The attack on the MBH was the event that put an end to the Shadow Wars. In April, the Dark Flame broke in to steal the plans for the MBH. The ensuing battle had a great impact on the solar system.


Decades before the legendary battle, Thomas Meyer had come to New York City to stay with his great aunt, Myra Gordon. He became friends with the twenty-four year old Master Intelligence, and they both became obsessed with the powerful artifact called the Sword of Abomination. Already having wind of his powers, Intelligence asked him if he wanted to join the S.M.S.B. After making arrangements, he did.

The plans became more and more far-fetched. Finally, Centauri began to question the S.M.S.B.'s reality, and expressed this to Master Intelligence. Baby Strength, a fellow member, intervened in the argument. Centauri quickly became enraged and the three began to duel. Force Baby was killed in the process. This caused the end of Master Intelligence and Centauri’s friendship, and forced Centauri to flee, going on later to become the Dark Flame and raise an Army in an attempt to continue his plan of domination.

The Dark Flame soon tracked down the legendary Sword of Abomination, stole it from its owner, and began to amass power. As his machinations played out over the next ninety years, he became one of the most powerful mutants in history, and a serious threat to the world.

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In April of 2180, the Dark Flame discovered the plans for the MBH. Using his powers to surpass security, he broke in to steal the plans. A vicious fight began. It is unknown who survived it and who did not, but there were certainly fatalities[1].


The battle had a great impact on the solar system.

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