelligence was forced to kill the scavenger and destroy the guns; he then brought the key back to Tyler.[49]

Ultimately, Tyler won the race. Later, Baby Intelligence was able to release him from slavery as planned, when he bet Albert on the boy’s victory at the Great Skyrace. The wager also resulted in obtaining fuel for their ship. Baby Intelligence applied the fuel, then returned to free Tyler. Outside of the junkyard, Baby Intelligence sold Tyler’s racer to Whammo, then went to find Tyler. He found him saying goodbye to an old friend. As they left, Baby Intelligence handed Tyler the money he had acquired by selling the plane.[11]

Baby Intelligence and Tyler returned to the junkyard, where he revealed that the baby had been freed from slavery. Excited, Tyler said goodbye to Albert and agreed to go with Intelligence to train as an S.M.S.B. member. His new name would be Telekinibabe.[11]

With their means to return to the NoHead base secured, Baby Intelligence and his new charge headed to the backyard to meet up with their companions. Both mounted the Pinewood Derby, and everyone took off at last.[11]

Escape from Snake Island
"I make grave mistakes all the time. It's what being a little child is all about. But I doubt I'll learn from this one. As for your opinion, it matters, just not to me."
―Baby Intelligence to Niranda the Thrice-Cursed[src]

As if out of nowhere, Baby Intelligence collapsed and had a dream about a hag named Niranda the Thrice-Cursed holding his old friend, Kelly Hughes, prompting the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster to travel to Ilha da Queimada Grande — also known as Snake Island, where he then politely requested permission to land. When the personnel answered, they told him they knew who he was and pretended to let him land safely, only to capture him when he exited the Pinewood Derby. Knowing he would be brought before Niranda, whom he intended on tricking into assisting him in his search for an explanation for all of these horrific dreams of bloodshed seemingly unrelated to the NoHeads, he surrendered to the soldiers without a fight. He had made a huge mistake, however — he had left the rest of the S.M.S.B. inside their tent.[11]


Having learned something valuable from a fellow prisoner that allowed him to understand Carol Wilcox had developed strong feelings for Ammon Dorber, Baby Intelligence was granted an audience with Niranda himself, as Baby Intelligence was then dropped from his cell via crane and left dangling by a chain before the lord of evil. While they initially exchanged niceties with each other, Baby Intelligence demanded for Niranda to turn over Kenny, to which he revealed that Kenny had escaped custody while the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster was imprisoned.[11]

Niranda revealed that he was enthralled by Baby Intelligence's arrival, as he would be the perfect test subject for his new weapon, the Emancipator. He claimed that with it, he would overthrow Hell Burnbottom and initiate the apocalypse. Baby Intelligence continued mocking Niranda before summoning Might and easily busted out of his electric restraints, although he struggled to get his timing quite right. While Niranda insisted that Baby Intelligence had made a terrible mistake in coming into Snake Island in the first place to challenge him, Baby Intelligence coolly said that his opinion mattered, just not to him.[11]

Despite the seemingly overwhelming hordes of the men that were sent to destroy him, Baby Intelligence managed to destroy them in the ensuing battle before blocking an attack from the Godrider piloted by one of Niranda's bodyguards. Gaining the upper hand against Niranda's protectors, Baby Intelligence then overpowered Niranda in a brief duel before successfully driving his own projectile back at him. The effort sapped most of his energy, however, and he fell unconscious.[11]

When he awoke, Baby Intelligence left the island. However, he realized that the prisoner he had conversated with was still incarcerated, and went to extract him. The two departed in the Pinewood Derby and he dropped off the old man at a nearby port and recommended someone for him to see.[11]

The separation of comrades

As soon as the old man was dropped off, Baby Intelligence resolved to return to his friends and apologize for his abrupt departure. However, he realized, to his horror, that could not find them as they had already relocated.[11]

He went to sleep and was woken by the sound of footsteps. Baby Intelligence was briefly chased by Hell Burnbottom and Annabeth Black, and escaped in a bush. Burnbottom tried to blast the bush to pieces, but Baby Intelligence cast Shields around it that Burnbottom found himself unable to break. The NoHeads realized that Baby Intelligence had cast himself out of their reach, so they decided to wait for him to come out. Upon waking, Baby Intelligence used his loudspeaker and impersonated a water demon. While he made Black suspicious, Burnbottom still fled with her.[11]

Discovering Optica

Eventually, Baby Intelligence found Lindsay Kellerman. The two began bonding as they searched for the others. After finding his friends, Baby Intelligence learned that Christensen was considering resigning from the S.M.S.B. in order to pursue a "real" education. He was then introduced to Optica, whose power was Hyper Vision. The others explained that she had been with them for a while, and asked if she could become an S.M.S.B. member as they had become quite attached to her. Baby Intelligence said it was a possibility and proceeded to pull her aside to question her. Her answers proved to be satisfactory, so he accepted her companionship for the time being.[11]

The group decided to take up the fight with the NoHeads in the flesh. However, he quickly deduced from past experiences that they could not defeat Hell Burnbottom without some help. Telekinibabe convinced Baby Intelligence to take them to the police to form an alliance.[11]


Upon their return to the police station, they landed in the swamps. While Baby Strength went to find the police, Intelligence waited with the others, discussing on whether the police could be swayed. He also told Telekinibabe what was to happen.[11]

Baby Strength emerged from the swamp, stating that the city had been abandoned, so he led the S.M.S.B. to the older station. On the way, they battled many NoHead troops, who were sometimes already fighting policemen. The laser cannons proved especially essential to sink a NoHead Ocean Transport and to travel up the lake.[11]

After that, they encountered five more Aqua Rockets guarding a bridge, along with more regular Rockets. Past the bridge, the Derby swerved past a set of ruins. After the ruins, they faced seven more Rockets.[11]

They soon arrived at the old police station, where Baby Intelligence attempted to convince Sheriff Bladepoint to unify with them and oust the NoHeads for good. Bladepoint agreed, and the two warring groups hastily put an end to their dispute to concentrate on a more pressing issue: the common foe.[11]

Recruiting Professor Ruth's colleagues

Baby Intelligence and the other members spent the next few days growing accustomed to the Grand Army way. When he saw Sheriff Bladepoint again, he explained that he had just personally aided in freeing several captured esrohs and virtually eliminating the NoHead presence in Nevada. The two began mapping out a battle plan together. The Sheriff also tested him by subjecting him to a series of exercises, expressing awe at how much he had progressed on his own after witnessing the baby's own moves for himself. He also made Baby Intelligence realize that his guilt and love were so strong that he would assume all of his suffering for him were it possible.[11]

Afterwards, Baby Intelligence tried to call Professor Anthony Ruth, but when he was forced to leave a message, he asked him to summon all his colleagues, including Wilcox and Dennings, and take up arms at the Golden Gates since the Professor knew the area so well.[11]


A Grand Army member named Joel pulled Baby Intelligence aside and spoke for Sheriff Bladepoint, telling the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster that the Sheriff suspected the NoHeads had routed officers as far off as Iowa. He asked him to go to the state and verify this. Baby Intelligence agreed to do this, on the condition that Bladepoint could find a way to prove that the Grand Army was still trustworthy. For the mission, he borrowed a Generation-class cruiser Baby Intelligence chose to name the Seeker since the Pinewood Derby was being repaired. Baby Intelligence brought Telekinibabe with him for the mission.[11]

They arrived on the plains and saw the remains of a campsite where Baby Intelligence deduced that Grand Army members had broken free and fled. Picking up a cracked cell phone, he uncovered a text message that said whoever sent it was on his way to South Dakota to free what was left of the prisoners captured during the invasion. Baby Intelligence felt satisfied at the completion of their mission, but then the two were confronted by a NoHead lieutenant, a Klemm named Juliah Dophane, and a band of F7 war robots. The two babies bolted, but they were all distracted by a band of Arboc who had somehow escaped, tearing through the field and inadvertently drawing the robots away and killing them while Baby Intelligence ran behind a rock, where he met up with Telekinibabe. Suddenly, a robot approached the rock and called for Dophane, only to be cut down by Baby Intelligence.[11]

Just as Dophane and her robots were going to strike Baby Intelligence and Telekinibabe in their hiding spot, several members of the Frontal Guard of the Police Grand Army arrived, led by Chris Cera, and killed many of the attacking Arboc. Baby Intelligence saw Dophane fall out of her hovercraft and attempt to flee, prompting him to lunge at her, leaving a gash on her leg. He prepared to kill her on sight, but then she Deteleported from the woods.[11]

The skirmish over, Baby Intelligence thanked the Frontal Guard and introduced himself to them. The rescue effectively served as the proof Baby Intelligence wanted that the Police Grand Army could still be trusted.[11]

Battle of the west ridge

Immediately after the skirmish, Telekinibabe made Baby Intelligence realize that the great battle to come would transpire any minute. Horrified, Baby Intelligence wondered how in the solar system they would get back in time, but Cera assured him that their ships could merely jump into hyperspace, much to his relief. They boarded Cera's ship, the Scooper, but Baby Intelligence had a fierce argument with Daniel Murrell and another male colleague that they had no time to go to Idaho for a briefing. However, Ruth agreed with the latters and insisted that he had come too far obtaining their help to forsake them, and they could not join the fighting if they were ignorant of the situation. They reluctantly went to the west ridge, which the Grand Army had taken over,

The traveling party arrived, where they were briefed on the situation and fed a hearty meal. After the meeting, the S.M.S.B. made their way through the clearing back to the Scooper. However, Baby Intelligence suddenly saw a Deaforma Chieftain blocking their path. He shouted at everyone else to get on board while he drew Might and challenged the Chieftain, Dipoma Chipeutain. During the fight that ensued, Wilcox was struck in the head by a Deaforma's Lash, leaving Baby Intelligence to sadly presume her dead, as no one had survived the Lash before. He tried, but failed, to stop her dog Gobbles from running off. Goaded beyond endurance, Baby Intelligence smashed Chipeutain against a stone pillar, frightening the other Deaformas into retreating.[11]

Arrival in California

Saddened deeply by Wilcox's disappearance, Baby Intelligence gave Chris Cera the go to lift off and jump into hyperspace. The Scooper reappeared near California, where Baby Intelligence located Carol Wilcox and learned that thanks to having to chase down Gobbles, she had been unintentionally left behind by her associates. Baby Intelligence promised that if she and Telekinibabe stuck with him in the upcoming battle, no harm would befall them.[11]

Battle of the Golden Gates and aftermath

Baby Intelligence, along with his disheartened forces, led the charge during the Battle of the Golden Gates. Initially, Baby Intelligence was intensely reluctant to participate in the fight, not wanting to risk the lives of Telekinibabe, who was inexperienced, and Dennings, who he felt owed him nothing. However, after Ford told him he should fight and Professor Ruth forced him to realize that it was madness to not fight the robots, he relented - jumping into the fray, telling Telekinibabe to find what cover he could, encouraging his friend Bailey Dennings to rain down death, and he himself wielded his sword skillfully against the forces of evil.[11]

During the battle, he managed to open the gates, meet up with Lindsay Kellerman and Optica, and place gauntlets on the gates one-by-one. Eventually, he deserted the fight and successfully captured a tank, Transport 714.[11]

Baby Intelligence and Sheriff Bladepoint then formed a plan to bring the NoHeads to justice. The plan would consist of him leading a strike team into the NoHead base and capture the NoHeads, while at the same time the Police Grand Army, led by Dexter and Force Baby, would lead a ground assault to distract the Rocket army.[11]

Battle of the Yellowstone Base

Baby Intelligence was reunited with Carol Wilcox and Gobbles when he returned to camp in Los Angeles, learning to his utter relief that they lived.[50] After Sheriff Bladepoint joined them, Baby Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman started out aiding Bladepoint and his group after they infiltrated the city.[51]

The babies were walking along the deserted streets of the base when they were attacked by a Rocket on an NBV vehicle. They reflected its bullets back at it, destroying the Rocket and causing the platform to crash, intact. The two babies decided to ride it and another one they found through the streets, destroying numerous Rockets and Bratpros before they eventually dismounted at the cliffs surrounding the base.[52]

They then proceeded to track down the base. Lindsay suggested they use the latch, but Baby Intelligence said they were surely removed by now. When they found it, they rejoined the Sheriff’s strikeforce outside of the Yellowstone Hangar. Baby Intelligence and Lindsay led the team inside, where they faced resistance from Rockets, which were quickly eliminated, but not before the robots alerted the NoHeads themselves.[52]

The strike force was discovered, and with Rocket reinforcements on the way, Lindsay was asked to assist the resistance in securing the hangar by destroying the four power cells powering the doors. A policeman individually lowered the shields on the power cells, and Lindsay sliced through each one when its shield was down. The others provided covering fire, and in Baby Intelligence’s case, sword cover while Lindsay was disabling the power cells. They faced several Rockets, along with robotic fighters in walker mode which rose up from below the hangar.[52]

Lewis ordered the police to regroup, and the strike force moved toward the third floor. Then the doors opened, revealing the familiar warrior wielding his double-bladed sword Baby Intelligence had engaged twice. Burnbottom ordered Gunray, who was flanking him, to make an example out of Lisa by killing her, and Gunray fired a Death beam at Lisa right in front of a horrified Baby Intelligence, who failed to prevent him from Deteleporting. Parting from Baby Strength, the two babies moved to attack Burnbottom. After Hell Burnbottom appeared, Baby Strength and the police continued the long way. Telekinibabe, taking refuge in a local skyfighter, accidentally took off and headed to the Necrehulk. The babies and NoHead engaged in a duel that waged on into the Generator Complex while everyone else left the hangar through a separate door.[52][53]

While the Sheriff and his posse went to stop Brute Gunray and Mean King, the two babies engaged Hell Burnbottom. The sword duel was frenzied and brutal, moving through the hangar and into the Generator Complex, where they fought on the precarious catwalks. When Burnbottom kicked Lindsay over the edge of the catwalk they were fighting on, Baby Intelligence was forced to continue the duel alone. While his student rushed to catch up, Intelligence and Burnbottom moved on, passing through an impenetrable force field system to a bottomless pit. The fields closed between them, separating the combatants momentarily, but also separated Lindsay from Baby Intelligence, nine shields apart. Intelligence took advantage of the break in the duel to crouch down and meditate. When the shields deactivated, Intelligence immediately attacked Burnbottom while Lindsay rushed to help her Master.[53]

However, the shields closed again, preventing Lindsay from aiding her mentor. Although Baby Intelligence was one of the best duelists of all time, his preferred practice of Form IV proved disadvantageous in the confined space of the cooling pit, as Ataru required a wide, open space for its energetic acrobatics and multi-angular bladework. Also, Burnbottom had the advantage of experience and pure strength, while at the same time recognizing his opponent’s weariness.[53]

The end result was Baby Intelligence being hit in the face with Burnbottom’s hilt, leaving him stunned and slashed. Baby Intelligence faked death from the blow. Meanwhile, Burnbottom turned his attention to Lindsay and taunted the baby, saying that he had found her Master somewhat disappointing.[53]

Lindsay rushed to face Burnbottom as soon as the shields opened, and as she continued to duel Burnbottom, Lindsay succeeded in slicing the NoHead’s double-bladed sword hilt in half, but was then knocked into the pit. Though Lindsay managed to hold onto the edge of the pit, she lost her sword, leaving her defenseless. Ultimately, Lindsay defeated Burnbottom when she apparated from the pit, called her Master’s sword to her hand, and felled the villain.[53]

The sorcerers of Egrevond

But the telephone conversation which a worried Maurice was having soon caught his attention, so Harry listened to what they were saying about Karkamel's escape, and what connection it had to Baby Intelligence himself. According to Maurice, Karkamel had escaped from Egrevond along with a legion of dark wizards.[54]

The government feared that the killer's motive was to use Baby Intelligence to return to full strength, as the walls of a prison in Egrevond read "FUCK BABY INTELLIGENCE" and "THE SMSB SCUM CAN DIE IN MY ASSHOLE", among other crude graffiti. This shook Baby Intelligence, while Telekinibabe assured him that the MBH was too well-protected to be breached, even by sorcerery, Baby Intelligence feared that if Karkamel could break inside if he could break out of the void called Egrevond.[54]

Maurice moved Baby Intelligence aside to tell him not to go looking for Karkamel, but Baby Intelligence claimed that the sorcerer would come to him.[55]

Baby Intelligence rented a Dark Horse named Flame from Owen, the shopkeeper. He promised he would return to pay him in full once America was free of both NoHeads and Dark sorcerers.

After Owen died, Baby Intelligence took Flame as his own.

Battle of the Western Field

Baby Intelligence finally agreed to accompany the gang. They proceed to the Western Field, where they were ambushed by the Ninth Guard. Upon slashing out a single war robot five times, Baby Intelligence noticed Cassidy stabbing Rattvisa G to death with a needler, but then a skytrooper throws him to the ground. Noticing this, Cassidy chased him and would have struck him in the heart. Fortunately, Baby Intelligence countered with a telekinetic repulse. Getting to his feet, he called off the surviving gang members, finding to his dismay that several of them were dead.[18]

As if out of nowhere, a stave was thrown into her neck by Cassidy, who Kellerman killed in retaliation. Baby Intelligence heard several loud noises and saw Shaffer hit the ground with a thud.[18]

Slaying of Karkamel

With help from Flame, Baby Intelligence successfully killed Karkamel.

Skirmish at the Bench Store

As Mean King waited for word from Brute Gunray, Baby Intelligence and Force Baby entered the office. Quickly dispatching Mean King’s Rocket guards with his sword, Baby Intelligence confronted Mean King, who dueled them both. He managed to knock out Force Baby, then attacked Intelligence with lightning. His disgust soon turned to delight as he realized his wish to fight Intelligence had come true. Baby Intelligence quickly fought back and pulled out his sword. Mean King then drew his sword and the duel began.[18]

The duel moved into the store itself, where the two mutants engaged in a saber duel on the desk. The two fought until Mean King leaped away. The fight tore apart most of the Bench Store as Mean King was trying to crush the S.M.S.B. leader by throwing benches at him. The S.M.S.B. leader and the last NoHead son were counterpoised. As the duel progressed, and Mean King continued his telekinetic assault, Intelligence managed to catch one of the benches and flung it back at Mean King, who leapt out of it’s path. Intelligence took the chance to engage the distracted Dark Lord at close quarters once again, but Mean King disarmed him.[18]

The diminutive baby was forced to use his gadget to withstand Mean King’s lightning. Mean King’s power was great, but Intelligence was able to resist his might, and he attempted to redirect the lightning. As the two duelists attempted to overpower each other, the energy between the two suddenly exploded. The blast hurled them apart, ending the battle. Mean King was able to grasp the edge of a nearby bench, while Intelligence crashed into the desk and fell down to the floor of the Bench Store. Mean King leaped after, only to be decapitated. Baby Strength called and said he had defeated Brute Gunray.[18]

Battle of the Eastern Field

Carol Wilcox: "I'm really sorry, Baby Intelligence. I know how much he meant to you."
Baby Intelligence: "He's the one who taught me. And yet his corpse, it disappeared pretty quickly. There's nothing left of him, which is a good thing."
— Carol Wilcox and Baby Intelligence[src]

After the devastation caused by the Battle of the Western Field, Baby Intelligence returned to the police station, where he requested that at long last, Sheriff Bladepoint complete his training. Bladepoint refused, however, insisting they had a much more pressing affair — the upcoming Battle of the Eastern Field. He ordered Baby Intelligence to give his speech he had been preparing, claiming it was "now or never".

Despite disagreeing with Bladepoint's lack of concern with how capable he was of taking down the Lord of the North, Baby Intelligence tried giving a speech of encouragement to the disheveled Grand Army alongside Wilcox, and at the latter's insistence, Dennings as well. He expressed his honor, more like intimidation, at being thrust back into the spotlight of the Grand Army, but then lost his train of thought, but Dennings suddenly yanked the microphone out of his hands and told them it was time for them to build character individually through proving themselves in battle and reminded them of what Baby Intelligence had sacrificed and endured to bring about their chance to topple the NoHeads while they were vulnerable. She told them to raise their flag and demanded to know if they were ready to fight. The audience chamber erupted with cheering and applause to her speech. Baby Intelligence followed his friends into the back.

Following Dennings' oration, Baby Intelligence accompanied the rest of the Police Grand Army during the Battle of the Eastern Field. He eventually encountered Carol Wilcox, whom she began yelling at until he came closer to her. After he projected a Shield behind her, she asked him where Dorber was, but the superhero had no idea. He in turn asked her where the Lord of the North could be found. She said he was last seen firing recklessly at enemy troops with his mutantry. As a rock glanced off the Shield protecting her, Baby Intelligence thanked her and continued fighting. Suddenly, Bladepoint yelled at Baby Intelligence to flee from his position. Baby Intelligence obediently ran out of the way. As if out of nowhere, an explosion of Dark energy manifesting itself into tiny fireworks ravaged Bladepoint's body and killed him.[56] Baby Intelligence was burned by the explosion, but his grief over Bladepoint’s death kept him conscious long enough to crawl over to him in front of hundreds of staring people, his body broken from the energies. Baby Intelligence started to cry over Bladepoint’s corpse as well as wiping a trickle of blood from the dead Sheriff’s mouth with his (Baby Intelligence’s) own sleeve, but then he fell unconscious. Fortunately, he received medical attention.[57]

Realizing it was time to part with the horse Flame, Baby Intelligence left him in the hands of the Police Grand Army.[57]

Funeral of Sheriff Bladepoint

Following the death of Sheriff Bladepoint, his funeral was carried out. He sat alone, even rejecting Telekinibabe's attempts to comfort him, which he soon came to regret, for he felt very lonely. Wilcox eventually walked over to comfort him during the cremation, which he reluctantly allowed her to do. He told her he was glad there was nothing left of Bladepoint's corpse, and in response, she spotted a wishing star and revealed to Baby Intelligence just how badly she wanted the Police Grand Army to win the war.[57]

When the sun rose, Dorber resolved to return to Woodbury, and Baby Intelligence promised to follow him within half a week's time. His pupils heavily protested against this, but Baby Intelligence insisted upon his decision, claiming there needed to be balance and there was more to life than war. Nevertheless, he did not leave for another three days. He also laughed when Wilcox joked that she would go so far as to get on a Skater, play against Dorber, and win.[57]

Upon his return home, Baby Intelligence, in his sleep, entered a strange meditation, where he met Sheriff Bladepoint, overcome with a mixture of grief and joy. Bladepoint smiled and hugged him back, though he puzzled him by showing alarm by how dramatically his apprentice embraced him. He told Baby Intelligence to continue fighting and that because life was not living if he lost what he loved, to guard it most dearly. He then Deteleported, leaving Baby Intelligence lost and confused, but also confident and once again motivated.[58]

Another confrontation

After getting the article, the S.M.S.B. immediately went to stop the Lunch Money Bandit. When they finally found him in the Third NoHead base, they were forced to bypass several exhausting barriers and they were picked off one-by-one, leaving only Baby Intelligence and Force Baby to locate him in the main chamber. They engaged Cygnus in a fierce duel. The Lunch Money Bandit finally had to relinquish, and faked his own death. Satisfied, Baby Intelligence called the group away. The S.M.S.B. members left, thinking they had won.[59]

Return to the Police Station

Shortly afterwards, Baby Intelligence was contacted by the Police Grand Army, who insisted he come to see them. He initially hesitated, as he had already been spending far to little time on Crodela, but he finally obliged after an argument with Baby Strength, at which point he called them back. He left Hardy under Telekinibabe's charge and Force Baby under Optica's while he took Baby Strength and Lindsay Kellerman with him.

As per Sheriff Bladepoint's request, his being deceased left Baby Intelligence the new leader of the Police Grand Army. He felt this was too much of a burden as he did not think he was strong enough to take on the NoHeads or to duel Annabeth Black. However, he was able to reason with them that Lewis would make for a far better leader than he, which the council reluctantly acquiesced to. Lewis was extremely touched upon learning the true extent of Baby Intelligence's confidence in him, and he promised that he would do anything he asked of him, knowing Baby Intelligence would not abuse this oath.

The journey to the Lake of Tears

With Lindsay Kellerman watching over his shoulder, Baby Intelligence was reminded of Sebiscuits Cardarphen’s existence by a newspaper article. He rallied his companions and pursued him, hoping he would lead them to Annabeth Black. He believed that if he were to vanquish Black and either kill or redeem Cardarphen (preferably the latter), the world would finally be safe.

On several occasions, the S.M.S.B. lost their way. Much to the surprise of the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster, they were found by Pythoman, who at first tried to torture Baby Intelligence for the whereabouts of Annabeth Black, but was captured by Kellerman (with Baby Intelligence's help) and cornered. Baby Intelligence decided not to slay the child, but forced him to swear an oath of servitude to the enemy of Annabeth. Pythoman then began leading them to the Lake of Tears, where he told them Cardarphen was according to rumor.

Baby Intelligence is the only person save two others known to have shown kindness towards Pythoman, who is hated instantly by everyone he meets. The two had a strange sort of bond from both having been orphaned; in Pythoman, Baby Intelligence saw his possible future, and so wanted to save him so he could save himself. Unbeknownst to Baby Intelligence, they had a common goal, for entirely different reasons: find a much-hated baby who would lead them to Black. He did not know he and his friends were being manipulated.

When the President of the United States of America was kidnapped, Pythoman convinced them not to finish their trek to the lake, insisting that Black and Cardarphen would catch them off-balance and slaughter them. Pythoman said he would lead them to a construction tower. Baby Intelligence complied in spite of Force Baby's suspicions.


On 1 June, Baby Intelligence flew to Woodsbury, in spite of Baby Strength's protests, to "finish what he started with the Holy Mackerels" in Crodela. The game was the final game of the year and very important because it would be the decider of the winner of the Crodela Cup. The Holy Mackerels ultimately won the match.[60]

Assured by the others that the game had been rest enough, Baby Intelligence met with Pythoman outside the stadium, who shocked them by killing eight-year-old Stacy Nelson, who had unfortunately encountered them. At the base of the tower, Pythoman deserted the S.M.S.B. following a heated argument between himself and Telekinibabe. Disappointed, Baby Intelligence and company fall into slumber. In his sleep, Baby Intelligence was disturbed by a vision of Pythoman speaking with Annabeth Black, pledging himself to the NoHeads and planning to betray the S.M.S.B. Upon awaking, Baby Intelligence sees Pythoman has returned and harshly accused the tenacious boy. The former learned that Pythoman came to respect Black deeply during the Second NoHead War, though he envied her power.[60][61]

Pythoman fled to the construction tower, but Baby Intelligence jumped into his Pinewood Derby and pursued. The defector outmaneuvered them, and the Pinewood Derby landed atop the tower. Here, Baby Intelligence saw Pythoman firmly standing by Black and Cardarphen.[61]

Volcanic clash and aftermath

Baby Intelligence vs. Sebiscuits

Baby Intelligence in the City Volcano during his climatic duel with Sebiscuits.

After a chase, Sebiscuits drove them into a volcano. Once Sebiscuits climbed inside, Baby Intelligence attempted to reason with the NoHead. Sebiscuits refused to be swayed, and Intelligence resultedly drew his sword. With a murderous battle cry, Sebiscuits drew his and leaped at Intelligence, and a great battle began.[62]

Sebiscuits viciously drove Baby Intelligence back through the complex with his mastery of Ataru, however he was unable to penetrate Intelligence’s mastery of the same form. Their bout in the control room of the volcano deactivated the energy shield protecting the settlement, so when their fight spread to the collection arms of the facility, they were forced to dodge a rain of fire. While Cardarphen killed Baby Intelligence here, Lindsay Kellerman and Baby Strength used a time machine to rescue Baby Intelligence and ultimately allow him to resume fighting. In the ensuing duel, the lava caused the collection arms structure to weaken and eventually collapse and break loose.[62]

Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits continued to fight on the collection arm as it floated down a lava river, but Baby Intelligence leaped off onto one of the platforms floating above the river. He turned to find his enemy perched on another platform, having leaped from the structure before it plunged to oblivion. As their fight continued they floated back upriver. Baby Intelligence desperately tried to reason with Sebiscuits, but Sebiscuits seemed beyond redemption. As their battle edged close to shore, Baby Intelligence took his chance and leaped onto the shore, gaining the high ground over Sebiscuits. Although Intelligence warned Cardarphen off, the NoHead refused and lunged at his former master, only to have his right arm and both legs cut off, sending the NoHead tumbling down the lava bank.[62]

As Baby Intelligence watched Sebiscuits scream in agony, his old apprentice screamed hatred for him. Intelligence stared at his old apprentice, sadness in his eyes and replied that he still loved him despite his sins. As he watched Sebiscuits’ graphic near-immolation from the heat of the lava, he retrieved the NoHead’s sword. However, he changed his mind and rescued the Dark Lord from what was almost a horrific fiery demise. As Cardarphen was rebuilt in a life-support suit, Baby Intelligence conversed with the others and learned that they had changed the entire timeline in order to save him from losing to Cardarphen. He learned what they had been through, what Black had been plotting all along, and of the heroic contribution by the now unborn Ashton Quintan. Upon the completion of his rebirth, Cardarphen thanked Baby Intelligence for saving him and begged for a reapplication to the S.M.S.B.[62]

Baby Intelligence headed outside with Cardarphen, but then Annabeth Black emerged and smashed him into a wall. They began dueling, but Black easily overpowered Baby Intelligence by hurling a tree branch at his back and pinning him under it. Just as Black was preparing to cut up Baby Intelligence's face piece-by-piece, Force Baby emerged from behind, shooting Black with his gun.[62]

End of the war

A few days later, the S.M.S.B. organized a great celebration on the streets of New York City, where Baby Intelligence confirmed that Cardarphen had rejoined them.[62]

Between the wars (11 June, 2020-21 May, 2031)

For the remainder of 2020, Baby Intelligence helped the police reform after Operation: Purge.[62] He also attended the trial of Whammo Fireball and the Lunch Money Bandit.[17]

Meeting Becca Smith

After that fateful duel, Baby Intelligence built a motor home over the next few months whilst also continuing the training of the other members. In 2021, Becca Smith, whose powers had just developed, went to the MBH for testing, though Master Intelligence deemed there was too much fear and anger in her (the same reason Sebiscuits was nearly rejected in the first place). Just then, Nagatha broke in, and Master Intelligence struggled to fight her. Becca offered to fetch the police, and began to take flight. She did not realize that Nagatha had bit her bracelet as she left. Master Intelligence had to release Nagatha to save Becca from Nagatha's venom, forcing off her bracelet as Becca continued off to the police station. Just then, Baby Intelligence found her and angrily told the police to take Becca home and ensure her parents knew what had happened. In a fit of rage, Becca stopped idolizing Baby Intelligence and hated him for his actions.

American Purge

After his encounter with Becca Smith, Baby Intelligence continued work on the motor home. When the vehicle was complete, he rallied the S.M.S.B. together, and they began a new mission to purge any criminals in the United States of America and wipe all evil off their country. During the mission, which became known as American Purge, they virtually lived in the motor home. One of the most difficult criminals they faced was Spicy Mead. Another notably difficult criminal was a voodoo demon. He fired an extremely powerful curse at Lindsay Kellerman, and she ultimately had to return home. Master Intelligence permitted this, but ensured Lindsay had plenty of work to do.[63]

In 2023, they returned successful, and Master Intelligence allowed the others five days of free time where they could relax and play. When this period was over, he continued to train the other members. He himself received exclusive training from Rotta Hecks’ spirit.[63]

Growing up

In 2025 he took the name of Master Intelligence, which he would go by for life. In 2027, he sensed an unusual amount of crimes being committed. He found the source was a man named Darren Slade, who had been possessed by Mr. Stupid NoHead’s spirit, and engaged him in combat. Master Intelligence won the duel and was able to help Slade eject NoHead from his body, and Darren was more himself. As a result, Master Intelligence made sure Darren was not arrested for the crimes he had been forced to commit.[2]

Meeting Jonathan

In 2028, rumors of a former NoHead base in Albany compelled Jaden Vang, the leader of the Outpost in the Appalachian Mountains, to mount an expedition there. Vang brought a homeless orphan named Jonathan with him, as he knew his skills as a mechanic and believed they would come in handy. Vang also brought six hired protectors with him. Together, they attempted to find the rumored base. However, on the way, they were mobbed by a band of thieves. However, Master Intelligence, who was scouting the area for any sign of NoHead activity, happened to be nearby. He intervened and was able to rescue the party and drive off the thugs, who did not wish to contend with his might.[64]

Jaden Vang offered him a pay of 35 dollars for saving them, but Intelligence replied that he did not take charity for his heroics. Jonathan thanked Master Intelligence and, due to his current life, asked him if he could go with him to the MBH and be tested for joining the S.M.S.B. Intelligence already knew that Jonathan wanted to join and he was a child, filling in two of the three current guidelines. In response, the mutant asked him what his powers were. When Jonathan said he had no powers, the mutant shook his head, stating that only mutants could join. After saying goodbye to Jonathan, Intelligence also shook hands with the thugs and learned their names. After this, Intelligence finished scouting the area. The hunting party chose to turn back afterwards.[64]

Master Intelligence also conversed with the ghosts of Rotta Hecks and Paige Nelson often, which he usually did in private. However, he did introduce Sebiscuits Cardarphen to them once, in 2029, and Cardarphen apologized for murdering Nelson. A few months later, they also warned him that the ghosts of Hell Burnbottom and Mr. Stupid NoHead were formulating a plot and would soon come back, with the help of two mutants they had went up against before.

Eve of war

Master Intelligence

Master Intelligence, age 11.

In 2031, Master Intelligence was still teaching the S.M.S.B. when Cynthia Thomas joined the group and took the name of Red X. He trained her along with the other members of the S.M.S.B., and personally helped her create her sword. However, he realized she did not always know what they were talking about, and as such arranged to personally tutor her later.[17]

One night, Master Intelligence awoke at about three in the morning. He immediately sensed enemy movements outside his room. Grabbing his sword, which was in a drawer with a release switch, he left his room to search for any intruders and due to Whammo Fireball’s neglect, managed to locate the Lunch Money Bandit. Still in his pajamas, Master Intelligence dueled him briefly. The Lunch Money Bandit called Fireball, who showed up and linked hands before Deteleporting away from the MBH. Intelligence was highly eluded by this, and realized the NoHeads would return soon. The next morning, when everyone met together for their first class, he told them about what had happened. Later on, the S.M.S.B. made plates of their own, which they would later “have a delicious surprise supper on them”.[17]

Third NoHead War (23 May, 2031-2035)

Master Intelligence

Master Intelligence in 2033.

Return of the NoHeads

Eskea Vector: "They’re trying to discredit him. Didn't you see the Perpetual Seer last week? They reported that he’d been voted out of the Chairmanship of the International Confederation of Mutants because he’s getting old and losing his grip, but it’s not true, he was voted out by governors after he made a speech announcing Hell Burnbottom’s return. They’re talking about taking away his Order of Magic, First Class, too."
Telekinibabe: "But Master Intelligence says he doesn't care what they do as long as they don’t take him off the Holocards."
— Vector and Telekinibabe explaining to Lindsay Kellerman about Master Intelligence's discredit[src]

During the surprise supper, Lindsay Kellerman touched her plate and was mysteriously transported to Lioness graveyard. There, Lindsay was bound and a chunk of her skin was taken as the final ingredient in a potion the Dark Lord used to return to full power. Using the plate, Lindsay was able to escape Hell Burnbottom and return to the MBH. In tears, Lindsay told him the NoHeads had returned.[17] Master Intelligence was not surprised, but chose to conceal this from her.

The government immediately began to deny Master Intelligence and Lindsay's claims that the Dark Lord had returned, starting a smear campaign designed to slander and vilify them; in particular, Master Intelligence was removed from his positions as Chief Warlock as punishment for his refusal to stay in line with government propaganda. However, Master Intelligence professed not to care, so long as the government did not eliminate him from Holocards (though ironically, it is highly likely that he was joking). He confessed that he believed that Evans' persecution of him was of his own free will and not due to possession, though this was small comfort.

Hoping to end the campaign against him and Lindsay and get the truth out to the public, Master Intelligence instructed Melissa Vance to meet her and Baby Strength in Ed's Motel on 14 December, 2031. As it was Melissa who laid the foundation for the Seer's defamation of Lindsay, with her initial stories about her, Master Intelligence wanted her to be the one to set the record straight. They were joined by Lindsay, who thought Master Intelligence and Melissa were "the unlikeliest pair of drinking mates she could ever have imagined."

Melissa was initially taken aback that Master Intelligence wanted her to interview Lindsay, but he took her aback by demanding that she only write exactly what Lindsay said and not portray her as the rest of the press was. Melissa claimed the Seer would not buy the story, reluctantly admitting that the government was influencing it. Master Intelligence told her that the interview would be printed in the magazine, and although Melissa responded with disdain, she eyed Master Intelligence shrewdly for a few moments and then agreed. However, when she learned she was expected to conduct the interview free of charge, from the very people the campaign was against, she was furious. In response, Master Intelligence blackmailed Melissa with the threat of reporting her support of Whammo Fireball during the skyraces to the government, so Melissa grudgingly complied and wrote the article.[12]

Finally, Master Intelligence and Lindsay were both brought to a disciplinary hearing, on the public pressure that they were innocent. In a further attempt to discredit Lindsay, the government changed the time and location of the hearing at the last minute, but thanks to Master Intelligence, the two were able to make it there just minutes late. Ultimately, they were exonerated with help from Sebiscuits, who had a witness and legal loopholes to help him. With Master Intelligence's credibility realized once more, Evans' was permanently lost. Intelligence demanded that Evans disband the campaign and revert the damage.

Training ultimatum

After Lindsay’s warning, Master Intelligence continued teaching the group. In November 2032, Lindsay Kellerman reported that she had gotten her revenge against Vance by trapping her in a pit with very few supplies to sustain her. Master Intelligence found himself surprisingly satisfied.

Hoping to lure Hell Burnbottom into the open, Master Intelligence planned a field trip to Antarctica. In the night, he traveled there himself and found a comfortable resort for travelers. He asked the woman in charge how much it would cost to rent a space there in two days' advance, but she claimed it was free. He asked if he could stay there with the other members, and the woman replied with a simple "Fine by me." Returning to New York City, Master Intelligence made fliers to inform everyone of the event and handed them out before beginning class. The next day, all the members flew there together. When they exited the Pinewood Derby, Red X complained that it was freezing, and Master Intelligence inquired to what she had expected otherwise. After exploring their surroundings and spending several hours observing penguins, Master Intelligence led the others inside, where they encountered a polar bear who had managed to get inside. Master Intelligence failed to defeat them after missing a slash and being attacked from behind. Fortunately, Sebisucits managed to take down the beast before checking on Master Intelligence. After the trip, Master Intelligence tested the members' knowledge before announcing the beginning of a cooking class.[12]

About a month later, the group began to play dodgeball together. Just as the game began, Sebiscuits had a vision predicting that only he could defeat Hell Burnbottom. Sebiscuits declared to Master Intelligence and Lindsay that he would risk his life to stop the NoHeads personally, and left the MBH in his skyfighter. Distraught and confused, Master Intelligence left with Lindsay, who returned to the gym. After the game ended, the leader of the S.M.S.B. went to meditate on the subsequent battle. He became devastated at the odds and quickly took action, rallying the other members in a desperate rescue mission.[12]

Battle of Bast Castle

Main article: Battle of Bast Castle

Upon leaving the MBH for Bast Castle, the group was attacked by over thirty robotic fighters. Master Intelligence rode in his skyfighter, and he was attacked by multiple fighters and eventually Hell Burnbottom himself. Burnbottom, using his ability to fly, went straight for Master Intelligence. When the NoHead caught up with him, Intelligence fired the afterburners, blasting off toward Bast Castle and spraying rocket fire at his quarry. Burnbottom then went after Baby Strength and Red X, who were fighting side-by-side. Red X thought this was the end, but then her hand suddenly fired lightning at him, destroying his metal tube during the battle. Burnbottom prepared to attack Baby Strength, but Master Intelligence intervened and forced the antagonist to retreat. He then landed in the base, with Red X and all the skyfighters close behind.[12]

When Hell Burnbottom and his army approached with a dead Sebiscuits Cardarphen, Master Intelligence screamed in horror and denial. However, Sebiscuits came back to life that very moment and jumped out of Hell Burnbottom’s arms. The Battle of Bast Castle soon resumed, and Master Intelligence fought in the following battle.[12]

Master Intelligence telekinesis

Master Intelligence during the battle.

Tracking Lindsay to the construction site, Master Intelligence found her dueling Hell Burnbottom, but struggling. Subsequently an intense duel of powers erupted between all three mutants; arguably the most powerful of their time. They all displayed a deep talent, though Burnbottom was ultimately forced to flee the battle after Red X joined the fight and deflected a series of shards, and Master Intelligence imprisoned him within a dome of water. As Burnbottom fled, he briefly possessed Lindsay, hoping that Master Intelligence would sacrifice the teenager in an attempt to kill him. However, Red X, who had left briefly, returned with the famed metal tube and hit Burnbottom with a fatal beam from his own weapon. Hell Burnbottom did not survive the impact. Master Intelligence was pleased to learn Whammo Fireball and Cygnus Evans had both gone down as well. When everyone returned to the MBH, Master Intelligence had a talk with Lindsay and Red X in his office. Eventually, he started a yearbook with Lindsay.[12]


In June 2033, Master Intelligence recovered the Device of Teleportation after he found it in the dirt, presumably hidden. He subsequently used it to teleport into Bast Castle, hoping to see if anyone was captured and being held there. He rescued the two that he found, George Thames II and Evans, subsequently saving them from starvation.

Two years later, in 2035, Master Intelligence received wind that Nagatha had come back to life. Whilst trying to get to the bottom of it, Master Intelligence, alone, met the Gladiator for the first time. Realizing the Gladiator was too dangerous to be left alive, he drew his sword and attempted to cut him down, but to no avail, as the Gladiator Deteleported away with Nagatha. Master Intelligence immediately realized it was the Gladiator who had brought Nagatha back from the dead.

Second Cold War (2035-9 January, 2042)

Training Red X

Throughout the year of 2036, Master Intelligence passed on certain pieces of information to Red X that would be important for the girl about the NoHeads, hoping to catch her up with the other members. Master Intelligence held private lessons with her.[65]

Skirmish in Transylvania Quarters

Later on, Master Intelligence encountered the Gladiator. After calling Red X back, Master Intelligence engaged the Gladiator in a duel. The Gladiator, however, parried his initial attack and then tortured Master Intelligence and tried to possess him for good, but when it didn't work, he tried to murder him using his sword. The nature of their swords' mystical connection caused their swords to interlock with the first attack, which created an effect called Pitial Defilatelum (Bladelock Effect). After a battle of wills with the Gladiator, Master Intelligence was interceded by Red X, who blasted the Gladiator away. She then grabbed Master Intelligence's hand and they were able to escape.

Discovering Andromeda

When Alyssa Smith, who already knew she did not belong, discovered her powers, she immediately asked her father if she could join the S.M.S.B., knowing this must be her destiny. That same day, Alyssa's father called in and asked if Alyssa could join the S.M.S.B. After packing up, her father drove her to the MBH and she asked if she could apply. Master Intelligence began testing her memory and knowledge, beginning by asking her several questions, such as why she wanted to join. He then gave her an IQ test and a social quiz of his own design. When she passed these, he began to test Alyssa’s abilities through several vigorous exercises, including an obstacle course. When Andromeda managed to complete these, her maturity was tested on a computer. Afterwards, she passed and was introduced to the other S.M.S.B. members. She also took the nickname of Andromeda. [6]

Four days later, Master Intelligence's former Crodela Team Captain Ammon Dorber arrived to release the contents of Carol Dorber's will, doubly revealing that she was dead. Master Intelligence was left a Giggel-themed backpack.[6]

Andromeda did her best to train with the other members, but she was quickly failing in the exercises. As such, Master Intelligence resolved to teach her alone. However, Andromeda proved herself after Nagatha attacked the MBH and she drove her off before killing her. Her spirits raised, Andromeda began to improve on the training exercises.[6]

Battle of Transylvania

After Lindsay Kellerman saw a vision of the Gladiator preparing to unleash the Grand Nuke, an electrical bomb with the capacity to destroy the entire continent once it was released, Master Intelligence led the S.M.S.B. to Transylvania Quarters.

After reaching Transylvania Quarters, Master Intelligence led them all through various rooms in search of the bomb, without finding it. The group became doubtful until they came across the Hall of Domination, a room filled with artifacts. One of the artifacts was the Orb of Power, which Telekinibabe seized. He handed it to Master Intelligence; the latter's fears were justified when the Gladiator revealed it was all a ruse to bring them there, but maintained that the Grand Nuke was real. Chaos ensued, Master Intelligence was constantly assaulted since he was holding the Orb. He was forced to order a retreat into the Death Chamber, but not before telekinetically smashing the shelves, distracting the Knights of Plague. Upon meeting up with the others, Master Intelligence realized that Kellerman had the Orb of Power. While the members regrouped, the Knights of Plague swooped down and attacked, capturing everyone except Kellerman and rounding them up before tying them. As Master Intelligence struggled, the Gladiator told Kellerman she had two choices: to hand over the orb, or watch the others die.

Finally, Kellerman handed the orb to the Gladiator, who pocketed it triumphantly. The Gladiator then proceeded to reveal the Grand Nuke. Red X managed to break free and leap in front of the bomb, causing it to hit her instead and sacrificing herself in the process. The bomb never got past her torso, but it gave her a slow, painful death. The villain did not have any more bombs to launch. Meanwhile, Master Intelligence and his allies were freed by Baby Strength, and the battle resumed. Most of the members attempted to escape, though a few stayed to fight. However, Master Intelligence insisted they couldn’t leave without Andromeda and Sebiscuits Cardarphen.

The Gladiator moved in to attack the members, but Master Intelligence leaped upward, knocking him away and attacking the villain, reclaiming his sword. This resulted in a fierce fight between the two powerful mutants, only intensifying when they both battled their way off a platform and back onto a series of catwalks. Here, Lindsay Kellerman intervened, and the Gladiator was captured.

Meanwhile, the remaining members wiped out most of the Knights, at the cost of Andromeda's life. Master Intelligence turned to face the survivors, rounding them up and capturing them since they were afraid of dueling him. Intelligence quickly rounded up numerous Knights of Plague, announcing their capture.

The Gladiator was later locked in a prison he himself had built to hold his enemies. Everybody regretted Red X's death, but as a result of it everybody else survived. Eventually, Master Intelligence buried Red X next to Paige.[6]

Discovering Centauri

After defeating the Gladiator, Master Intelligence returned to New York City full of bitter resentment at his situation, feeling trapped and wasted. Fortune finally shone on Intelligence in the form of Thomas Meyer, who was at the home of Myra Gordon to research the Sword of Abomination. Meyer was as talented as Master Intelligence was. Intelligence quickly became fascinated by Meyer’s ideas of domination, obviously considering Thomas an unexpected new chance to show his own brilliance and come out of the local misery. Eventually, Thomas joined the S.M.S.B. and took the name of Centauri. Before they left, Master Intelligence took Maranda Bones' book about him, titled "Master Intelligence: Saint or Fraud?". It is unknown to whether he kept it, and it is unlikely that he did. Intelligence came to regret his relationship with Centauri later in life. They began a quest to locate the Sword and become its true masters.

After Master Intelligence and Centauri returned to the MBH, Ramona Meyer, unbeknownst to Master Intelligence, the Dark Woman and a member of the Knights of Plague, Deteleported to the front of the MBH, where Sebiscuits Cardarphen confronted her. Somehow, she still managed to get inside. Unfortunately, Centauri accidentally released three zerads. The zerads began causing mayhem, but Centauri was caught by one and dragged around the halls. Suddenly, the Dark Woman Apparated into the hall and was able to shut a door on the zerad, crushing it and freeing Centauri. She then made quick work of the other two. Master Intelligence introduced himself to her, who introduced herself by her given name of Ramona and revealed that she came to wish Centauri luck. Master Intelligence then invited her to dinner, and she agreed. During the meal, Ramona attempted to defend that several Knights of Plague survived, and insisted they will not be a threat. She also suggested that Charity Hirz's hologram pit be moved to the t and i Factory for safekeeping, something Master Intelligence agreed with.[6]

Peace Era (February 2042-10 March, 2070)

The Peace era was a relatively calm time in Master Intelligence's life when he began creating industry. Master Intelligence also spent a lot of time with Ramona and came to realize that she was one of his best friends. In 2049, Master Intelligence and the other S.M.S.B. members went swimming.

Filming with Rocken Role

"Master Intelligence, talented and unassuming, gives the movie its spine and soul, just like our town."
―A. O. Scott, The New York Times[src]

In 2050, Master Intelligence portrayed rock star Rocken Role in “Shipped to Hell”, a fictional film about Rocken Role and Rebecca Black becoming friends and having to escape hell together with Master Intelligence’s help that was from writer-director Gloria Sigismond. Master Intelligence met with Role over the 205051 New Year to prepare for the role; he prerecorded songs in a studio for the film. The successful film also premiered at the 2052 Moonwalk Film Festival on 24 January 2052. Master Intelligence, Rocken Role, and Role’s partner Wesley Carrier appeared at the festival for the company’s promotion. Telekinibabe and Sebiscuits were also present here.[6]

Master Intelligence received praise for his performance: the Metro Times wrote, “It turns out that Master Intelligence is actually really good at acting as well as crime-fighting. He excelled at capturing Role’s icy, tough-but-cool guy demeanor, adding the needed touches of childishness that transform it into a pretty terrific performance... Intelligence is a genuine star here.” Also, A. O. Scott of The New York Times noted “Master Intelligence, talented and unassuming, gives the movie its spine and soul, just like our town.” The same year, Master Intelligence was paid $10,000 for his movie role in 2061. He shared much of the money with the other members of the S.M.S.B., giving them 300 dollars each (leaving him with $8,200), telling them it’s “yours to do as you wish.” Stephanie, who had developed something of a crush on Master Intelligence, also remarked that “I always thought Master Intelligence was a badass, but this brings his swagger into a whole new light.” Master Intelligence was listed as the number one actor of the year by Billboard.[6]

Mission to the t and i Factory

Ramona Meyer was secretly mounting a rise to power, she was able to search for the hologram pit, which she believed would give her power as well as everlasting life. At some point in the 2050s, Ramona was thwarted by Centauri, with the help of Master Intelligence and the rest of the S.M.S.B. The group suffered a series of exhausting and difficult challenges in the t and i Factory, in an attempt to stop the pit from being stolen and Ramona rising to power. Throughout the challenges the group was picked off one by one and in the final task, only Master Intelligence and Centauri were left. He got both of them through a challenge involving riddles. Master Intelligence used his logic to figure out the riddle and let Centauri go forward without him, as there was only enough energy for one person.

The training continues

In 2056, the S.M.S.B. went to a ball that all the mutants had been invited to attend. Everyone found it very enjoyable. Master Intelligence continued training the other members, and opened a rank where members who "had made it to the top" had certain privileges, and could help train others.

Force Baby was becoming increasingly unstable. Master Intelligence secluded his student from the outside world to keep him safe. Force Baby was sweet and kind, but when he could not control his Force connection he became slightly dangerous. Finally, he sent the Kraton to train with individuals in China, where the latter accidentally put an Anti-Mutantry Jinx upon the Palace of Despair.

Locating the Sword of Abomination

In 2069, Master Intelligence was informed by Centauri that the latter had finally learned that the Sword of Abomination was located at Thames Metalle. Master Intelligence insisted that they could not steal the sword from George Thames II, who owed him a great debt. This made Centauri furious, though Master Intelligence swiftly curtailed the argument after becoming uncharacteristically angry. [6]

Force Baby dies

"You’ve lost your mind, Centauri! Stop this, while you can!"
―Master Intelligence[src]

It was at this point that Centauri began to question the reality of the S.M.S.B. He spoke to Master Intelligence about this, who tried to comfort him as they went to check on Baby Strength and Force Baby. Intelligence declared he no longer desired the Sword of Abomination, leading to a heated argument that Baby Strength eventually intervened in. Centauri reminded him that he planned to share the Sword of Abomination and world domination with him once both had been acquired. Intelligence then said he understood Centauri was turning to evil, refusing to help him any longer. Baby Strength whispered his suggestion to kill Centauri on the spot, and Intelligence told him off again. With that, Centauri lost control and electrocuted Baby Strength, goading Master Intelligence into action. A violent duel erupted between the three men.[6]

Master Intelligence deflected telekinetic assaults, fire, and numerous Death beams cast by Centauri and bound him with cords. As Centauri tried to squeeze free, Intelligence drew his sword and held his new enemy at bladepoint, proclaiming he would take him to prison, but at that moment Baby Strength broke the ropes and declared Centauri had to die. The three duelists were counterpoised. As Force Baby watched in horror, their duel continued, with Master Intelligence wielding the lightning cuffs against Centauri.[6]

When Centauri wounded Baby Strength, Master Intelligence was left to fight alone. Both of them immediately fired energy and lightning, and their attacks connected again. As the bolts locked together, Intelligence made one last attempt to reason with Centauri, but Centauri did not answer. Force Baby himself tried to intervene in the fight, but couldn’t due to his turbulent abilities, and in the ensuing chaos, Master Intelligence made one last attack through the lightning cuffs, leading to Force Baby's death via explosion. No one knew whose attack it was that killed him, but Thomas Meyer already had a bad record back home, leaving the devastated Master Intelligence behind. Baby Strength resented Master Intelligence and their relationship became strained.[6]

However, as Master Intelligence was educating the other S.M.S.B. members, the Dark Flame was still at large in America, building up an army, and had already found the Sword of Abomination, which he used to terrorize the continent.[4]

Asian Revolution (2071-2104)

In 2071, Master Intelligence and the other members embarked on the Asian Revolution, not knowing Centauri had become the Dark Flame. This mission was intended to strengthen law enforcement in the continent of Asia.[4]

Discovering Retrowoman

During the mission, Master Intelligence encountered a baby girl named Retrowoman, who requested for an application in the S.M.S.B. and informed him that George Thames II had retired recently. Despite narrowed resources, Master Intelligence tested Retrowoman to see if "[she was] S.M.S.B. material." Retrowoman passed and was made part of the group.[4]

The Map of Light

In 2104, thirty years after Centauri fled the MBH, Anakin Organa sent Terror Team fighter Luke Cameron, the son of Saul Cameron, to Palmyra to warn Eegan Grover about an imminent attack by the Dark Flame and recover the Map of Light, which Master Intelligence had left behind unintentionally. Anakin hoped his friend and savior would return and help in the fight against the dark side. The Knights of Meyer also learned of the Map and sought it so they could destroy the mere thread of the light side. Eegan gave the Map to his son, Jason Grover, who in turn gave it to his sister Britney, before the Dark Flame and the Knights of Meyer arrived. The Dark Flame killed Eegan and took Jason into custody in the hopes of finding the Map, while Britney and Sue remained at their house. Near the end of the Asian Revolution, Master Intelligence and the S.M.S.B. were trapped in a landslide. When Master Intelligence emerged from it, he was surprised to find that Rocken Role had just arrived. After a brief talk, Role revealed that his assistant was captured by Mella Montgomery, and likely killed. Role then left to finish his mission. Knowing Mella was the head of a criminal empire in China, Master Intelligence and the S.M.S.B. allowed themselves to be captured so they could reach the Palace of Doom, their enemy's quarters. The same enemy used the effect of Pitial Defilatelum to see if Master Intelligence's sword had been recovered. Eventually, the others managed to escape capture thanks to George Thames, though the latter died in the process.[4]

Eventually, Jason returned and the three siblings teamed with KM-15, sought to return the Map to the S.M.S.B. After discovering the S.M.S.B. members had moved on to North Korea, the quartet sneaked a ride on an airplane and flew to North Korea, where they found Master Intelligence at last. Britney presented him with the Map of Light, as a symbol of the only hope that the world had left.[4]

Shadow Wars (2105-?)

Return to New York City

After seeing a vision of KM-15 being tortured and killed, Master Intelligence discovered the existence of the Knights of Meyer. Horrified at the prospect of what he had left in the middle of, he immediately looked up several things on the Internet, knowing he had been tricked before by his visions. His research forced him to deduce that upon fleeing the MBH thirty years ago, Thomas Meyer had taken the alias of the Dark Flame and begun his rise to power. His worst fears confirmed, he went to the rest of the S.M.S.B. and informed them of the vision. After resting at Rocken Role's house for two nights, the S.M.S.B. returned to the United States of America from Asia, taking a hotel in Maryland as Master Intelligence had just arranged an appointment with President Damon Alexis.

During the meeting that followed, Alexis told him his return was most ideal, and Master Intelligence told him the S.M.S.B. had contracted their fealty to whomever the current President was. He told Master Intelligence that public opinion had grown considerably that Master Intelligence would be the only one capable of stopping the Knights of Meyer. Master Intelligence, despite still being haunted by his history with the dark mutant, uneasily and vaguely pledged to do what he could. To aid him in his quest, President Alexis placed a man named Captain Xavier under his charge.

Confronting the Dark Flame

When Knight Captain Photon indicated the location of the MBH, Master Intelligence correctly predicted that an assault on the building was imminent. On his orders, Retrowoman sent a distress call to the Mayor, asking for reinforcements. Suddenly, the Dark Flame called out to the MBH and Aspiration District, promising them a noble death. As the members of the S.M.S.B. prepared to hold off the Dark Flame, the Knights of Meyer launched attacks on the MBH but were kept from entering. Master Intelligence activated the shield generator before everyone came outside. The Dark Flame called off the Knights, the S.M.S.B. fled into a wrecked cruiser. Most of the members were disheartened and believed death to be imminent, but Master Intelligence attempted to calm them and encouraged them to stay focused. As the Dark Flame approached the MBH, a panicked Retrowoman insisted they could not face him, but Intelligence said they had to try. Master Intelligence remained calm and cautious, but Retrowoman panicked and ran out of the ship, where the Dark Flame crushed her to death.

The Dark Flame then battled the remaining five S.M.S.B. members simultaneously, using his sword in a form of combat the S.M.S.B. had never faced before. Master Intelligence was nearly struck down, but leaped onto an overhead rafter and launched a powerful telekinetic shove at the Dark Flame. The general dodged the attack, however, and continued his duel with the S.M.S.B., striking down Baby Strength and killing Telekinibabe. After the Dark Flame hurled Kellerman away, Master Intelligence and Sebiscuits attacked from either side of the general, but the Dark Flame kicked Intelligence, and sent him hurling into nearby wreckage, where he dropped his sword.

As the Dark Flame disarmed and nearly killed Sebiscuits Cardarphen, Master Intelligence fought himself free and tried to summon his sword back, but the revolutionist grabbed it. Intelligence knocked the Dark Flame to his feet and retook his weapon, then dropped through the unstable ground to a cavern underneath just as the Dark Flame leaped toward him. The two dueled for several more minutes, which left the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster exhausted and his shirt torn. The Dark Flame disarmed Intelligence and was about to strike him down when a company of government reinforcements led by Captain Xavier arrived. Master Intelligence leaped away as the troops opened fire, forcing the Dark Flame to take cover. Master Intelligence tried to insist they pursue the Dark mutant, but the captain said they did not have time and the surviving S.M.S.B. members would die if they stayed. Master Intelligence hesitantly returned to the troops' gunship, where he was horrified to find Cardarphen and Kellerman were on life support and the other S.M.S.B. members were presumed dead. The gunship escaped the city, picked up a few friends, and flew to the Jorvian Assylum to meet with a very old friend, Sheriff Dynamo.[4]

Post-mortem (circa 23rd century)

"Sebiscuits and I will be with you, always."
―Master Intelligence[src]
File:The Funeral, B6C30M1.jpg

By the 2220s, all the other members of the S.M.S.B. had died. Sebiscuits Cardarphen's final apprentice, Matthew, had been assigned to continue the cause. The child felt as if he could not go on alone, but Master Intelligence, along with Cardarphen, appeared as a ghost and assured him they would always be with him, if not physically. He and Sebiscuits told Matthew where to start. With their instruction, he became the leader of the second S.M.S.B.

Alternate timeline

The-superbabies 5-BI-dies

Baby Intelligence is pushed into the lava by Cardarphen.

During the Skirmish in the City Volcano, Sebiscuits Cardarphen drove Baby Intelligence onto a collection arm, where he forced the baby to lose his footing. Falling towards the lava, Baby Intelligence projected a Shield at the bottom, but he simply rolled off of it and into the magma to his death. Without their leader, Lindsay Kellerman and her friends were left in disarray, and they were forced to go on the run.[62]

Physical description

As a baby, Baby Intelligence was described to be at the expected height and weight for his age. He was almost always seen in a grey-and-black supersuit with an orange-dotted 'i' that stood for "intelligence". He also wore a cap binding decorative glasses that were shaped like a mask. On occasion, however, he wore a surprisingly decorative robe while within the walls of the MBH, colored red.[48] He was sixty-six centimeters tall and weighed ten kilograms.[66] As a teenager, he was much taller and no longer wore the cap. Instead he had slightly bushy tan hair.[17]

By 2104, he had a crooked nose that looked as if it had been broken at least twice. Baby Strength's punch during their friend's funeral played a role in shaping his nose.[4] By the time he was one hundred fifty-nine years of age, his hair was white and beginning to fall out.[14]

It is unknown how he cured his eyesight.

Personality and traits

"Baby Intelligence was a stern teacher, but only because he felt [his students’] defiance and confusion."

Baby Intelligence’s most noted trait was, clearly, his intelligence, something he himself firmly believed he possessed. In his first week alone, he learned how to read and speak.[1] Baby Intelligence was a quick learner, becoming literate and an advanced swordsman in a very short period of time. His Intelligence Quotient (or IQ) was 295 as an infant, a substantial and unprecedented number, though as an adult it was only 226. While he was gradually a nice and calm person, Baby Intelligence definitely had a dark side concerning his intolerance for misbehavior. To his students, he could appear as either very strict or like a grandfatherly figure, testing them to mental and physical extremities one moment and showing warmth and kindness the next. To all his pupils, who he loved with all his heart, he was humble and strict. He never forced them to do anything he was not willing to do himself. He was almost as famous for being a great teacher as an incredible duelist.

Baby Intelligence Face

Baby Intelligence was easy to please and he had an open mind.

Despite his incredible power, Baby Intelligence was fairly disdainful of combat and believed that wars could not render one great. Although he sought to take the NoHeads under custody at first, the chance at arrest for those so powerful and irrevocably evil soon proved no longer an option as far as Baby Intelligence was concerned.[7] His devotion to the Light was irrevocable, and he had incredible wisdom far beyond his years. While he never displayed arrogance or conceit, he had no use for false modesty either and if a situation warranted it, was perfectly willing to acknowledge his virtually peerless intelligence and power. However, he was beyond aware that he had his weaknesses and blind spots just as any other man, and worked hard to keep them in check.[11][62] His humility was such that he, in later years, declined any attempts by others to offer him positions of great political authority.[14]

Although never as given to humor as Force Baby or Bailey Dennings, he had a dry wit. For instance, when Lindsay Kellerman (who was Chinese) lamented that Hardy "would dig a hole to China", he claimed to be curious about where Chinese children dug to. This humor often became more cutting when applied to people Baby Intelligence disliked. When threatened by Olocron shortly before the Battle of the Eastern Field, Baby Intelligence responded to Olocron's threat that he'd got his eye on him by casually commenting "I didn't know you had one to spare".[18]

It is widely believed that one of his greatest powers was his ability to love, despite having a hard life overall and receiving no love from his own family. One of the three members he knew tried to kill him, and the other two abandoned him and left him to fend for himself. He was also open-minded and was never withdrawn from other people's knowledge, as he allowed Paige Nelson to teach him things he had not experienced given how young he was at the time.[9] Although he was not a murderer, he was also not above killing murderous and evil individuals who went against him or initiating duels or even full battles. Inevitably, he had a strong sense of justice and equality, despising slavery and the evil ways of Dark mutants.

Having learned to take care of the S.M.S.B. over the course of the Second NoHead War and being naturally responsible, Baby Intelligence had developed into a very mature person, especially for his age. Baby Intelligence is also very independent, a trait he and the Dark Lord share, preferring to work alone or with his pupils and to use his own resources whenever he could. He was commonly, though not continuously, in disagreement with authority figures. As a baby, Baby Intelligence also had a great deal of curiosity. He was always asking questions, always seeking to learn more. It didn't seem to matter what it was, he always wanted to learn about anything. Possibly because of this, he had issues when it came to trusting others, especially grown women, but this grew to be one of his greatest strengths. These trust issues surfaced hugely from being betrayed by his mother, by Annabeth Black, and from being alienated by the majority of the solar system population during the search for the Chosen One.

Despite his honorable personality, Baby Intelligence was far from flawless. He was often hasty, short-sighted and impulsive though he improved upon the last two traits. He was also known to lose his temper and let his frustration get the better of him.

Fourteen years later, in 2033, he was more serious-minded and less resilient, and his curiosity had wavered to a degree, so it was at an average level by the standards of adolescents. Yet apart from these traits, he hadn’t changed much.[17][12] The same applied after 2033[6][4][14].

"I'll join [the NoHeads] when hell freezes over. For the police!"
―Baby Intelligence makes his allegiances clear to Annabeth Black.[src]

Master Intelligence was perfectly prepared to put his friends' needs and best interests before his own. It was not uncommon for him to show more concern for others than himself. He was willing to sacrifice himself for any one S.M.S.B. member at any time. Ironically, this was how he died when he sacrificed himself to stop the Dark Flame from murdering Lindsay Kellerman[14]. Master Intelligence strove to treat every S.M.S.B. member equally. He had a lot of respect for his fans; most of the Fobbles he worked with stated that he was "modest, likable, and exceptionally talented".[6] Master Intelligence's greatest strengths were his morals and his ability to feel, understand, and reciprocate love, despite receiving nothing but neglect until he met Zett.[1] Master Intelligence was extremely loyal to and protective of his loved ones and that love was what allowed him to overcome Mr. Stupid NoHead. Sheriff Bladepoint noted that Master Intelligence's strength of will at resisting the temptation of the Darkness, even when faced with Paige Nelson's death, who was one of his dearest friends at the time, was due to Master Intelligence's ability to love.[9] Master Intelligence even claimed that he felt sorry for Mr. Stupid NoHead because of his inability to feel or understand love,[7] this all proves Master Intelligence's ability to love so unequivocally.

In 2042, Master Intelligence seemed to be wiser and more assured of himself. In the same year, he was confirmed to be gay. In spite of his many extraordinary qualities, he was also a somewhat Machiavellian figure[67]. He could be stoically pragmatic and was extremely prone to secrecy. He spent a considerable portion of his middle years concocting plans with Thomas Meyer for forcibly redeeming all the Fobbles, in the process treating his ill pupil with neglect. Whilst Master Intelligence was never a deliberately cruel man, at times, he was too far-sighted, making choices that he believed to be for the benefit of humanity even if it deeply hurt some of the people around him[6].

Even as a baby, Master Intelligence was haunted by his sad family history. In particular, he was riddled with guilt over the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Rotta Hecks, Sheriff Bladepoint, and Force Baby. He felt enormous remorse for his carelessness in the first two cases and selfishness in the latter, to the point that he delayed facing the Dark Flame.[4]

Powers and abilities

Baby Intelligence was considered, by many, the most powerful mutant of the age. Even the Dark Flame had acknowledged that Master Intelligence was a very great mutant and secretly feared him.[4] In many battles of the wars he involved himself in, he was able to incapacitate much more experienced Dark mutants. During the Battle of Transylvania, he was the only one of the seven S.M.S.B. members to be neither injured nor incapacitated and, along with Telekinibabe, was the only fighter on their side to emerge from the battle physically unscathed.[6]


Baby Intelligence was widely considered the strongest person in North America.[11] Apart from his incredible telekinetic abilities, Baby Intelligence was a master of sword combat, and was widely acknowledged as being perhaps the greatest duelist of his time despite being trained as a police officer. He was able to defeat several of the strongest NoHeads and Knights of Plague single-handedly and survive numerous encounters with Mr. Stupid NoHead and the Gladiator. Although a master of all forms, his preferred style was Form IV, as it allowed him to compensate for his limited reach and stature. His technique consisted of the pure basics of Ataru taken to their highest possible levels. Despite his young age and short stature, Baby Intelligence displayed amazing speed and dexterity, leaping through the air and twirling as he battered at an opponent’s defenses. During the Escape from Snake Island, he dispatched 153 corrupted children on his own using primarily his aptitude for fencing. Much of his combat style relied on jumps and acrobatics, which he was beyond capable of. Despite the fact that Intelligence’s primary Form was Ataru, he demonstrated an extreme level of skill with regard to deflecting bullets.

However, in his teen years, Master Intelligence had a more controlled and complex fighting style combining Ataru and Shien.[12]


Mutant wave

Baby Intelligence demonstrates his power in the Yellowstone Base

Baby Intelligence possessed an extraordinary level of aptitude with telekinesis. He demonstrated on one occasion the ability to telekinetically lift and carry a crane, and proved able to keep his body upward by such means at age seven. In their duel Hell Burnbottom proved unable to overcome the baby with the use of telekinetically thrown objects.[48] Despite the sheer power that Mr. Stupid NoHead himself possessed, Baby Intelligence was able to catch him off guard with a telekinetic push just before their duel.[1] A master practitioner of the ability, Intelligence was adept at the saber throw, as demonstrated in his return to the police station during Operation: Purge.[9] In his teen years, he was so telekinetically efficient that he was seen drawing the waters of the sewers so that it erupted and flowed out surrounding and encasing Hell Burnbottom inside a sphere of water in an attempt to drown him. However, the complex water sphere's shape required continuous sculpting and spinning, and when Lindsay Kellerman unintentionally broke his concentration and the sphere collapsed, setting Burnbottom free.[12] By the time he was in his fifties, his telekinesis was virtually unrivaled, to the extent that he astounded Lindsay Kellerman by deflecting a barrage of Death beams fired by Thomas Meyer, which is widely considered to be impossible to block even one. In the same fight, he telekinetically directed a series of ropes, snagged Centauri with them, and tied him up and forced him to the ground, all in a matter of seconds.[6]

He displayed an impressive mastery of the Shield, something he heavily relied on in his early years, surpassing that of many government employees:[6] as it was one of his primary superpowers. His Shields were so powerful that they were able to deflect attacks from Mr. Stupid NoHead himself[1] and later smash Annabeth Black into a wall when she tried to kill him.[8] Thanks to Lindsay Kellerman, Master Intelligence could transport himself from one place to another with pinpoint precision, even when locked in combat.[4]

Baby Intelligence possessed an extremely rare superpower. He was able to look into the minds of his enemies and anyone near them and see through these individuals' senses from time to time. He sometimes used this ability to monitor what Mr. Stupid NoHead and Annabeth Black were doing. However, it was a dangerous ability to have as well; and one that Baby Intelligence never truly mastered control of.[62] Additionally, because of their connection, Baby Intelligence felt himself shivering whenever one of his worst enemies felt strong negative emotions and/or inflicted such feelings upon others.[18] Baby Intelligence also possessed a non-mutated insight into the minds of his enemies thanks to his deductive skills.

In addition, Baby Intelligence could feel the deaths of individual people and identify them from all around.[9] It was believed by Burnbottom that, if Intelligence should ever fall to the Darkness, his powers would be capable of annihilating even the Death Angel himself.[68] Baby Intelligence even beat Niranda the Thrice-Cursed, Mean King, and Sebiscuits Cardarphen in direct combat. However, despite his great power and skill, Intelligence strongly disliked combat in general, and was even a bit disdainful of the idea that “greatness” could be achieved through martial prowess.[11]

Other abilities

From the day he was born, Master Intelligence has demonstrated an incredible genius. He has also shown to be a multilingualist.

Master Intelligence mastered all four Arts and accepted his own death. The only Art he choose to keep was the lightning cuffs as it was a priceless family heirloom; the Sword of Abomination was given to Sebiscuits Cardarphen and the Orb of Power and Device of Teleportation were destroyed. He also displayed incredible detective skills, indeed, he was an unusually talented investigator.

Baby Intelligence was an incredibly skilled Crodela player and played Brightener for the Holy Mackerels when he was less than a year old. He was said to be one of the best Brighteners in the world, despite his young age.

As an excellent leader to others, Baby Intelligence had often taken charge when the situation required it. His skills progressed to the point where over thirty young mutants, most of whom were older than him — respect him as a teacher in the Light despite his being younger than they were. Sheriff Bladepoint later noted that Baby Intelligence was a superior leader to him. Baby Intelligence willingly took the burden of command, acknowledging his responsibilities towards those who followed him. He did this regardless of how uncomfortable he might feel about the prospect and coordinating his efforts against his enemies well. His promotion to high positions of power in his infant year demonstrate Baby Intelligence's natural talent as a commander.

He has shown tremendous skill in teaching others. Emerging from his own training at the police station less than two months after his birth, he successfully passed them onto others even when he was a baby, giving proper instructions and corrections on how to perform many fields of mutantry, ranging from the relatively simplistic sword stances to the highly advanced reversal of banes. Baby Intelligence's effectiveness as a teacher led many, some even older than him, to choose him over the Grand Army, and he even went to Superhero School to give occasional lectures.

Baby Intelligence appears to possess an unbreakable spirit and, though not above depression, he has never truly given up on any mission. He's been shown to rise from defeat and loss, such as the deaths of many loved ones, even stronger than before. His indomitable will is exemplified by his ability to resist Dark waves, and also by the fact that he had never begged for mercy even in life-and-death situations, but fought back in defiance, as well as perform complex telekinetic applications flawlessly.


As is the case with most mutants, and especially superheroes, Baby Intelligence's sword is among his most valued possessions. His sword is made of copper. He lost it at the Dukas residence in January of 2020.

Following the Battle of the Fifth NoHead Base, Baby Intelligence constructed a new sword, which he named Might. Might was carried by him for the remainder of the Second NoHead War; seeing action in several battles. It is unknown what happened to the sword after Master Intelligence constructed his third weapon.

His third weapon, Justice, was constructed in 2033 and saw action in the Battle of Bast Castle and the Battle of Transylvania.

Master Intelligence owned the hologram pit of Charity Hirz, a stone receptacle used to store and review memories, which mutants are able to extract from their heads. Lindsay Kellerman first discovers this device to witness Master Intelligence's memory of Aurora Black's resignation from the Mutamon.


Baby Intelligence's animal companion, Achilles loved Baby Intelligence dearly, showing signs by nibbling his ear or fingers, and loyally obeyed his every command. Baby Intelligence loved him as much as he loved him.

When Baby Intelligence's parents were killed by Mr. Stupid NoHead, they left him everything they owned.

Lightning cuffs

At different points in his life, Baby Intelligence owned all four of the Arts — the Sword of Abomination, the lightning cuffs, the Orb of Power, and the Device of Teleportation. These three artifacts are the most powerful magical items in all of the world and were so ancient that they were created by the revered Merlin. Unlike many of the previous owners of the Sword of Abomination, Master Intelligence kept its identity a closely guarded secret.

A backpack was left to him in Carol Dorber's will.

Career accomplishments

Master Intelligence was renowned as an incredibly talented and reliable superhero, and was extremely famous for it. This was coupled with the fact that he was the Chosen One who would destroy the NoHeads. He drove off many criminals that Fobbles could not dream of defeating and was idolized by thousands of people, including Sebiscuits Cardarphen,[1] Jonathan,[64] and Lindsay Kellerman.[41] Intelligence also helped reform the police after Operation: Purge.[62]

Master Intelligence became the Chief Deviant and the Supreme Defender of Peace. He was removed from these posts during his conflict with the government under President Evans, but was reinstated when the government was forced to acknowledge that he had correctly warned that Hell Burnbottom had returned.[12] He holds the Order of Magic, First Class.[2]


Important dates


  • Baby Intelligence is born.
  • Peter Hecks is abandoned by his parents, but is then adopted by the police and trained by them.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead reveals himself to the public.
  • Baby Intelligence and Mr. Stupid NoHead duel for the first time.
  • The MBH is built.
  • Bomb Man is arrested.
  • Baby Intelligence learns that Rotta Hecks (his mother) is a NoHead.
  • Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence's mission to rescue Mayor Katie Black proved to be successful, as Sebiscuits barely managed to crash-land the Wasp in the streets.
  • Sebiscuits joins the S.M.S.B.
  • A homing beacon in the police station was altered by Baby Intelligence to preserve the police.
  • Sebiscuits dueled Baby Intelligence, and was picked up by Mr. Stupid NoHead after being disarmed.
  • The S.M.S.B. engages the Rocket army.
  • The Rocket army is temporarily deactivated.


  • The Lunch Money Bandit is arrested by Officer Walltalker.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead is killed by the Voice of Sir Edgar Caravan.
  • Lindsay Kellerman joins the S.M.S.B.
  • The S.M.S.B. learns that the NoHeads have begun using the Yellowstone Base.
  • The S.M.S.B. meets Hell Burnbottom, Brute Gunray, and Mean King in their base and learn that the war is not over.
  • Force Baby, Baby Strength and Lindsay, and later Baby Intelligence dueled with Hell Burnbottom in the Central Chamber. During the duel, Burnbottom caused a diversion that threatened the lives of Baby Strength and Lindsay, and Intelligence was forced to save them, an act that Burnbottom took advantage of and escaped the system.
  • The S.M.S.B. learns that the NoHeads are still active.
  • The NoHeads and S.M.S.B. both attempt to raid each other.
  • Hell Burnbottom attempts to murder Baby Intelligence in his departure from the MBH, but is thwarted when Baby Intelligence fought back and escaped with his students aboard the Pinewood Derby.
  • Tyler Grant is freed from slavery after winning the Great Sky Race in New York City.
  • The S.M.S.B. members reform an alliance with the police and implement their plan to retake New York City from the NoHeads.
  • Baby Intelligence and Lindsay duel with Hell Burnbottom in the Yellowstone Generator Complex.
  • Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits dueled on a construction tower and then the City Volcano. Sebiscuits loses and was made into a cyborg.
  • Sebiscuits rejoins the S.M.S.B.
  • A peace celebration takes place.
  • Beginning of American Purge.


Baby Intelligence was given baby food while he lived with Rotta and Greg, even though he had teeth. It is unknown what he ate while he trained with the police, but as the S.M.S.B. Grandmaster, he was all into health foods, placing emphasis into eating vegetables regularly. For breakfast, he usually ate cereal or eggs, though on special occasions he and his pupils ate Cream of Rice or homemade breakfast burritos. He would usually resort to fruit if he still felt hungry after eating. He also encouraged and somewhat enforced his students to eat just as healthily. It was extremely rare that he ever ate out. He was more than used to going without his meals, sometimes not eating for days because there was no food around or he was incredibly busy.


The name “Peter” means “stone,” easily describing his strong will and how hard it was for the NoHeads to break him despite his size. Peter was also the name of one of Jesus Christ's 12 disciples basing around 0 A.D. The name “Hecks” is slang for “hell,” indicating his miserable backstory until the police adopted him later on.[69]

Behind the scenes


At first, Baby Intelligence was believed to have been inspired by Yoda, a character from the "Star Wars" saga.[70] This is later confirmed to not be true, as the inspiration for his character actually came from Professor Charles Xavier (aka Professor X), from The X-Men. Thomas later admitted that Professor X is his favorite character in Marvel, even ranking him above Darcy Lewis, Thanos, and Ronan the Accuser (whose personalities would serve as inspiration for Bailey Dennings, Thomas Meyer, and Dorphane Giles). The series itself (X-Men) was also inspired from said fandom. Baby Intelligence was never the oldest member of the S.M.S.B., nor was he the biggest (for instance, Baby Strength is both older and bigger and Force Baby is older). This scenario was inspired years ago by a group from Holes, where an adolescent whose alias was X-Ray was one of the smallest kids yet he was the leader because he was smarter and had more experience at Camp Green Lake.

Thomas later admitted that "everything in the DLU seems to be cryptically relevant to the letter X".


In eight out of eleven of the books, Baby Intelligence says the last line in the story.

  • "And I am no longer Peter Hecks. I am Baby Intelligence!" (ZH)
  • "We're not finished yet." (TS)
  • "And the good news... we will be joined by a member of equal quality, maybe even greater, than she." (TLB)
  • "It's not over yet. It was never over!" (RHB)
  • "Guys! There is one more foe to face." (AEG)
  • "Well? Come and submit your names!" (TFC)
  • "Farewell, Cynthia." (TXC1)
  • "No one knows what lies beyond the veil." (TXC2)

In The Super Babies: Prequel II: The Second Hero, Mr. Stupid NoHead says, "It is of no concern. Soon, I shall dub the greatest NoHead of all."

In The Super Babies: Book I: Pride of the Super Babies, Lindsay Kellerman says, "Hope I can narrate Book II! Goodbye!"

And in The Super Babies: Book II: The Blabberish Singer, Lindsay says, "And remember, we're with you, no matter what happens."

It is unknown if he says the last line in The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat.[6] Because he is dead at the end of The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit, it can be assumed that someone else has the final line of the series.[4]

Along with Annabeth Black, he is also the only character to appear in every single book of the series (including the prequels -- Baby Strength and Force Baby don't appear in TSH.

Baby Intelligence is the only known character to this day that has possessed all four of the Arts.[4]

The Super Babies: Daughter of the NoHeads

Daphine, Baby Strength, and Force Baby were all revealed to have travelled back into 2013. Baby Strength and Force Baby had learned that the date is 5 April 2013 — one day before the NoHead Cataclysm. Realising that Daphine planned to kill Paige so to prevent the purge as it had happened, they traveled to the Fourth NoHead Base, where they spotted Paige and Mr. Crooked NoHead. Thinking of a way to communicate with the future, Baby Strength recalled the blanket that his Master had given him. They somehow acquired it and wrote a message on the underside. Baby Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman read the message giving the babies' location in space and time, and alerted Sebiscuits and Telekinibabe. The latter secretly revealed to them that his family has a Time Machine that is more potent and valuable than the one seized by the government, which was merely a prototype and thus not as covetable to a true NoHead.

File:Baby Intelligence-legends.jpg

They travelled back in time to join Baby Strength and Force Baby. However, under Sebiscuits' prodding they realized that Daphine chose this very moment, not to kill Paige, but rather to forestall Mr. Stupid NoHead and prevent him from attacking the NoHeads in the first place. This would ensure the Dark Lord's reign would continue, and which Daphine believed would make NoHead become even stronger as he would know love, which lack was what had originally led to his downfall. Baby Intelligence agreed to put on Mr. Stupid NoHead's cloak, which was lying nearby, with Baby Strength standing on his shoulders. Here, Baby Intelligence learned that Daphine is NoHead's daughter by Rotta Hecks, his own mother, making them half sisters. She plead with her "father" to recognize her, which Baby Intelligence did. However, Baby Strength impulsively removed his hood briefly because he felt uncomfortable, exposing their disguise. Daphine, seeing she has been set up, engages in a fierce duel with Baby Intelligence, who was later joined by his friends. They managed to subdue her and she plead that she only wanted to know her father. A surprised Baby Intelligence explained that this would not be possible; they cannot change the past.

Upon hearing the real Mr. Stupid NoHead arrive, Daphine tried calling out to him, but Lindsay and Telekinibabe silenced her and sent her back to present day. Back at the MBH, Baby Intelligence asked Baby Strength to join him that afternoon for a hike up a steep hill. Baby Intelligence revealed that he has brought Baby Strength to Lisa Kirke's grave, which he regularly visits so he can apologize for his role in her death.

Canonical disputes

While it says in the graphic novelization of The Super Babies: Prequel I: Zero to Hero that Peter learned to walk at six days old, this is not a canonical piece of information as it says in the novel that he was walking at four days, the day he met Colby Doge.

D. Isaac Thomas has claimed that while Baby Intelligence is a caring person, he is very pessimistic and has never fallen in love. When asked, he claimed that Baby Intelligence has "not so much as given Lindsay or Red X a hug before." This may be due to his moral code but this is not confirmed to be true. This statement was retconed in 2018's The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat.

Other affairs

D. Isaac Thomas and Baby Intelligence were both born in June, only a day apart - Thomas on the ninth and Baby Intelligence on the tenth. It is unknown if this is a coincidence.

Thomas has recently revealed that Baby Intelligence is left-handed, like himself.

In February 2016, Thomas told his brother, Ammon, what had happened to Master Intelligence in The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit. However, he was disturbed that Ammon told several people about it, which generally began a (true) rumor about Master Intelligence's later life.

Baby Intelligence's methods are very similar to the real life Greek Alexander the Great. The S.M.S.B. members, like Alexander's men, never suffered a major defeat, and they loved their Masters dearly. He never forced his pupils to do anything he would not do himself, much like Alexander. Their heroic acts were usually feats of mental, not physical, superiority, and said exploits both passed into legend. They both built industry when they weren't on the battlefield. A weakness both Baby Intelligence and Alexander share is that they're willing to manipulate their subordinates if they aren't complying or performing well. The main difference is that Baby Intelligence's methods helped him save the solar system while Alexander's methods helped him conquer its third planet.

Author's comments

  • "The inspiration for his character came from Professor Xavier, from The X-Men. The series itself was also inspired from the series. He also carries inspirations from Holes and Star Wars."
  • "Baby Intelligence is left-handed. So am I. So we're literally in our right minds."
  • "While Baby Intelligence is a caring person, he is very pessimistic, which is one of his weaknesses. He's also very asexual, meaning he hasn't ever fallen in love or felt sexual attraction or desire in his life. In fact, he has not so much as given Lindsay or Red X a hug before."

Ironically, this statement was retconed in The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat.



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