The bedroom of Annabeth Black was located in the main tower of the Fourth NoHead Base in New York City, New York. It was a great honor for her, as any other NoHead slept in a bunker, and not an actual room.

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The bedroom lied beyond Mr. Stupid NoHead’s main office next to his own personal quarters. The bed was relatively ordinary, with white sheets and a blanket Black herself had quilted. Next to the bed was a small refrigerator where Annabeth stored some of her favorite foods, such as chocolate bars, ice cream, carrots, and apples. The room also included a private refresher along with a shower.

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Annabeth Black had slept in this bedroom every night since 2012. She never traveled and it was her favorite place to be. In 2017 Black started teaching Bartholomew Gales Mind resistance in her bedroom. Immediately after their first lesson, Gales sneaked inside and stole Black's notebook. During one of these lessons, Bartholomew rebounded Annabeth's probing. When Annabeth found out, she threw him out and yelled that she didn't want to see Gales in her bedroom ever again, going as far as to throw a jar of dead cockroaches that barely missed the back of Gales' head.[1]

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